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Wii U GamePad Is The Best Controller Nintendo’s Ever Made For Making An FPS

Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford has nothing but praise for both the Wii U console and its unique GamePad. Pitchford believes that the Wii U Gamepad is simply the best controller Nintendo has ever created for making a first person shooter. He also thinks that it’s the best controller Nintendo has ever given gamers for playing hardcore games. Here’s his thoughts.

“This is the best controller Nintendo’s ever made for making an FPS. This is the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games.”

“With the Wii U they (Nintendo) committed themselves to this promise. So the link is direct, fast and immediate. Things like SmartGlass and Vita, they appreciate the value of the promise so they’re making the promise. But they’re not in with such commitment.”

“Conceivably there’s things you can do on all three without negative impact but because of Nintendo’s commitment to it there are something’s that could work there that just wouldn’t work as well with SmartGlass or with the crossplay between PS3 and Vita.”



127 thoughts on “Wii U GamePad Is The Best Controller Nintendo’s Ever Made For Making An FPS”

      1. The wii remote and nunchuck works with wiiu!!! On CoD (for a terrible example) one can use pro controller , Gamepad or Wii remote and nun chuck.

        The Gamepad is AMAZING and the best for games like aliens. but in an online death match i would do more damage with a remote and nunchuck than with the other 2 choices!!!

        I recently replayed metroid prime 3 and that just reasures me that the wii remotes pointer is the most advanced FPS mechanic in the world on par with a mouse.

        1. Hey Guys!!!! Sony’s shit has hit the fan BIG TIME (not hating just saying how it is). The 2 vita games I was most looking forward to this year – Ragnarok and ACL. Ragnarok just scored a 5 on IGN a 5!!!!

          For gods sake only pso2 can save this system for me. Not being a hater or a fanboy – but I have NEVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE dislike a platform and its game selection more than the vita’s.

          The Dreamcast yes the DREAMCAST had a sublime collection of games.

              1. I go with my own franchise taste. but I do read reviews from a set number of places to help me decide where my money goes…

              2. If you think that, then you shouldn’t call yourself a gamer. Yeah, when professionals review a game with their skills that they’ve been thought, it’s just an opinion. It’s like asking an electrician about electricity; it’s just HIS opinion.

                Yeah, Ninjabread Man probably isn’t bad, despite horrible reviews from every reviewer. See what I did there? It’s a good example.

                1. No, it´s definetely not. One thing that I notice is that most reviewers don´t know much about game development/research/programming. They are just players, at most, or journalists that play videogames. it isn´t like movie or music reviews, where most professionals are people who really work or worked with cinema and music.

            1. Sorry bro – ive grown up with IGN (admitedly the old employees) But I find their reviews to be quite accurate. I caln’t remember the last time I massively disagreed with one of their reviews. it was mario tennis open on 3ds i though hmmm this game is more of an 8 than a 6.5….. aka nit picking.

              Also their reviews are the ones that can dictate the sales and success of certain games- especially nieche ones like ragnarok.

              I’m dissapointed becuase I’m gunna buy a vita to play PSO2 on (not playing that F2p shit on PC) and will want to pick up all the best games…

              1. Yea I don’t have either so I only get to play tidbit’s of it through friends and store demo’s and they both are amazing

              2. no shad 3DS is amazing psvita sucks at least me and most people agree but if you thinke vita was good thats ok we all like diffrent things

            1. Yeh about that – I have pokemon black 2 and it’s nothing short of the best pokemon game ever made. I play a lot of games and it beats most of them in terms of fun and playability. YES it’s similar to the others , but it’s still fucking great.

              I would give pokemon black and white 2 – 9/10.

                1. I can see where you’re coming from- I have many problems with game, mainly it being on the DS.

                  But I feel so Engrossed when I’m playing. You know that lethargic feel you get when you switch a ps3 game on play it for 7 minutes and the turn it off and get something to eat ??? (obviously not all), I Never get that with Pokemon – i sit playing for 2,3,4,5 hours at a time.

                1. This was a bad review. It’s that fucking Kezza mcdonald- she’s a bad example of a British gamer- she’s a bitch lol…

                  Xenoblade deserves a fucking 10.

        2. True. The wiimote is great in FPS. Although IMHO i prefer a mouse due to the fact that i’m more experienced with them than wiimotes. Athough i prefer wiimote over dual analog. SIGH, i wish that another shooter got the sensitivity right like MP3.

        1. is not hard the ps3 and xbox 360 are able to do it with the current tech so the use on the wiiu better tech is easy

          1. Ya i know what you mean by that but for the gamepad itself neither the 360, or the PS3 even with the vita connectivity can do it, its interesting to see what else it could have in store

          1. BIM is not being in development yet and if you refer to the furius 4 well thats a spin of ala medal of honors heroes

  1. This is completely off topic but does anyone else agree with me that okami hd needs to come to the wii u? It would be a perfect fit because you could use the touch screen that I do all of the brush strokes on the game pad. And also the HD graphics of game on the wii u would look incredible! I absolutely loved okami on the wii! I really hope that it will come to wii u!

    1. Sorry. I made some mistakes in writing this because I did it on my phone. *Because you could use the touch screen and do all of the brush strokes on the game pad. *The HD graphics of the game.

    2. It would be a perfect fit yes but I doubt it will happen because I suspect Sony wouldn’t be too pleased with that. I loved Okami on the Wii so hopefully we see some kind of release on Wii U.

      1. Sony doesn’t really have control over that. It’s a Capcom game. The game was on Wii prior, just not in HD.

        Capcom could bring it to the Wii U if they believe it to be a viable platform to develop the game for, weighing the costs to make the game and profits they may garner.

  2. truth.

    Something that is built from the ground up for a specific purpose is pretty much guaranteed to work better than something that isn’t.

    1. The both of them together?
      I would love that, but only if they were on separate disks.
      BL2 is just so incredibly huge compared to the first game. The more space it has to itself, the better.
      Also, if they ever bring BL2 to the Wii U, I would like them to wait until all the DLC and patches to the game are present and accounted for.
      That way we’ll get the complete experience.

        1. I’m so totally hooked on BL2. It’s bad. I’d love it on Wii U. The second screen for menus, look down and my item management is all there? Yes please.

          1. Hell, even better idea incoming.
            Can you say……”hot-swapping accessories”?
            Imagine being able to duck behind cover quickly, switch your gun to a shot gun with the press of a button, and in the same swift instant, use a finger swipe on the controller’s screen to hot-swap your current relic for an aggression relic that boosts shot-gun damage.
            Or hot-swap your shield for any instance in which one with specific abilities is needed?
            It would be the most bad-ass Borderlands ability EVER…….

              1. SO THIS^^^^i agree most times ill run all the way in the back just to manage my inventory better, but i totally can see this work better under such extreme fire fight..

      1. I just realized something. Nintendo didn’t put 3D into the bottom screen of the 3DS cause the effect was ruined since it was a touch screen. How are they doing this with the GamePad? Did they suddenly change their minds?

        1. Well in theory it could still sort of work, just things that are touchable would have to be right in the foreground.
          Besides it could be an option for when you move the game from the TV to the GamePad, or if the GamePad screen didn’t have any touchable elements for a game i.e. if it was just a map or a HUD.

    1. that surprises me to be honest.. how do we hook up the glasses to the gamepad?
      yeah i know it has bluetooth but it still needs to support it software side, and nintendo hasn’t lost a single word about that so far

      1. It is indeed very surprising. I wish they would show us how it would work. I wanna know how it works. Im very excited for the Wii U, I gotta say. My excitement knows no bounds.


  4. It could be utilizing the passive 3d technology, which would mean to see the gamepad screen’s 3d you would only need a pair of regular old 3d glasses youd use in a movie theater or buy for 5 bucks on amazon. Those glasses don’t need batteries or syncing with the screen.

  5. That’s good to hear from randy pitchford but I wanna hear that borderlands 2 is coming.
    He said he would love to put it on the Wii u but is just waiting for 2k for the green light.
    Cmon 2k you don’t want money or what?

  6. No wonder I’m buying four FPS games (Zombi U, Aliens: Colonial Marines, 007 Legends and COD Black Ops 2) during the Wii U’s launch window lol. But I hope for some really good action adventure titles still. Batman Arkham City Armored Edition is a damn good start.

      1. Dude you might want to hold off on 07 legends Ive read a ton of reviews across the board have all said its medicore at best. I also am not sure it has splitscreen multiplayer which is a huge factor for james bond games.

        1. So I’ve heard. I do see flaws with the game but I think I would still have fun with it. Especially with the Moonraker laser. And you’re right that split screen multiplayer is a huge factor in bond games. Fortunately I’ve seen that it does have split screen multiplayer. If it didn’t I wouldn’t bother with the game. From what I’ve see the game could be better, it doesn’t look nearly as good as Nightfire for example, but again I think I’ll still have fun with it.

  7. I have to agree with the Gearbox CEO. The Wii U GamePad is the most revolutionary and reliable controller ever created. The touchscreen is amazing and the asymmetric gameplay is gonna be through the roof. You can even check the inventory during the game.

        1. So … because the Wii U Gamepad is new … it’s more revolutionary? k.

          I still find the Wii Remote to be the most revolutionary, considering the gamepad isn’t exactly new technology to this world.

          1. But your right the wiimote and nunchuck combo is revolutionary.
            But ill give it too the gamepad it brings a revolutionary experience also

    1. Uh, you do not seem to be agreeing with him. He said that the WiiU Gamepad is the best controller NINTENDO has ever made for FPS… Not, like you said, the best controller that was ever created.
      And how is the WiiU Gamepad the most revolutionary controller ever ? It’s basically the same concept as the DS has, just with a TV. And the controller is tablet-like. Both the DS and tablets have been existing for quite a while now. Means: No, it is not the most revolutionary controller ever created. I agree with Jellybean, the Wii remote was by far more revoltionary.
      And I really don’t know where you pulled that “most reliable controller” out of…

    1. Oh sorry that came out more like a troll than anything else so ill explain.

      With the wii u the analog sticks are above the face buttons, meaning, to use then you have to take your right hand off of the analog stick and move it down the controller to hit a face button (pray not to accidentally make your camera aim down) and the time it takes to move your had from analog to face button, back to analog can mean the difference between living or dying, especially since most FPS games are moving for a more arcade feel.

      The touch screen idea is great, but the controller layout isn’t as much.

      1. I get what you’re saying. It might be that way for, idk, about an hour maybe?

        That will take literally less than one day to get used to and then you’re set and it won’t be any different than any other controller is.

  8. This is so true and I hope Nintendo delivers with a great First Person Shooter made by Nintendo to compete directly with Halo. Pure and simple, I like FPS, so I will buy Halo and Xbox unless Nintendo gives me a reason to fill that need and then I don’t have to buy two consoles. I think Nintendo is the best, but I don’t know why they never tried to dominate shooters. With the exception of Starfox, they have ignored the shooter genre all together.

    1. No, Nintendo don’t design their games as ‘rivals’ to other franchises. They do their own thing, which is how they’ve thrived for so long.

      Besides, if their was any Nintendo IP that could be viewed as a ‘competitor’ to Halo, it would be Metroid, IMO.

  9. I finally picked up a Gamepad in Gamestop today while getting AC3. It was an incredibly odd experience. The gamepad for one isn’t as big as I thought it was going to be, and the screen in particular is even smaller than I thought. It is certainly very, very light, and can be held, but as I said, it’s smaller than I thought, so it feels small in my hands, thus making it a little weird to hold. The problems people have with the gamepad’s lack of analog triggers is well justified, as the ZL and ZR triggers feel so stiff as digital buttons. The streaming between the gamepad and the tv screen is very smooth, and the TV screen in particular is sporting some very definite 1080p visuals. It’s worth noting that the Wii U’s kiosk’s TV screen is bigger than the Xbox 360’s and PS3’s screens. A shame no demos were playable, and the only game videos were for New Super Mario Bros. U. In general, the gamepad is unquestionably not a letdown; it is, as developers would say when a game is complete, “gold”. It’s unfortunate that it still does not pique my further interest in an immediate purchase, and now that all my anticipation and wonder about whether the gamepad is even “gold” at all is finally put to rest, I now desire the Wii U even less at this point. Now, those killer games have to come soon, otherwise I may just forget this gem fairly quickly.

  10. Randy said this ages ago. As of right now, I disagree with him. I think the Wiimote & Nunchuk was the best setup. I hope developers don’t abandon it in their Wii U games!

  11. the u gives u asymmetrical gameplay off Tv play controller war gameplay and nintendo’s first party games will be better than anything on the next stationbox

  12. thats complete horse crapa second analog stick cannot even come close tgo a wii remote this industry and its GENERIC BIULL SHIT there trying to brainwash us fps = twin stick when SANE GAMERS know its pointer mouse lol twin sticks is best fps NO ITS NOT YOU LYING INDUSTRY

  13. lets have it right hay

    smart glass and vita are no way comparable to gamepad LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGG and lack of tech involved to do what wiiu can do

    no lag screen no lag controls and the hardware and software built from scratch to interact as one unit vita in no way at all can do that and as for smartglass there nothing smart about it its just a net based link up nothing more nothing less and that would lag like hell also its not a controller and vita is not designed to be held like gamepad it simply wouldnt work

    vita to ps3 would lag the vita shape is all wrong for this and the vita screen lags it simply cannot be done and as for gamepad beats wii remote and nunchuck at FPS that is complete bull crap and gearbox have only used the screen in gimmicky ways SCANNER so what i could have had the scanner weapon mounted and the wii remote would act as the scanner in a much free-er moving way not like moving a dinner plate around it would be far more natural that way and wii remote fps is un matched its mouse like its easy to do/learn and it removes SCROLLING from the controls and makes aiming and camera and looking 100% natural no controller or mouse scrolling no robo cop camera no wooden unnatural aim

    lol twin sticks does not even compare to remote and chuck at fps fpa 3rd person core games SHUT UP GEARBOX SECOND STICK FPS IS CASUAL AND WRONG auto aim and a wooden cross hair might sem core to a brainless x360 fan il stick to the ADVANCED wii remote

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