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New Super Mario Bros U – Starry Night Level

Games Radar recently got the opportunity to play the latest build of New Super Mario Bros U. The footage shown comes from the level inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Sadly the videos which have been taken of the various levels scattered throughout New Super Mario Bros U are fairly short. Hopefully we will eventually get to see some feature-length Mario action.

58 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U – Starry Night Level”

      1. Apart from when they recycle the exact same shitty music over 3 games, then even stretch it on to levels where it doesn’t belong.

  1. Just give me this beast now im tired of waiting and i live in the uk so i have to wait 12 more than the us grrrrrr im going crazy.

  2. Oh hell yes. Starry Night is my favorite painting of all time. My laptop case is even Starry Night. Now I have to get this game.

  3. I’m mad that I don’t have friends that would want to come over to go at Mario. I hope the next game has online multi.

    1. The only online aspects to NSMBU is that your friends can post messages using Miiverse on the world map to help you out like we saw before. You can tell your friends where secrets are or how to beat a difficult spot and such.

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  5. I love NSMB games on handhelds, but I hate them on consoles. Still not sure about this one. Maybe the new controller makes it more playable…

  6. They should do more with famous artwork like this in backgrounds and stuff. Maybe somthing to do with the Mona Lisa?…. Or The Scream!? lol!

      1. “New” and yet still sound like shit from the previous games. Interesting how that works.

        Stop sucking NSMB cock, you’re pathetic.

        1. “”New” and yet still sound like shit from the previous games.”

          Your hearing must suck major ass.

          Or you’re just desperately trolling.

          1. What’s funny is this particular track here isn’t “new” at all. So you’re not even doing a good job trying to defend it.

  7. I love the level since it’s inspired by a very famous inspired painting but… my GOD I’m tired of hearing the same theme..I can only pray that this is just a place holder theme.

    1. Talking to a fucking mirror much, Pussybean? Nintendo doesn’t give a flying fuck what you think. New Super Mario Bros. U is a new game in the series. Not only that, it now has a new character in the game.

    2. lol is a fucking cum guzzling whore!

      The more you whine and bitch about New Super Mario Bros. U, Jellyfuck… the more this new Wii U launch title will become the #1 Wii U game.

  8. Level looks awesome and gameplay looks good, but I feel like they’re being lazy in the music department… Wasn’t that bgm that the same bgm they used in NSMBW? An cool, original, cryptic kind of tune would have probably made this more awesome.

  9. Omg why use the same music for a third time?!
    Fucking lazy…
    The series became ridiculous in NSMB2 already…
    Sure it’s fun but not worth paying full price for a game that’s basicly uinchanged…

    1. Says the cheap bastard. The price for New Super Mario Bros. U won’t be lower until it reaches at least 2 million copies sold and/or become part of the Player’s Choice collection in at least a year or two.

  10. I don’t care about all the haters these days, I’m getting New Super Mario Bros. U! Sure, recent games have been sort of…lacking, but they were still a lot of fun. This, however, looks very promising.

  11. People think they are milking this series but the fact that the games are selling a lot and we see them on charts and news make them look like they were release not long ago.

    DS- 2004
    Wii- 2009
    WiiU- 2012

    How about the series that release a game each year?

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