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Wii U Stock To Be Replenished By Black Friday, And Again At Christmas

The sale of the Wii U in North America on Sunday has reportedly lead to stock shortages. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that those looking to purchase one shouldn’t have too much trouble as they’re replenishing stock by Black Friday, and again for Christmas.

“There will be some available – not only for Christmas. We’ll have more available on Black Friday in retail locations.”

35 thoughts on “Wii U Stock To Be Replenished By Black Friday, And Again At Christmas”

    1. I can wait also but they really need to give Ganondorf his own move set. It’s a shame one of their popular characters doesn’t even have moves that are from his own games.

  1. Well that’s good to hear. I payed 50 bucks at an FYE store for when they get the Wii u in stock i just have to pick it up. I assume that’s Friday..

  2. oh man i hope this beats last year war like the soccer mom fight on the store on black friday 2011 for an xbox.
    there better be news about people fighting in the street for a wii u.

    off topic, I have added my Nintendo network I.D. in my name, by looking at my name you can see it.

  3. Well this is Nintendo’s strategy… in my area (Dallas Tx) the WiiU is sold out everywhere….i called 9 Targets 11 Walmarts 3 Best Buys and 3 Toys R Us and they all said they were gonna get more by thanks giving night….One of my friends works at target and he told me that they have the WiiU in stock but they have been told that they have to wait till black friday to put them out in the store…..which is stupid really….but i see where nintendo is going with this…

    1. Well I was the only one at Walmart at midnight picking one up. I live south of dallas and there’s like 8 walmarts I could have hit up and got one at. But yeah they shouldn’t wait them out on black friday if they have them now

      1. LOL man you are lucky! over here in north dallas, everyone is out. Ifound out that every single store sold out within 1 hour after they opened. ive been calling and looking everywhere but i cant find any more deluxe wii u’s.

        1. It was nice?Like when peter farts in her face a ka-Gillian times, then tells her to shut up?Or when boys hurt themselves just do they won’t talk to her.

      1. Wrong, an acquaintance of mine saw like 15 of them on shelves

        In fact, a lot of folks seem to suggest they can be found in many stores. Seems buyer’s interest wasn’t as strong as people led you all to believe.

    1. i dont think they gonna do any price cuts on anything man. the wii u just launched and is not gonna get a pricecut. and the bundles that ive seen are just the same price as if they were separate.

  4. Great news for people like myself who still hasn’t got one yet. I can’t believe all of those insane jackasses on ebay who’s selling Wii U’s for 2 and 3 times the amount they cost new. Who in their right mind would pay twice as much for a Wii U on ebay when they can get one for normal price right at a store?

    1. well believe it or not theres people buying them…..i was online earlier and some dumdass is selling a wii U deluxe set for $400 WITHOUT the gamepad….like are this people serious>

  5. I live in Ames Iowa I preordered mine at gamers and they said they only got 1 wii u in they had 8 pre orders i was not happy at all so hoping for black friday :)

    1. Yeah me, my mother and my brother in law preordered at Trade & Play…….. they didn’t get 1 system! I was severly pissed especialy since I did this 3 months ago as to not have to worry about getting one. Now every single store by me in the Tri-State area is either out or holding for Friday. I have nothing now along with the preorder money still being transfered from them to me (which could take a week). It’s BS and I will never go to that store again, I”m disgusted with the whole situation. O yeah and the gas to drive an hour and a half to Jersey 4 times!!

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