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YouTube And Amazon Instant Video Are Now Available On Wii U

Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube are available for use on Nintendo’s new console, Wii U. The video streaming services utilize both the Wii U console and the Wii U GamePad. Nintendo TVii, which will bring together all the streaming services available on Wii U into a single application, comes to North America this December.

32 thoughts on “YouTube And Amazon Instant Video Are Now Available On Wii U”

          1. Canada, eh? I’ve been to Canada, but not Japan, even though airfares are cheaper in Japan. Maybe I should go to Japan and you can translate everything for me?

    1. I tried the app version on the Wii U and its was sloooow. On the other hand I used the web browser and it was GREAT!!!
      As a fan of only Nintendo I don’t to even think ill of my game provider but fix that shit.

  1. I hope the Youtube app comes to Europe when we get the Wii U console next Friday. We still haven’t got the Wii app.

    1. I know, I looked for it. I was really hoping I could watch youtube in a easy way on the Wii, but it wasn’t there…

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  4. nintendo on holiday. gifured out it’s not for canadians anyways and isn’t on canadian eshop. neither is hulu. wow sucks.

  5. I completelly lost all of my rceepst towards IGN after i realised they are nothing but cash whores, if you pay them, then you get a good review, thats it. They are 100% based on subjective opinions, they dont know shit about any of the technicalities of a game and wont rate your game high unless you pay enough. Fuck you IGN, i dont rely on reviews anymore, if i think a game is good i buy it and i try it, i wont miss a great game bacause IGN gave it a 7.5 or buy trash because it got a 9.5.

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