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New Limited Edition Coloured Nintendo 3DS Bundles Announced

Get ready for a white (or yellow) Christmas as Nintendo brings a new limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL White and a limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow console as the ultimate Christmas gifts this festive season in Europe.

For any Mario lover, the two Nintendo 3DS XL White consoles will be at the top of your Christmas wishlist. Whether you prefer traditional platforming action or fast-paced, arcade-style racing, the choice is yours, as you can pick from either having Mario Kart 7 or Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed on your system.

The limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL White pre-installed with Mario Kart 7 is available in stores from 16th November onwards while the limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL White pre-installed with Super Mario 3D Land becomes available in stores from 30th November onwards.

The colourful offerings don’t stop there as from 7th December onwards Pokémon fans can also get their hands on a special limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL in yellow which features an image of Pikachu on the system.

All three consoles will only be available in limited quantities

33 thoughts on “New Limited Edition Coloured Nintendo 3DS Bundles Announced”

    1. Gametrailers are pricks.
      I used to go there all the time, mainly for the funny stuff like ScrewAttack ect, but its so bias its fucking unbelievable, uet they make out like theyre not. That moment in time when a shit load of WiiU news was flooding in, they reported on none of it, besides the negative. Absolute bullshit.

  1. Nintendo, Y U NO BRING THIS TO AMERICA!!!!

    I mean it, Europe and Japan get all the good limited edition consoles/bundles.

    1. Because they don’t want to and don’t have to! I live in North America (Canada) and couldn’t care less because I already got a 3DS that works perfectly fine. Typical, an American thinking the world should be served to them on a platter. Bye, loser!

      1. i can say the same with Europe people as well, don’t believe me, go to the resent articles in this site and you will see bunch of Europeans get mad that America gets it and not them.

  2. Meh. I have the silver and TBH , I regret buying it a little bit. My m8 has the Blue 3ds XL and trust me , it’s a lot lot nicer looking.

    America will get all the wacky colors sooner or later. You would expect them to be announced before christmas…

      1. And americans don’t like cute smiling characters, they would have to redraw Pikachu’s eyes to a frown or something, like with Kirby.

    1. Wow. Do you even know how many people that still play Pokemon that are over the age of 5? The majority of Pokemon fans are the old ones.

      And quite frankly; I would rather have this than a plain-ass, ugly red or blue XL, that has nothing special about it except its ugly color combination with black.

      1. Well, I guess the colour is a matter of personal taste :). Didn’t know there were so many folks playing Pokemon. I guess the very fact that they’re coming out with this skin is proof of it’s popularity!

  3. DAMN! I thought this was for North America, and I was about to hit the ceiling with joy. But noooooooo, it’s only for Europe again. WHY NINTENDO? Don’t you think Americans love Pikachu too? *sigh*

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  5. The games are just pre-installed on the systems themselves? So THAT’s the CRAP way Nintendo is gonna start making the systems that come bundled with a game eh? It’s bad enough when the games didn’t come with their boxes and was just in a stupid cardboard sleeve (Like Wii Sports). But this is even WORSE. No physical copy? No thanks! Nintendo will NEVER win me over with this digital download rubbish.

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