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Metro Last Light Dev Says “Wii U Has A Horrible, Slow CPU”

Metro: Last Light chief technical officer, Oles Shishkovtsov says that the Wii U has a “horrible” and “slow” CPU. Shishkovtsov explained that it was just too much hard work creating a game for Nintendo’s latest console with the hardware that’s on offer.

“[The] Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU.”

“We had an early look at it, we thought we could probably do it, but in terms of the impact we would make on the overall quality of the game – potentially to its detriment – we just figured it wasn’t worth pursuing at this time. It’s something we might return to. I really couldn’t make any promises, though.”

268 thoughts on “Metro Last Light Dev Says “Wii U Has A Horrible, Slow CPU””

        1. Why? Just because they don’t praise Nintendo, that means it’s not “Nintendo News”?

          Get over it and stop being such a butthurt fanboy. Christ, I’ve owned every Nintendo console there is but I can at least still respect opinion and take criticism of Nintendo when they do something awful.

    1. The developers of Metro 2033, which is by far one of the best looking titles on the PC. They know their shit when it comes to performance and graphics, while you don’t.

      You’re also like every predictable Nintendork, bagging on a developer because you don’t “know them”. Hint: Stop playing Nintendo consoles only and you might actually find out who they are.

      1. Crysis 2 it;s better looking than Metro 2033 and Crytek got running CryEngine 3 on Wii U in no time. Again. LAZY DEVS.

          1. I have PC with 8GB of RAM and a Radeon HD 6950 and Crysis 2 ran AMAZINGLY on Ultra settings while Metro 2033 started to lag really badly.

            1. Metro 2033 is a more demanding game. Crysis 2 was more optimized especially when it was actually developed for consoles as well.

                  1. So both were made for the 360 , but versions for the 360 were actually nearly as laggy. Metro 2033 had just 2 or 3% more lag.

                    1. I mean it’s not unplayable, but sometimes it drops to 15fps which can be annoying at times.

          2. You are an liar and says strange things…. this game has too many frames drop on PC, even on good PC specs, they don’t know how to optimize for PC, what we could say about a new hardware?

      2. that’s cool men still he don’t say anything about the lastest 360 and ps3 while Wii U is better than them…lol this guy is trying really hard to troll 2/10

        1. A true gamer doesn’t care. I have a PS3 Xbox 360 Wii and now a Wii U. I will be getting the PS4 and Xbox 720 when they are released. Companies don’t care about specs, specs are only to compete. Who buys/plays 50%+ of all consoles bought? Kids… Therefore if you have this big monster console, there will be no kid games all the games will be games that we (“Men”) like. Therefore the console doesn’t sale or when bought it starts to catch dust (If bought for a kid). Nintendo gets all the kids and some adults and that’s how they make their money. I’m a true gamer so I’m not going to bash one company, you only bash when your stating facts and still that isn’t bashing that creating an logical proven argument… However I don’t play handhelds…

      3. well, metro 2033 is one of the most poorly optmized games i’ve ever played, the pc version at least, so… yeah, lazy devs, defnitely

        i mean, it’s not like my pc isn’t a few times more powerful than a 360, and yet it strugled to properly run it. and i dont remember it doing anything amazing, that would actually require a lot from the cpu/ gpu, just a fps with average graphics and no super elaborated AI or physics

      4. It is one of the saddest things I see. Truly you have either no life, extremely low self esteem, or are mentally challenged to keep coming here and causing problems. Maybe your parents didn’t love you enough? A teacher molested you? Somewhere in your life some tragic event must of happened. Because no sane logical person would behave like you do. I really hope you find some help.

      5. They fail to see that the xbox 360 has a processor that is quite similar actually… And they made a game for it and failed because the framerate went horrible. So now Wii U is at fault :D

    1. Sure does. When my iPad has the same amount of memory as the Wii U has dedicated only to OS and yet is smooth as butter, I’m worried. Probably just a software error or slow Nintendo servers so we need not worry much longer though.

      1. WiiU is an HD gaming console with a dedicated stream to the gamepad controller, for $350.
        How much was your iPad?

        1. Windy Greek God Fcuker

          You Aeolus Arsoleous, post like a 14 year old know-it-all troll.

          You make sweeping statements about the death of the Wii U at every opportunity you get yet your posts above and in other Nintendo news reveals you to be shallow and ill-informed.

          You jump on the bandwagon of this developer’s statements when it’s plain to see from the comments of others obviously with broader experience than yourself that the developers which you hold in high regard can’t program for shit if they can’t release an optimised game.

          You didn’t even know which platforms this game was released on until one of the other posters mentioned it. Then, given a new word to play with, you have the gall to post that the Wii U’s OS is (new word spoiler alert!!!!) >>>> “unoptimised”<<<< garbage.

          Mate, what you type – THAT'S unoptimised garbage.

          No research, no depth and at the end of the day, nobody here gives a rat's arse about your opinion because it's 99% drivel – all frivolous hearsay.

          You're most likely to be a sad little spotty boy who pulls himself off when he sees he's upset a few people with his pissant point-of-view.

          Start posting facts FROM FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE or fuck-off and join IGN as a non-XBox/PC Game reviewer – you'd fit right in.

          1. First of all, I have no idea, how you spell “Θεος Αιολος” with your idiotic language, but do not use our gods, in ur pathetic tongue and for trash topics.. Its disturbing. And my origin also my house, is on that island. So becareful next time.

            second of all, do not fight, wait a couple of months, till someone scan the chips and get the infos we need. But its proved that the wii U ram is the cheapest solution out there. It gives 12.8gb/s, while the 8-9 year old consoles are twice that fast… The edram may save it, but do never forget that the ram is more like a storage room for the games, and if this storage room is slow, it will take much longer process for the machine to drain this information’s out of it.

            I hope my english are good enough to get my point.

    2. I think it’s the OS that’s slow. My games run fine. A future update should help a lot, very few systems don’t improve on the stability and load times of their firmware with time.

    3. im not having issues. the longest load time i’ve had was maybe a minute. but most of the time it’s about 15 seconds.

    1. Wii U isn’t even “new technology” based on the findings from teardowns so far.

      LOL at people thinking that CPU was an IBM Power7. I was -always- right.

      Now that the RAM has been confirmed to be a slower type compared to the other two consoles and the CPU is outright stated to be garbage from developers who actually know their shit, it’s now up to the GPU (which seems to be in the ballpark of a RV740) and MAGICAL eDRAM to save this console’s face. Even then a 4770 equivalent is being pretty much strangled by other hardware specs that happen to matter.

      Turns out I was wrong in quite a few areas. This console literally seems to be underperforming compared to the 360 and PS3. Great sign.

      but it’s okay, lol. GPGPU POWER!111!11oneone AND EDRAM IS GONNA SAVE THE DAY! LOL.

      1. Wait until the final spec sheet is unveiled dick. The wiiu does have better ”Graphics” than burrent gen consoles and is able to run 2 screens at once as Firmly stated by Mandfred Linzer of Shinen games ”The wiiu is currently the most powerfull console”.

        It has a modern architecture and one that obviously needs to be aproached dramatically different to that of the xbox 360. The psp has a 300MHZ CPU , the 3DS 200MHZ . Yet the 3ds has a 400MHZ GPU and 128MB RAM which is 4 times a psp and overall (don’t deny it) games such as resident evil revelations have left PSP , Wii , Xbox 1 in the dust.

        Metal gear snake eater has a low framerate on 3ds and arguably looks worse than PS2 (even if it is 3D) yet something like Resi rev looks a clear distance ahead of PS2 in everyway and is 3D.

        The End result of wiiu will be this , Xbox 360 games cannot be copied and pasted onto wiiu , they will suffer unless manipulated to a proper standard (Blops 2 , AC3 , Tekken Tag 2) . But if a game is built entirely from the ground up with high production values like Bayonetta 2 or Metroid 4 or Smash bros , it’s visualy going to be a lot better than current gen.

        1. What “final spec sheet” LOL, Nintendo isn’t going to give you SHIT. That’s what teardowns are for, to find the specs companies don’t really want you to see, and show how easy it is to be repaired.

          your excuses are running on empty; the console is weak shit.

          1. My excuses are completely logical. Look at 3ds launch again. Splinter cell 3d , Samurai Warriors , to Xbox 1 ports that look and peform like shit because they were rushed launch titles. 1 year later you have games like Resi rev, Kid icarus , Kingdom Hearts , etc etc that look 3-4 times as good as splinter shit 3D.

            Why is that Aelous ? didn’t Splinter cell (a low budget rushed launch port) display the full graphical potential of 3ds on day 1 ? no ….

            It’s called half assed development. FAIR ENOUGH your game won’t run properly on wiiu if you’re just trying to simply copy and paste it. But that DOES NOT mean that the wiiu doesn’t habve the potential to make stunning graphics in the long run when games are built from ground up, for example the Zelda tech demo.

            Now stop being a butthurt piece of shit , trying to hurt peoples feelings about wiiu because the CPU has a lower clock speed than a 360 lol.

            1.7 i7 >>>>>> 3.5 Pentium 4. need I say any more ?

            1. There is nothing to look back at. The truth is rolling in and this console is being exposed for how much of an absolute joke it is. No amount of your bullshit is changing that. No amount of your excuses are changing that and you WILL SEE how this console ends up in the future. Developers aren’t going to waste their fucking time, they’re going to focus on the REAL next-generation devices.

              Wii U is weak.

              1. Randy Pitchford – Gearbox Soft ware :“The Wii U is a next-gen system, so it’s natural that it’s a very powerful system. It’s up to Nintendo to talk about their system and they have not revealed all of the details yet. So far we have been thrilled with it [the Wii U] and it’s clear to us that the best looking console version of the game is going to be on the Wii U.”

                Sit down.

                1. Stop posting PR talk and follow your own advice. Their developing a game for the console, do you seriously think they’ll say anything negative about a title they’re banking on to take off?

                  Stop being a gullible fucking SHEEP. Holy shit dude.

                    1. “AMD A10 used as base”
                      “used as base”
                      “as base”

                      I am almost positive it’s not going to stay that way. Especially with an estimate Q4 2013 or Q1 2014 release.

                  1. He never answers the question because he doesn’t want to admit that he is simply a misguided troll desiring to reassure himself of his delusional belief that 6-year-old consoles are better by slandering Nintendo and its fanbase.

              2. You know what’s sad? Look at you. You’re acting like a fucking child. Who cares if the console weak? Everyone play the gaming console because they want to enjoying gaming that way. PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, doesn’t matter. We all have our preference, so get thing outta your ass and get back whatever business you had.

          2. The Wii was weak as shit, too. Guess how much money Nintendo made off it? Ahahaha! Now, how much did Sony lose, even though they had a more powerful console? Hmm, you probably don’t want to answer that. When PS4 comes out, it’s probably going to cost a LOT, so nobody will buy it. I honestly think Sony’s gaming division might be doomed, which is a shame.

            1. Unless you’re a stockholder, gamers don’t give a shit how well the Wii sold.

              They continue not to as well, so your point is lost in the wind.

          3. Randy Pitchford – Gearbox Soft ware :“The Wii U is a next-gen system, so it’s natural that it’s a very powerful system. It’s up to Nintendo to talk about their system and they have not revealed all of the details yet. So far we have been thrilled with it [the Wii U] and it’s clear to us that the best looking console version of the game is going to be on the Wii U.”

            In other words , fuck off you piece of shit.

            1. PR talk is strong here. I don’t listen to PR, I listen to developers and the tech specs on paper. Which are turning out to be shit. :P

              Very “powerful” yeah, in comparison to the Wii.

              1. It will look the best on the consoles . Randy pitchford isn’t some annoying lyer lol. Stop kidding yourself . Wiiu is built to produce stunning graphics on low power consumption with 2 screens at once. I’m not particularly happy that this modern architecture seems to be a bottleneck for certain developers.

                With that being said I am almost 100% possitive that the wiiu still has way better graphics when maxed out. We hear Randy pitchford stating that , we here micheal ancel stating his thang , He we here shin’en games saying the wiiu is the most powerfull console out , We here frostbite saying trine 2 directors cut would need scaling down on 360 and ps3. etc etc etc.

                To be honest , I am really interested to see how Nintendo has made it the way it is under such low power consuming conditions.

              2. Sorry for the english, it's not my native language

                Aeolus, while you are here, in this site, complaining about the WiiU specs and “trying to spread the truth”, everybody is having fun with their Wii U and having a life.

                Play whatever you want! Play whatever you like! Why do you think everyone has to have the same opinion as you? Why do you think that a console is worse than other only because it’s “weaker”? The PS2 was the weakest system in its generation (and don’t ask me a source because google is your friend), but it was the most successful and most sold videogame ever! It doesn’t need the most powerful CPU and GPU to be good! Why can’t you realise this? WHY?

                I don’t care if Wii U is powerful or not! I want good and fun games on it! Have a good day!

          4. Hey, uh, dumbass? They had an “Early look” at it, so they haven’t seen the final version of it. Maybe you should check your brain?

      2. You and everyone else jumping on this is proving how little they actually understand how computers work. Its pretty hilarious please continue.

          1. Get a life you no good for nothing loser. Taking your time to comment on every post and every comment. You must be active outside the computer.

      3. Aeolus you are the most pathetic person. Why do you come here to be nothing than a mere immature little boy. Grow the heck up! You’re an embarrassment to gaming. If you don’t like Nintendo, why bash them all the time. If you think you can do something better then go ahead! Asshole!

        1. He wont listen to you or he’ll ask you about why does this has to do with my question or opinion. He’s pretty famous here, i bet he’s even here more than Sickr and Alba themselves.

      4. your own statement exposes the problem with your assumptions…
        “CPU is outright stated to be garbage from developers who actually know their shit, it’s now up to the GPU”

        what exactly is the problem with offloading calculations to the GPU? thats basically the way of modern game processing….it doesnt need as powerful of a cpu because of the gpu being able to help out

        digital foundry

        “I expect that GPU focused games will benefit from smoother frame-rates and lower levels of screen-tear, but cross-platform titles highly dependent on CPU power could end up noticeably worse off.”

        the wiiu cpu may be weaker than the other consoles…but its not that big of an issue given that modern and future games are relying less and less on cpu and more on splitting calculations between cpu and gpu

        as for slower ram…..whats the point in having faster ram, if the amount of ram is limiting. Nintendo went with slower but more…given that most ports on the wiiu show off better textures and draw distances than the other systems….nintendo’s choice weighs more favorably

      5. You have no idea how fucking fun this machine is, or how amazing everything looks. I knew Nintendo could deliver HD gaming entertainment, I was ~always~ right.

        You’re childish obsession with specs along with your gushing arrogance has me concered about your mental health… Unless your 12, in which case there’s nothing wrong with you afterall.

    1. They just want to see a 6-8 cores CPU 3.4Ghz so they can trow easily all the code and $hit.
      Yes, they are so Lazy. Crytek are better in those terms, hope they gave us Timesplitters 4 for WiiU.

      1. Actually, they did say they got Crysis 3 on Wii U running at 720p and 25fps I think with the GamePad and at 1080p without the GamePad. They may not be reported, but hey Crytek still got running the CryEngine 3 on Wii U in no time and the results were amazing.

                    1. Who CARES? That doesn’t have anything to do with your previous Crysis 3 at “1080p” bullshit. You were long exposed for bullshitting, I don’t care what “runs better”, SHOW ME THE FUCKING GAMES TO PROVE IT.

                    2. I can’t because there are not even games out for the console that use engine. Just have fucking patience. Damn.

                    3. Patience, you say…

                      Meanwhile they have no (known) development forecast for this console. A-fucking-mazing.

                    4. 0 games confirmed for Xbox 720 and PS4. At least there were confirmed games a year before the launch of the consoles.

                  1. No development forcast ?

                    Monolith softs game , SSB U , Crytek Game , Retro studios game ,Bayonetta 2, a triple A square enix game and many many many others are all in development. along side pikmin 3 , MHU , Wonderfull 101 , Aliens colonial marines etc.

                    loads we don’t know about too.

              1. this Oles Shishkovtsov is also saying a “rumor” i don’t see any fact or actual numbers, just a “claim”

                so in that case, i claim that wii u has the most powerful cpu in conles nowdays o.o

  1. Well they should program better their last game used up to much resources it just shows that they can’t seem to fix that. To be honest never interested in metro so not a loss for me, could see it being a loss for others though.

  2. “We had an early look at it …”

    How early? That’s pretty much the key question here. If they got one of the first dev kits and simply dropped support for the console without taking into account that the CPU would more than likely improve with each new kit, then that’s just sad.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing. Everybody is crazed with specs these days. What happened to having fun? It’s no fun judging every game for how it looks.

            1. The original comment was meant in a way, saying that people care too much about specs, not about bad specs in general. I think you may have misunderstood slightly.

        1. Specs do matter, because it determines how much third party support it will get, and people are obsessive about Wii Us specs, because Nintendo may not survive another generation without that support. Of course some people are way too obsessed with it, and are somehow under the impression that Next gen consoles are going to be super human beasts with 7950’s, 16gb of RAM, and CPUs that clock at over 4 GHZ (if that’s the case, you better hope those systems have liquid cooling, and you might want to hope Sony and MS will be able to pay for that power in this economy.)

          People are relying too much on their PC knowledge though, when they need to remember that gaming consoles are alien technology, they are not built like PCs. It’s very hard to understand console specs when you lack the professional knowledge of technology, and you’ll need to go to college for that. So when we hear things like this, it gets us worried, and haters excited. But if we’re going to go by the opinion of a few developers who claim Wii U isnt powerful enough for them instead of the tons pf developers who think Wii U is an amazing 8th gen system, then we might as well bash on PS3 even more. We’ve had a few developers say Wii U may not be right for them, but how many of them are still complaining about the PS3, and still make games for it? (Watch, i will now be bashed and called a Nintendork because I said something bad about PS3, completely ignoring the fact that i own one, and love it.)

          In the end, specs both do matter, and don’t matter at the same time. 16gb of RAM and a 7950 are not important to Wii Us overall success, whats matters is if developers support it, and that’s where soecs matter. But the way i see it, i see a ton of developers praise the Wii U, and very few bash it, so with that i think it’ll get all the support PS3 and 360 get. So what if there are a few devs who dont agree with Wii U? PS3 and 360 have their fair share of doubtful developers too, that doesn’t mean the system wont get support. No console is perfect for everyone, Wii U is no exception, so nobody should be jumping all over one developers doubt towards the console, especially when 90% of all the developers ive seen talking about Wii U have had great praise for the console, one of these companies actually being Bethesda, the makers of Skyrim, which has shown interest in Wii U, and this is a company that makes games that are extremely code and graphics hungry.

          I’m sure Wii U will be fine.

  3. LOL 1 more BS story on this website why dont you stick to facts insted of using bs storys this website gone way down hill recently

  4. Seeing as I loved Metro 2033 and will be buying the sequel, they really need to learn how to optimize PC hardware before they bitch about console hardware. Their game runs really weird at times.

  5. That’s weird, but, after you notice that the last Metro game on PC has to many frame drops (in good specs)….
    Makes me wonder if the developer is the lazy in this case.

      1. Funny huh. BO2 a 2012 game still runs better on outdated PC specs than fricking Stalker a 2007 game. Activision needs a new engine!

  6. THQ are their publisher…. The game might never be released even if the Wii U had the greatest CPU ever created. They are broke. They are done.

      1. No it doesn’t. Darksiders II was already well on its way to existence before THQ started to go under.

        Starting a new development and finishing one off are two vastly different things when times are bad.

          1. For the Wii U? It’s very clear here that they dismissed any notion of making the game for it months ago.

            “We had an early look at the CPU”

            Meaning one of the very first dev kits, in what… early-mid 2011? They clearly didn’t get very far, and would have a lot of work to do if they suddenly changed their minds. Which THQ can’t afford.

  7. And yet other developers say it’s incredibly easy to develop for and are having no problems.

    Once again, different devs have different levels of skill with different tech. We already know how this works.

  8. So even though its proven that Wii U its more powerful than PS3/360 they found they could do a better job with those platforms ?

    To me it really comes down to what some have in the past that some developers are great at working with tech and some are just either lazy or find it hard so they just bash it.

    If they’re so great with PC why even try to develop for Wii U/PS3/360?

  9. yet Ubisoft says it is cool enough to even outrun Ps3 and X360
    who would I believe, Ubisoft or Metro
    inb4 idont give a sh1t

    1. well ubisoft at least make some games that look really good for ports and first titles in platform: rayman, zombieu, assasin’s creed etc. then comes THQ who has nohting……well is more accurate to say: “i thrust Ubisoft…..”

  10. Who gives a crap if the machine has a “horrible slow CPU.” I want to play fun games. I don’t buy a Nintendo machine because I think they have the most “1337 GFX” around. I buy it because I think they have fun games. Creativity comes best from making the most of limited resources, not from having an infinite amount. Look at all the $2 to $15 indie and “arcade” games out there. I doubt anyone can say any of those games have anything close to “state-of-the-art” graphics. But, I bet many can say that they have had more fun in some of those games than many AAA titles that push graphical limits.

    1. You could have just shortened this and said “I’m a Nintendo gamer who doesn’t mind paying $350 for a console that has software droughts throughout its life and abruptly dies after the last major release.”

      1. I bet they used the first or second dev kit which of fucking course was supposed to suck balls! That was like 2009!

      2. And yet Wii U will still have more exclusives than Xbox 720 which will be Halo, Forza, Fable, Gears and maybe 2 or 3 XBLA exclusives up there. Yep.

      3. I don’t think you understand that some people, namely EVERYONE on this website don’t actually care that you disagree with anyone who even remotely thinks anything positive about Nintendo.

      4. given that publishers and development studios are either losing money or shutting down as a result of the cost to create current generation games. Its highly unlikely that the wiiu will be ignored by developers and publishers the way the wii was. Its an hd capable system with modern shader support. Common sense dictates that you are completely wrong in your assumption that it will suffer the droughts and abrupt end that the wii had with its releases.

        1. most publishers and development studios wont be able to support exclusively developing for the next sony and xbox systems….its likely the wiiu will be the base platform for development, while the other systems get upgraded versions of those games. Kinda like with the ps2 in its generation

    2. Fun or not, which Nintendo has not really let us down with as of yet, is irrelevant. The fact is that GPGPU’s take a whole different programming approach than CPU’s. Now I don’t know exactly how it works, but I know that if one developer is saying, as an early first gen game, that they were able to get a lot out of it and it is powerful and outperforms the older systems, and then another developer comes along and says, ‘oh, the CPU is utter garbage’, and can’t get their game optimized for the system, there is a discrepancy somewhere. And my bet is on it being the developer. Just because all of these developers are used to optimizing games to run mostly from the CPU based on one type of code, and the Wii U has a GPGPU, which when programming runs on a different type and approach, does not make the CPU ‘garbage’ in relation to the console. The CPU only needs to be able to do certain tasks in tandem with the majority of tasks on the GPU, and it appears to me as if most of these developers who are whining are complaining because they are used to having the CPU do everything with the GPU just doing certain tasks. It’s called ‘keeping up with the times’. From what I’ve read, the new efficient way to do graphics processing, and lots of it, is to have a GPGPU, and that is what Nintendo did. Trolls whining about how it’s weak because they don’t understand this concept are mental(not to mention hanging around on a NINTENDO site), but the reality is, that when ‘good’ developers actually take the time to work a game tailored to the Wii U, I will put my cards on those games looking as good as anything dished out by next gen consoles. BTW, my Network ID on Wii U is alphaomega88 if anyone wants to add me.

  11. That doesnt really say much, it all depends on the compatibility of your gake engine. Crytek got Cry Engine 3 running better than the ps3 and 360, and it ran at a consistent rate on those, in Crysis 2 (30fps im guessing, i dont remember framerate drop).

    Also this develop is a PC developer. The WiiU is not going to be able to run Metro the same as a PC, and in 60fps, its insane to think that, and when a company see’s that as a standard, then yeah, theyre going to think its slow, but good luck reach out to your small number of consumers that can run your in 60fps and have it look good

    1. It also seems like, yet again, people keep trying to run the game off the CPU, and forgetting it has a GPGPU, which does all that stuff itself.

      1. Only Nintenyearolds constantly bring up this GPGPU bullshit as if they even know how much of a difference it would make.

        Fact: You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Stop fishing for stupid excuses and suck it up.

        1. GPGPU it’s a GPU that can handle some CPU stuff. Of course the CPU may be inferior, the GPGPU has some of its tasks.

              1. People have explained that to him before and he never comes up with a counter argument. either he likes to keep his parade of pretencious dicking around or he suffers chronic amnesia

        2. Except i do. All other consoles have had a CPU to handle everything, from display to audio, but this is the first time a console doesnt do that, and the architecture is completely different, and if you jump into it, trying to make it work the way everyone has for the past 6-7 years, it isnt going to work.
          It also looks like their engine isnt very easy to use, when engines like Cry Engine 3, which looks debatable better or equal, to Metro, yet can be ported to current tech and a pretty low sacrifice, still runs at 30fps, and still looks very good

            1. What do you mean “explain”?
              Thats how everything is every generation. The 360 amd ps3. They both have different architechture. What, so the WiiU runs exactly the same as a ps3 or a 360? No, does it fuck. But were talking about main proccessor, with however many cores it has, and GPGPU, being a graphics card, with micro proccessors.
              So you now have more tools in the system to do the various task that were required normally, rather than what you get with just a CPU. The fact the WiiU has a sound chip that basically takes over the CPU’s job of handling audio.

              All these thing will be considered, and will take time for developers to get used to, thats just how it is.

              But you’re too ignorant to listen to anyone other than anonymous neogaf users, if they’re against Nintendo anyway, so why bother

              1. You said “completely different”, yet teardowns are finding that’s not even the case.

                If the architecture is “completely different”, you’d never get Wii BC and probably not even the IBM CPU it uses. So that part right there is really wrong in itself. The developer’s “aren’t used to the hardware” excuse doesn’t always work when as far as I’m concerned these ports shouldn’t be displaying such insane issues if the console was engineered worth a shit. In fact, almost every (if not, ALL Wii U port has issues.

                also, enough of this gpgpu shit, you don’t know what it does relevant to CPU tasks, shut the fuck up, please. it’s nothing significant as you’re misleading yourself to believe. it’s a mediocre, custom HD4770 (or around that ballpark GPU), which so happens to be a mid-range card from 2008, not some super GPU that miraculously compensates everything that the CPU, NOT THE FUCKING GPU, should be doing.


                1. @Aeolus “You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”…”CPU, NOT THE FUCKING GPU”

                  CHILL man, wtf. You’re so determined to express your dislike of a MACHINE. You’ve made your point clear for literally (I kid you not) MONTHS: You.Don’t.Like.The.Wii.U. Why have you been on a Nintendo blog for such time trying to express this point? Illogical…

                2. The architecture is different to a degree, if it was truly BC we wouldn’t need to load an app it would run the games straight up. Also my goat wants to kiss you.

        3. FACT: WiiU has large production value developers and publishers that have made, amazing games with fantastic visuals, and they’re just getting started.
          WiiU is going to kick some ass.
          Deal with it.

        4. digital foundry

          “I expect that GPU focused games will benefit from smoother frame-rates and lower levels of screen-tear, but cross-platform titles highly dependent on CPU power could end up noticeably worse off.”

          dont you get tired of being owned on here?

    2. CryEngine 3 is not like a beast to run. Many people think that just because Crysis was a monster, that meant its sequels were also monsters. Not true at all.

      1. But thats the thing, its not a heast to run but still looks that good. Its all about having a game engine thats easy to put on any system or pc, without massive sacrifice in performance.
        Look at the Fox Engine, that runs on PS3 modelled tech, and it argueable one pf the bes looking games ive seen. No £800-1000 PC, no massive GPU or CPU, just a working ps3, its fantastic

        1. Yeah. That pretty awesome and it runs on a 6 year old console! Only if Konami would make good games like they used. Metal Gear it’s not enough.

  12. I would protest this, but then again, the menus shouldn’t take a long time to load either.

    Mass Effect 3’s framerate shouldn’t be slow as well.

    Even the day one update shouldn’t be taking as long as it should have been.

    If you don’t have a problem with waiting for something that shouldn’t take a few minutes, then that’s your poison. For everyone else, this CPU might need some overclocking.

    1. The menu loading times arent even long. I watched the IGN live stream, and it was just as expected. Its not goin to run like an iPhone, or a 8-core PC, but for a console, its fine, in fact the browser was very impressive.

      I wish people would complaining about it and see its really not a big deal, its 5-10 seconds of waiting.

  13. The Wii U’s specs definitely are only surpassing consoles, not the extremely high specs of some PCs nowadays. Of course developers are having to cull some of their graphics to get it to work for current systems anyway, the Wii U is no where near as impressive as PCs in terms of specs. It’s the controller which will create the interest for the system.

  14. Metro Last Light is said to be a very demanding CPU FPS, it uses a lot of physics using the CPU and this is probably a problem for the Wii U. There’s a video where it shows the animation of some clothing and for that kind of realism of course it kills the CPU resources. By the way, it doesn’t make me sad knowing that Metro Last Light will never come on Wii U. I will probably play a lot of other FPS running smooth and wonderful on the Wii U. I just can’t wait to see the next games really developed only for Wii U.

  15. that is the problem with developers now, lazy.

    “It is too hard”

    “Our game is broken, just release it. We can release a patch later.”

    These two reason are why there was no third party support for the Wii. It was just too hard and they were lazy to make a solid game (while every game has glitches in it…some of this stuff is inexcusable)

  16. what i don’t understand is, there is a next gen game in the make for the wiiu. But the wii u got a slow cpu, how the fuck they can make a next gen game then?? maybe they don’t know that de gpu can do also stuf for the cpu!!!

  17. Keep in mind that they said they might try to port it to Wii U later. Just at this time they are more focused on other consoles.

      1. i got metro 2033 for xbox and it fucking sucks and the lag is ridiculous and you love! truth is these developers are lazy and all they want to do reskins and ports these dudes are attention whores.

  18. Ok, we’ll don’t make a game on the Wii-U. I’m open to playing new games but they are hurting themselves for not putting their games to many consoles.

  19. Nope,as I know that developers can make wii u games easily.

    For example : sonic and Sega all stars racing transformed was made in months

    Correct me if I’m wrong!

  20. My WiiU runs pretty cool, temperature wise. Probably in part because of the CPU /GPU balance Nintendo went with.

    My games run fantastic. Fast-Pace action isn’t met with slowdown. Graphics are amazing. Hell, even NintendoLand is more fun than I thought it would be.

    I love this machine!

  21. yo Aeolus what do i told you about opening your Bc to the public ah this blackmanba here your Bwarrior i’m coming . in dry little homo

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  23. “We had an early look at it”

    Yeah, that right there tells me that they didn’t even try to work with the slower clock speed of the Wii-U’s CPU. Also, didn’t we already KNOW it has a slow CPU? Slow CPU doesn’t equal weaker. For example, the GearBox developer praised the CPU so he obviously got something that the others didn’t.

  24. Ok guys be cool, there are 2 things that must be clear.
    1.- Wii U on the individual components is “weaker” meaning that it run on lower frecuencies both cpu and memory, thus it consume a lot less power but…
    2.- The sum of all the components is way efficent and flexible. In the end the Wii U is a wonder to work with because you have a lot of power and you can distribute that power as you like, so you can make a great looking game at 1080p when there are no complex particle routines (think in a survival horror for example) or a crazy 720p shooter with lots of particle and physics effects.
    Rest assure that graphics will improve a lot within one or two years, but don´t expect a generational gap like the one from last generation.

  25. Funny, they basically admitted being incompetent at making games. Though most of us who have played their work already knew this. Since they ran like garbage even on good computers. So I don’t give any fucks about what they have to say. They can take their laggy game and shove it.

  26. Fuck u Nintendo for being so fucking cheap will it hurt to just put a faster one and maybe like 4 more gigs of RAM

  27. Biys and girls you shouldnt complaint about what this developer said…. I am a pc gamer and METRO game is one of the best games to test your pc horse power! Its very demanding.. I am not surprised… And do not take it in granted.

  28. so the same developer that said it was going to be better on wiiu than x360 ps3 and said it fully backed the wiiu and that metro was in development then said the games on hold then said this IT WAS OBVIOUSLY NEVER IN DEVELOPMENT FOR WIIU AND NEVER INTENDED TO BE ITS BLATANT ANTI NINTENDO HATRED CLEARLY THEY HAVE NO MONEY GOT NO MONEY FROM NINTENDO IN A HAND OUT AND NOW BLAME SOMETHING THAT DOESNT EXIST THE CPU IN WII U WILL DESTROY A XBOX 360 CPU





  29. xbox 360 1mb catch @ half clock speed cpu = 3.2ghz catch = 1.6ghz its a massive gimp for the catch to be half speed its 1mb its sram

    wiiu cpu has 3mb catch at 1to1 clock with cpu core (LIKELY 1.6GHZ) The natural clock speed of powerpc 400 powerpc 476fp the 45nm powerpc 400 range so a broadwayfied version is what wiiu has clocked around the 1.6ghz mark with 800 dual channel ddr3 ram likely bandwidth 28gb (lol 6.4 lol 17 lol 12.8 all made up lies)


    powerpc 32bit 45nm cores run at 5 instructions per clock efficiency and out of order code

    xbox 360 cpu runs 2 instructions per clock inline

    basic math OF FACT FOLLOWS 3200 clocks x 2 = 6400 x 3 cores = 19200 instructions inline

    wiiu cpu if 1.6ghz (most likely clock) 1600 x 5 =8000 x 3 cores =24000 instructions out of order then add a dedicated DSP and a dedicated ARM CO CPU for i/o and functions like camera controller then add the streaming and touch screen etc dont touch cpu or gpu to operate

    its clear using basic math wiiu cpu is at least 2 x xbox 360 and has a massive catch and doesnt use cores for sound or os or function ITS TOTALLY DEDICATED TO GAMING CODE

    the developer has lied

  30. Well… its not like Metro 2033 had the best performance on the 360 to begin with, ill take this with a bit of salt…

    played it on PC too, and i didnt knew i needed a freaking great PC to make this game run “decent”

    Metro 2033 its a great/awesome game, one of my favorites games of this gen, 4A as a developer (in terms of performance) ? not so much. if they cant optimize a game for a PC, then i dont have any hope Metro Last Light to have a good performance on consoles…

    Still cant wait till Last Light =), got my NASA PC ready to play it on medium at 30fps, sight :(

    1. there butt hurt 3rd party fot nocked back by nintendo for a cash hand out so started talking crap its anti nintendoism in the industry last time i checked that has nothing to do with a cpu

  31. Pingback: El desarrollador de Metro: Last Light afirma que Wii U tiene una horrible y lenta CPU. Reflexión acerca de estas palabras |

  32. This would make sense as to why the ports aren’t running fantastically, if they are porting directly from PS3/360 code it would require time and effort to rework the code to take full advantage or possibly any advantage of an altered memory solution. Now you factor in a lower clock speed for the CPU and games not using the systems strengths but highlighting its two limiting areas for running last generation software and its not a concern really.

    The system has more then enough headroom to out preform 360/PS3, it wouldn’t have two GB’s of RAM if it didn’t because if anything Nintendo has left developers wanting more RAM they don’t have a recent history of using bottlenecked RAM performance but volume.

  33. Also, the Wii U cpu IS the same architecture as broadway, because it turns out the “3 enhanced broadway cores” is true. It means that BC is a given, working almost flawlessly. Other than that, people may think this is an horrible thing compared to current consoles, but let me explain.

    From 2001 to 2006 (Not including the core 2 duo line, that was the first HUGE architectural advancement) the main advancements in CPU design were clock speed. In fact, some later chips actually had a worse architecture, but more clock speed. A pentium 4 was actually worse in the design department compared to a pentium 3. And for reference, those power PPC cores that make up the Xbox 360 cpu (And the main part of the CELL) could be compared to a Pentium 4, and lost. AND, the Power PC core in the gamecube, Gekko, (which is also broadway) Clock for clock, beat a Pentium 3. Knowing that, take these 3 broadway cores at the same clock speed as 360’s 3.2 ghz, it will be a much better CPU.

    The problem now is, since it’s obviously not got that 3.2 ghz (as noted by plenty of developers – the cpu lacks that core clock speed) what is the clock speed? Some people have speculated it could be as low as 1.2+ ghz, which is very, very low.

    1. I mean, anyone can look at the Main board of the Wii U and see, that the cpu is very, very tiny. I’m afraid that speed estimate isn’t too far off.

    2. HRHwiiboy101 uk ...

      3x broadway cores = the exact cpu im talking about powerpc 400 series replaces the power pc 750 series witch stopped at 90nm and doesn’t support SMP simultaneous multi processing aka multi core only the 45nm powerpc 400 serie supports this multi processor design ability

      so nintendo changed from 90nm powerpc 750 to 45nm powerpc 400 ITS THAT SIMPLE

      then look at likely clock speed = 1.6ghz the advertized and most used clock speed of this cpu range

      then add the nintendoised stuff GEKKO BROADWAY EXTENSIONS PLUS ANY NEW EXTENSIONS Then add the 3mb custom catch IBM EDRAM its 2x plus the bandwidth of sram catch at the same clock

      then add HD surround sound from a dsp no cpu required then add the likely back ground ARM co cpu for wifi os io and functions like controler camera AGAIN NOT USING THE CPU nano assult devs already confirmed this

      nano assult developers have hit 6 x the 3ds engine cpu wise and still only used 1 SINGLE CORE FROM THE 3 avalable

      metro last light devs are exposed as liars

      1. Of course they are either liars, or they are stupid, maybe both. They can’t program games worth shit. Take a seat newbs let the real devs make some games

  34. Wii U is “minimum” as powerful as
    Xbox 360.
    That’s according to Crytek CEO Cevat
    Yerli, who revealed in a CVG interview
    that a “respected developer” is
    working on a CryEngine 3 title for the
    Nintendo platform.
    “My opinion of the Wii U is very high,”
    he said. “It’s just that we didn’t have a
    business case unfortunately that
    justifies us making a game for it.
    “It doesn’t mean that CryEngine 3
    doesn’t run on Wii U – it actually runs
    beautifully. In fact, there actually is a
    game in development from a
    respected developer that we will be
    announcing. I’ve seen the game
    running and it looks really great.”
    Yerli estimated that the Wii U
    hardware is “minimum on par with
    the current generation.”
    “From my perspective I do not
    understand the public’s concerns that
    the Wii U is weaker than PS3 and
    360,” he said. “That I cannot see.
    From my perspective the Wii U is
    minimum as powerful as Xbox 360.”





  35. Here’s a translation of what Oles said: “The Wii U presented a challenge to us because it was new technology and we didn’t want to take the time to learn how it works. We’d rather stick with older machines that we know inside and out and have years of developer’s notes for us to fall back on. We like it when people do most of our work for us. What did you expect us to do? Make and effort? Fuck that.”

    Well Oles. we don’t need lazy devs on Wii U. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Because I don’t want ass prints on my door. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. But that’s not what he said. He insulted the Wii U and lied about its’ capabilities, instead of admitting his own shortcomings.

  36. lets all hold hands and sing a song. Aeolus, you’re a big poopie head! poopie head! poopie head! You think you’re cool but noone cares noone cares noone cares you It is one of the saddest things I see. Truly you have either no life, extemely low self esteem, or are mentally challenged to keep coming here and causing problems. Maybe your parents didn’t love you enough? A teacher molested you? Somewhere in your life some tragic event must of happened. Because no sane logical person would behave like you do. I really hope you find some help.

  37. Honestly, that makes no sense. Almost every other developer has said that the Wii U is faster and more powerful than current gen consoles, and that games run alot better on it, with higher resolution and better graphics. There’s something not right here.

  38. wii u cpu 15 execution units/ x360 cpu 3 execution units

    wiiu cpu 3mb catch/ x360 cpu 1mb catch

    wiiu cpu 5 instructions effective per clock / x360 cpu 2 instructions per clock

    wiiu has a dsp and a co cpu backing up the main cpu/x360 has no such sound chip or co cpu



  39. It’s true. Look at all the articles that have ripped apart the Wii U and got SPECIFIC details on the hardware and specs: slow CPU, and less memory bandwidth than even the 360 and PS3. Horribly underpowered for what it COULD have been…

    …which explains why Mass Effect 3 runs like dog shit on the Wii U :/

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  43. lol@fanbois getting pissed off that a guy speaks his mind. They even want the article to be deleted, hahaha. Oh man, must be nice to live in your own fantasy world and block everything out thats unwanted. Grow the fuck up, you pathetic clowns.

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