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Nintendo Says It’s Not Making Anymore Wii Games

Nintendo of America director of product marketing Bill Trinen has told GameSpot that the company isn’t making anymore Wii games now that the Wii U has launched. Trinen was asked whether there were any internally developed Wii games in the pipeline, to which he answered, “No, there are not right now.”

76 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It’s Not Making Anymore Wii Games”

    1. No, Just not making anymore first party games. Hardly suprising considering they need to focus development on the Wiiu , and for anyone still wanting to play a wii instead of a wiiu for some reason , they already have a huge catalog of games.
      The wiiu is the new begining.

      1. Not that I care anymore, but didn’t Nintendo promise to keep making games for the wii well after the WiiU released? This was reported about a year ago or so.

          1. And how they are going to give support to the Wii if not with first party games? because praying that third party developers keep doing game for the Wii is not actual support.

          2. Support how? This is what I don’t understand, by support do they mean keep selling wii’s? Old games? The Wii Shop? I honestly thought by support they meant developed for.

            1. That’s exactly what support means in this case. They’ll keep making the Wii console and peripherals, but they won’t be making any new software for it. PS2 is still being sold today. I really wish they would put the Metroid Prime Trilogy back into production though.

  1. Didn’t we see that Nintendo would still support Wii for a year or so after the Wii U launch? Not that I want another title on Wii, but that seemed short lived.

    1. @Kamek,
      Yeah, that’s what I remember reading right here on MyNintendoNews not too long ago. That Nintendo was still going to make Wii games for a year after the Wii U releases. Things sure changed fast.

  2. It depends on how you take his words.
    “Not right now”, might as well mean that they’ll wait some time to give WiiU time in the spotlight and after the dust from it’s launch has settled, publish some Wii games too. At least Pandora’s Tower is a game many would like to see in the US as well.
    Reggie has said that Nintendo will definitely keep supporting Wii for a good couple of years after WiiU so I find it hard to believe they had so suddenly changed their plans. But who knows, maybe they are really letting the Wii go and focus only on WiiU and 3DS.

    I’ll stick to my Wii until Nintendo publishes a white WiiU with bigger memory. OP will deliver, I just need to wait.

  3. So much for supporting the wii after the wiiu launch. I was kind of hoping for one last great title on it just to close the wii cycle but o well.

    1. for consoles anyway. with their most recent handhelds they’ve kept up support for a while after the successor launched, with GBA games dating as far as 2006 (with the 2004 DS launch), and the recent pokemon black/white 2 for DS here in 2012 after the 3DS’s 2011 launch

  4. Funny that the title and what he actually said are two different things. Yet People on this site are reading differently hehehehehehe.

    1. Yeah, some people can’t actually afford to, because they are less well off than spoilt brats who can’t see past their own wealth.

  5. Is it any surprise? They need to put full focus on the Wii U. I’m sure there’ll still be a few more titles released over time, but they’re done making them. They probably have a few coming out, but they’re just not in development. Can’t wait for my WIi U to finish downloading the update!

  6. Okay fine then but I hope they localize Pandora’s Tower and Dragon Quest X in the U.S. I’ll still buy those games even though I have a Wii U.

  7. I believe they should focus on the Wii U more. It is best to let the Wii slowly end, even though it is still a good console to have. I rather they turn their attention fully on the Wii U and make the best of the system.

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  9. I understand the decision to only support the Wii U, but they still supported the DS after the 3DS was released and the DS is still selling. I love my Wii. R.I.P. Wii, Long live Wii U.

    1. I know we do, it just frustrating that there is brilliant new games that wii users such as myself can’t get. I still wish Nintendo all the best of course!

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    1. I have a question- why are third party games called that? Who are the second party? I don’t quite understand that bit.

      1. in terms of video games, 3rd party are devs not involved with the consoles they make games for. 2nd party are tied to the console and 1st party are in charge of the console. 1st and 2nd party are exclusive to one console and 3rd party are not. nintendo, sony and microsoft are first party. and a developer that makes games for only one of them is second party. and a dev who makes games for two or all three of them is third party.

  11. Understandable that they would focus on Wii U for the while. With the Wii U being completely backward compatible with Wii software and hardware. They only need to keep making the Wii hardware for those who want to buy the older console of even use it on the newer one. No need to keep making software for the Wii anymore. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. Well, well…that’s not really supporting one of the best consoles you’ve had in some time Ninty…at the very least, release one last update to take out region lock…ok, ok now I’m in dream land….heh…I really want to play Earth Seeker though =/
    (I’d say Pandora’s Tower too, but I’m European :D)

  13. Well Nintendo Wii,it’s been really fun.It had a lot of great games and a fair share of bad games.This is a great good bye my friend.:)

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  18. Its a bit sad that they are going to let it go…the wii was a huge hit until the xbox and ps took over . wii would have done so great if other consoles hadn’t gone over the top. If the wii became a bit more modernised then it might have a chance
    R.I.P Wii

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