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Infinity Ward Developing Modern Warfare 4

In some fairly unsurprisingly news it has been revealed that Infinity Ward is currently working on the next instalment of the immensely popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise. Captain Price actor Bill Murray accidentally let slip to a journalist on a flight that he is reprising the role of Price. Modern Warfare 4 is expected to be released next November.

Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game, Modern Warfare 4, I’m doing work on the sequel to Modern Warfare 3, it carries straight on and I only ever appear in the Modern Warfare games…

65 thoughts on “Infinity Ward Developing Modern Warfare 4”

  1. Wow, GOD finally listened to my prairs. I wished for yet another CoD just last night………………….

    1. HOLY DOG SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



        1. http://WWW.IGN.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. IKR????!!!!!!!!! people hating on the modern prequels :/ . i fucking loved em….. not quite as much as the original 3 but hey…. like a 9 compared to a 10……

    1. You may be a troll Aeolus (If you are the original one) But even you cant be stupid enough to honestly think MW would EVER end. They could have a statement to the press saying WE FIRED ALL OUR EMPLOYEES INFINITY WARD NO LONGER EXSISTS….Next years comes around SURPRISE MW4. Both Black Ops and MW will NEVER END its sad but its true.

      1. it’s not impossible that new franchise could come along and muscle it from it’s ivory tower. just saying….

        Galactic federation online metroid spin off :)

      2. Not really, MW3 was at least closure to an unnecessarily long-winded plot.

        Another war is just plain stupid, doesn’t matter to me though. Let them do whatever the hell they want with the brand.

          1. I still do, always have since mw and waw. There is just to many, umm, how do I put this, arrogant people who buy it to care about single player. Although I honestly don’t know why they’re continuing the mw series. The ending of mw3 seemed much of a series endgame to me for it to go on.

      3. What he probably meant was referring to the story. The ending, everyone but Price dies, the war is over, what next, aliens invade? If anything, they could at least start with a new Cod series.

        1. Frost is still alive…if that means a goddamn thing for yet another “Modern Warfare”…which isn’t even Modern seeing as it’s 2017 orso in MW3.

  2. Ya know, I thought the Modern Warfare series ended with the 3rd one. They should just kill the MW franchise.
    Who cares anyway? I lost all faith in IW… Treyarch >>> IW

    1. Well, to be fair, AE had already officially announced Battlefield 4 before Medal of Honor got released. I’m just surprised that they have decided to continue the Modern Warfare series. That one ended with the 3rd game.

  3. I thought they were going to do something new. Don’t think I’ll be buying this one. They didn’t need to make a sequel for MW, although I did like MW2 and that lead to MW3. But why do they need another sequel? I was disappointed by MW3… I used to like IW.

  4. As if 3 wasn’t enough. CoD4 was alright, MW2 was okay, MW3 shouldn’t really exist. That’s just my opinion though. CoD is getting too big and now every shooter is trying to be the next CoD. Next genre please.

    1. well if u call battlefield 3 call of duty dude u need to get a pc or 360 cause i found that every match u play online is something new some one is always out to fuck u up

  5. that sank like a stone this time was kinda different it really did make you go OH NOOOOOOOO can it just stop know talk about flogging a dead horse ITS THE MW VERSIONS of cod that have became the most stale and blops 2 is looking like a last grasp of the cliff face before falling to there deaths for tryarches better more fun better map design versions

    take it ww2 again do som-ing cool new engine and i might get all wii wii in my pants about it going to get blops 2 for one reason wii remote and nunchuck 60 frames and HD kinda HD lol

    once iv sampled that there better be far better new ideas in fps with gamepad and wm+ and wii remotes this industry better wake up

    take your generic fps and auto aim twin stick FaGGOT nonsense elsewhere diz gamer has evolved

  6. Ehhh… Idk man, mw3 was pretty disappointing, its campaign was the only reason I rented it. Tried multiplayer, plays like mw2 with the only thing improved is the streak system, and spec ops was…not was I was anticipating for it’s survival system. BO2 will be the last Cod I’ll ever get just cause now I know I have faith in Treyarch this time around with what they’re doing with multiplayer and zombies.

  7. i hope call of duty comes to the 3ds for on the go play cause im so tired of all these fuckin JRPG and professor layton talk

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    OH EMM GEEEEEEEEEEJNGFIKWEGnngesaledgmsndgawegt!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Meh. Unless this gets made for the 3DS and includes zombies and combat training on said 3DS version, I really don’t care. You’ve played one Modern Warfare game, you’ve played them all.

    1. Why in god’s name would you possibly want a 3DS version that will come out looking like hammered shit and plays like shit?

      1. Why do you get so worked up about this stuff? Do you need to curse like that? No.
        A 3DS version would look and play just fine. I said I would only care about a 3DS version with specific features so that I could have the game on the go. I plan on getting Black Ops 2 so I really don’t need any other COD console game, especially if it’s as generic as the other Modern Warfare games. Main point of my comment being I don’t care much for the Modern Warfare series. Please get a life and stop taking your hate on Nintendo systems so seriously. There’s no need for that. Be more respectful of others and they will show you the same respect.

          1. Wrong. I have played DS COD games. And the 3DS is a more powerful machine with better controls so it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

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