Some Wii U users are saying Miiverse is not functioning at the moment. When they click the Miiverse icon on the Wii U Menu, the application loads until error code 121500 pops up, which means means Miiverse services are currently unavailable. Are you experiencing any problems with Miiverse?



  1. Yes we are not only that the survey for the WII U system when linked to Nintendo account does not show up to take a survey and gain your 160 coins on club Nintendo


  2. Didn’t pre order, so GameStop lady won’t let me buy it till tomorrow (even though from what I saw nobody has yet to buy one at my local GameStop :-/). Sigh, it’s going to be a long long day at school.


    • Smash your head on your keyboard, then add the word “man” at the end. Like this= gbtvfvr5man. See? Perfect!! don’t mind the pain in your forehead~


  3. The update only took me 40 minutes to download, the good guys at Nintendo helped my Wii U connect to the internet when it was refusing to connect.


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