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Sensor Bar Optional For Setting Up Wii U

The sensor bar for the six-year-old Wii is not needed to setup a Wii U console. A sensor bar is included in some Wii U packages, but you’ll only need it connected to your Wii U when you play games that function with Wii Remotes.

Remember, the sensor bar that comes with Wii U is essentially the same one that is included in any Wii package. If you want to play Wii games on Wii U, you’ll obviously need the sensor bar connected to the new console.

114 thoughts on “Sensor Bar Optional For Setting Up Wii U”

      1. @numchuck norris
        Tell me you didn’t just say that. Only RETARDS download games. Common idiots who deserve for their consoles to break and lose all of their downloads. I guess everybody has to learn the hard way.

        1. “Only RETARDS download games” Really??? well excuse me for wanting to play night sky sense THAT IS THE ONLY YOU CAN PLAY IT! With that statement you just made your self a retard!

        2. Only on Nintendo systems do they make it hard to recover your downloads if your system breaks. It isn’t a problem on other consoles. But then again, odds are Nintendo’s consoles are least likely to break down in the first place.

      1. In England you would probably get about £20 for a boxed wii with a wii remote , nunchuck and sensor bar on trade in. Saying that , you would probably on get £35 for an original Xbox , £50 for original PS3.

        A fucking joke. £20 ??? I guess I will buy a poster and a footlong sub and pay for the bus home ? lol..

      1. Respect other people beliefs you asshole. Unless they forced your belief on you, you have no right to force your belief on them.

      2. That’s nice and all but have you died and came back? Because if you have then give me a detailed story of what you saw while you were just a spirit. If you haven’t then you have no right to crush another’s beliefs. That’s inhumane and lame dude.

        1. I know people who have medically been dead for 3 days that have came back to life who “claim” they had an O.B.E. and met their passed away relatives. Although, scientists are still trying to find “concrete” evidence for such a phenomena.

    1. Another day, another Nintenwaed troll-attempt. Man. you’re wasting Internet space. We know you a Nintendo fan so enough “canceling my pre-order” bullshit.

        1. I fail to even see the issue here…. Your joke doesn’t make sense because there is nothing to get “mad” about. No reason to cancel your preorder(even if you are saying it sarcastically)… It is like a microsoft fan saying “Im cancelling my pre-order” because the new Xbox comes in a “variety of colors”. Makes no sense. Nothing to get mad at.

      1. btw. I don’t ”troll” , I ”fanboy” :). Not proud of it , just can’t help loving Nintendo. I am 21 years of age and Have been loving Nintendo since I got a SNES for cristmas in 93.

        1. Ahhh, it’s okay. I’m just sick of brats like peteriuss and aeolus trolling when they are obivious Nintendo fans, and thought you might be one like them.

          1. no no. I’m not interested in wasteing my time trying to upset people LOL.

            I just like constructively discussing all things wiiu and 3ds. Cus the wiiu is just about to come out, I am like super excited and can’t stop reading fucking news about it.

            I guess when it’s out I will play and stop reading so much news XD!!

      1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

        You sir are hired, come to my office ASAP tomorrow.
        You sir are fired for not saying that sooner! I’m sorry, maybe you can get a job a Microsony, just kidding they do see talent like we do, still love’em though.

  1. I can’t believe some people are dumb enough to get rid of their previous console when they buy a new one. Who in their right mind does that? I cherish my video game collection (including the consoles). The only way I’d ever get rid of my games or consoles is if my house burned down and it was out of my control.

      1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

        If your house is on fire, your actual house, yea the big walls and stuff surrounding you and your belongings thats out of your control point blank period. Hell if your on fire that’s out of your control.

    1. Sorry for the english, it's not my native language

      “Who in their right mind does that?” People who live in a country (Brazil) where each console is priced for R$ 1,200~1,900 (US$ ~600~950 — thats the price if we’re lucky). The PS3 was R$ 6.900 in the launch ¬¬’ (~US$ 3,450 — I know, thats insane. Now it costs R$700~1,000~~US$350~500). So if you want to buy new console you NEED to sell your older consoles.

    2. People who are tired of the clutter, and won’t use or have enough TV’s hooked up. In my house we had: 2 NES, Genesis , Super Nintendo, 2 64’s, Gameboy, Gameboy colour, 2 GBA, 3 DS’s, 2 3DS’s, PSone, PSP, 2 PS2’s, Xbox, 4 360’s, 3 PS3’s and a Vita. The Wii will move to the basement now hooks up along with a PS3, PS2, and 64. The WiiU will take it’s place on the 52 inch screen next to a PS3 on the main floor. Can’t wait to acquire one of the greatest systems of all time, The Wii U.
      I can certainly understand not wanting to keep all your old consoles, once you have a few of them there’s only so much space/gaming time.

  2. Keeping my Wii.
    Transfering everything to my WiiU.
    Saving my Wii as my “Eternal Darkness,” and “PN03” Machine.

  3. So games that use the wiimote like Nintendo land and others use the wiimote so you’re going to have to use the sensor bar?

      1. Gamepad uses Motion Controls. Gyro sensor and such. Games like Mario Mart U and Mario Party ten and such will use motion controlled.

        1. True. But my concern is about the future. If today sensor bar is not obligatory anymore, who can guarantee that third-party developers will use motion controls in their games? For a number of reasons – including economic – it is very plausible that they will merely port games to Wii U, without any specific features, e.g., motion controls, like we still fortunately had on Wii. The motion appeal of gaming is dying slowly and sadly.

    1. By the way, Gamecube controller is the most ergonomic and beautiful joystick ever made. And Wii remote and nunchuck are the most innovative.

      1. I agree. I’ve literally spent thousands of hours playing with it and very rarely have ever had discomfort with it.
        I wonder if you can you point to the screen with the Gamepad? That seems like it’ll be a little awkward…

    1. I was thinking the same thing!!! Kid Icarus Uprising on the Wii U would be fantastic, because it would fix the biggest issue which is the controls. Also, the online
      would be better through the Wii U.

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      1. But the post is just saying its not mandatory for set up since it just uses the game pad. For games that you use wii remotes in you’ll need it.

  6. Plan on keeping the Wii. I’ll have it hooked up to one TV, and the Wii U hooked up to another. I’ve got everything hooked up right now, and love having the options. NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox, and PS3. Not all to the same TV, of course.

    Just have to decide if I want to transfer the digital downloads to the Wii U or keep them on the Wii.

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