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Black Ops 2 Sells Over $500 Million In First 24 Hours

The latest instalment in the incredibly successful Call of Duty franchise has sold over $500 million during the first 24 hours of the game going on sale. This surpasses their own record which was set by Modern Warfare 3, which amassed $400 million last year. Here’s what Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard had to say.

“With first day sales of over half a billion dollars worldwide, we believe Call of Duty is the biggest entertainment launch of the year for the fourth year in a row. Life-to-date sales for the Call of Duty franchise have exceeded worldwide theatrical box office receipts for “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars,” the two most successful movie franchises of all time. Given the challenged macro-economic environment, we remain cautious about the balance of 2012 and 2013.”

91 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 Sells Over $500 Million In First 24 Hours”

    1. This is about it for Black Ops 2 though. Mario games sell over a longer period and eventually sell WAY more copies. NSMBWii has sold over 20 million copies since release, name one individual Call of Duty title that sold that much.

          1. From that list you gave me:

            Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Xbox 360 – 14.67 Million + PS3 – 12.51 Million + PC 1.51 million = 28.69 million

            Black Ops – Xbox 360 – 13.66 million + PS3 11.64 million + PC 1.42 million = 26.72

            And so on and so forth for the other versions of the game (this is also not including the sales on Wii).

            Now if you meant that Mario games sell the most on a single platform, that’s a different story. But to answer the initial question of “one call of duty title that sold that much.” I named two, and there are more…..

            That’s all.

                    1. True that. From my list the only non-Nintendo game that ever sold 20 million on a single console was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PS2.

            1. I have to admit I wasn’t paying attention to the fact the COD sales for each platform were separated when I first put the list up lol. Even so it’s amazing that the sales of single platform Mario games are so close in sales to multi platform COD games.

          1. First of all, I’m likely older than you. The “son” is neither cute nor clever.

            Secondly, look at the numbers. Yes Mario is only a 1-console game but it’s also a 30 year old franchise. Call of Duty is not, and it still sells oustandingly well.

            He said “name one CoD game that sells that well”, I named two that are exceedingly close.

            For a non-mascot game, that’s nothing to sneeze at. So instead of being the predictable Nintendo fanboy who just replies with rude, offensive insults for no reason, why not at least TRY to have a civilized discussion? Or are you not capable of suppressing your fanboyism for one single moment?

    2. COD runs a sprint, Mario runs marathons my friend. When 5 years have passed, Mario sells more, try 20 million copies a main line Mario game sold for every release.

      1. >Suck at trolling
        >Still everyone swallows the bait…

        Lulz… No offence but.. All the responces tells that he is actually good at trolling.

      1. LOL. look at this comment. Kids these days……….

        I’ve told you before,son. You’re swinging at thin air and getting angry over something on the internet. If you wish to express anger and agression it works better in real life.

        Getting angry at some words on doesn’t make you any less of a skinny shrimp than what you are.

          1. Nobody forced you to start spewing out butthurt nonesense about some guy you don’t know on the internet. But you still did.

            Now stop being such a platinum dickhead and sit down and shut the fuck up.

                1. Both of you are immature and homophobic. I definitely don’t live in my mother’s loft, and not ugly either. You talk about me giving crap to some guy on the Internet I don’t know but now you’re doing the exact same thing! Talk about a hypocrite.

                  1. Umad cus you didn’t think of the U-pack Platinum johnny :P ?

                    I’m just kidding bro.I’m never the one to start dishing out insults on the internet I may respond, but never start it.
                    So let’s just call it quits here bro ?

    1. This right here. If you do the math about 8.5 million copies have been sold (8.5 mil times $60 per game is $510 mil) whereas a movie that has done that much equals 51mil people seeing it.

  1. About COD i had more fun with my MW3 for Wii than then fun i had with MW3 for 360, there are less kids on Wii and the Wiimote+nunchuck controls are just sweet.
    Cant wait to get Black Ops II for Wii U along Zombie U, that will be a lot of fun.

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  2. Still a “I hate it” game. Did you notice the Nintendofdutyism that happened because of COCK OF DUTY?
    Here is an example:
    Dev: CODBO2 won’t come to the Wii U!
    Nbot: It’s better that way so the sacred and holy Wii U won’t be infected with that shitty game.

    Dev:CODBO2 comes to the WiiU!
    Nbot: YYYAAAYYY one of my favourite games comes to the best fonsole ever, it’s good to see some developers who port their Quad-A titles to the Wii U.

    1. haha what kind of people do you talk about??? All i have seen here is that people like those games, but they are kinda sad when those games dont come to Nintendo, but they get happy when those games come to Nintendo, i havent seen any people say: THAS A SHITTY GAME NO ONE LIKES IT, and then say: OH GOD THANKS FOR BRINGING THAT GAME TO OUR SYSTEM.

      theorangefish, your argument is invalid

      1. Actually look up all the previous post, specialy around the time BO2 was announced for 360/PS3 only, nintendo fanboys bashed the shit out of CoD.

        1. I still have the same opinion about that subject even though it is announced for the Wii U. Different people, different opinions, and it takes more than the newest CoD being releasaed for my console of preference for me to not see it as an artifact of degeneration for the gaming industry AND community.

    2. Yup, its fanboyism at its finest, same thing happened with bayonetta. Ps3/360 fanboys took it for granted and it sold badly, but now that its a Nintendo exclusive, fanboys are raging. but like I said, fanboyism at its finest.

    The best examples are Cock of duty games and Apple iCrap.

  4. Alba,Sickr.News these days are slow as fuck,please find more sources,gonintendo nintendolife and all, not only IGN ya know.I love having a post every other hour.Pleeeaaaaassseee

      1. The thing is,when they do have time they don’t get enough news from their sources,even so many commenters give them like 1/3 of the news.Maybe they should get more people to post news.This was my only source of nintendo news,I guess I can help them look for sites ,the 3ds blog doesn’t help much either.

    1. I heard Zombie mode is pretty good.
      I’m kinda obsessed with thd whole Zombie/Apocalypse thing, so I may pick it up for zombie mode.

  5. I’ll be honest, much as the series is skill less rehashed nickel and diming crap, i’d still like to see how it plays with all of Wii U’s different controllers. I think it will be the first FPS to run at 60fps that can use the wii mote and nunchuck combo for IR aiming, call of duty on wii only ran at 30fps.

    I hope Wii U gets at least one good FPS.

    1. For a guy with ”chozofication” as his name , You should know that Metroid prime 3 corruption runs at 60FPS on the wii As does the other 2 gamecube games in the trilogy!

      They’re not online FPS though , more FPA

  6. Halo 4 > BlackOps or any Call of Dooty for that matter

    Halo 4 did over $230 million the first 24 hours and that’s just on XBOX 360 alone, since it’s an exclusive.

    CoD is just the same BS n00b-friendly 1-shot-kill multiplayer, same green and brown graphics, same boring weapons, same 8 year old shit-talkers, same boring linear campaign with a terrible and predictable story… every game, ever 12 months… like clockwork.

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  8. Congrats to Activision. I hope all you Wii U buyers will support this game on the Wii U. They say the Wii Remote + Nunchuk combination is best for FPS. Leave luck to heaven.

  9. Although I don’t care for shooters (Especially unbalanced ones like Black Ops), I do have to admit they made an astounding amount of sales. This easily beat Pokemon Black and White’s record that was set two years ago.

    However, there are two distinct differences between Nintendo’s games and Activison/Ifinityward/whoeverthehellelsemakesthese. Their games are made to completely replace the old ones. If you look at gamestop or another retailer that accepts trades, you’l notice their stock of MW3 and BO1 is huge now. Nintendo games on the other hand don’t do that. Each Mario game is its own unique world with different challenges, each Pokemon game continues to support each other (and is infact useful due to old tutor moves), and so forth.

    Before you mention how a lot of people put down old nintendo games, do note that most of them are their own unique adventure. Most people don’t really care what games like CoD have to offer on story. For the most part, all of the effort is put into multiplayer. Once that multiplayer is dead, the game is dead, too. It’s not just activison either. Games like Steel Batalion and Monster Hunter have almost ALL of their missions online. Once the server is down (which it already is for steel batalion) the game is pretty much worthless.

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