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Wii U Sells 400,000 Units In First Week

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has announced that Nintendo managed to sell 400,000 Wii U consoles during the first week of the system being available. Fils-Aime also said that Nintendo sold 300,000 Wii consoles during the same period. The Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS also had a good week selling 250,000 and 275,000 respectively. The original Wii console Wii sold 600,000 units during its first 8 days on sale back in 2006.

“Wii U is essentially sold out of retail and we are doing our best to continually replenish stock. Retailers are also doing their best to get the product to store shelves. But as soon as product hits retail, they’re selling out immediately.”

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

201 thoughts on “Wii U Sells 400,000 Units In First Week”

    1. Thats not it, during black friday i picked up a few games at Gamestop for their Buy 2 get one free deal and saw 3 WiiU’s on the shelf (one basic and 2 deluxes) and ive heard other people mentioning it aswell.

        1. I meant during black friday though. I do wonder how Gamestop had a half a million people on a waiting list for pre orders alone, but the consoles sells less than that in a week.

    1. The DS is now perfect for Children same with the wii. The hardcore Nintendo fans have moved on to Wiiu and 3DS respectively. And parents still see Wii and DS as perfect for their kids , especially because they are so cheap!

      It’s a good thing that the DS is still selling like that. Its sales have spiked because of Black friday mega deals probably. Everyother week since 3DS has been out , it’s been outselling the DS.

      Which ever way you look at these sales figures. It’s pretty successfull for Nintendo.

      1. I never said it was bad, im just as tounded because the system itself is old and the 3DS is BC, but i guess your right, the cheaper consoles always sell better. (Cheaper by price not quality)

          1. Thekidnintendowiiman

            I wonder if the DS finally outsold the PS2 in lifetime sales, last time I checked, the DS was about 1 million away from passing the PS2

    2. No. The DS only outsold the 3DS during the same period of their lifespan, and anyway – the 3DS was doing better by about 1 million units at the 1 year mark.

    3. Yes, parents who knows litteraly nothing about video games for kids who prob knows as little as them are buying x-mas gifts and they see that the DS is cheaper and thinks it is the same thing without 3d which harms kids eyes. Easy like that.

      1. Why not!??? lol
        Nah, I’ve pre-ordered 2, but that’s only because i got a holiday house to make use of the other one. Both deluxe, because of Nintendoland, which would be amazing amongst a group of friends who are completely drunk.
        Shame that each account is strictly for each console though. Ah well, first world problems :)

      1. Yeah, but is kinda sad to see people wasted $130 on a console that is basically dead. Could’ve bought two or three Wii U games for that money.

          1. Exactly how is a system dead if it’s still in production , still has many new party , dance , shovelware games and a Library full of extremely solid and unique games ?

            Maybe I’m wrong, Maybe 300,000 people accidentally bought a wii instead of a wiiu XD

            1. oh my.. imagine the kids’ faces on christmas morning when they unwrap their long awaited wii-u and find a wii instead :O
              silly parents

              1. A lot of kids still don’t even know about Wii U’s. They will soon though. Even if they do, for many it doesn’t matter.

                I remember working back in games retail and parents would always come in and buy last gen systems for their kids. Every single day we saw that. Many times it was the kid’s first system or the parents just came into some money just enough for the cheaper priced system.

                Or just casual gamers who don’t care about what’s new and just wanted something pass the time, not even necessarily for their kids; Many would come in and buy older or cheaper systems for those type of things.

                So, I’m sure the Wii will still sell for a while after the Wii U launches, although not tremendously.

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  2. It’s over! Nintendo has won the generation! These numbers mean GAME OVER for Sony! Can’t wait to see who will join Nintendo and Microsoft in the console market (Ouya doen’tcount)!

      1. I saw that the oter day in a financial publication. Does not bode well for Sony.

        They need to do a firmwarw update to allow 3G versions of the Vita to act as a cell phone, make the PS4 modest enough to turn a profit quick and priced to compete with WiiU, and drop or sell one of their dying product divisions (Not the gaming division)

        If they juat keep doing what their doing, and saying all is well, their toast.

      2. And with this Nintendo got monopoly on console sales in Japan as I can not see the next-box hitting big there.

        Hopefully this is not true though. I like Sony alot more than Microsoft and this would mean Microsoft would get a bigger piece of the western cake making gaming here worse :/

      1. *Rolls eyes* Sony is finished in the gaming market! GET OVER IT! If you can’t handle go fuck a
        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!

        1. You know,you sound like you want them to fail.Sony is a great contributer to gaming,and you should not wish for them to die.

    1. I still propose Journey for Game of the Year 2012, lol.
      Sony should realistically team up with Nintendo, it seems like a marriage that was always meant to be, it just never quite worked out in the beginning.
      The next Xbox console will most likely be using Bluray format, which means Sony will be making money on every single Xbox720 game sold as well.

      1. Nah, MS isn’t that Stupid, they’ll probably make a deal with Phillips to be able to use the bluray format.

        The bluray tech is own by Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi, Phillips, and Thompson.

        Now these ate the founders, idk if any other Company has been getting a piece of the pie now.

        1. They would split the profits 9 ways…if it’s a joint venture to create it, all companies get a cut equally. Obviously they would use a Philips BD-rom or something, where Philips would get a majority of that cash on hardware sales, since it would be their own laser and tray and what not. The discs themselves though, pretty sure Sony will be laughing just like the others. Reason why a Bluray add-on was never released.

    2. LOL kid, 400k in 1 week. The PS3 sold 600k, the Xbox did around 400-450k. With the amount of hype there was, you would think they were going to sell over 500k and thats what was projected by many analysts. The fact that you can easily find the console on store shelves demonstrates that it’s not selling out like everyone thought they would unless you have one of those idiotic stores that ordered 50 and had 200 preorders.

  3. thats pretty amazing considering how they failed to market the wii u to the general audience. just imagine if everyone understood the wii u. itd sell alot more but then itd be even harder during launch day. they need to make more ads. specially on common websites such as yahoo homepage.

  4. I don’t get it. Reggie says Wii sold less but it says Wii double Wii U sales during the first 8 days. Can amyone explain this? And is this good for Nintendo?

    1. I think they cleared 500k however, I think Reggie’s statement was based on 100% knowledge of what sold. Exactly how many have been activated since the 18th and what Serial #’s got scanned out. GameStop alone has an allocation of 500k but maybe that’s through the end of the year and may not be the first batch. I’m also hearing that stores have already started to call people on the list to come pick one up. Many factors. They will probably have more accurate data to share soon.

    1. It is strange, this weekend I saw them actually selling out in stores because the prices were so good. I bought a 3ds XL for $144 after tax because honestly it won’t hit that price again for another year.

        1. goes to show that initial sales are no indicator for how the console will fare in the long term
          in its first year ps3 sales were the weakest of all 3 consoles

    1. That’s global numbers. This is American numbers only.

      NPD November 2006 results (Wii and PS3 launch month, Wii launched Nov 19th, PS3 launched Nov 17th, so the PS3 had longer on sale for the reporting period)

      Wii – 476,000
      PS3 – 197,000

      We don’t know if the 400,000 here is USA only or all of NA. It is quite funny seeing you all argue below based on incorrect numbers though…

      1. Here, have some more correct information just to highlight the stupidity of the petty squabbling below.

        Previous NPD November launch month numbers for comparison:

        Xbox (2001) 720,000
        Gamecube (2001) 660,000
        Wii (2006) 476,000
        Nintendo DS (2004) 370,000
        Xbox 360 (2005) 326,000
        PlayStation 3 (2006) 197,000

        Re-ordered for lifetime sales…


        Which proves how irrelevant first week sales are.

  5. awesome just finished batman still playing ac3 and nintendo land and i just picked up ninja gaiden 3 wii u is looking awesome

      1. Sales don’t equate to quality, yes. But this isn’t a discussion about quality, it’s about how this system is showing unimpressive numbers in the U.S. for its first week.

        Seems nobody really cares after all.

            1. My point is that anytime anybody brings up sales on this site that are positive for Nintendo, you automatically tell them how sales do not matter because they are not equal to quality and that they should not matter to the person that brings them up unless they have stock in Nintendo, but if semi negative or negative sales for Nintendo products show up you like to push them in our faces by telling us such things as “Nintendo does not have any hardcore gamers” etc.

              1. When Nintendo fanboys use sales as some sort of bragging rights, that’s the problem. Especially if the console plain and simply sucks (like the Wii, 3DS in NA).

                For example, one doesn’t need to argue anything concerning the PS3/360 against the Wii, the latter is inferior in every way imaginable and the only thing they can resort to is sales. It’s literally their only defensive for a garbage console.

                Anyway, It’s good to see some realistic sales figures coming from Nintendo products in the U.S. and not just mindless, casual or brand-loyal sheep buying every single one of them in a new color like a -certain other country- that Sickr can’t stop reporting weekly figures for does.

                1. Well i understand and respect you’re opinion on all of that, but I actually like the Wii and 3DS even though the former had standard graphics and not HD, but I still love most of the games I have gotten for it, and the online could have better for it, but in my personal experience the only game that I have ever had any problems playing online with was Smash Bros Brawl but that was only sometimes, and hey sickr has explained why he posts Japan’s numbers every week so you should cut him some slack for that unless you have not seen his posts in response to what some people have said about that. But yeah I’m a Nintendo “fanboy” but i’m not a blind “fanboy”, I do not defend everything they do, nor do I complain about other peoples choices in video games.

                2. In my opinion, the Wii was a disaster beyond certain first party titles. It could have been so much more, yet Nintendo created it to be so much less than the competition. The 3DS in NA is suffering from severe a lack of titles with core-appeal and more often than not, just gets the same port treatment as the Vita (actually, there are even more ports on the 3DS than the Vita, so that says something right there).

                  The problem is, posting Japanese figures is completely pointless on a blog that is English speaking. Yes, it sells in Japan. That’s been established many times. The UK and NA however, are not Japan and does not have access to the majority of those games unless one imports a 3DS. It’s really, very pointless.

                  1. Yeah but ah well that is your opinion and you have heard mine concerning the systems lol, but i’ve played some awesome 3rd party titles on both Wii and 3DS, but I do hope that the Wii U will get better 3rd party support then the Wii and I believe that they will this generation. Oh and the 3DS is about to be on its 2nd year of release, so i’m betting we will see some awesome titles on the system, even if they are ports.

                3. “When Nintendo fanboys use sales as some sort of bragging rights, that’s the problem. Especially if the console plain and simply sucks (like the Wii, 3DS in NA).”

                  your opinion
                  i’ve had a lot of fun with my wii and it was worth every penny i spent on it

                  rjason has a point
                  when a nintendo system outsells every other you claim that sales do not equate quality and suddenly when sales aren’t as stellar it’s some sort of statement as to the quality of the console?
                  grow up

                  1. Opinion and objective fact of non-basement dwelling gamers who actually have taste in games beyond the same Nintendo IPs over and over again.

                    The Wii sucked, hate to break it to you. You can have fun with it, but the system is more often than not considered garbage for people who aren’t into party games and Nintendo’s stagnated IPs.

                    1. again: your opinion

                      none of the nintendo IPs stagnated with the wii but someone who’s never played them obviously cannot know

                      1. Yeah and in my opinion the Wii breathed new life into some of my favorite Nintendo’s IPs like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime, etc with the motion controls. Do not know about Mario Galaxy since I never got a chance to play it lol.

                  2. Actually, it’s ALL about the sales and all about the profits.
                    They come first, above and beyond the “quality.”
                    The quality side is to ensure the profits continue because of customer satisfaction.
                    Yep, how ironic that literally everyone I know with an Xbox console has actually suffered the Red-Ring issue. Yep, “quality” everyone, you heard it here, first.
                    Even with more than a 50% fail-rate though, they continue to be profitable, so your argument is a little redundant.
                    As an ex-Microsoft employee, I can vouch for that, and that at my time there, MS was shitting bricks at how well the Wii could sell seeing as it was “outdated” hardware.
                    Hence the release of Kinect, which was brought out to appeal to casual gamers on a hardcore platform and to extend the life of the current console. Nobody around the office was laughing at “motion controllers” anymore.
                    If company “X” releases a console with 6 x 12-core processors, and 74 gigs of RAM, and a stellar GPU, yet they only sell a few thousand consoles, that amazing piece of “quality” is still a commercial failure. Read up on the 3DO.

                1. 360 is a terrible example, especially when it launched after a console that wasn’t really “successful”.

                  A more appropriate example is the $599 PS3–the successor to by far the greatest gaming system to date–having a better week at ~600,000 units.

                  It’s quite obvious, nobody really cares about Nintendo in NA besides their herd of sheep for “gamers”. Real consoles will come out on top with less of the sales and more of the better games. Just like the HD twins did to the wittle Wii.

                  1. The PS3 only sold 50% more units in its first week than the Wii U, and that was after the hugely-successful PS2. 400k isn’t bad at all, in my opinion. Week 1 sales aren’t really a clear indication of the console’s future. We’ll just have to wait and see how the Wii U turns out.

                    1. From the looks of it, I’m not expecting something great at this point. Their own marketing is flawed to hell and back and the original Wii of all things is 100k less than its SUCCESSOR.

                      It’s also interesting to note that 3DS sales are down by approximately 50%. While iPad Minis are sold out nationwide and is supposedly the most wanted holiday item for the younger ages.

                      NA now resembles a completely different market than what it once was several years. A market that wants it cheap, simple, and accessible products. The Wii U & 3DS, factoring in hardware and software costs, is absolutely none of those as opposed to iOS and similar mobile products.

                      1. As long as the wiiu sells more than 30 Million Units in 6 years and doesn’t cause Nintendo to lose money *cough sony cough* then it’s a success, especially if it makes them a bit of money.

                        I expect the wiiu to be a huge success once it gets up and running. Think Realistically here Aeolus , the momentum Nintendo Has built with wii and DS isn’t going to magically just stop.

                      2. Good luck with those figures in North America, you need to release what the market is now after. Mobile gaming is surging for a reason, people want it simple and cheap. Sorry to tell you, but the Wii U is neither of that.

                      3. Hypocrite to the extreme. You say consumers want cheap games than you try to defend the $600 PS3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Nice try, loser.

                  2. Execpt your beloved PS2 wouldn’t exist if Nintendo hadn’t revitalized the industry with the NES. Also, most people bought that PS2 shit for the DVD player.

                  3. PS2 ”by far the greatest gaming system to date” ? That is totaly opinionated lol. You’re just saying that because of Sales figures. In that case , The Nintendo DS is ”by far the greatest gaming system ever to date”. PS2 was The best ? I had all three consoles that GEN and When My friends and family came round , we played Smash bros , Mario Kart or Halo.

                    Nuff said. Metroid Prime , windwaker , Halo , Smash bros Brawl , KOTOR 1 and 2 , Fable , F-zero GX, Phantasy Star online Epsiode 1 and 2 (xb and gc) , Jet set radio future .

                    No ! to me the PS2 was the worst console that gen and only sold so much because of the casual games like , Microphone game A , Eyetoy game B , Buzz , Generic childrens platformer , generic childrens game , DVD player.

                    As a gaming machine , it’s not the best console ever lol. The fucking Xbox 360 , PS3 , Gamecube , N64 , PS1 , SNES , NES , Genesis all would like a word with you . Exposed lol.

                    1. I think actually, that Ps2 is best gaming system to date, and i am more Nintendo fan than Sony fan. The reason is that, the Ps2 had great games, you just did not mention them. My second favorite videogame of all time, is Kingdom Hearts II on Ps2. There is also Sly, Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clanck trilogies, and of course Ico jan Shadow of the Colossus. First KH was great too, and Final Fantasies were made for it, and it was fully backwards compatible.

                      That is why it is great console…

                      1. The ps2 was an amazing system with many great games! But My point was it’s an opinion as to whether you think it’s ”the greatest gaming system to date”. Like I said , I had the most fun that generation with the Gamecube and Xbox , ps2 came last for me.
                        Final fantasy and DVD player or not…

                    2. No it was the best. And it was by no means full of casual games. The Wii to date has had the most casual games for a console. Sony had a large abundant of 3rd party support compared to the others during that gen and still has probably the most 3rd party support. It has also been the most successful home console.

                      As for handhelds, of course the DS has been one of the best handhelds. As much as I love my VITA and that, DS was revolutionary.

                  4. “the successor to by far the greatest gaming system to date”

                    and now you’re the one equating sales to quality

                    ps2 is the system that sold the most units to date.. whether or not it’s the greatest console of all times is debatable

                    1. Don’t spin my words into what /you/ want it to sound like. Thanks.

                      Also, I mentioned nothing about the PS2 sales, so your reading comprehension needs some work.

                      1. you said the ps2 is the greatest gaming system to date (apparently based on sales) and i disputed that
                        simple as that

                      2. Come to think of it, I think I know why you tried to pull that first part. Nice try, but no.

                        My PS2 example was to show that the PS3 would have a lot more riding on it at launch considering the performance of its predecessor gave, despite the huge markup. The 360 was succeeding a console that wasn’t really all that notable beyond Halo and better looking multiplatform titles.

                      3. Oh, so it was actually you -apparently- interpreting my opinion of it being the greatest based on sales?

                        Well now, that’s your own problem.

                      4. and as already stated: initial sales are no guarantee for success, ps3 being the best example

                        “Oh, so it was actually you -apparently- interpreting my opinion of it being the greatest based on sales?”

                        yes i am because that’s exactly what it was

                      5. “Exactly what it was” … if you’re a simpleton* Might as well just have said that outright really.

                  5. unfortunately initial sales are apparently not a very good indicator for how successful a gaming system is going to be.. the ps3 struggled with sales during the whole first year until it got a price cut and to this day it continues to be far less successful in the US than the xbox 360

              2. I thik he means that the Wii U launched only in america,if it was released around the world,it would probably sell 1 million units.

        1. Well, the Vita just had it’s first Black Friday and is just now entering its first holiday shopping season, so we’ll see how it turns out from there.

          Right now, as of the moment I’m posting this comment, the Vita is sold out in most retailers thanks to the Black Friday deals.

          1. People think the vita is stuck at the bottom. It can get better , and like you say by the end of the Christmas/holiday period in all of it’s major regions , the sales will probably have rissen to about 5M as opposed to 3M.

          1. Your making fun of sales. Look at the PS Vita sales! Are you enjoying that overpriced atrocity? How is that dual touch screen working?

            1. The DS/3DS has dual screens and one touchscreen. The Vita has ONE touchscreen and one rear touch pad.

              Also: You’re.* Plus, the statement (as incorrect as it may be) would be, “How are those dual touchscreens working?”


              1. Guess what Spider-Man, I don’t care what you think of me! Trying to defend the PS Vita? Mine aswell try to convince me Hitler loved Jews. Something tells me this “Aeolus” is your alter ego.

        1. What is it with Vita that you blind Nintendo fans hate so much about? Shit its doing ok. 3DS is selling way more then the Vita. What not good enough for you? And I am loving the touch screen and rear touch pad. Good job Big N. Looking forward to buying the Wii-U December next year and the PS4 when it releases. I am a gamer not a blind fanboy that bashes anything that isnt on there game system. You little boy should try all systems before you talk shit about it. Again good job Nintendo. Keep up the good work. And yea I am a Sony fan. A proud one at that. But when when a system is good I don’t bash it.

          1. Sony fan! Pffft! Sony is another word for bullshit. PS Vita has sold 2.2 million units in a YEAR and does not have a single half-decent game. Pathetic.

          2. It’s like this bully telling you he’s going to kick your ass and then you whipe the floor with him. Does it make you an awesome person ? Not at all but it makes you better than the bully.

          3. Sorry… but the PS4 won’t be released until late 2015/early 2016. Unless Sony do something instead of losing billions of dollars, laying off 10,000-plus employees and shutting down their development studios like they did in Liverpool, England.

          4. Ignore him. He likes to troll Sony in every comment he makes – for absolutely no reason. He’s one of those that makes the rest of the Nintendo fans look really bad (which most really aren’t at all).

      1. Yes it is. I can call it already. In terms of sales, Nintendo is winning this generation by a landslide. Xbox 720 will probally sell 40 million units and the PS$ will fail to reach 10 million and will be discontinued in two years. Sony will finally be out of the industry and gamers every where can have a sigh of relief.

        1. It would be terrible for Sony to leave the industry. You’re extremely selfish and ignorant if you want that. THOUSANDS will lose there jobs all because you’re a blind fanboy? The video game industry will suffer a great deal if Sony leave it. These “gamers” you speak of should be ashamed of themselves if you want that to happen. No Sony means less competition means Nintendo can shit out whatever they want to us. I want Nintendo to keep bringing out quality, not shit.

      2. nope, it just made 400,000. I’m guessing that whole list of a million people on the waiting list for pre orders was a way to create demand.

    1. I dont have a wii u yet but time starting to save for 1,also many people gare prefering to multy buy things 2 3ds sounds better than 1wiiu if you have many people to give gifts

    2. I was raised by nintendo, sony teach me everything about games and microsoft its giving me a joyful entertainment. Theres no favoritism for me, i love every console and handheld

    3. Excellent. Now all Nintendo needs to do is hurry the update to fix the loading times of starting up apps and fix the friend adding system and Wii U is bound for glory.

    4. Off topic here but, Is it me or am I the only one waiting to hear some New SUPER SMASH BROTHERS NEWS!! IM DYING TO HEAR SOME NEWS ABOUT THIS GAME!!

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    6. Not bad, especially considering how a lot of people think it is just a wii add-on. I think it will be a while before people understand how it is a new console, not an add-on.

    7. That’s very good news. I knew the Wii U would be a big hit. Congrats to all the new Wii U owners and congrats to Nintendo. And to the haters who bought one to sell it off or just make videos making fun of it on Youtube, Nintendo appreciates your money. Leave luck to heaven.

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    9. How are the gamecube sales doing? :D

      Anyway I love that the Wii and DS are still selling. Had my Wii for five years now and I still enjoy playing it. Of course, I’ve had my GBA and GC for 9 and 8 years now respectively, and I still enjoy them. I still play my GC games on the orginal system too. Love the DS too even more than the 3DS. I feel like it combienes the gaming with a nice piece of sturdy hardware the best for a handhed system and the 3DS is a step back there.

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