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Nintendo ‘Shouldn’t Compete With Sony And Microsoft’

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich thinks that Nintendo would do best to distance itself from both Sony and Microsoft and focus on its own identity for the Wii U. Divnich says that there is already two systems that satisfy the core experience, so Nintendo really needs to differentiate itself from the pack.

“It really comes down to messaging, and I feel like the Wii U is in an awkward place with its identity.”

“On one side of the coin, Nintendo has done an excellent job at messaging to the casual and mainstream audience. They’ve done enough to convince the mainstream that the Wii U is a worthy upgrade to the Wii.”

“Don’t get me wrong, all the core launch titles play beautifully; however, the problem is that gamers don’t want a core experience on the Wii U. There is already two systems that satisfy the core experience.”

“Nintendo has always operated at their own pace. It has worked well for them and I don’t think the Wii U is a scenario where Nintendo was rushing to market. There will be issues, however, if Nintendo attempts to compete with Sony and Microsoft at their own game (again, delivering core experiences, superior online services, etc.).”

132 thoughts on “Nintendo ‘Shouldn’t Compete With Sony And Microsoft’”

  1. Nintendo never compete, Everyone make it look that way. News and mixing up stories is what makes everything compete. Nintendo would never compete which is why they always like to do their own things. Satoru Iwata is amazing and deep down he is still a child in heart and that is why people still love Nintendo today. It is all real and not fake, They will show themselves whenever possible. Nintendo even got people dress with Mii heads and go round America which was just lovely, Not seen any others do that as far as I am aware

    1. Nintendo does compete with Sony and MS. They are trying to make the same gains in the segment of consumers that traditionally buy ps3/ps4 and xbox 360/720’s by getting more 3rd party support. These 3 companies just have different competitive advantages. Sony and MS have the graphics hungry market cornered, but Nintendo’s competitive advantage is innovative gaming. As Divnich said, Nintendo does inhibit a unique market space, but that is good because Nintendo has made loads of money from this market space and there is little real competition (I don’t consider the Kinect or PS move as worthy adversaries for a plethora of reasons).

      For me personally, I am the definition of a casual gamer. The most current system I have besides a Wii U is a gamecube/ps2. I rarely play games, but I bought a Wii U because it is the first next gen console to hit the market. I am sure there will be a handful of consumers who share the same mindset as me. I think Nintendo competes beautifully with its all-in-one approach. If 3rd party games, like GTA5 or South Park Stick of Truth, don’t make a port of the Wii U, then I won’t buy. No sweat off my back. For a casual gamer like me, I don’t see the point of buying 2 or 3 consoles because I am not addicted to video gaming. So 3rd parties will be losing money if they don’t make ports. Too bad for Matt and Trey because I would have bought the game on day one if they brought their game to the Wii U.

      1. In all fairness, the SNES had a very slow CPU compared to the genesis back in the day. No one today remembers that though because the games were great. Don’t judge only by the numbers. If you don’t like the controller or the games, that’s another story and everyone’s allowed their opinion.

        1. Erm, yes they do :S I mean, come on.. That was kinda what was pointed out at every possible occation when comparing those two systems.

      2. Nintendo has always out-innovated the specs. Specs mean shit on a Nintendo console.

        Nintendo consoles do what they are intended. In te case of WiiU, Nintendo is out to deliver HD entertainment, build a strong, proprietary gaming social network, and bring their IP’s to the next Gen.

        The WiiU is going to do exactly that, specs be damned.

        1. Sorry even though I like what you say I have to call OBJECTION on this comment.

          For Nintendo it does actually matter as they probably want to have third party support post PS4/Next Box release. Yes, it is current (just a week ago it would’ve been called next gen) but I doubt Sony and Microsoft is just sitting and doing nothing right now. If the rumour that the PS4 and 720 will come out 2014 is true we might expect current gen consoles with alot more power than the Wii U. Luckly when there Nintendo is probably soon about to announce their next gen system in about 1-2 years as I strongly doubt this gen will stay as long as the last gen did.

  2. Why exactly would you not showcase the console as something that is both for casuals and a core audience? Why would you limit the console? Analysts……..

    1. Ikr ? maybe all the Nintendo fans the core ones of which there must be 20M worldwide at least and then there is multi console owners who will give things like AC3 and Blops2 a try if the gamepad play is good and shit.

      The wii was great but if it offered a more harcore exprience it would of sold even more..

      1. Ultimately, the Wii was still a machine for hardcore experiences, since it had exclusives that could only be played on the machine. But yes it lacked those third party AAA multiplat games. The Wii U is looking to rectify that situation, so yeah, I don’t see why any analyst should believe that the Wii U should be a casual only machine. Besides, we don’t have any guarantees that the casuals will jump on board just as quickly as they did with the Wii.
        This whole ‘analysis’ smacks of a cheap attempt at starting fanboy wars

        1. It does! If you’re not a Nintendo fan , You’re a douch who secretly wants them to fail it seems.

          People can’t accept that Nintendo is the Gaming leader atm , and the industry needs Nintendo to keep pushing things forward so it doesn’t get stale.

  3. So Nintendo should always stick to the Wii and never bring out a console with good graphics and a strong hardware.
    And if Rockstar says they would like to develop a GTA for the console they should say NO.
    I think that is not a very good idea.
    Nintendo will still make Mario and Zelda.

  4. Yeah, but unfortunatly, people are too fucking stupid to buy more than one system.

    They just stick to the either an xbox, playstation or PC, then trash everyone system that isnt the one theyre on (thanks Sega!), so people have this retarded mentality that you MUST pick one, and one only, like its some sort of fucking cult.

      1. Same, except a PC. It’s so fucking stupid that people act like you have to pick 1. Yeah, if you dont have alot of money, and you only buy a couple of games a year, then i understand, but if you do that you’re not really a gamer.
        Anyone who lays games as a hobby, will have enough money to buy more than 1 system in their lifetime.

    1. Sometimes you want to but don’t have the money to, if I had enough money, I’d buy every single gaming console ever!

      1. Yes this is true but many in that boat take upon themselves to trash another persons choice simply to validate their own.

      1. Ahh. I have an Atari, Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, N64, PS1, Sega Saturn, PS2, Gamecube, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gambeboy Advance, DSXL, 3DS, Xbox, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and a Wii U :) Life is good

  5. i beg to differ. i’d like a core experience on wii u. i buy it because i love nintendo first party games for sure, but i’d also like some core third party games to play as well, and wii didn’t have a ton of those that were quality.

    why is it so hard to think of having a console that caters to both casual and core. the console provides the outlet, it’s just up to the producers of games.

    1. Well Nintendo do it as a business, they feel like anyone who didnt buy a Wii or a WiiU is a loss in consumers for them, so they’ll always try to get the core gamers, but in the end, they still do things their way.

  6. What is “core”? I love how hardcore gamers are the fpsers, yet someone like me who owns multiple systems plays all kinds of games, I get classified as a casual.

    1. This guy ^

      Core gamers are people play games regularly of all genres.
      Too many FPS/shooter bullshit this gen.
      While we had barely any decent platformers, adventure games, or even new IP’s with new ideas.

      1. “MLG PRO 360 NOSCOPE” = Core gamer this gen. it’s pathetic. The gaming market in general is being oversaturated with shit. I’m hoping that the WiiU will ultimately change this because it’s the most fun i’ve had with a home console since the gamecube/ps2.

            1. Agreed, the wii u has been a breathe of freshness. Every time I boot it up its like christmas morning with the new hot wheels track around the tree. A brand new n64 plugged into the tv marios face spinning like a top. Watching the spark ibn my own kids eyes as they play. Gaming is about fun. I pray my kids embrace mario and link, dk, kirby these are gaming characters that will live on forever.

    2. Yeah I hate this, nearly everyone in my year at school only play’s COD and all other games that are at least a 15 or over if they involve shooting or killing people and having lot’s of blood everywhere unless it’s FIFA.
      Also if you play something like say Mario, Zelda, Pokemon or Sonic they say it’s s**t or it’s for kids though to be honest I think more kids play COD, so that makes COD the kids game.
      Plus Zelda doesn’t really seemed aimed towards little kids anyway because really look at OoT, on the last boss when you beat Ganon you stab him in the face and blood is splattering everywhere and if your play version 1.0 it’s red to also you stab Ganondorf in the chest and head as well to go along with the face stab.

  7. So then I would hace to buy a Wii U for casual gaming AND a PS3 for “core” gaming? No, I don’t think I’ll do that, I enjoy most Nintendo games and very few from PS and Xbox, in fact, the only game I’d buy an Xbox for would be the Halo series, PS at least has Uncharted, God of War and Assassin’s Creed that drag my attention. I’ve also always thought that a “hardcore gamer” isn’t one that wants super graphics and violence, a hardcore gamer is one that plays and plays, and enjoys the games -.- Graphics are great, of course! I’m happy that Nintendo will finally go HD, but there are few games on PS and XBox that can be as entertaining as the ones from Nintendo

      1. cause he is a fuckin idiot who doesn’t believe that different people have different opinions ….. he just want his opinion to be right and all other opinions to be wrong … don’t try with these kind of people ,, buy a wii u or whatever next gen console you want and don’t even read what he writes cause he is a fuckin no good bastard

        1. I just wanted to hear his reasoning, no big. I have a pretty open view on video games, all consoles have their goods and bads.

    1. It is one of the saddest things I see. Truly you have either no life, extremely low self esteem, or are mentally challenged to keep coming here and causing problems. Maybe your parents didn’t love you enough? A teacher molested you? Somewhere in your life some tragic event must of happened. Because no sane logical person would behave like you do. I really hope you find some help.

  8. Ironic, how the title says Nintendo shouldn’t compete with sony and MS. Yet this Site is known to try and make Sony look bad by making Nintendo look Competitively better of all aspects. Then start fanboy wars in the comments. -__-

    Why can’t we all be “gamers” and enjoy what each Co. has to offer?

    1. i’ve been wondering the same thing. but there will always be stupid people that rage the internet, and there isnt much that can be done about it

  9. Wtf… Sony and Microsoft can’t compete with Nintendo that should be the title. Nintendo is doing its own thing like they always do. Microsoft and Sony will copy the gamepad. Yah Nintendo finally have an online that works but Nintendos core not casuals want this. Casuals don’t give a fuck. Nintendo will beat Sony and Microsoft each and every time.

        1. You said Nintendo beats Sony and MS every single time, but when it comes to online gameplay and networking, Nintendo comes no where near.

          1. That’s where you are completely wrong, faceless troll. In the past, the Wii have outsold both PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. Right now, Nintendo have released the Wii U and the Nintendo Network. With the most unique gameplay… espeically taking advantage of the touchscreen GamePad with asymmetric gameplay and a robust online structure and an ultra fast internet browser (Flash is dead… HTML5 is here!), Nintendo have taken video games, and social gaming into a whole new level. Accept it!

            Get N or Get OUT!!!!!!

      1. Everything ive seen of it looks really cool. It’s all about gettin more out of your system, the fact people can say “oh i challenge you to do this” or “someone play co-op with me on this”, its cool. I also LOVE how you can use the miiverse or browser mid game, look up a guide or something, then carry on playing.

  10. Lol that’s ridiculous. They have to compete, how can you expect them not to? Furthermore, just because they’re aiming at a different market, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make an effort to improve their online services and things like that. When he says there are already two consoles that satisfy the core experience, it’s like suggesting Nintendo should intentionally refrain from making their services better, just to be different from their competitors. And that doesn’t make very much sense.

  11. it is the wisest choice for any company to differentiate their product. Nintendo has done that very well, and it’ll keep them alive in the long run.

  12. What he said doesn’t even make sense. The gaming media are the ones who spend most of their time propagating this idea that Nintendo is somehow not in the same league as the other 2. Nintendo never excluded anyone.

    Nintendo doesn’t focus their games on one audience. Nintendo games are for everyone. The insecure among us may feel that once the start to grow hair on their no-no place that they’ve “outgrown” Nintendo, but the those of us who have our head on straight know where to come for a true all inclusive gaming experience.

    “Nintendo: Keeping the industry fresh since the 80’s. You’re welcome.” Leave luck to heaven.

    1. The key is to realize that those things don’t exist. Their just buzzwords people came up with to exclude a certain group of gamers. We are all gamers. We are all equal. Having fun is what it’s all about, as long as you do that, it won’t matter what anyone else says.

      1. Actually, they use those labels as target markets. They do in fact exist. I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore gamer. More a casual gamer who just plays for fun.

  13. My ideal gaming combo is a decent gaming PC (you really don´t need a 1 000 Dlls monster PC to beat a current gen console) and a Wii U, so I can have the best looking multiplataform games and the best exclusives (for me) also on beatiful HD. Nintendo is all about balance you can have nintendo land in one hand and the metroid series in the other and have diferent kind of fun.

      1. Yea, I have a 100 dll cpu (AMD fx4100) a 100 dlls GPU (AMD FX 7750) 4 GB of RAM on a mainstream board (asrock 880gm le fx) and 1.5 TB Hard Drive, and can run almost every game maxed out at 720p 40+ fps and almost every game on hig setting at 1080p 30+ fps (both looks way better than ps360 and wii U) and run dolphin games on 1080p 4x FSAA, and by the way you wouldn´t believe the good look of wii games in HD. But as i said before I´ll buy Wii U just for the exclusives, and not only the Nintendo ones but also the ones from platinum games.

  14. If they compete with them again, the Nintendo everyone loves and wants would be back and they would WIN. I never wanted to say that but the Nintemdomination would happen.

  15. I disagree with the analyst. Last generation everyone had either a 360/PC/PS3 and a Wii. Probably to play the Nintendo games and then the more core games. I admire the WiiU for breaking that. I’d love if it outshined whatever Sony and Microsoft comes out with next so that I can have my gaming PC and my WiiU and not worry about things like, ‘Well, this one has awesome graphics so I’ll buy it for the PS3 and this one has a great multiplayer so I’ll buy it for my xbox live and this one’s only on Wii so no choice there and this one’s cheap on Steam so PC it is.’

    So far I love the WiiU. I find Assassin’s Creed 3 to be a little buggy on it but I don’t know if that’s the game or if that’s the console. But I believe when you buy a system or game brand new first thing, there’s bound to be a few small bugs here or there. So long as they fix them asap.

  16. He’s right in that Nintendo shouldn’t compete with Sony and Microsoft, but he’s so wrong when he says that Nintendo should not go for the “core audience.” Why can’t Nintendo do that? Why can’t Wii U cater to both casual and core players? The 3rd party lineup so far for Wii U is pretty core if you ask me. Just wait until more come. That analyst will take it back.

  17. I don’t get their point. Historically Nintendo has always appealed to all audiences. They had to sacrifice their core audience a little to get back on top with the Wii, but now they have learned enough to cover everyone once again. With that said tho, it is also true that Nintendo lately knows that they are better off moving at their own pace, innovating and releasing profitable hardware.

    1. @rodney smith- when was the last time nintendo had a “Core” audience? SNES would be my guess. Maybe N64, but playstation was the winner that generation

  18. I purchased a Nintendo Wii to play nintendo exlusives (first or third party) and have another option for adifferent gaming experience. I have a playstation 3 to play playstation exlusives (and use as a bluray player). My xbox 360 is obviously used to play xbox exclusives but is also used to play nearly all cross-platform games. Online shooters, etc. are played exclusively on 360. Face it, the wii u is a great console that will have many great games, but it is not going to compete with the next xbox for online gaming, graphics, multimedia experience, etc. The author of this article is correct.

  19. I do not know what this analyst is on, but Nintendo never has or never will compete with Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo is too high-leveled for them. It goes like this:

    Xbox vs PS

    Wii vs ( )

    I’m just waiting for SEGA to fill in that empty spot. Only SEGA would be the one to compete with Nintendo.

  20. I like that Nintendo do there own thing because without Nintendo the gaming world would be a very boring and dull place full with dark and gritty, unoriginal FPS being released every year.

  21. Compete in what sense? Through tech or games? If it’s games, then Nintendo sell more games than Microsoft or Sony, if it’s tech, then we have to wait and see what Microsoft and Sony do next.

    I did read a Next Xbox rumour earlier on The Verge which talked about a low cost set top box for the casuals, and then a second SKU dedicated to the hardcore which would be scalable with a phone (so the phone can run a full Xbox Live service), which should throw up an immediate red flag with regards to it being some all powerful behemoth.

  22. When you go to Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or Gamespot, all three, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or now Wii U are side by side. The don’t sell Wii’s or Wii U in the “casual video game store”, whether Sony and Microsoft fanboys want to admit it or not, Nintendo Wii kicked their respective asses. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has sold as much systems or video games as Nintendo Wii. The idea that Nintendo isn’t competing with Playstation and Xbox 360 is stupid. Wii U is great, everyone wants one, all they need is Retro to make a new game on Wii U.

  23. I want hardcore games on Nintendo platforms because I only have money to buy one of them! And of course I’m going for Nintendo because of it’s franchises (Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Fire Emblem).

    And it’s a great market for them, because both hardcore and casual gamers can enjoy the same system, in different ways! It’s the perfect console that brings old gamers back and also new ones.

    This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  24. I don’t even know what to say after reading that article. These days it’s almost always about the system’s hardware and not enough about the game itself. The key reason why I’ve always stuck with Ninten was because of uniqueness, imagination, and overall fun. And this core experience? I don’t even know what core is anymore because of almost every gamer claiming that this person/group is full of casuals and this one over is full of hardcore, even though the casuals play more, diverse games longer than hardcore do and hardcore barely played games from 1-3 franchises of the same genre.

  25. Hahaha! Stupid Divnich! NINTENDO is the one that distances itself all the time….It’s Sony and Microsoft that keep going Nintendo’s Direction cause they are followers not leaders. Remember Nintendo is a GAME changer and a gaming company. Not a TV and PC maker.

    1. No, because they are not M rated. Neighter are they FPS or WRPGS. Therefore they can not be coregames.

      The average 10 y/o
      “Mature” people

    2. Core and casual are not determined by the games, they’re determined by the gamers like how often they play and stuff like that.

  26. Nintendo has said multiple times that it does not compete with Microsoft and Sony…. soooo this guy’s comment is kind of meaningless….

  27. Funny….. Nintendo doesn’t even compete and they still win. Also, this guy doesn’t seem know the definition of ” core ” and ” casual ” Core and Casual isn’t determined by whether or not you play mindless shooters and fighting games, it’s determined by how much you play any video game and whether or not you obsess over them before you get them like me, I have a Wii U under my tree that I can’t open for another 34 days and its killing me. Also, maybe Sony and MS are the ones trying to compete with Nintendo. After all, Nintendo started way before these other clowns.

  28. I never see Nintendo competing with them. It’s more Nintendo is independent and do their own innovations while the others seems to fight one another and sometime copy Nintendo.

  29. I don’t see why people believe Nintendo isn’t competing. They have always been competing. 3DS v Vita. DS v PSP. Wii v PS3.

    Don’t believe everything companies say. Companies are always competing for market share, you’re an idiot if you think otherwise.

    1. I agree with you, Jellybean. Video game companies want to compete against each other for the almighty dollar. Even Nintendo’s rival, Sony’s Jack Tretton, have given mutual respects for the company. But Sony Corp.’s Kaz Hirai didn’t comment.

  30. I definitely agree in terms of Nintendo marching to the beat of its own drum; that’s what they’ve always done, and it’s turned out very well for them.

    However, I disagree with the ‘core’ comments; Nintendo DOES need to cater to the ‘core’ gamer. Iwata and Reggie have said this numerous times. Does that mean that need to turn all their IPs into FPS kill-a-thons? No, it just means that Nintendo are aware of the fact that they have many different audiences with different tastes. Some people want to play with their friends and family (Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U), others want the non-conventional gaming experiences that attracted them to the Wii (Wii Fit U), and – of course – there are those that want their traditional, in-depth games (ZombiU, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101).

    I believe Nintendo needs to cater to all audiences – whilst still managing to innovate with new types of games.

    Also – as much as I hate to say this – but Nintendo ARE in competition with Sony and Microsoft. Hell, they’re in competition with Apple too. With the Wii and DS, Nintendo have broadened the definition of ‘gaming’ – something which has been expounded upon with Apple’s iPhone/iPad, as well as Facebook and other online apps. Nintendo helped create this expanded audience; and now their ‘blue ocean’ runs red with blood. They need to be very cautious about what kinds of products they want to put forth – and how they are marketed.

    Despite all this, I have full faith in Nintendo’s abilities. After all, they just need to leave luck to heaven :)

  31. what he knows about what wii want ?!?! I want core game on the Wii U !! best of the 2 world , amazing nintendo games and support from third party with good core game !!

  32. Microseconds will squash

    Nintendo, don’t even compare it to Sony! Sony can sucks Dragon Balls which taste horrible just like their fucking products! I don’t like PS2 or PSVita, I think it was a whole copy of the Wii U that when they released the trailer Sony though “Hmm, why not make our own GamePad?” so they did, but it was pretty shit I wouldn’t buy that. Even E.T I would’ve bought instead of PShit is not compared to the Wii U. Microsoft and Ubisoft make great games, but some Indie games I hate are fucking shit! Nintendo and Microsoft will beat Sony.

  33. I’m getting a little confused about what is “core” or “casual” anymore. Because from where I’m sitting, the main audience of the 360 (the 20-30 yr old fps/madden/fifa fan) is the most casual audience in the industry. They play a lot of one type of game, and anything that doesn’t fit into their brown/gray color wheel is “lame” or “kiddy” or not hardcore. (not to dis all 360 owners, I know there’s plenty of them who have a variety of tastes)

    It’s just silly to me how anyone who predominantly plays the wii is casual even though, to know and appreciate the great library of games on the wii, you honestly have to be more “hardcore” than most people. Because there is some obscure stuff in there. Stuff that only the hardest core video game fan would appreciate. Simply because it’s NOT the norm.

    Whatever. These terms have lost whatever little meaning they had. nintendo just needs to do whatever they want. Every console they’ve made has been worth the money put into it for me, so I honestly don’t care who they do or do not compete with.

  34. The WiiU cant have its own identity because Sony and Microsoft will soon copy the tablet controller idea. Actually my mistake, they already are copying nintendo (Smartglass)

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