The sensor bar for the six-year-old Wii is not needed to setup a Wii U console. A sensor bar is included in some Wii U packages, but you’ll only need it connected to your Wii U when you play games that function with Wii Remotes.

Remember, the sensor bar that comes with Wii U is essentially the same one that is included in any Wii package. If you want to play Wii games on Wii U, you’ll obviously need the sensor bar connected to the new console.



  1. I can’t believe some people are dumb enough to get rid of their previous console when they buy a new one. Who in their right mind does that? I cherish my video game collection (including the consoles). The only way I’d ever get rid of my games or consoles is if my house burned down and it was out of my control.


      • If your house is on fire, your actual house, yea the big walls and stuff surrounding you and your belongings thats out of your control point blank period. Hell if your on fire that’s out of your control.


    • “Who in their right mind does that?” People who live in a country (Brazil) where each console is priced for R$ 1,200~1,900 (US$ ~600~950 — thats the price if we’re lucky). The PS3 was R$ 6.900 in the launch ¬¬’ (~US$ 3,450 — I know, thats insane. Now it costs R$700~1,000~~US$350~500). So if you want to buy new console you NEED to sell your older consoles.


    • People who are tired of the clutter, and won’t use or have enough TV’s hooked up. In my house we had: 2 NES, Genesis , Super Nintendo, 2 64’s, Gameboy, Gameboy colour, 2 GBA, 3 DS’s, 2 3DS’s, PSone, PSP, 2 PS2’s, Xbox, 4 360’s, 3 PS3’s and a Vita. The Wii will move to the basement now hooks up along with a PS3, PS2, and 64. The WiiU will take it’s place on the 52 inch screen next to a PS3 on the main floor. Can’t wait to acquire one of the greatest systems of all time, The Wii U.
      I can certainly understand not wanting to keep all your old consoles, once you have a few of them there’s only so much space/gaming time.


        • True. But my concern is about the future. If today sensor bar is not obligatory anymore, who can guarantee that third-party developers will use motion controls in their games? For a number of reasons – including economic – it is very plausible that they will merely port games to Wii U, without any specific features, e.g., motion controls, like we still fortunately had on Wii. The motion appeal of gaming is dying slowly and sadly.


      • I agree. I’ve literally spent thousands of hours playing with it and very rarely have ever had discomfort with it.
        I wonder if you can you point to the screen with the Gamepad? That seems like it’ll be a little awkward…


  2. Cool? I guess I won’t need to set it up for the Wii-U, for most games, seeing as my Wii will still be there for Wii/GC games and Wii mods.


  3. Plan on keeping the Wii. I’ll have it hooked up to one TV, and the Wii U hooked up to another. I’ve got everything hooked up right now, and love having the options. NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox, and PS3. Not all to the same TV, of course.

    Just have to decide if I want to transfer the digital downloads to the Wii U or keep them on the Wii.


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