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Nintendo Issues Wii U Bricking Warning

Nintendo is warning people not to turn off their console when downloading the lengthy system update which adds Miiverse and video chat. A number of people have stated that they Wii U console has completely stopped working since turning off the console during the update. Nintendo acknowledges that it can take more than one hour just to download the update.

107 thoughts on “Nintendo Issues Wii U Bricking Warning”

    1. Listen here you little shits that say this is common sense. My wii u bricked because it FROZE while downloading Zombiu. This warning should also state it will brick during ANY download interruptions, not just the update. Everybody I know that has a WiiU has stated that they had to unplug it because it froze. Even Nintendo recognizes this:
      I am very concerned about this system. It had great potential and this is a HUGE issue. The OS is painfully slow and Freezing should not be acceptable.

      1. I was downloading Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2… and my Wii U froze during the download (perhaps from MiiVerse interaction or exiting software to go to the Wii U Menu). The download completed then the next day my WiiU bricked while watching Netflix. What the fuck Nintendo?

              1. The Wii U manual says to NEVER plug your Wii U power cord into anything except directly into the wall socket. I don’t know why. But if you do what the manual says, then you can’t use an UPS.

              1. I didn’t say that, I’m just saying, the Wii U shouldn’t brick itself if, for some reason, power is lost during an update.
                Yes, if you’re an idiot and turn it off purposely during an update, you kind of deserve it, but some factors are beyond our control, that’s all I’m saying

          1. Lol damn that was some hard truth right there, lol I read this and couldn’t stop laughing. I bricked my Wii u too, but I just sent it in to Nintendo and bought another, so I have 2 now. It sucks only for those who don’t make it rain like me. Lol

    1. Not really. Literally every console, mobile phone, tablet and PC has a back up. Nintendo? The Wii U just bricks and Nintendo refuse to repair it.

      1. Although I agree that not having a back up is lame. Nintendo customer service is the best I’ve ever had. When my wii broke, they repaired it for me AFTER warranty and only for the price of shipping.

      2. My Wii U is being shipped back to Nintendo now. They repair it at no cost or will send me a new one. Still unacceptable for launch day. I am very upset that mine bricked, I can only imagine the poor kids on Christmas.

    1. I don’t get it. I allowed it to update. I went and did other things, a little over an hour later it was done. Why turn it off? It’s not going to speed it up! Are people that impatient? It was posted this update is required when starting it up. Let it finish what it needs to do, how hard is that?

      1. People think the Wii U runs of of magic of course and fail to understand it works just like other devices and computers out there, its a electronic. Like a PC shutting it down while its working can and will do damage, the OS isn’t done syncing the disks to safely allow a power down.

        For me it took about a hour maybe to download and and maybe 15-20 min to install, not a huge deal for me, not like i have nothing else to do in life.

        1. only problem i had was my console keep freezing and crashing after the updates but i just disconnected the power cord for about a minute and it fixed the problem no issues since

  1. Really, you don’t say?

    Then again, we’re living in a world where it’s deemed necessary to put “caution: contents may be hot” on coffee cups.

    So some people clearly must be that stupid.

    1. The reason they put warning messages like that on stuff is to avoid lawsuits. A guy in Mcdonalds years ago noticed there was no warning about the contents of his cup being hot, and intentionally burnt himself with it and got a $4million payout. They don’t give a fuck if they hurt yourself, they just don’t want to be dragged into some court scenario if you do. It’s not for dumb people, they are just covering their arses.

      1. I am aware of all of that, and it highlights the stupidity of the legal system in cases like that with idiots unable to take responsibility for their own actions.

    2. Well Americans are pretty stupid, hence why Nintendo released in the US first they wanted to see if the Wii U was idiot proof clearly it wasn’t.*

    1. No, the update adds Miiverse to the console. basically without the update all you can do is play Wii U. Can’t play Wii games or use Miiverse or the eShop even I don’t think.

        1. No problem. I believe it was either #1, features weren’t ready for production or #2, they didn’t want the reviewers ruining it with videos and didn’t want them to see it early.

  2. That’s all well and good people, but unforeseen events can happen.Power surge/shortage, Electric meter runs out(In the Uk some council owned houses operate on an electric meter on a top-up basis and when your meter runs out, your electric shuts off without warning and you have to top it back up), dog accidentally pulls AC wire out as it runs past etc etc etc etc etc etc and thats it boom your console is fucked. This better be covered by warranty, as it is not nintendo’s fault the machine went off, but it is their fault the update is their.

    1. Nope. The black screen means it’s broken. It can download in the background but only if you hit the cancel button. If the console is turned off, your console is broken for good and so far, Nintendo has refused to fix it. However, while the 1gb thing may be true, all that does is show Nintendo up. Two hours to download a 1gb file? Really? Nintendo need greater bandwidth.

      1. I don’t know about you, but thousands of people were bombarding it all at once and with Nintendo relatively new to the online seen, probably wasn’t able to tell if their servers could handle it. I ran mine around 2pm EST, and finished in a little over an hour.

      2. That’s your internet connection. The fact that there were many people downloading at the same time also affects it. For proof, I have two friends that downloaded the update in 40 minutes and 50 minutes.

      3. Mine was in the update about half way threw and someone pulled the power cord accidentally. It started up just fine. Guess Im just lucky. :)

  3. Sickr, can you also please let everyone know that IN-GAME VOICE CHAT does work through the GAMEPAD’S INTERNAL MICROPHONE. All you need to do is plug in ANY kind of headphone (such as iPhone headphones) to activate it. You do NOT need a THIRD-PARTY HEADSET to do this. This is still a concern for Pro Controller users, however, since they still need the GamePad next to them, but you still don’t need the third-party headsets but any kind of headphone you have, if they have a mic or not. Nintendo and other journalists have failed to acknowledge this when they have had the Wii U longer than us.

    Source 2:

  4. The most annoying part is the “time remaining” not having a clue how much time you have left to download. Some people may think between. How long it takes to download and how the time remaining thing can go from 5sec to 8min that somethings wrong anyways .

  5. Sickr, sorry if my comments are bothering you all, but we need to disprove all of this negativity around the Wii U. Another one is that you can technically save Wii U games through a SD card, but you need a SD card adapter to save them. The Wii U treats the adapter as an external hard drive, allowing you to put Wii U files in there.


    1. The PS3 just boots into a backup thing. The update continues and then things are fine. On the other hand, Nintendo are bricking consoles and refusing to repair them.

  6. Just announced! The gamepad should not be used as a dinner plate. Stupid pizza grease got in muh buttons! Beer does not work as a suitable cleanser.

  7. Before people blame human stupidity, there are several reasons the download can get interrupted.

    The blame here is on Nintendo for making a console where that is possible. I mean I can interrupt the download and install on my ps3 a hundred times and it’ll work fine….

    I mean god forbid someone hits a telephone pole outside, or more recently for me, a hurricane :/

    1. download and installation are two different things. The PS3 can also be bricked if the installation process is interrupted.

  8. Remember guys, there’s a difference between downloading from the Internet and installing the download to the system. If it’s installing it’s not downloading from the Internet, and it shouldn’t brick even if it’s downloading from the Internet at all; installing only makes it brick, basically.

    Nintendo still warns us that turning off the system while updating (downloading and installing) is dangerous, which is good for the general public, but I’m just stating the specifics.

    1. Could be possible its sort of doing both. I know on my ps3 it downloads, then it installs, but downloads can always be stopped mid way through. From the looks of it, so as the WiiU updates you cant stop it without turnin off the power, so its probably rewriting the OS, and what not, so turning it off would fuck it up

        1. Yeah thats what im saying but you cant cancel the update, then do it later. Soon as you start it, it has to finish

  9. You should be fine if you interrupt the download process (though it’s still not recommended for any system). That’s because the actual OS is still stored in the system. The real danger comes when interrupting the update/installation process. That is not recommended for any device as files are being overwritten.

    The backup files for some devices can restore the OS if the newest version doesn’t work properly, but it does not work if the actual system gets damaged, which can easily happen. People who have a Wii U have confirmed it only happens to them when the update process is interrupted but not during download.

  10. Does this bricking problem could happen with any future update, not matter of it size, or only with this 5G update?

      1. I know that but this looked like it was a very common error to happen in the Wii U, unlike the many case of people turning off in the wrong way their PC during Updates and those not bricked, at least not in the same common way this new make it look like it happen on the Wii U.

  11. Yeah ever since updating because a thing, im pretty sure its always said “dont turn off the system”.
    Its a 5GB update people, that can and will take 2 hours or more for some people. I download 12GB on my ps3, that can take from 10am to 7pm to even a full 24 hours, dependin on my connection, and traffic.

  12. I dont want to update my wii u because im scared if my wii u is going to get bricked.

    Im just playing the games that i bought :D

  13. What kind of a moron shuts down any device while its updating the firmware?

    Nintendo should tell these idiots to pound sand. Complete morons.

  14. Wow, you’ve GOT to be rather dense to turn off anything in the middle of an update, though Nintendo should have put a recovery mode in place. With an update that can take an hour to download there’s always a chance your power may go out or someone may unplug something, trip over a cord, etc., so any system should have safeguards in place for this. Still, turning it off in mid-update is a terrible idea. I did that once with a computer of mine when it was defragmenting the hard drive and it totally screwed things up.

  15. I would never be stupid enough to turn my Wii U off during an update, but I hate the sound of the Wii U bricking. Something similar to that happened to my original Wii, and I was never able to use the internet-related features ever again. I also lost all VC and WiiWare games I had. I never sent it in for repair because it cost $89.00. I always planned to but never have. I just went out and bought a new Wii instead. But the Wii is the first Nintendo console I ever had problems with. Hell, I still play my 19-year old NES top loader, and it still works perfectly. They sure don’t make consoles like they used to.

  16. Okay I’m downloading the update right now and it is seriously taking forever. Thanks for the warning though. I shut my TV off but left my Gamepad and Wii U on. I have a feeling this is going to take over an hour.

  17. Nintendo should’ve had installed ALL the software before release!!! Took me 6 hours just to download the update, then there were smaller updates.For one day, had to recharged my controller three times!!And that was only playing ZombiU twice, only for 30 minutes at a time.

    Im in New Mexico and where I’m at the power shuts off alot, some days it will shut off three TIMES!! And internet shuts off daily also.

  18. People should leave it updating in the night. Anyway the system turns off after an hour if there’s no activity. No excuses for turning it off while it downloads the update.

  19. I hope the bricking wasn’t on purpose or I will be so mad..

    But anyway, yeah I hope Nintendo can fix it if that happens or what a waste of $350 dollars…

  20. My update seemed to go just fine, but after the install the Wii U didn’t work anymore. I had to send it back to Nintendo.

    So, apparently the update can screw up your Wii even if you DON’T shut the power off. It happened to me. I assume I must be a very rare case, though.

  21. That stupid piece of shit bricked with me right now!

    I was downloading FIFA 13, trying to enter Miiverse, it froze for the 4th time in 24 hours, this time it was fatal. Now it won’t open.

    In other words, it’s not just the update the bricks the system, it’s everything.

    How could Nintendo sell us this system when it’s nowhere near ready?

    I had to send my Wii to play Super Smash, but this is the worst thing I’ve seen yet from Nintendo.

    1. Because Nintendo has no idea how to actually make a multi-media console; hell, it’s severely underpowered even by last years standards; it’s only marginally more powerful than XBOX 360. That’d be okay if it were released a year or two after 360 was, but 7 years later?! Really? It can’t even run Mass Effect 3 smoothly!

      No system-wide party chats, one of the best and most popular features on XBOX 360 (which is definitely the most successful online console/network), no system-wide achievements which is something all modern consoles have and HAVE had for a long time now (so Wii I game devs have to create their own which means many wont bother), no mic port in the Wii U pro controller so you have to plug one into the tablet/GamePad, which doesn’t last anywhere close to as long as the Pro controller does, meaning you’ll likely have to keep the GamePad plugged in and by your side while you play (ugh.. Nice and cumbersome), lame ass MiiVerse interface that looks like a Toys R Us website, with ridiculous moderation of every message, etc.

      And now, all the update problems, slow performance of the OS, bricking problems, crashing, freezing…

      Worst Nintendo console ever so far. Doesn’t look good for the future either, especially with big titles passing on the Wii U (WatchDogs, Crysis 3, etc.).

      Ugh. I had such hope for this console too :/

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  23. It happens when it’s Downloading, which should be totally acceptable to any modern system, if it is done when updating then that will cause problems, I stopped mine from downloading by unplugging it, it was going to take too long, and there is no warning or no cancel button. I am a geek this gets done all the time, you can pause downloading without making a system crash. Not on the Wii U though, disrupting the download somehow messes the system up. Bad programming. Internet is not 100% anywhere so you are lucky if it doesn’t mess up while downloading, luck should not be factor in this.

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