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iPad And Wii U Most Wanted By Kids This Christmas In North America

A survey that’s been conducted by statistics firm Nielsen shows that nearly half of the kids surveyed in North America want an iPad for Christmas. The most wanted console for kids aged six to twelve, and aged thirteen plus, is Nintendo’s recently released Wii U console. Yes, the Wii U beat the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 as the most wanted console this Christmas for children and teens in North America. Good news for Nintendo.

182 thoughts on “iPad And Wii U Most Wanted By Kids This Christmas In North America”

    1. A lot of people apparently….but for the life of me I can’t understand it’s appeal beyond the fact that it’s a status symbol….

      1. It has a smoking fast web browser and is amazing for movies on the go.

        On the otherhand, unlike it’s predicessor, WiiU also is an extreamly fast and friendly web browser! (the Wii browser kept running out of memory.)

          1. i understand your skepticism since it’s a browser on a gaming device but seriously, it’s amazing on the Wii U. the connection in my room isn’t that good either so don’t think that the guy in the video is only making it work well due to a good connection or something. it really is that fast

            1. Yes it is. I have a basic internet connection and omg, I use my Wii U more than my computer to use the internet browser. My room is at the other side of the living room and I take my Wii U there to watch videos on Youtube. Works like a charm.

      2. I was the same way. Just hatin apple for their success and not owning anything of theirs since an ipod video.

        But when i got to use my big bros Ipad (the latest one) my jaw dropped at the amazing screen clarity and ease of use and enjoyability of use.

        I don’t know if they can justify there price , but whether or not you like the bran Ipads are really impressive to use. The wiiu is going to be my ipad though with its awesome browser ^_^

        1. I don’t own one, from what I’ve seen they are quite impressive. I don’t like Apple, I admit, but you can’t deny that they have have some awesome features in their products. But you know, maybe I’m biased, but I just can’t see how they would justify the price tags they put on them. Other than the fact that they will sell regardless of the price

          1. I was (and still am) biassed too, I even said to my bro ”Sigh , you got a fucking Ipad ? wtf is wrong with you ?” Then I had ago and I was like :O !!!!

            The absolout best thing that hits you in the face, is the 2K+ resoloution or whatever it has. It’s like everything on net and youtube videos in particular are upscaled to a resoloution that surely could not be any better.

            Wiiu >>>>>> Ipad though…..

    2. People dont buy the wii u it has a slow cpu,framerate issues, horrible synchronization and it looks like a babies toy. People just buy an xbox its cheaper comes with many games like GRAND THEFT AUTO AND SMARTGLASS! btw MICROSOFT IS WORKING ON AN EXCLUSIVE TABLET FOR THE XBOX :) . ALSO WE HAVE HALO 4!

      1. Rule #1: You should never believe what you read on the internet.

        Rule #2: The Wii U is a revolutionary video game console that can do many things and everything… plus it has a very fast internet browser.

        Rule #3: The Xbox SmartGlass is nothing but a tablet enhancer… not a gaming device.

        Rule #4: X-bot drones don’t belong at MyNintendoNews

        1. Reggie "My Body Is Ready" Fils-Aime

          Rule #1: Shut up and get in my office, I want to give you a job.

          Rule #2; Your rule one makes trolls forget all your other rules, it’s on the internet.

          Rule #3; You are so right I agree completely.

          Rule #4; All of you… Are… Playing with power!

    1. I know someone who has bought their 7 year old a Nexus 4 for Christmas. I was astonished. The damn phone is nearly as big as the kids head. The kid will destroy that glass back in about five minutes.

    2. I know right. Thats just obsurd. When i was a kid, i just wanted Lego and video games, not an iPad, what am i supposed to do with that as a kid? “Urrr derp, angry buuuurds”
      I’ll be raising my kids right, that’s for sure.

      1. when i had six i used to go out and play with friends, and watch pokémon.
        first time i played on a sega console (glad i did start with an old console) i was 8, then i got bored after playing with it for 2 weeks and went out again to play with friends until i was 14… dude seriously kids this days want videogames and really expensive stuff before they even hit puberty to understand what’s the game’s story about.

        if you talk to me about having fun i would tell you that punching a dude who’s a dick in the face as an 10 year old feels way better =)

        1. Well when i wasnt going out with friends and watching pokemon and dragonball z, as presents, i wanted lego and games.
          Mega Drive/Genesis was actually “my” first system, and Sonic 2 was my first ever game D: although i couldve been the Gameboy and Tetris, im not sure.

      2. Kids these days are too spoiled. They have no need for cell phones or ipads if they are so young. When I was their age, all I wanted was a Gameboy Color. My little brother is 10 years old and I’m making sure he plays the games that I played when I was young. Back when I was a kid games were about having fun. I still have more fun playing Super Mario World or Mario Kart 64 than I do playing most games from today. I just don’t want my brother to be like all the little kids online playing Call Of Duty.

  1. I’m surprised and glad that the Wii U is still so high up on the list. I still don’t think many kids know about the Wii U.

      1. Opinions notwithstanding, it’s interesting because Xbox usually beats out the PS3. Looks like Sony is briefly winning gen 7. Too bad the next generation is already here, and that means Sony’s next generation console will be, too.

  2. I never understood the attraction to iPad’s. iPhone’s, i do understand, because its small, you can take it around with you, although they are inferior to andriod phones.
    Its all about the label and its aesthetics. “Oh its made out of glass (i duno if its real glass), and it looks futuristic, and clean”.

    Bu iPad’s are ponintless, just get a small laptop

      1. Ha, yep.
        My iOS is fast, but crashes WAY too often if I forget to reboot once every couple days. So far, nothing but smooth sailing on my WiiU gamepad!

    1. Games offered on Apple devices are pretty good, kids love that touch screen. iPad is a smaller computer without the need of worrying about viruses and stuff kids download these days. I don’t have one, but I sort of want one more for my commute. I have a galaxy tab and it sucks, so I’m more interested in Apple > Android

      1. You have less of a chance to get a virus on Android, just saying. Also, you should be comparing the tab to the mini, and the iPad to Nexus 10. Sizes matter with tablets.

        1. I was comparing it to the small laptop, as that is what the commenter above me was drawing at. Saying that a tablet has less viruses (used Apple considering that’s what is #1 most wanted).

    2. It’s trendy for sure. I’m quite happy with my iPhone, don’t need an iPad. I’m no apple drone. However, apple drones will buy both. Although, they came out with the 3ds. We bought it. Then the 3ds xl, we also bought it. We are the same, but thrive in much smaller numbers as the apple following

      1. Yeah but i bought a 3DS because of the games. It was about the brand, the brand just has the games. I wanted Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Mario, and eventually all the others.

        1. I held out the screen was too small for me im happy with the XL, but all the phones look the same we have to use them at work they can’t even scan the products most of the time

          1. I didnt even purposely go out to buy one, i think i had WiiU money saving up, and i walking into Sainsburys to check out new releases and get some food and it was just there, so i got it xD i dont mind the screen size, i think its good, the 3D does a great job of breaking the size limitations, eapecially in Resident Evil, it feels like its all around once you get stuck into it

    3. iPhones however are much easier to navigate through to the average person than most if not all other smartphones.

  3. My school gives every student an ipad and I never use it on my free time. I guess I don’t understand what’s so appealing about it. Not hating on apple cause it works great for school purposes.

    1. O_o Seriously? Damn your education system rocks.

      I know public schools in Australia suck having always been in one xD

  4. Im more worried that freaking 5 year olds are getting stuff like ipads, and apple really does suck with all their products too. every single item they made sucks.

  5. Wow Ipads for 6-12 year olds is this an American thing?(not trying to be racist it’s just were I live people under 10s don’t get expensive apple products the most you ever see is an Ipod touch never an ipad) Giving ipads and iphones to people under the age of 10 just seems stupid. I’m 16 and all I have is a cheap Nokia and would never dream of getting a phone over $300 NZD let alone the 1200 NZD it costs to buy an I phone here.

    1. Maybe you’re parents are just cheap? Idk, but no, remember, this is a “what I want for Christmas list” not a “what I got for Christmas list”

      1. Yeah, parents can be cheap, but these kids… The sad part is, I’ve know people to do that with 8 year old kids. It gets you thinking about childhood values…

  6. yeah WiiU is wanted more than the Xbox and PS3 … but isn’t that mostly because most people already have them by now if they wanted them?

  7. Aeolus was probably going to say something childish like “See, only little kids want the Wii U,” then got shut up on the second graph

      1. My body is Reggie as well, Jellybean. The good news is that I’m getting my computer back after getting my 1TB hard drive fixed. And in the next couple of weeks (if GameStop doesn’t hurry things up), I’ll be purchasing the Wii U, at least a game, and my first downloadable title Nano Assault Neo.

    1. Now that I don’t feel as threatened by the Vita (childish, but I’m being honest), I kinda feel bad it’s doing so horribly.
      A little closer competition probably would have been good for the gaming market.

      1. Well with PS Plus just released, that should see it become stronger and with games coming out over the next several months, with a price cut, I’d be surprised if it didn’t have significantly higher sales.

          1. Yeah, that I believe is the main issue. The memory cards. I bought a 32GB memory card for $114 today because PS Plus came out for Vita. 32GB memory card (SDHC) was only $20 for 3DS. That’s a price I like.

              1. Amazon (I don’t know why) won’t ship to where I live in Australia. I guess they haven’t heard that regional areas exist here :P

      2. Have to agree, i havent touched my 3DS in a month :/ i mean ive been played a ton of other games, but since Pokemon, i havent played anything else, if the Vita was doing well, Nintendo would give the 3DS more attention. Oh well, all the focus is on the WiiU at the moment so i dont really mind, too many games came out recently

  8. By being happy about that you I’d pwn Nintendo because I say they’re for kids only then……
    Well, I don’t care, but if children want an iPad they are DUMB.
    Wii U=I don’t have an opinion yet

    P.S. HEY Apple look @ this
    ………………..,/ ¯)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  9. Don’t get an iPad! Get a NEXUS or an other tablet
    1.Android OS 4.1/4.2
    2.NO user retrictions
    3.Overall MUFH FASTER UI
    4.Tremendously stringer hardware
    5.gamepad support.
    6.EVEN MORE screen clarity and
    7.They are not from Apple
    8.It’s C U S T O M I Z A B L E
    9.You can download stuff from EVERYWHERE
    10.You are protected from Apple’s poor hardware

      1. Damn straight, you two! I’m gonna have to settle for my Transformer tf300 this holiday, but I hope you guys like teh google hardware!

  10. People want a DS Lite over a Vita, I bet Sony are feeling very sad now that more people want a 6 year old console more than one that came this year.

    1. considering this is what kids want, sony made/marketed vita to the “older, mature, hardcore” audience, lets not forget that they said the 3ds was a baby sitting tool and no twenty-something year old person would want that. On one hand this shouldn’t suprise them that its so far down on this list, on the other, they realised they neglected the biggest market for handheld gaming and they would be “very sad” as you say. It’s really no ones fault but Sony’s on the vita situation.

    2. Its a survey taken by a few kids, this doesn’t mean all of the U.S. is spoken for here, sheesh, you make it seem like these are sales figures.

        1. The sales last week wont be the same as after the holydays, Sony and MS are getting more competative, also, the sales are Japan figures only. Now I know the 3DS is outselling the Vital, nut that wasn’t my point in my last statement.

          1. Well I didn’t mean the 3ds I meant the ds.But ya, sony and micro will get competitive, but Wii u is the main focus in America.

    1. I don’t see why people say this. We’re in the digital revolution. Get over it. Also don’t use the “back in my day” quote as a comeback. It’s tired and boring. If I were to have kids who wanted ipads for xmas, I seriously don’t see the harm.

      1. But Ipads are so expensive for business persons to give it to a under 15 who will most likely drop it abuse it lose it get it stolen or drool on it just seems stupid they arent cheap you know

        1. I know they aren’t cheap. But that’s why cheaper alternatives are being released that will get given to children instead. Nexus 7, Kindle fire, etc. But I know plenty of people under the age of 15 who have iDevices who treat them exceptionally well. My Nephew for example is one of them.

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    1. Yep. Only a select amount of people can buy it this time or year due to how abysmal the American economy is and lack of jobs.

      1. Its not as bad as people make it seem, a lot of people rather get unemployment than work for the same amount, yes I know a lot of people like that, some are even close friends. Its sad to say the least.

  12. Wait, kids 6-12 years old want iPads for Christmas? Jesus, when I was that age all I wanted were N64 games and Dragon Ball Z action figures…

  13. People do realize this is a wishlist right?

    Its not like all these kids are getting iPads for Christmas, hell I’ve had RP6 G2 Rokit’s on my damn wishlist for a while and I keep getting tube socks for Christmas.

  14. The Donkey Kong Country trilogy is removed from virtual console in the United States! And in Europe on November 25

  15. I hope Nintendo capitalizes on all this interest. Nintendo should announce what they have planned to come out next year. Nintendo should give us information about next Metroid, next 3D Super Mario, next Legend of Zelda, next Donkey Kong, any information about Wii U Sports. Nintendo should market the 3DS against iPod and iPad mini and start making Apps for 3DS.

  16. AEOLUS is always proven wrong by statistics and intelligence. Look at the preferences of Children and People of all ages, the Love Nintendo products. He once said the VITA is well received in the states; well Look above and Read the Nielsen report, Nintendo is dominating Video games. Even the 100 million console selling Wii is still Americas sweet heart :).

      1. Bubble re-inflated there are two graphs, the second one states 13+, that’s 13 years and older. So let me inflate your non researching behind a bubble and BURST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Re-inflate that bubble for the next graph says 13 years and older. Read the whole article not half my friend. You just trolled yourself.

      3. To be honest with you I’m getting sick of all the politics surrounding video games in general. The whole my console is more powerful then yours; the games on my console run better than the one on yours is stupidity. It’s quite sad really. People really need to get a life.

    1. I can’t wait for the damage control from all the biased Sony and Microsoft fans when their consoles are similar to the Wii U in terms of specs. My popcorn will be ready.

          1. “Would not be a significant leap.”

            1GB DDR5 video memory.
            DX11 equivalent GPU.
            8-16 GB RAM.
            Target will be the ability to run games in 1920×1080, 60 frames per second IN 3D (
            Is obviously an early dev kit so the specs will obviously have a jump at some point (you guys whore this excuse with the Wii U, so I’ll just do it too. :P).

            That’s clearly a SIGNIFICANT leap over the piece of shit Wii U that struggles to run current gen ports. Jesus fuck, you’re an idiot.

              1. Funny thing is that’s all you’re actually doing now. You don’t know anything about tech specs, stop relying on random idiotic YouTube users to give you some hope to hang on to, because the majority don’t know shit, and surprise also didn’t know shit about the Wii U being more underpowered than people thought it would be.

                Until you start actually proving your points and stop jerking off to nobodies on YT, everything you say will be null and void. :)

                1. Oh,that’s funny,that is what I remember you doing 5 months ago when you were saying the wii u was weaker than the current generation even though you knew squat of the specks.

              2. Also, he says (notes that it’s a rumor) that the next consoles won’t be that much powerful than the Wii U.

                Fact: He does not know anything about the Wii U specs (which now look terrifyingly bad on paper with ongoing teardowns and analysis)
                Fact 2: He does not know anything about either console coming in 2013.

                He’s contradicting himself to give nintendo fanboys like you some silly hopes and dreams to hold on in to.


                Thank you.

                  1. I agree with Aeolus on this one. Even though I like this guy you can’t use what he says as a proof for ANYTHING (except for his personal opinion). All he tells you are rumours and speculations and what he thinks about it.

                    1. I’ve lurked this for two or so years. Aeolus is usually right about most matters. It’s just his incessant need to set the fanboys straight that riles the masses.

              3. there is no such thing as DDR5

                and i don’t see how combining a weak dedicated GPU with an even weaker iGPU (both combined manage about 1380 GFLOPs) is supposed to be a big leap over the wii-u
                also i’m not convinced that there’s already one of the new trinity cores inside.. first devkits were released in march or february and the trinity APUs were revealed only recently.. significantly changing devkit hardware along the way isn’t the smartest choice

                judging by the size of the die on the wii-u there should be a chip comparable in performance to the RV740 or the juniper XT.. since there is most likely eDRAM on die aswell it would most likely not have quite as many transistors as the juniper XT
                however depending on frequency this could mean a performance of about 1TFLOPs or more
                cpu performance aside, which is kind of hard to compare, roughly 40% higher GPU performance on the orbis is a significant leap? not to mention the performance problems that tend to occur with using a multi GPU solution, especially when one of them only has access to slower system RAM

    2. I guess all the stupid bashing that common people and reviewers are doing didn’t really accomplish anything. Its kinda funny to see these things happen, you know? When people hate on something that will succeed no matter what they think, or how much they hate on it.

    3. So what have we learnt today?

      That Kid today are fucking stupid.

      To any parents reading this Do not buy them a tablet and instead buy them either a PC, Wii U, 3DS, PS3 or a book but no twilight or Harry Potter crap.

    4. This is a bad trend for nintendo. Even a couple of percentage points in favor of iPad is bad for the future, because those % represent 1000s and 1000s of users who dont see Nintendo as the obvious must-have gaming option.

      The only offset is the cost—if the kid wants both, it’s gonna be Nintendo all the way (with parents footing the bills).

    5. An iPad.You’ve got to be kidding.How can A KID use A FRIGGIN’ TABLET?They would just say:duh,Angry Birds.And they say they know who Rovio is…having a tablet doesn’t make you cool,it makes you look like an office worker.Kids would say:
      a)Hey man,look,I have an iPad,I’m cooler than you.
      b)Did you stole it from your dad?
      Buy a real phone,not a monster.

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