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Regular Nintendo 3DS Getting Price Drop At $139.99? Mario Kart XL Bundle For $199.99

One of the forum goers on Cheap Ass Gamer has heard word from a retail source that the regular Nintendo 3DS will be getting a price cut in two weeks, and will retail for $139.99 in North America. The same forum member also says that Nintendo will be releasing a Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS XL bundle for $199.99, which will go on sale next week.

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38 thoughts on “Regular Nintendo 3DS Getting Price Drop At $139.99? Mario Kart XL Bundle For $199.99”

  1. But if they just started making money on it… I don’t know if I trust this. Although the 3DS is weakest here in the states.

    1. Well i live in the states but the sales are doing better than any other handheld on the market right now soooo… thats good.

      1. So just comparing to the Vita? If you include other handheld devices like phones or tablets, it just gets creamed. Don’t think this is out of hate, I love the 3DS (I’m a proud owner), I’m just concerned since I barely get street passes (unless I’m at the Zelda concert or Disney World [FL]) and also news reported from Nintendo saying that the 3DS is super popular in Japan, but not so much outside of Japan.

    1. Give me a White 3DS XL and I’ll go buy it right now. It can sit next to my Black 3DS and they can be handheld buddies. Actually, I’d probably give the Black one to a friend as to get some use out of it.

    1. Ah yes, another person for whom inflation and currency exchange rates don’t exist–must be wonderful to live in your world! Hell, it’s not fair that it’s even that much since the original GameBoy retailed for far less than that! Woo!

  2. Still too expensive if you ask me.
    And Nintendo, HOW LONG AM I GONNA HAVE TO WAIT TO GET A SPECIAL EDITION 3DS XL? I’m putting off buying any 3DS games until I get a 3DS XL special edition. I’m gonna get SOOOO backed up on games because of Nintendo moving so SLOW.

    1. No, you are getting SOOOO backed up on games because of you being so CHEAP. $169 for a pprtable system with a strong library of games, plenty of packed-in features, and great 3D is an absolute steal.

      1. @Platinum_Johnny
        Being “cheap” has nothing to do with why I’m waiting to buy anymore games for the 3DS. It’s because I HATE that small screen on the regular 3DS, and it’s annoyed me ever since I first bought it.

    1. Also considering, I’m more than likely getting paid than your fatass does just sitting down and wasting your parents resources worshipping Nintendo, perhaps I should buy you one as well, kiddo.

  3. It’s going to be really hard to compete with the 3DS if they drop the price that low. I hope Nintendo isn’t giving away the Farm!

    My 3DS still get’s play and carried around with me, but I admit, it’s tough competing for my time against my WiiU!

      1. Notebooks are much bigger than that and are still considered portable. Same with iPads. Oh, and the original Gameboy is still bigger and heavier than the 3DS XL.

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