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There Are No System-Wide Achievements/Trophies On Wii U

5th Cell, the development studio behind Scribblenauts Unlimited has revealed that the Wii U won’t feature a system-wide achievement or trophy system like the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Here’s what one of the developers behind the game had to say about Wii U achievements and rewards.

“There are no Wii U accomplishments that are system wide. They are up to the developers to include or not include. Scribblenauts Unlimited loosely has them in the form of “Global Starite Shards” which is like a giant checklist of global things to spawn and do in the game that aren’t area specific.”


235 thoughts on “There Are No System-Wide Achievements/Trophies On Wii U”

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  1. Ugh, why won’t nintendo get on board with this? Trophies are amazing and give people a bit more incentive to get more out of their games, and it’s not like they’re that difficult to implement

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Who gives a shit? Achievements and trophys don’t do anything. They’re pointless. And I don’t wanna know how I rank against other players. I play video games to relax for a few hours. Not to show everyone online that I’m better at pushing buttons than they are.

    1. Cause it’s a selling point of games, meaning the developers of the games will do it themselves, so Nintendo doesn’t have to. They’re selling for a loss, so any way to cut costs, I guess. Seems like a typical Nintendo thing, and makes sense from a business standpoint. So whatever. Developers are all still making their own type of achievements so looks like it looks like it doesn’t matter for us.

  2. Seriously? Nintendo, do you really not get it? IN ORDER TO BE BETTER THAN OTHER CONSOLES AND FOR YOUR CONSOLE TO BE DESIRABLE, YOUR CONSOLE MUST AT LEAST MATCH EIGHT YEAR OLD CONSOLES! Can I make it simpler? Absolutely pathetic on Nintendo’s part. Awful, awful work.

      1. 1st its a sorry way to make your game longer…shallow. 2nd why should Nintendo be the one’s to do it? Should it not be developers? They should make a good game and not be catered to just because they make games. A lot of shifty games came out this Gen that received a high score just because people kiss the ass of certain developers.

    1. Not including one feature but adding a ton of others makes it worse than 7 year old consoles? There are still other features on the Wii-U not present on the PS3/360.

            1. I know, right? I was looking at the achievements for cut the rope on my kindle fire and one of them was “Cut 500 Ropes.” That adds absolutely zero fun to my gaming experience.

      1. But they add achievements on every other console! I’ve created a handy list of things for and against adding system wide online achievements.
        -Increases longevity of games.
        -Adds inventive to find hidden secrets.
        -Allows competition between players (like Xbox gamerscore) even on single player games.
        -Sod all.
        Seriously, have Nintendo forgotten to take their pills? This is just mental! There is no reasoning what so ever behind this decision, NONE!

    2. Nintendo doesn’t follow in the shadow of these other “mediocre” gaming companies. Nintendo walks it’s own path. They don’t “copy” other’s ideas for the sake of getting money (like the other companies do) Ex: Sony’s Play Station All Stars Battle Royal, Microsoft’s use of motion controls, etc. Think of it this way, having a a system-wide achievement system is NOT going to decide which console is the best. The one with the best games, the one that is the cheapest, the one with good graphics, the one that gives the best deals….The one that does all of those will be the best console.

      1. But achievements aren’t really a “feature” any more. Just in the same way an analogue stick isn’t a feature or an online system isn’t a feature, it’s something which is on every major console and service, save those of Nintendo. And “walking your own path” when one has already been made for you to follow is pathetic. I have no idea what lead Nintendo to do this, none what so ever. It could have been so easy, I managed to code an online achievement system in half an hour. How long would it take Nintendo? There is literally no reason to do this, none what so ever. This had better be fixed in a later update or I will be livid.

        1. Then they force companies to make achievements and some don’t even want to make achievement and then they start looking for other consoles that doesn’t force them to make achievements,thus Nintendo is basically losing 3rd party support. Take Xbox for example,they don’t sell that console in Japan anymore.

          This is a major gaming company were talking here,it’s not like there making ONE game. They obviously have more knowledge than us.

          Also they let the 3rd party company to decide to make the achievements if they want,giving them more liberty and possibly getting more 3rd party support .

        2. Walking your own path when one has already been made for you to follow is pathetic? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Are you in a cult?

          1. What I’m saying is that when something has been proven to be a good thing and a great success, you do it rather than saying “sod that” and doing whatever the hell you like.

            1. Why not? If your logic had it’s way nothing would ever change. Wolfenstein 3D was a good thing and a great success. Guess we don’t need anymore FPS’s after that then. Horses came into existence at some point. They seem like a pretty good thing. I guess inventing cars was stupid, too. I realize I’m being a little extreme, but are you that afraid of something different? And who’s to say achievements are even a good thing. I think they’re stupid. As do a lot of people. Different is not bad.

              1. Different is not bad. But this isn’t just different, this is worse. You can’t take something which has been proven to be successful away and call it “different.”

    3. What the hell are you gonna get from getting rewards and trophies? And please, don’t compare Nintendo to Microsoft and Sony. The reason why I am fan of Nintendo is because they don’t look at the competition and keep getting to do things in their own way.

    1. All I care about is the story mode. Screw unlocking every single feature or costume or little itty bitty virtual collectible toy. If the story mode is well done for a first play-through than I am happy. I don’t know why gamers are SO PICKY!…pshhh! Who cares about longevity. If I can get 3 hours of AWESOME game play out of the game I say “Money Well Spent!!” :D.

    1. LOL! Ditto! If the story mode sucks than collecting achievements does not make it any better. Why not just make a game that lasts a couple hours or a day or two and not worry about gathering other crap that doesn’t even matter. To me <This is a good game.

        1. I like achievements that are done right, offer good challenge and give me the same satisfaction in completing them than the game itself.

          Which is good, companies won’t make shitty achievements just because of pressure. The major companies that already have well-thought out ideas for accomplishments will include it either way.

          In the end, it’s a win-win situation. Oh, my system won’t display my achievements to my friends? Boo hoo! Heck, even Zelda OOT has achievements, but in form of reward and it even displays on the menu-screen, which is a good measure to know ow far someone is.

          Anyway, even flash games have achievements. So that is, if a company has smart enough ideas, we will be getting these either way. Nintendo is smart, they didn’t rush developers to make some, which will end up being a nice pile of shit if not done well. :p

        2. Adding challenge or replay value to a basic game package would be something like finding all exits in Super Mario World rather than just playing through the obvious levels.

          Or maybe trying to go for speed runs, perfect runs, etc, etc, like people used to do all the time without getting a ‘ping’ for pressing X to win.

  3. I thought we already knew this…meh doesn’t particularly bother me. I for one find it annoying to have an entire list of trophies simply because then I feel compelled to get all of them. At least now I don’t have to do that next-gen but this sucks for those who were looking forward to this.

  4. Once again another fail. Nintendo get with the times or get laughed at.

    Thank god I have steam for achievements

    1. -__- You act like this is a “must-have” feature!!??? Wii U has HD graphics, has good 3rd party support, has great first party titles. Now <These are REAL requirements for gaming consoles of today…

      1. HD graphics..just like the 360/PS3, check. 3rd party support, last year’s ports from 360/PS3, check. All three have great first party titles.. but the WiiU lacks achievements. Up until now Nintendo has lacked an account system for purchases, something that ‘might’ be fixed by the WiiU but don’t keep your hopes up. This is just one of many ways Nintendo is still behind the times.

  5. I wouldnt buy a game just for its trophies.. but yeah there is something neat about earning them and comparing them with friends. So its a shame but not a big one.

    1. Miiverse seams tailored for achievments aswell. ”Blah blah has killed 1000 goombas in NSMBU” – ”How did you blah blah that” . Hopefully These games will have these achievments built in.

      Zombiu has them…. You can see them on off screen videos.

      1. People that have grown up playing only Nintendo consoles miss the point. Naturally they don’t care about a feature they don’t understand, having never used.

  6. Holy fuck. Calm down people. Achievements don’t do shit. Its just bragging rights and Nintendo doesn’t brag. I prefer unlocking actual things that change the game when it comes to Nintendos games. Like smash bros you unlock new characters that changes the game not a virtual trophy that does nothing.

      1. Ganonseviltwinbrother

        But think about it. When you unlock a character in super smash brothers you also get a notification
        Saying you got this much points or whatever for doing this task.
        So you can unlock and get those things at the same time.
        That’s how i feel

    1. Microsoft achievements actually count towards things now. For example, you can get Microsoft Points, avatar items, etc. now from unlocking achievements.

      Some PlayStation trophies unlock system items like themes, avatars, PlayStation Home items, etc.

      They’re not completely useless. They’re not absolutely necessary either. Personally, I think they ruin the fun factor of games when you play for trophies/achievements.

      Still, some like them for the competition between friends, adding replay value to games, and challenges too for those who like to challenge themselves.

  7. What does trophy’s do for my game does it get me free levels? does it get me free downloadable content?
    Will the president of the company acknowledge my being?
    Will it get me a job as a consultant at the company?
    People will whine about everything but if I am picking up a game for the achievements rather that the expereince then I am relly wasting money.

      1. That’s exactly what I mean hell I get 5% credit towards future purchases just for downloading a game. With that I’m good.

    1. As I noted above:

      Microsoft achievements actually count towards things now. For example, you can get Microsoft Points, avatar items, etc. now from unlocking achievements.

      Some PlayStation trophies unlock system items like themes, avatars, PlayStation Home items, etc.

      They’re not completely useless. They’re not absolutely necessary either. Personally, I think they ruin the fun factor of games when you play for trophies/achievements.

      Still, some like them for the competition between friends, adding replay value to games, and challenges too for those who like to challenge themselves.

      (and believe it or not, yes people have been able to acquire jobs in the gaming industry partly due to their trophies/achievements)

  8. So be it. To be honest I’m usually disgusted by some of these trophies and trophy whoring in general. Was playing a game on the PS3 recently, and noticed there was one trophy for spending 50 hours online…WTF???

    1. I feel the same way. But that ps3 trophy isn’t forceing you play for 50 Hours in one sitting.

      50 hours in a year is nothing….

      1. Fair enough. My issue though, is that a trophy in the traditional sense (or at least the way I see it), is something you should gain through skill and mastery. I fail to see how spending X amount of hours on something, or watching a cut scene, should merit a trophy, for example.

        1. I can agree with that. Who cares if you played it for 50 hours or 100hours online , that is kind of a sad achievment what ever way you look at it lol.
          We Nintendo fans have the 3ds and wiiu which record play time of every app and game anyway.

          Ocarina of time 3d = 176 hours for me XD!

          I agree though , trophies should be things ”1000 Headshots” ”1000 coins” that sorta thing.

  9. I like this plan to be honest because really achievements/trophies just make the game way too competitive and people just showing how “Amazing” they are just because they got the bigger score or loads more trophies than another person.

    Allowing the DEVELOPERS to allow accomplishments in the game is actually a good idea because that means a game without accomplishments maintain the fun factor which some games can lose by adding some sort of achievement system but if they plan them out correctly, I’m sure that games with accomplishments will be just as fun ^^

    Good job Nintendo, thinking fun before competition.

    1. Agreed. That helps developers optimize the games which don’t need achievements, although there are some games that benefit from achievements for higher longevity; hence there are only in-game achievements brought about by the developers who “chose” to do so.

  10. you couldn’t pay me to give a shit about achievements in video games. if you can’t have fun with a game without having to follow a list of meaningless tasks then yikes for you.

  11. The way I see it, if you really enjoy a game, by the time you finish it you will have completed all of the things that would have been achievements/trophies.

  12. That’s pretty good. If the dev wants to put it in their game, they can go right ahead. The option is there, so no big deal. Leave luck to heaven.

  13. In one way that sucks, because i like trophies, and getting them.

    But on the other hand, some games that have trophies are just pointless, or too easy and dont actually prove you did anything well.

    I much prefer the idea of unlocking something in game by getting an “achievement”, or something for the Mii’s, whatever, rather than some level system. Just depends if developers actually use it

    1. Hey Dragon, I usually completely agree with your thoughts, but I have to disagree here. I think Nintendo don’t realise what opportunity they just missed, Achievements and trophies are important to so many people, me included, they add so much to a game, and so much replay value, I love collecting trophies in my games, and having those platinum trophies for my favorite games was such an accomplishment for me, it’s proof that I did it, and such an awesome feeling, what’s wrong with having them on consoles? That are not mandatory in any way, I only go for them in games I like.

      Imagine a new Zelda game for the Wii U, in past Zelda games I always do everything there is in them,like collect even heart, etc. Yet there’s nothing to show for it, no proof except saved data, imagine if the new Zelda had them, getting all trophies would be awesome, and would always be there on your NN account to remind you/use as proof.

      I was planning on using the Wii U as my complete source of 3Rd party games, and use my ps3/360 for their exclusives only, but this might change that for me, it might be the Wii U I only use for exclusives, and I know a lot of people that feel the same, and can only imagine their are A LOT more people out there that won’t be getting third party games on the Wii U, which I think will damage the popularity of the Wii U, which is unfortunate because I love Nintendo, but that stuffed up here.

      1. Oh and this wasn’t really a reply to you in general, it was meant for anyone here who also loves the Wii U, you’re comment just stood out.

      2. Yeah but in the end nobody gives a crap about what how many platinums a person has, and by their design you get nothing for them.
        I just platinumed Dishonored, but it is fun to get them all, but the fact that i did everything, and got nothing, just left a sour taste in my mouth. But now developers who want to add in game achievements, can do, and let you unlock new content

  14. this is the biggest load of bullshit ive ever heard. A mario, zelda, pikmin 3 hd game with trophies and accomplishments is a fuckin no brainer nintendo…im gon need a lil more incentive to collect all heart pieces in zelda etc…..the 3 star coins in mario etc.. why would i play assasins creed 3 on wii u? id rather play the game & collect trophies on my FB wall with PSN…suddenly im not as stoked for wii u as i used to be….

    1. It a imaginary trophy, and a digital prompt. Yeah, i like getting trophies, but its literally nothing. You dont get anything from them, and nobody cares if you get them. Its pretty pointless.

      1. bor when youve been playing video games for 30YEARS lil incentives and prompts are refreshing… add meaning replayability etc…..nintendo is infamous for not rewarding the player for completing a game..120 stars in mario 64…it unlocks yoshi on the roof gives you 99 lives..nintendo is retarded in this regard..they suck…

        1. The “incentive” should be the fact the game is fun in the first place.
          Trophies/achievements just give developers an excuse not to make alot of content, because they can just make people want to get achievements. I got 120 in Mario 64, and Galaxy. Didnt get an achievement, but i got to play the game. You dont need a bragging rights pop up to make you play a game.

          Zelda, do i get all the heart piece or not? Meh, i cant live without it, not that much point plus its a bit boring for the last “get all these misc items” reward piece . Oh theres an achievement for it?? Well better do it something i dont really want to do.

        2. You sir are an idiot. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc is an achievement by itself. It def does not need virtual trophies to be proud of and boast about. If you wanna boast so much, take a pic and post it on fb, or do youtube videos. That’s what most ppl do anyways. Ppl are gonna buy mario, zelda, and metroid with or without trophies. Over 30 years with no achievements and how well are these franchises still doing. How about you look up ppl doing speed runs with these games and all kinds of things they’ve done WITHOUT achievements. Not to mention with Miiverse, you can brag all you want with screenshots and ppl watching your games. There you go. Nintendo does rewards players, idk where you’ve been at. And if this tiny little thing really affects you from buying a Wii U, your a really sad case. Have you even read the article? It says achievements aren’t worldwide. They are in game DECIDED and not FORCED by the DEVELOPERS. I’ll laugh my ass off if you don’t get a Wii U and Assassin’s creed 3 U version has achievements in game. What a crybaby Wahhh Wahhh Get a life please

        3. I’ve been playing video games for over 30 years too, and I don’t give 2 shits. Don’t act like you’re the voice of experience. Do you really think you’re the only older gamer in the world? Or even on this website? It makes you sound quite presumptuous.

            1. There’s giving you something as a reward, then theres just being a prick about it. 1 fucking % off? Thats meaningless money. Oh, you have to spend £400-500 worth of games, and you MUST get all the achievements, so that the next time you buy 10 games, which needs to be online by the way, it’ll only cost you £396-496! Isnt tht great!

              No, its fucking dickish. Meanwhile, i get 10% of on every download, just for buying a WiiU deluxe

              1. You do know that nintendo gives 10% for buying digital content right??? IMO, 1% is sooo cheap to try to incite players to go after every trophy when you have to pay for xbox live and they have a ton on digital content and dlc

  15. This doesn’t really matter. Why force an achievements system on ALL the games on Wii U? I’m pretty sure all the cross platform games that have achievements on the other consoles will also have them on Wii U, just not system wide.

  16. Really? People freaking out over not having SYSTEM WIDE ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES?

    “They are up to the developers to include or not include.”

      1. That’s a load of bullshit. Nintendo is NOT Sony or Microsoft. They like being unique and innovating and setting their own standards. Super smash bros is where Achievments were theoretically invented. By Sakurai and Nintendo.

        The wiiu has many many many unique features that set it apart from other consoles. If it was the exact same as a 360 without achievments then yes , it would be inferior.

        But the wiiu is nothing like an xbox 360. It’s about new experiences like ZombiU and Nintendo land etc.

        If you don’t like it. (no offence) fuck of and buy an xbox or a ps3 :)

        I buy all consoles. no sweat for me.

        1. It’s nothing that a firmware update can’t handle just incase people start having a hissy fit about it. Look at the PS3.
          Now I can see that some other moron on my friends list just managed to pull off a fatality that I haven’t been able to pull off in Mortal Kombat.
          Oh no, time to cancel all my plans and stay in on the weekend to obtain this!
          In saying that, I’m one of those people who hates this feature in games. The higher my achievement/trophy collection, the more I’m showing people that my life sucks.

      2. So not including one feature makes all other features that are exclusive to the Wii-U irrelevant? Nice logic you got there. I guess suspending your game and then going to voice chat and then back no longer counts and the GamePad’s second screen doesn’t mean anything either.

      3. Then why are you here crybaby. Why are you so mad that Nintendo gave developers the freedom to do whatever they want with they’re games. If developers want achievements, you’ll have them. Otherwise shut up and stop crying

    1. But what about my achievments on Funky barn and ESPN sports connection ??? oh , wait! this is actualy pretty good!

      1. Activision had achievements back in the Atari days so they kinda actually were there first, but in physical achievements, but back then they actually meant something. You play their game, make a video of your gaming feat in their game, mail them the tape, and they send you an achievement like a badge or something. That’s pretty cool. But yeah, Smash Bros was actually one of the first games with in-game achievements.

        1. Interesting about activision :) . Smash bros Melee was where (as far as I know) achievments and unlockables became a massive thing.

  17. I don’t see why anyone would care about this. They’re just stupid annoying notifications that pop up during the game. Also achievements have spoiled many games for me:/

    1. I don’t see the point of them either. I play the game for the game, not to get a pointless achievement. I mean, if extra content isn’t unlocked from getting an achievement, then it’s pointless to me.

  18. Achievements are lame anyways nobody cares that you beat a campaign or have not kissed a girl for 100 consecutive days just to get a trophy. Instead of achievements developers should focus on something they’ve been missing. Like making a decent game.

  19. What the hell is wrong with you guys… Nintendo did not say they would not… they said its up to the developers. MEANING IF THEY WANT TO IMPLEMENT IT IN THEIR GAMES THEY WILL. Relax already.

  20. I hate how morons act like its either fun or trophies/achievements. The gameplay stays the same, the trophies/achiements give you incentive to keep playing the game, you do not have to get them, but its a great option to have.

    Now I see why nintendo kept all of this information under wraps. Smh.

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  22. Um does it really matter i heard club Nintendo is going be featured on Wii U. Instead of game trophies or achievements that mean nothing you could be rewarded with points that can be used to get real world items like what i don’t a free game maybe!

  23. Trophies and Achievements are nice, they give you a sense of accomplishment, mostly bragging rights, but the article states that it’s up to the devs to impliment them, they never said that they wont be present.

    1. but they did say they wouldn’t be system wide, which sounds a whole lot like no-one will even know what you accomplished anyway. it just seems like a really half-arsed way of doing it as all the third party devs will have them anyway, why not go that little bit further nintendo? the miiverse seemed perfect for this sort of thing. but despite my anger it doesn’t make a difference, the wii u is still gonna be great, can’t wait for zombiu!

      1. I would bet you are be able to view another person’s “achievements” if you have permission or some shit. I don’t think Nintendo would have a problem with that. I believe they are saying that there wont be any value associated with the achievements, no minor or major achievements, your not going to get 50 points for a certain achievement and 10 points for another. The acknowledgment that you did something they included on their checklist for the game is what you will get, probably used to unlock special items for in-game use. So I doubt there will be any form of a Gamer-Score and if there is it will probably be developer specific.

        1. ok yeah your right that would make more sense, and tbh gamerscore’s not really that important anyway, as long as you can share with friends then no-one can complain really. thanks doc, that’s why I come to see you, you tell it how it is, no bullshit XD

  24. Oh no, where will I get my meaningless platitudes from? I’m that desperate for validation that I can’t possibly game without my every other action being acknowledged. In no way would I prefer to be rewarded with in game items, game modes, etc.

    Remember when something like “Find all 500 hidden top hats” would be a goal you would have to discover for yourself, and completing it would unlock a secret character or weapon? Nowadays most devs just lazily throw an achievement or trophy in. As far as I’m concerned, achievements could die off tomorrow and gaming would be no worse off for it.

  25. I don’t give a fuck! If i play a a game and i would unlock some achievements/trophies it’s cool, but i would never ever really hunt for them!
    So again: I don’t care!

  26. Would be so cool to have a proper achievement system for Wii U. I will still get it when zelda and Metroid come out. I always play Xbox 360 now and have got a Wii and 3DS. Just waiting for the good games to come out on Nintendo platforms.

  27. Achievements were the most retarded addition to gaming, anyway. No body cares what achievements other people have, and we’ve had replay value in our games for years with unlockable content and sidequests.

  28. Disappointing for those who wanted system wide achievements as this will mean a considerable portion of developers will not feel inclined to include them, unless it’s a multiplatform title. While I myself don’t really mind, I can see why this would be disappointing for others.

  29. So this means that there will be Achievements for Nintendo Network, but whether or not they are implemented in the games is up to the developers, right? How will I be able to check my achievements?

      1. Are you fucking serious? They can’t just have a section on the Wii U BIOS for displaying achievements like the Xbox 360 and PS3 do? I hope they add this in an update. I would really like my Nintendo Network achievements to be imported to Raptr and Playfire as well (Can’t be done if the achievement’s are tied to the game).

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  32. This is good, now we won’t simplistic and ridiculus achievments like “U made it to level 5” and developers can actually put in Unique trophies that make sense and are somewhat worth getting.

  33. Well the point of the achievement system is a goal developers want players to achieve for example… Would you defeat all stars mode in the new super smash for every character if I told you too, or would you do it if there was a achievement for it

    so people don’t care about these things but I’m the kind of guy who aims to be the best!

  34. Good.

    They’re completely unnecessary. Besides in-game achievements can be way more interesting. Like unlocking hidden content and all that jazz.

  35. I wonder how many people actually read the article, cause it says that it will be up to developers to put achievements in their games or not to put achievements in their games, so technically, the Wii U would have an achievement system, just not system wide

  36. What do they mean by system wide? So the achievements will only be shown on the games itself? if so then that’s a fail.

  37. I just don’t get it…

    Doesn’t that feature always comes in the games? I understand some people like it system wise but there’s not point in have it like that. I actually prefer the feature in the games, Just like in Super smash bros. This announcement won’t have any effect on my decision on buying the Wii U.

  38. I thought Accomplishments were in Miiverse already in each game you’re connected to (NSMBU and ZombiU showed this), but oh well.

    Wii U achievements

    Nintendo will introduce an achievement system where players can earn achievements in games much like Xbox Live and PlayStation Trophies. However, Nintendo is said to be expanding the service where players who accumulate a certain amount of points get access to additional features. “We have a lot of freedom with the Wii U points system, we can add “brackets” for players, e.g. if you amass X points you get promoted into a new bracket with awards such as new MP [multiplayer] skins”. While the source called the feature “Wii U points”, he made it clear that Nintendo hasn’t settled on a name. “It’s basically what we’ve been asking Microsoft to do for years. Players who earn points by completing the game should be awarded. We can do that now”.

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  40. Achievements/Trophies are nice, I like Xbox 360’s achievements, but they are not really necessary to enjoy a game. It is mostly for bragging rights. I only buy games for the story line of a single player game and the multiplayer gameplay.

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  42. I find it sad that people are treating “No system wide” as if it were saying “Trophies and Achievements won’t ever exist period”.
    They’ll be tied to specific games.
    That’s not a bad thing.

  43. I hate achievements on Xbox they are to me pointless and seem fourced. Like you get one for finishing the tutorial then the getting your first objective etc then you get random irrelivent task like pop balloons. Never been a fan of them

  44. Let’s just wait. Nintendo might update Miiverse that’ll support accomplishments. The PS3 trophies was added via a firmware update so maybe we can expect an update for Wii U as well.

  45. This technically isn’t the first time we heard Nintendo was planning this. We knew from the first time the Wii U was shown that things like online play and achievements would be up to the developers. I still think this is a really good thing. Then again, I prefer more power to state governments than a centralized one, so that kinda influenced my thinking.

    In some ways, I think achievements are more of the game responding to your actions made in the game. They don’t necessarily denote accomplishment, but more of signifying actions you’ve made in the game that are considered important or interesting. That’s how I like to see them. Therefore, there is little need to use them as competitive material with your friends. That’s like comparing your mail with your friends’ mail and saying the mail you received was better than theirs. Achievements are just the game’s way of calling attention to interesting or important things you have done in the game; that’s all. Whatever reward they’re supposed to give you is nothing at all.

    1. It’s technically like Pokemon Black 2’s medal system (which I loved). The problem is game developers aren’t going to take to kindly to the idea of jumping through hoops and boundaries of adding an achieving system within the game on Wii U while the other systems are triggered to have achievements and trophies on the universal platform.

  46. Anyone out there saying they don’t care that Wii U doesn’t have achievements is rammed so far up Nintendo’s rear end that they are blinded to the truth. Achievements add not only length to the game but also gives and incentive to keep playing after you beat it. I had Super Mario Galaxy 2 and got like 230 stars of 240 and sold it. Had the Wii had an achievement system, I would have definitely finished it. One reason for me to wait till PS4 and 720. People can get as mad as they want, but Wii U simply isn’t next gen. It’s like current gen.5 or so. Just a simple appetizer for next gen.

    1. Nintendo has it’s own definition of next gen. So it’s next gen in their eyes. So it might not be proper comparing it to a “next gen” like PS4 and 720. Technically (and in the reality of it) they’re in the same “next” gen. It’s just that they aren’t competing directly with Sony or MS hence what you’re trying to say. In regards to accomplishments or achievements on Wii U, yeah it’s kinda disappointing. But it’s not the end of the world. In my case I don’t try to complete all my trophies on every game I play on my PS3. I’m fine with about 50 or 60% complete rate but if I can manage to complete it the better. As I said above let’s just wait and see. Nintendo might roll out an update for Miiverse that adds accomplishments. It’s in the same position as with the PS3 was and they just rolled out a firmware update adding the trophy feature.

    2. Oh yes, I prefer game-specific goals that actually give you something in return other than an immersion breaking pat on the back, so I’m clearly sucking on the back of Nintendo’s tonsils. If a game doesn’t give you a compelling enough reason to carry on playing then you’d continue playing anyway just because an achievement system bribes you with points for doing so? Personally, I prefer to carry on playing a game because, y’know, it’s a good game and I enjoy it rather than trudging through some piece of crap movie tie because “ZOMG I GET GAMERSCORE FOR COMPLETING IT!”.

      The fact of the matter is that a great game does not need achievements to keep you playing – a crap one does. Sure, some of them are useful for alerting you to new challenges (like carrying the Gnome to safety in L4D2 for instance), but that could just have easily have been done in another way (even something as simple as having some kind of ‘Gnome Receptacle’ outside the door of the final safe room) and it would be more rewarding when the players figure it out for themselves.

      If you like achievements, that’s fine, but the idea that they add anything to gaming that can’t be done in a better way if the devs make the effort is nonsense.

    3. Clearly you’re an idiot and don’t know too much about video games or their history. “Current gen 5 or so” is what you said. If you weren’t talking out your ass, maybe you’d take the time to learn something and know that Wii, 360, and PS3 are 7th gen consoles. Please argue with me about it. I’m quite capable of proving you wrong. I’m usually a pretty nice guy, but trolls really irritate me.

      1. Wrong idiot. Wii may be current gen but has the graphics and power of a Ps2. And if Wii U has the same as this gen, then it too will be behind.

          1. I know right? People bitch and bitch about the dumbest stuff on this forum. (Like not getting some achievements.) But they can’t even get some simple facts straight, like what console generation we’re up to. And the Wii has the same graphics as the PS2? Well it uses the same type of AV plugs, but so did NES, SNES, N64, and GC. Unless you used coax on the earliers ones. That doesn’t make the graphics the same. Plug your PS2 in and compare it to a Wii. I just did. Not even close. All the anonymous people need to stop sniffing so much glue. I can’t wait for this weekend, so I can finally stop reading troll posts and just play my Wii U instead.

  47. This actually really sucks, what’s the point of completing a game 100%? The biggest reason I play games is because of competition. If some games don’t have them then its not a problem however, if the games that do have achievements don’t have system wide achievements then that means it’s kinda like the achievements in brawl……which do nothing. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure if they aren’t system wide that’s what it means

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  49. Achievments, no they are no in the same sense, but why would? Replay some if it’s not so very good and then show, I mean, c’mon.

  50. Really those achievement s on xbl and psn are useless. Honestly have any of you seen the in game achievement s Nintendo games offer? Liberation maiden, kid icarus, even nsmb2 have pretty fun achievement s in the games that unlock stuff in the game adding replay value. Most of you are looking at this the wrong way since global gets you only bragging rights and discounts of things that don’t add game value to your game only digital vanity items that are laughable really. Sorry but dress your avatar it with an acquired shirt? All that time playing 100 hours In one game seems worth it?

  51. It’s a shame they didn’t stay on-par with the other two systems. The achievement system on the XBOX is able to be shut off (from what I’ve been told) and neither system really puts a huge focus on their achievement/trophy system. Nintendo could have easily added it in and add in MiiVerse sharing functions. As for the fact they “don’t want to force developers to put them on”, it’s not like they don’t have to make them already anyways. They can’t be that hard to program in, so I can’t see why they didn’t just integrate it. It’d be a good addition for us who enjoy it, and something that should be able to be shut off for those who don’t like it.

  52. Definitely, this is very disappointing to me.
    But oh well, I hope in their latest firmware update (even in 3DS). Because I’m very curious about having mandatory achievements in Nintendo platforms…..

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