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Nintendo Charges $0.50 To Register Minors On Nintendo Network

If you’re a minor, or if you are looking to register a minor on the Nintendo Network, you’ll be charged $0.50 to verify that a parent or guardian has provided consent for them to be on there. The card information used doesn’t appear to be stored on the Wii U console, or is at least inaccessible from both the minor’s and adults Nintendo Network profiles.

165 thoughts on “Nintendo Charges $0.50 To Register Minors On Nintendo Network”

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              Second of all if you add the name ‘Edward’ to the fact that I’m a Nintendo fan ”Nintedward” seems to make sense, Mr sex molester.

                1. Brake it up, were on a Nintendo sight. Now where was I oh yeah, WHY IS NINTENDO MAKING US PAY SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!

        1. Lucky guy ! :P . I went and paid off my ZombiU ”oh the joy I don’t have the choice now not to buy zombiu” full today! And ordered AC3 , N-Land , NSMBU .

          Nothing beats the factory fresh smell of Nintendo product. That’s why digital can always suck it.

  1. makes sense, seeing as only an adult would/should have access to a credit card. seems like a pretty good means of parental control.

  2. They do it so they know they have your parents permission with going online and so they aren’t held accountable if something does happen.

  3. So if you say you’re a minor you need to be charged to prove consent from an adult, but if you say you’re an adult you don’t need proof that you actually are? Flawless logic. Also, why haven’t they done what other companies like paypal do and refund the small payment afterwards? It’s just to show they have the card so why would they need to keep the fee? Furthermore not everyone has a credit card (which is fairly obvious). And not all parents will be willing to pay the fee, even if it’s just them being uneasy about entering their card details. I don’t see why Nintendo has gone to such lengths, the moment they state that you need parental consent they lose all liability, they don’t need to go so far as to make you prove it.

  4. So I won’t be able to use my credit card the same way everyone else will? If that’s the case I’m just gonna type I’m 20 or something.

  5. I think this is a good thing. Any parent would be willing to spend 50 cents if their child wanted them too and they felt that their child was old enough (unless they were really, REALLY cheap). XD

        1. You get what you paid, Xbox live beats all other competetion hands down. Just waiting too see if Nintendo can match xbox live with their online.

    1. 16 is a minor. First the MiiVerse thing, now this! Stop being such boring dickheads Nintendo. WHO CARES if some little snot-nosed seven year old sees a few bad word? He’s gonna use learn them in a few years anyway. If I wanted my freedom of speech taken away I would move to North Korea, damnit! NINTENDO JUST STOP THE BULLSHIT!

    1. Minors are going to cheat about their age because they don’t have a credit card, and most parents won’t put in their credit card for that when they can just change the age.

    1. A minor in the united states of America is considered someone between the ages of 1 and 18. In the eyes of the law you become an adult when you are 18 years of age.

          1. here in Scotland it is more complicated, at 16 you are an adult you can live on your own get married and have sex, but you can’t drink or smoke till 18. there other things you can do and can’t do. it is more complicated you are an adult but not in certion things

  6. Good idea: Ensuring that the parent or guardian at least enters valid payment info.
    Bad idea: Charging anyone under 18 to use a friggin’ console when many have credit or debit cards making their argument invalid.

    1. I am 17 years old. I live on my own. I have a driver’s license. I have lost my virginity. I have a job. And yet I still need half a dollar of my mum’s money in order to play Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing with my friends. DAFUQ?

    1. Nothing. I’m the same age and that’s what I’m doing. What is Reggie gonna drag his bloated ass to my house and tell my parents.

  7. Its very simple, its like when we were 15 and visited p**n pages, we easily clicked the button that said IM OVER 18. We all did that dont lie ;)

    1. You have to take into that the million people or whatever who just got a wiiu are solidly playing it right now and are not posting shit on sites like this atm. What your left with is loads of pissed of Europeans like me and young Americans who can’t afford one right now or have to wait to christmas :/

      Believe the lucky sould who just got a wiiu will be Mayonaising their trousers.

      1. when I mean excited,I mean hyped up posting youtube videos like crazy and spamming messages,and saying yay the wii u is out.

  8. Well, looks like I’ll have to lie about my age. My mom doesn’t understand paying online and she’ll probably complain about $8.00 shipping. Man I wish I had a Wii U. :/

    I’m 13 btw.

    1. Prepaid GIFT cards are in most major retailers,go buy a prepaid gift card.Make sure they’re visa or mastercard.If you go at walmart I think they have a 20$ 50$ and 100$ cards

  9. Actually i would prefer TLOZ: A link to the past remake than majoras mask, why? Because a majoras mask remakes would only mean better textures and HD, and the link to the past remake would mean almost a new game, a world that was in 2D now in 3D and in HD, that would be a beast.
    Uhhmm and im getting my Wii U until nov 25, because of this fu***ng place called Mexico ;'(

      1. Call me maniax300.I forgot my other accounts password, so I used my other name.

        I never played majoras mask,after I saw it, it looked like a way better version of ocarina of time.So it’ll be perfect if I got it in HD.Search majora’s mask hd on youtube,that’s a beast.But I guess what you said will pretty much be a new(I guess) reimagined zelda game

  10. It’s better than Microsoft, to do almost anything online on there you have to pay £39.99 and it has to be renewed annually. We get off cheap.

  11. Price of XBox Live – $60 every year
    Price of Nintendo Network – $0.50 for life IF you’re a kid

    I’d say its a sweet deal.

  12. LOL! Turned 18 on Friday BEECHES!!! Oh and for everyone who doesn’t know, Nintendo is doing this to prevent younger kids from playing online without the consent of their parents. They will need a credit card in order to pay the $.5 in order to get online which their parent/guardian will have to supply. :D Nintendo is soooooo smart!!!

    1. Thanks for being wise and seeing the truth that is so obvious. To our new young Nintendo generation, don’t be brain dead sheep and drones like xbots and Sony drones.

      1. I think the requirement should be if you have your own credit/debit card, not how old you are. If you’re financially independent enough, they shouldn’t really care. Someone who is 17 likely won’t be needing parent permission anyway.

  13. Wisdom will tell you that this is a great thing. Parents around the world and in the US applaud this nintendo move. Rome and Greece fell due to the moral fabric of those nations being corroded; that means families falling apart from the nuclear structure base.

  14. So what age is considered minor will it be under 12, 16 or 18. I’m 15 and live in the UK so I hope it isn’t 16 or 18 and under or anything in between.

    1. A minor is usually under 18, and in some locations 21. Sorry, but come on, its $0.5. What I’m really worried about is that it will block games that are not for your age (EG: T games for a 10 year old) because sometimes my family considers me mature enough for some games. (I played Twilight Princess when I was 8, technically it was a T game but they thought it was fine, Great Game by the way.)
      PD: Its not like if this always happens, its just SOME games.

  15. 50 cents?!You have to go through the trouble of putting down our credit card number,to pay 50 cents?You might as well say 1 penny!

  16. Pingback: Wii U charges $0.50 dollars to register.

    1. Nah, I think it’s part of the regeristing process, and I think that their parents will have to help them register i.e password, birth date, gender, location and e-mail address. Which will result in this popping up so Nintendo is already one step ahead.

  17. They have it backwards. They’re supposed to charge the adults 50 cents more, so that the posers will have to play as kids — but of course they’ll be locked out of playing certain games in the process.

  18. Isn’t this a case where a company charges something for verification and then returns that to your account? Kind of like how a gas station will charge $1 to your card/bank account to check if you have money on it. Or maybe like Redbox and the free codes. You get a movie for free, but you’re still charged with the movie and that is reimbursed once the movie is returned at the appropriate time.

    Not like it matters to me, but that’s only a thought.

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