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Nintendo Says It’s Looking Into Slow Wii U OS

Nintendo says that it’s currently looking into numerous reports of slow loading times on Wii U. Numerous complaints have been directed at the Wii U operating system, which can take an unacceptably long time to load between menus. Have you been affected by this?

Nintendo is “exploring ways to enhance features for consumers’ overall experience.”

100 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It’s Looking Into Slow Wii U OS”

  1. I noticed this pretty quickly, and it’s pretty annoying. I hope they can fix this with an update, but I can live with it for now.

    1. Very annoying indeed. I was a bit embarrassed, since I brought pretty much every neighbor on the block to see my Wii U. Hopefully, they’ll sort this out soon. It wasn’t all so bad, though. All of my neighbors are already interested in buying a Wii U of their own. We had a great time with Nintendo Land and NSMBU.

    2. It’s a bit strange considering wasn’t there a post a while ago about Nintendo giving the Wii U 1GB of RAM just for the OS?

    3. I also agree with the first comment! Ever since I first got my game system, I was like sitting there literally counting seconds in my head. It took 10 – 15 seconds to navigate between the the screens. However, I was still very pleased with my Wii U experience! I wanted to plot a way to call out from work @ Wendy’s becaude of the fun I had, but thought that same day off was a game lost. Lol.

    4. It’s the one big thing they need to fix. The idea behind multitasking and community-building suffers greatly because everything takes 30 seconds to load.

  2. Hummmmm I mean sometimes but mostly it only seems slow when leaving a game and goin to the main menu. Seems ok most other times but I will admit I havent checked out everything just yet.

  3. This was a very misleading title, but I’m glad to hear that they’re looking into this. It isn’t too bad for me yet but it would be nice to see it made faster.

  4. I noticed it as well but with all honesty I really didn’t care. The only real time that I notice is suspending the game to post on Miiverse

  5. Maybe that’s why they released it first in usa…
    To see how well or bad things goes so that they can improve things for EU and Japan launches.
    And then take care off possible problems during EU release so that it’s almost flawless when Japan gets it…

  6. “Have you been affected by this?”

    I will let you know when I get it in 2014.

    Come on people the Wii U just launched so it’s clearly going to have some teething problems it was the same when the 360 and PS3 first launched, hell even the PSP and 3DS had launched problems.

    I bet you that the “PS4” and “720” will suffer from launch problems when they get released.

  7. Yes, it’s pretty slow. When I filled the survey for my points on Club Nintendo, I said at some point that teh WiiU was indeed slow. I hope a system update will clear this up.

  8. Shouldnt be a problem to fix, it also could happen because its loading stuff that’s on a slow external drive so the console cant go faster than the transfer rate

    1. Dependent on your internet connection your update could have a long delay as far as downloading. Please do not unplug the system.

  9. i have personally already whinged at nintendo about the slow load times. this is just not acceptable in this day and age. how much of my life have been spent waiting in a 30 year span of gaming?!? what bugs me the most about the wiiU and it’s slowness is also the Wii channel. there was never a Gamecube channel on the Wii. and the load time just to go in and play some wii DLC is almost not worth it. until this is fixed i am going to keep my wii running as the wii seems faster loading up games etc. than the wiiU…
    remember what killed the Dreamcast? SLOW!!!!

    1. Seriously, its not even a big deal.
      ” oh i have to wait 30 seconds max”
      Big deal, get over it, you cant seriously be that impatient.

      1. Pretty sure the ps3 makes you wait 45 minutes to load one track on Gran turismo 5 or is my ps3 just trippin ? PS3 has generally terrible load and install times , 360 a little better..

          1. Seconds i mean.

            But yeah, the ps3 installs at least half its games, i didnt notice seeing as i download most of mine, but im still waiting hours and hours for it to download and install just so i can play it. I still wait, and i dont complain.

      2. i’m not the only one who thinks consoles in the 21st century should be faster than consoles from the 20th century – hence that is why nintendo knows they have a problem and need to fix it before the $ony and Micro$oft press jumps on it.

        1. I don’t understand the wii issue. They have allowed you to play older games. The hardware changed, they coded an emulator for you to play the games. THANK YOU NINTENDO. That should be your response.

  10. This goes for every new system that comes out. Remember when the 3DS had slow loading issues with so many freezing and crashing of games? Well, now Nintendo can patch a new update for us and we’ll be good to go.

  11. an easy fix would at least be to put some sort of icon, or flashing led that visually shows you the loading is actually happening. this is probably why people are unplugging their systems during the MEGA slow update (that crashed on me at least 8 times), and the slow server that the Miiverse can barely run on and has been crashing non-stop. i’ve never seen so many error codes.

    for sure they released it here first to iron out the kinks before the huge japanese market has a crack at it.

  12. They also need to get the whole ‘brick your system’ thing sorted out before it launches in the rest of the world.

  13. I noticed it’s slow for when you close a game or something like that. As for the loading times of games, that’s up to developers and not the OS. The menus on the OS load up pretty fast for me, though maybe I’m not as concern as to how fast it should be as long as it doesn’t take too long. Plus, this is a more complex OS than that of the 360 and PS3, though the PS3’s XMB is rather slow with less graphic interactions.

  14. My Wii u was very slow and I could not set up my Nintendo ID UNTIL I reset up my WiFi connection. Now everything is fine…It have something to do with WiFi

  15. I noticed this only when going to the main Wii menu after closing out a game. I figured it’s just cause the system is new too so hopefully this gets patched soon. It’s definitely not a deal breaker though. Being able to surf the web, visit the eshop, miiverse, all while your game is still being played is awesome.

  16. I pretty sure this problem will be fixed. Sometimes, it takes things like this to realize if something is wrong with a system so we can’t bash them or hate the system. We will never know the problems if they are never found.

  17. well at least they’re looking into it. All they’ve gotta do is send off a firmware update. This is Wii U 1.0. Next thing you know after the firmware update and it becomes Wii U 2.0 everything should be going smoothly

  18. Yes! Slow as poo switching between menus. Even switching from a settings menu back to the main menu takes forever to load. Unacceptable in a “next gen” console. Despite satisfactory game play performance, the slow response issues leave a very bad impression for a $400US investment.

      1. After you pay for the console, controllers, and games… It is more than $400!

        Patience? I do have patience.. But it is running out quickly. Especially when I’m staring at the stupid loading icon more than just about anything else when navigating the menu.

  19. I remember the original speed of the Wii menu transitions, Miyamoto himself said that they needed to speed it up and they did, seems like the same thing happened again, which is a shame.

    1. PS: Yesterday I discovered another software shortfall. My internet provider was offline. The system took FOREVER to start up. So long that I was convinced it was locked up. I’m not talking a minute or two… this was six or eight minutes (long enough for me to take the dogs out, have a smoke and come back and still wait a minute or two) of NOTHING on the screen. No feedback of any kind. Eventually an error number appeared with no useful information, and a “Cancel” button. Then moving between menus was even slower than usual. The slower-than-usual sluggishness was more unbearable than usual. After things finally came back up I searched for a way to reduce the network timeout, but no success. It seems to be hunting the internet at every opportunity, menu change and function selection.

    1. I ran into this… Pissed me off. I was running from a mob of zombies and the only place I had to go was through a door, but couldn’t because it was loading! Argh. That was my first death.

      My second death, I backed my way into a corner. Killed the zombie that was on me, but then I was stuck! after trying to get out for a few minutes, my character finally fell through the floor and all I could see was my two hands in front of me and just black everywhere else. No way to get out of that. I had to restart the game, and my character was dead with no way of collecting my stuff. I did see his name floating once in a while through walls when I got near that place again, just to tease me.

      It pisses me off when I die because of bugs in a game. I shut it off after I fell though the floor. I almost didn’t want to start playing again, but alas.. last night I was back at it. :-) It’s still a prety fun game despite all it’s many flaws.

  20. I’m glad others are having issues with the horrible menu loading times. In this day and age, this is completely unacceptable. For example- I have a 2 year old phone that loads everything in less than a second or two… It’s the size of my hand and 2 years old, and it loads everything 10x faster than my brand new Wii U? That’s actually a little sad.

    I can understand games loading slow. They have to load from a spinning disk. But the system apps and the menu should not be anywhere near as slow as they are.

    I have complained directly to Nintendo, as well as just about everywhere else there is a review for this thing. It won’t get fixed unless we make noise about it!

  21. I love my Wii U. The gamepad is just made for my hands. Totaly awesome. I though it would be a bit hard to hold it. But it fits in my hands like a glove. The loading times are very very slow but I still love it.

  22. Same here. Just opened my son’s WiiU and the menu-menu switches seem to take forever. I’ve now spent an hour trying to do the system update (it’s Christmas so I assume their servers are overloaded), but it looks like that may not correct the issue.

  23. right now the wii u is having the same (or most) problems as the original wiiand the new 3ds. so i think people are gonna be ticked off if they dont fix this. hope they fix it soon. :P ilikepie!

    1. and yeah it was set up to be like that, so sooner or later you guys will want to sell your wii u and regret buying it. hope to see the day lol!

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