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Miiverse On Wii U Currently Unavailable

Some Wii U users are saying Miiverse is not functioning at the moment. When they click the Miiverse icon on the Wii U Menu, the application loads until error code 121500 pops up, which means means Miiverse services are currently unavailable. Are you experiencing any problems with Miiverse?

94 thoughts on “Miiverse On Wii U Currently Unavailable”

    1. My wii U is bricked. Called Nintendo call center and they need to repair it. I downloaded the update this morning, miiverse and eshop worked fine. I purchased nsmbu and zombiu from the eshop. Mario downloaded and installed fine. Zombiu was still downloading. I tried to set up a wiiu chat with my brother and it failed. Hit the home button and the wii u froze on the menu screen. Waited for 10 mins then hit the power button. It did nothing. Held it down still nothing. Unplugged ac adapter and plugged it back in and wont turn on. Get a blue light then solid red.
      I am Nintendo fan and had faith in them. They wouldn’t even give me any eshop credit or a new game for the inconvenience. Fuck them. I even bought stocks off of nintendo. Extremely disappointed. Waited in line at 6am to get my hands on this, took the night off work and it fails. Epic fail.

      1. Wow calm down. Companies give you things when you have problems because they choose to. It’s not some kind of obligation that because you’ve been inconvenienced they now have to go further than solving the problem that has inconvenienced you.

    1. Got mine… My “Mother” Won’t let me open it till christmas though… I can convince to let me open it tomorrow. I will go to the Wikipedia Wii U page and edit to make it say; “If you don’t set up your online by the end of 11/19/12 your deluxe promotion could expired. Please set up your Nintendo ID etc, to avoid this…” That will get her for sure.

      1. Haha nice. I’ve seen quite a few people say that they’ve had to cancel their pre orders due to lack of funding. On Tuesday I’m gunna go into GS and try to snag one.

  1. oh what a surprise Nintendo fails again ahaha Wii U what a waste of time and money lol those buying it are nothing but twats

    1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

      Fail again? All stores sold out, can’t get one if you didn’t pre-order… Therefore they are not failing. You are most likely a child who wants one and can’t afford it… Suck on this bitch ]]]]]]]]}.

      1. well it’s kind of easy to judge from all the preorders just how many people will connect at once

        no idea what CoD should have to do with the breakdown of miiverse tho

  2. Just the typical early issues inherent in all new technology. Wish I was experiencing it myself. Is everyone having fun? Leave luck to heaven.

        1. You better have pre-ordered because you can’t just expect to go waltzing around and find a Wii U on any store shelf. By the way, have fun thinking up a new username because I’m taking donzalog!

          1. My name is not MY name. It comes from a source where I have many options to choose from. Might want to learn to spell it properly first.

  3. I kinda forgot this might’ve happened, but that’s what happens with new technologies. They’ll soon fix the servers.

  4. Yes we are not only that the survey for the WII U system when linked to Nintendo account does not show up to take a survey and gain your 160 coins on club Nintendo

  5. Didn’t pre order, so GameStop lady won’t let me buy it till tomorrow (even though from what I saw nobody has yet to buy one at my local GameStop :-/). Sigh, it’s going to be a long long day at school.

    1. Smash your head on your keyboard, then add the word “man” at the end. Like this= gbtvfvr5man. See? Perfect!! don’t mind the pain in your forehead~

    1. no it’s not Oo
      that site clearly states that it’s an outage

      “Start Date and Time of Outage
      11/18/2012 11:00 PST

      the DS network service is the one that’s down for scheduled maintenance

    1. Me neither.
      Downloading the updates… ALL the updates, was a bitch.
      After that, all features and functions are running smooth.
      NintendoLand is pretty fun I must say, and Little Inferno is addicting as well.

  6. I thought it was only me! Thank goodness. Also, it is VERY slow for me and I have high-speed internet. Miiverse is just acting weird.

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  8. I want to see all my Wii U games in icons in the Miiverse like we saw in the video. I see only settings and stuff… and the Miis on my Miiverse are not real persons probably because the miiverse is down right now.

  9. The update only took me 40 minutes to download, the good guys at Nintendo helped my Wii U connect to the internet when it was refusing to connect.

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