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Nintendo And Old Navy Team Up For Wii U Bonanza On Black Friday

Nintendo and Old Navy are teaming up this Black Friday to deliver one of the most epically friendly and fun deals of the holiday season. None other than Mario himself will be the hero of Old Navy’s “Cheermageddon” Black Friday Giveaway. On Nov. 23, visitors who line up early and purchase at least $40 in merchandise at Old Navy locations across the United States will have a chance to receive a free New Super Mario Bros. U game for Nintendo’s groundbreaking Wii U system ($59.99 retail value of game; quantities limited and vary per store). Throughout Black Friday, Old Navy shoppers will also receive a special game card in stores for a chance to win one of 1,000 Wii U systems ($299 retail value). In Canada, the giveaways will take place on Saturday, Nov. 24.

From Nov. 22-24, one-third of Old Navy stores across the United States will feature interactive demo stations where shoppers can sample New Super Mario Bros. U on the new Wii U. These stores will also have Mario-themed photo backdrops where fans can snap fun pictures with Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends. As a bonus for visitors to Old Navy’s flagship stores in San Francisco (801 Market St., San Francisco, CA, 94103) and New York (150 W. 34th St., New York, NY, 10001), Nintendo will provide extra activities with additional New Super Mario Bros. U demo kiosks and photo opportunities with Nintendo costumed characters.

38 thoughts on “Nintendo And Old Navy Team Up For Wii U Bonanza On Black Friday”

      1. Lol. Yeah people either love it or hate it. Either way, I’ve been posting either the hours or seconds for the last week. On here and wiiudaily(dot)com.
        Can’t Vulcan wait!!!

  1. oH MY GOODNESS!!!! My goat has come back to me. This is wonderful news! We will celebrate with the making of love. How many kisses I have for his love hole. This is truly a magical time. Everyone I wish I could share the love of goat love.

  2. I spent a black friday with my goat. It was the day we first made the love. I was so nervous. He was so kind and gentle. Now I’m the mean one ^.^

      1. Nah man I am with the brotherhood of goat love, Gotta spread the news! Sometimes their cheeks =D Join us and know great pleasure!

  3. Well since I’m getting this game I might as well try to get it for 40 and get clothes at the same time. I’ll definitely bring my 3ds

  4. Only Nintendo fanboys shop at Old Navye.

    True Gamers shop at Hot Topics.

    You guys are morons. I must be the last hardcore gamer.

  5. D’oh! I thought this meant that there was a Wii U game based on the westrn tv series Bonanza. No, not really. But that sure would be cool.
    Old Navy? Never heard of it. Though it sounds familiar. I don’t think we have one of those stores around here.

  6. hi there too bad you wait till november 22-24 i have preordered mine in usa north anerica november 18 when i pick my preordered premium delux wii u

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