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Paper Mario: Sticker Star For Nintendo 3DS Is Out Now

Today, Nintendo released Paper Mario: Sticker Star in North America. Purchase a physical copy of the game from a retailer near you, or simply purchase the downloadable version for $39.99 from the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the very first handheld title in the Paper Mario series.

57 thoughts on “Paper Mario: Sticker Star For Nintendo 3DS Is Out Now”

    1. ajxbsjsnejajznwnjxdnsjjz!!!!!!< If this were a sound I would be making it right now in agreement with your comment on Luigi's Mansion 2!!!!!

  1. Guys, please don’t pay attention to those reviews… They said Super Paper Mario for Wii was bad, but its one of the best games I’ve ever played in my entire life. I already downloaded this game and it’s awesome so far. BUY IT!

      1. Everyones opinion is different thats why. I fucking thought skyward sword was perfect, 100%. I absoloutly love MK7 , spent 70 hours+ online 90% and thought NSMB2 was very good but a few flawes 78%.

        Dude. Everyone has a different opinion. I buy and look forward to games depending on the franchise or the developer. I read reviews but don’t let them dictate my final decision,

        1. I can never understand how people see Skyward Sword as perfect. Gameplay wise, its spot on, so much fun. And the story and character development is good too, as well as the soundtrack, and visuals (all things considered). Also loved the item upgrade system, more of an RPG element to it.

          But the lack of an open world, and all the side missions being side quests sucked :/ oh, and fighting the fucking Forbidden, or Whatever the fuck its called 4 times is BULLSHIT

          1. I liked chopping that mother fuckers toes off 4 times in a row , then catapulting onto his head and impaling him.

            Hyrule field in past Zelda games were pretty much pointless. They were not the high point of the games for me. Windwaker is just a stupid big sea which you end up ”wind aria-ing” around.

            Skyward sword is like Metroid prime. You see places and you think ”wtf is that” then you revisit it and it’s another temple! I liked that and it was deliberate, they’re not trying to avoid making a hyrule field there.

            I can see how that would be a problem for other people , but all in all The strength’s of the game are so Massive that (for me) they make you forget about the negatives.

            One blatent negative is. Although the controlls are PERFECT and revoloutionary. Some people pick them up fail and call them broken cus they don’t want to learn.

            For me it’s 10/10 (knowing it has some issues that could affect others)

        2. Mario kart 7 was/ IS awesome!!! It definitly passed my expectations. I thought it would be mediocre at best, but it blew me away…. Such a great game.. :)

          1. Why are a few people bitching about MK7 ?? it’s the best kart racer ever made, right ?

            Its perfect for me. I love every single Track , I love the online , I love the refined gameplay , I love the graphics etc etc.

            No mission mode from DS and A slightly bad choice of characters that culd be better = 9/10 :)

    1. >They said Super Paper Mario for Wii was bad, but its one of the best games I’ve ever played in my entire life

      Yeah. Stopped reading after that

  2. One of my most anticipated games on the 3DS. Love papaer mario on N64 and Gamecube glad they are returning to their routes since super paper mario on the wii was just paper mario in super mario bros. format.

  3. It’s depressing as hell that posts about “Nintendo Land” will get 100+ posts every time, but a new Paper Mario post goes unnoticed.

    Sad about today’s fanbase, really.

    1. when there 00+ comments you know there a war in there.
      how to tell there is going to be one, one bad news for nintendo, two something not related to nintendo, and three you guess it patcher.

  4. the game is good , but theres not much to do after u finish the levels (atleast from wht ive seen) theres no minigames in sight , even in paper mario 64 there was zess t and the pigs. and permant fighting partners are no where to be found. the battle system is fine and the game looks good. Also the lack of towns disturb me aswell and the ONE that is there is so boring , small and lacks creativity. If you were hoping for a TYOD in your pocket your gonna have too wait i give it an 7/10

  5. I downloaded at midnight, i’m already stuck but i love the challenge, the fights are fun and never boring because of every sticker is a one time use, so you always have to work with what you have, bosses are kind of hard at first and the whole game is so charming it’s hard to put down.

  6. Seeing as Paper Mario Sticker Star was the main reason for getting a 3DS, I am now waiting for Scribblenauts Unlimited for Wii U, Paper Mario Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. 4.

  7. I ordered it from Newegg when it was 10 dollars off. I am excited for this game but it is hard to be REALLY excited when Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing are still on their way. Not to mention the Wii U and the many games it will bring.

  8. Do not pay attention to the media. If you love Paper Mario 64 and the Thousand Year Door, you will love Sticker Star. It has both the humor and the combat system we know and love.

  9. Lol I’m liking this game a lot, and I’m only in world 2 The dialogue is actually a bit better than standard paper mario quality and the sticker combat is simple but complex, diverse and amusing. The soundtrack is better if not as good as paper mario: the thousand year door; plus the individual areas in the worlds are fairly large for a handheld

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