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You Can View Assassin’s Creed 3 In 3D On Wii U GamePad

It has been discovered that you can play Assassin’s Creed 3 in stereoscopic 3D on the Wii U GamePad. You can enable the stereoscopic 3D in the game’s setting menu. To view the game in 3D you’ll need to have a pair of green and magenta 3D spectacles.

64 thoughts on “You Can View Assassin’s Creed 3 In 3D On Wii U GamePad”

      1. Yeah, you don’t need a special screen or hardware to display 3D graphics with the red/cyan or magenta/green glasses method. As long as you have enough processing power to do it, it’s possible for any game developer to include this feature on any platform.

    1. “you’ll need to have a pair of green and magenta 3D spectacles.” This isn’t impressive in any way. Any screen could do this. If it could do polarized 3D on the gamepad, it would be much more great.

  1. I had no clue the gamepad could support 3D!! That’s so awesome!!! You’re lying if you’re saying that’s not impressive. Can’t wait to try that out.

        1. You can play in 3d in your 3D tv I have an LG 3D TV and works perfectly you need to choose Stereoscopic>side by side and then in your 3D tv setup 3D Side by Side and use your 3D glasses either passive or active and would work amazing …..It’s actually impressive the quality I have the PS3 as well and work exactly the same way :-)

          I’m really impress with the WII U
          (by the way at the beginning was very slow but 1 day after I’ve increase my speed data to 20mbts and now work amazingly fast, I don’t know if is because the server of nintendo working faster or my Internet speed going from 8 mbts to 20mbts but now is amazing) love it .

    1. It’s both impressive and not impressive. My understanding is that any viewing device can display that kind of 3D. But it’s impressive that the Wii U can render two images at one time and combine them on GamePad for 3D.

  2. Wow did not see this coming………cant wait for my WiiU and AC3. 3D or not its on my to get list alongside Trine 2,NSMBU,Nano Assault,Ninja Gaiden 3 and Colonial Marines

        1. I agree, it ‘s an excuse, but also agree with Nintenlord thst if it sells, the lazy devs might change their mind.

          Honestly, I don’t want glitchy shit on my WiiU. I am satisfied with the hardcore, knowledgable Devs that know how process rendering works and can leverage the GPU. These Dev’s are excited to work on the U, and can see it’s strengths beyond the CPU.

          I want to play games from those devs.

          1. Well we are getting the better looking version of Aliens Colonial Marines and Project CARS is looking like it might be a Wii U hater destroyer if they utilize the Wii U’s GPU and CPU.

            Plus there are too many developers out there praising the power of the Wii U and even Epic, a company that won’t look twice at a console if it doesn’t run the lastest Unreal Engine which next year will be Unreal Engine 4, they even said customers can actually uses the Unreal Engine 4 on the Wii U…

            Yeah, if that doesn’t show how powerful the Wii U really is then I don’t know what will

    1. Yes the CPU is weak but the GPU is a GPUGPU meaning the GPU can take on the tasks of the CPU. If devs actually paid attention and understood that there would be no issue. And when articles point out just that the CPU is weak and don’t mention the GPUGPU they make people not buy the system and make people think its weak when it clearly isn’t.

      1. Most of the game developers need to understand more about the Wii U and overcome that odd and forget about the CPU’s limitation. Retro Studios, PlatiniumGames, WB Games Montreal, Ubisoft, Nintendo EAD, WayForward, Shin’en, Straight Right, Capcom, and Gearbox are a few of the examples of how Nintendo’s new generation console work on thier games and revolutionize the way we look and play video games.

        1. I wouldn’t say warner bros. Batman Arkhum city is having framerate issues on the wiiu. If that game had a more solid framerate it would be a must buy for me, but unfortunately it will have to wait until it’s in the bargain bin.

          Your point still remains though , and most ports are coming out the same or better on wiiu.

          If people need a testament of the wiiu’s graphics , Nano assault neo is the answer. I don’t think i’ve seen a game look that good on the ps3 and 360!!!!!

      2. Yeah, because you know everything about the GPGPU and the engineering behind the console to say that they (the DEVELOPERS) don’t know what they’re doing or realize it has that.

        You are one stupid piece of shit.

  3. Looks like a solution that the soft house did, this mean that Nintendo don’t did the GamePad with 3D capability.

  4. If nintendo doesn’t have an issue with the cpu which they apparently don’t it is there duty to show developers how to optimize there hardware. Its weird that there are developers who nintendo is working with say they have no issue maybe they figured it out.

  5. It’s nice to have but stereosfopic 3D with two coloured glasses is inferior to to today’s 3D tech in every way. Old 3D is worse for the eyes and the effect sn’t very special, also that kind of 3D doesn’t require any special technology.
    P.S. Why do they also use the even less available green-magenta tech?

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