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Wii U Back In Stock At GameStop

GameStop have had their Wii U stock replenished after selling out of Nintendo’s latest console when the machine launched on November 18th. You can now purchase the Wii U 32GB Deluxe units that comes with Nintendo Land, or you can purchase the Wii U 8GB Basic package.

41 thoughts on “Wii U Back In Stock At GameStop”

    1. GameStop is closed on thanks giving. I got the email yesterday 10 min before my local one closes, so I’ll go tomorrow.

    1. You basically have to wait until Monday to get the black one, if your lucky. I see this black Wii U as being extremely difficult to get this entire holiday season.

  1. A bit off topic, but here’s a question for all the Wii U owners:

    So, it’s been confirmed that the Wii U’s 1GB system update can be downloaded in the background by selecting ‘cancel’ when the request pops up. If I were to turn off the Wii U completely, would the Wii U brick?

    1. You’ll be glad you picked it up. I’m using it at this moment. Nintendo Land is a blast if you have 3 or more people playing with you. 6 players can play the candy game with 2 people controlling the Gamepad.

  2. It was already stated that the next wave of shipments would be by Black Friday everywhere not just Gamestop so check other locations too like walmart and best buy because i assure you they will be everywhere and other locations wont give you an accurate response over the phone!

  3. Doesn’t help ME any. I can’t get one until next year. But it doesn’t bother me TOO much because there’s no launch games I care about.

    1. I’ll get one in march, but this system for me will be reserved for first party titles. Seems stupid I know, but that’s why I like Nintendo. I’ll leave the big online titles for Xbox and PC.

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