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Sounds Like You Can Download Wii U Firmware Update In The Background

A number of Nintendo communities are reporting that you can download the ridiculously slow Wii U update in the background. When the console asks you if you want to update the firmware, don’t do it. Instead, just click cancel. The update will then download in the background. if you’re prompted again, it should be saved in your system. Let me know if this has worked for you.

Thanks, Salman

75 thoughts on “Sounds Like You Can Download Wii U Firmware Update In The Background”

  1. You’re welcome. :) It’s not out here yet (should be in a day or two, though), so I’m glad I get some tips before I get my console

      1. Right. Or even “Download in Background”. Besides that, a typical “DO NOT turn your system off during the update”; it seems useless, but it is an advice, anyway.

        By the way, does anyone here know what is going to happen with the bricked-units owners? Is Nintendo going to fix them?

      2. If your stupid enough to turn off the system when it says PLEASE DONT TURN OFF THE SYSTEM then its your own fault. What do you want? Nintendo to change the message to say “Please dont turn off the power during the update, your console may be bricked if you do.” Would that help? Why are people so impatient. Download the damn update and let it do its thing.

          1. hi there your right i love in gorgia north america with snow storms ice storms tornados i have a solar powered battery provides 400 watts at 110 volts inverter soo soo i have 24/7 power even durring storms

  2. I hope so
    My MAX internet speed is 1000kbs. Well that is what speed test says. If I download something with firefox or a other browser our internet speed is 125 kbs MAX.
    I heard the update is 5 gb but someone on Mynintendonews said it is only 1 gb.
    1mb:125kbs= 1mb/8.192s
    5gb =5120mb
    1mb/8.192×5120= 5120mb/41943.04s
    So this update will take me 41943.04seconds at max speed.
    41943.04seconds=699.05066666666666666666666666667 minutes
    41943.04seconds=11.650844444444444444444444444444 hours.
    The Nintendo Wii U update is going to take me 11.650844444444444444444444444444 hours at MAX speed if the update is 5 gb big

    1. I think your math is a bit off because I doubt it would take almost 12 hours. But even if your right, you could just start the updated right before you go to bed.

        1. I feel your pain, here in Australia my internet is at max 300kb/s and it took me 5 hours to download Okami HD. I’m now wondering if I should download the Wii U update straight away or play games first!

        2. the speed of your internet connection is most likely labelled in bit not byte
          firefox shows download speeds in byte
          8bit=1 byte so a max download speed of 125KB/s would be entirely normal

          the rest of your maths are correct however, but i doubt the update is actually that big

          the claims that it is 5GB stem from the fact that there’s 5GB occupied on the wii-u .. however that’s simply reserved space (not necessarily full) for system updates and similar and has and always will be occupied regardless of any system updates
          until someone measures transmitted data while downloading the update we won’t know

    2. Actually, the update (for me) was about .5 gigs. I can download 1 gig in about 8 to 9 hours. This update took me about 4.5 hours. To be exact, I started the update at 2AM, and watched it until 3AM. It was a quarter finished. I went to bed, got up later, and the download had failed in the middle of the night at a little less than 3/4ths complete. It took about an hour and a half to finish it up.

    3. The update is 700mb to 1 gig. It will probably take you around 2 and a half hours, maybe less since so many people have already updated. The traffic may be less by now.

      1. 8 bit = 1 byte
        however bit is not an exclusive unit of internet speeds.. neither is byte an exclusive unit of storage spaces

    4. Though you did calculate that a little indirect way…
      5 * 1024mb * 1024kb = 5242880 kb / 125 kb/s = 41943,04s (kb and kb cancel out) 41943.04s / 60 s / 60 min = 11,65 hours…

      Is how I would’ve done it. But oh well, lucky me I have 32.000 kbit/s and effectively 3.8 Mbytes/s on average (4 Mbyte/s should be the case, but oh well!) which would mean 5 * 1024mb / 3.8 mbyte/s / 60s / 60min = 0,37 hours :D

  3. The wiiu although awesome has many silly fucking things. This is stupid , why isn’t there a ”function in the background” button :S . And why don’t SD cards store wiiu games even though Shokio clearly proved that simple USB SD card reader works perfectly in the Wiiu. Then there is everyone clearly stating the wiiu upscales wii games blatantly to the point where jaggies aren’t a fraction as bad as they are in 1080p.

    If the system is doing these things , why isn’t Nintendo listing them and bragging about them as conveniences and selling points ? Saving them for the wiiu-i no doubt.

    I can’t fucking wait for my wiiu. But so far it seems someone at Nintendo had their head up their asshole during production.

    Nintendo needs to step their game up fast with things like Party chat and all that shit. Otherwise the wiiu will end up going all casual in the latter years of its life.

    1. I believe the SD slot is hard wired or maybe just programmed to work exclusively with the Wii Emulator.

      That’s just a theory, but I know the Wii Emulator reads the SD and the WiiU reads the USB ports.

      1. That’s probable. Like I say , the wiiu is awesome. And there will be many many updates which solve everything , even loading times possibly.

        But can’t help get the feeling the wiiU-i is coming out this time next year , with no buggs built in apps and a bigger flash with a pre installed game lol :S.

        Overall I am impressed with what I see. Assassins creed 3 , Tekken Tag 2 , Blops 2 are all ports that look and play arguably better on wiiu with features like off screen play. That’s what the wiiu needs more of .

        ALthough Batman AC AE and ME3 sound great , theres basically nothing in gaming I hate more than a choppy framerate. I will blame that on rushed launch development and wait till they are cheap this time next year to buy ! And NSMBU , SCribble nauts , Nintendo Land , ZombiU all lok fantastic! as do many other games!

    2. Yes it upscales. When I was playing NSMBU I hit the info button on my tv remote says 1080p/120hz. When I put it in Wii mode and played Twilight Princess and Wii Music and hit info it still stated 1080p/120hz. My 360 say 1080p/120hz on games and most video.Some video on the 360 is 720p/60hz or 480p/60hz when I hit info on the remote and regular xbox games run at 480p or 720p when I do it. On the ps3 its 1080p/120hz on video and 720p on games when info is pressed.

  4. I don’t even want to imagine new color consoles in the future :( they would look so cool. Still great news in downloading that update in the background. I for one don’t mind the update. I’ve been waiting so long for the console since it was announced so another hour or more isn’t gonna kill me

  5. I’m so glad im waiting till the end of the school year to get mine. Hopefully Nintendo will fix some of the bugs and issues and I’ll know some hints and tricks for downloading the firmware. Yay for waiting!

  6. How is it “ridiculously slow”?
    Its got to download 5GB of content, install it, part of its basically a Wii emulator.
    15GB downloads on my ps3 have taken a full day before, and people are complaining about waiting an hour or 2? Give me a break.

    1. And people, please bear in mind, everybody who bought a WiiU is doing this same thing. Nintendo servers are going to be busy, you cant expect it to be done in one second, this isnt the N64 days where we had no loading times, stuff takes time, to download, to load, anything, get over it, you can wait an hour or 2 to download an update, and you sure as hell can wait 10 seconds for an application to load

    2. Face it, dude, it’s slow.

      And PS3 downloads are slow, but nowhere near as slow as this.

      And in case you still don’t think it’s a big deal, then consider the fact that those “15GB downloads on your PS3” that you claim take a full day to download? Did you do that when you first got your PS3? No, right? Was it a thing you absolutely needed in order to fully enjoy (re: unlock) your PS3? Again, NO, right? You’re comparing two very different scenarios here based on superficial evidence. Do you honestly think being forced to download something that’s pretty much part of the essential features of the Wii U should take that long? Of course you can play without downloading it, but it doesn’t change the fact that the update is pretty much MANDATORY to appreciate the complete Wii U experience! Yet there are so many damn strings attached, one of them being the ability to BRICK your console without ANY warning or deterrence! Why don’t you think about that before acting all high and mighty about how everyone’s a loser because they’re responding to this update stupidity in a much more normal fashion than you?

          1. Some people cant get faster internet because of their wiring… -_- Its actually Nintendo’s fault, they should’ve already had the Wii Us with the software… But I don’t mind as long as I can download it in the background… Soon I will have mine… soon.

    3. It’s actually just 1gb meaning the failing is obviously on Nintendo’s side, they should have provided greater bandwidth for the launch when so many people will be downloading. I hope they don’t have these same problems at Thanksgiving, Black Friday, European launch, Japanese launch and Christmas.

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  9. wil it still brick if it gets unplugged or if there’s a black-out? because My Wii U got bricked because of a power shortage…

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  11. I wouldn’t recomend it at the moment. I tried download Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive, and then went to play Nintendo Land, and it froze the system after about 5 minutes of play. I had to unplug the Wii U, then turn it back on and start the download over.

    I figured it was just a one in a million chance and started Nintendo Land again, while MSFHD was downloading. It crashed again 10 minutes later. I decided to stop trying after the second try. So, hopefully they’ll fix a few of the crashes soon.

    In the mean time, I’m not going to play games and download stuff at the same time. Cool, though!

  12. C’mon guys!!!!

    Last Summer I was at my dad’s pad, in a godforsaken place named “Jiquipilas”, in the godforsaken mexican state of Chiapas. My dad has a 1G internet connection, so I decided to download inFamous 2 for the PS3 (19G) and it only took from bedtime (2am) to dinner time (5pm) to download. That’s almost 1 GB/hour… In a godforsaken place with a slow-than-a-turtle internet connection!!!!

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