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Wii U Freezing Patch Coming Next Week?

A member of online community Reddit contacted Nintendo of America customer support about the freezing issue which seems to be affecting quite a few Wii U owners. The customer service representative told the individual that they were aware of the issue and that there should be a patch coming sometime next week.

“I called about my Wii U locking up at random and the lady surprised me when she said that I should wait until next week to apply the new system update that should fix the issue and if it does not then I should call back and do further troubleshooting. So I asked her “are you telling me that there will be a update for the Wii U next week that will fix these freezing issues?” and she again said that there would be an update and it would likely fix my problem. The only other info she asked of my was what color the system was (so they can keep track of basic vs deluxe console issues I assume) and what game I was playing when it was freezing.”

“So there you have it, get ready for another patch and cross your fingers it doesn’t take longer than a week.”

51 thoughts on “Wii U Freezing Patch Coming Next Week?”

    1. Yep the Wii U realised that you were playing a shitty Call of Duty games and bricked itself.

      The Wii U is self aware and doesn’t like playing crappy games.


          XD nintendo sead they know this an are updating now. actually as we speak there updating the eshop and hopfully the system will be less irratic.

    1. You’re welcome, lol. This was the primary reason (besides Black Friday) that they released it in America first instead of Japan. So when Europe and Japan get it, all of the bugs will be kinked out.

    2. your welcome, anything for my fellow comrade from the other world :D

      just be patient on the update when you get yours ( i recommended not to have other system use internet till that update is done, it CAN slow down the update and cause interference.)

      1. Sure ignore the fact that millions of people with the Wii U are all logging on to Nintendo service at the time, hence the slow update.

  1. I suspect they released it in america first because we typically buy more consoles than you guys. But the only issues I have is basically the damn netflix app went out other than that got my hulu plus update when I went on to dl trine 2 before I left for work.

    1. Transformed is plagued with glitches, so Sega may have rushed a tad bit there. Plus, it would be on them most likely to bring an update there.
      Go to “Capture the Chao” in MP. You may see what happens.

  2. I’ve been fortunate enough not to have experienced a freeze…yet, but its great to hear Nintendo is squashing this quickly.

  3. I’ve never had a problem with freezing, but it has had long loading times like some say. Is that going to be addressed in this next patch?

  4. Thekidnintendowiiman

    My Wii U only froze up on me once, and it was when I was playing the Octopus Dance minigame in Nintendo Land, the only other problem i have is the slow loading OS but it has gotten better over the past few days, day 1 slow, day 3 only take 7 seconds to load Miiverse. 10 seconds faster

    1. All the traffic what nots could be slowing down c:.. Just wait till Europe gets it… Then you be flucked again ^.^

  5. Huh. Looks like it might be a good thing that I’m not cracking mine open til Christmas. Updating will suck, but at least I know that most of this kind of thing should be taken care of by then.

  6. Nowhere in there does Nintendo’s customer service rep say they were aware of the problem. Wtf? They just said there was an update coming next week and that may probably fix the problem not that it’s a patch for the freezing.

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  8. I can take the freezing part (which still shouldn’t happen and suck’s ass) but do all freezes have the same warning siren when it does?
    That is extremely annoying and could be a major problem.

  9. Only freezes while playing nintendo land for me. Bros u and browser and eshop are fine, but I really want to play Nintendo land without it freezing and buzzing non stop.

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