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Here’s Why There’s No Playable Peach In New Super Mario Bros U

New Super Mario Bros U game director Masataka Takemoto has explained exactly why Princess Peach isn’t a playable character in the latest 2D Mario adventure. Takemoto says the reason why she isn’t playable in New Super Mario Bros U is due to the fact that she has her own unique moves and animation. The team wanted all the playable characters to have the same moves and animations as Mario.

“In Super Mario Bros 2, Princess Peach had her own unique moves and animation. In this series, we want all the players to have the same moves and animations as Mario, and Princess Peach isn’t suited for that.”

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    1. Was gonna say that. The logic behind her not being playable is fine (and not like I’m screaming to do so anyway). Personally, I’d rather have Wario and Waluigi in there for some unique vibrancy, should they finally do that. Besides that, if she isn’t captures to begin with, way to announce a major spoiler towards the game then (which I’m trying to avoid). I mean, lets face it: Peach NOT being captured in a Mario game like this would be kind of a big deal, right?… Well, maybe it’s just me then. >_>’

      1. Still, wouldn’t it be amazing if Peach becomes a playable character AFTER rescuing her? Or give her her own set of challenge stages that’s suited for her “unique moves and animations”.

    1. I wouldn’t call it as sad as I would call it extremely lazy and sloppy. Seeing how they refuse to put more effort in their games other than the tiny amount that’s needed to call it a “New revolutionary game” I don’t think they’ll maintain a Top 3 Role in the business for long. What happened with the old days, when there was actually Love, Tender and Care in your games?

      1. Agreed. It’s sad because they are truly lazy and sloppy. The reason behind that is due to the “self-selling” that Mario franchise has. In other words, if it is a Mario’s game, it will sell anyway and will achieve important milestones. At the same time, see what Ubisoft has done to Rayman Legends: it will be an exceptional breakthrough in the 2D platform games. For those who already played it, it is quite and definitely clear that Ubi overtook Nintendo in soundtrack, innovation and gameplay experience. The old days – in which we had love, tender and care – now have gone, unfortunately, but I still have been here waiting for another game as superb as Super Mario World was in the early 1990’s.

    1. That’s awful reasoning. The creators can very, very, very easily change the story of the game to make Princess Peach playable

  1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

    what about Wario or Waluigi? Seriously they need to stop being lazy and add something into these supposed “New” Super Mario Brothers games besides new levels.

      1. SSBB style resizing would be fine. Olimar is about 6 inches tall, but in Brawl he is about Mario’s size. In most of the series Luigi is notably taller than Mario, but they’re the same size in NSMBWii. With a bit of effort, they could make Wario and Waluigi work.

      2. Wario and Waluigi could have definitely been the “hard” mode of NSMB U for those reasons, since Luigi suddenly acts and performs Just like his brother in the “New” series. The logic…wait, no logic in Mario games :P

    1. Not Mario Platformer Characters.
      Wario has his own Franchise Wario Land and WarioWare
      Waluigi is a spinoff character not important to the main Mario Games.

      This is why you have
      Mario – Luigi – Bowser – Peach represented as Mario Franchise in Brawl. Bowser Jr. is the last Mario Rep.

      Wario will either get Captain Syrup or WarioWare characters.

      Keep in mind.
      Donkey Kong – Wario are separate Franchises only tied to Mario because they originate there.
      Yoshi is Sub-Mario Franchise.

      1. They should make a Luigi platformer &waluigi should be the main antagonist! It would be about waluigi stealing princess daisy’s soul & he has to save the day ;)

  2. I’m curious as to why they don’t make a game similar to Super Mario Bros. 2 with the different characters all having different strengths and weaknesses. It’d make for a really cool multiplayer experience using the format of the newer Mario games.

  3. I would be just fine with her having the exact same moves and animations as Mario. I would be even more okay with Wario and Waluigi having the same moves and animations as Mario.
    I also see little harm in having different animations and slight play differences between characters. Having a slightly higher jumping Luigi wouldn’t kill the game.
    I really want the next 2D Mario to break away from the mold. It’s a good mold, but I’m growing tired of it.

  4. Aww. I’d really like to see her with a Fire Flower dress and stuff. I know she isn’t feasible, but I would really like to play as her.

  5. Because Toad in SMB2 was EXACTLY like Mario. Hell, even Luigi was different… Nintnedo’s lazy logic. Just accept you are all lazy.

    1. Not quite true. Mario could jump slightly higher than Toad, but Toad could pick up items faster. That was the difference between all the characters. Jumping height was:

      1. Princess
      2. Luigi
      3. Mario
      4. Toad

      Item pickup speed was:

      1. Toad
      2. Mario
      3. Luigi
      4. Princess

      It was a simple way to balance the four characters. The better your jump ability, the slower the pick things up.

    1. No, but there s a new 3D Mario game next year comming to the Wii U. Unfortunately there’s no word on it being A super mario galaxy U.

  6. sigh… So basically, y’all are too lazy to animate peach aside from her waving and bending over to kiss mario on the nose… Nice. Yet we see her have her own game and in the smash bros. series, playable. Plus, she’s also playable in all the other spin-offs. What’s the problem with animating her to be playable in this series? Having her as a secret character would definitely make the game series “new”.

      1. She let’s herself be kidnapped because girls want to be pursued, DUH!
        ;-). She’s just not the domineering type that likes to do all the ass kicking.

          1. Princess Peach in Desquise?! OMG Can I have your autograph?!

            I was use an obvious female cliche that is not always true, nor applies just to women,… I was attempting humor. No offense to either gender.

  7. I was going to be sarcastic and say is it because she captured, but they actually a good reason.

    I want the next 3D Mario to have 4 playable characters .___. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser.

  8. She gave a huge advantage in super mario bros 2 on NES. So i can see how she would be a “cheat” character in the newer games.

    1. They do not have to give her unique abilities. Luigi has had unique abilities in multiple Mario games (Higher jump, less traction) but that doesn’t affect him. People don’t want princess peach for unique abilities, they just want her so the multiplayer mode doesn’t have lame generic toads that no one wants to play as

  9. They always have some dumb excuse for leaving out Peach as one of the playable characters. Probably one of the reasons why the New Super Mario Bros. series doesn’t interest me. Having 2 Toads is retarded! Even having one of them as Toadette would be better than 2 random Toads.

  10. Yeah tbh I was a bit disappointed that it was the same characters selection as the first game with noone else added…. I mean they could have added more people to select from… But the game itself is still really good abdul I cant gwt enough of, it .. But hopefully for the next one they add more people to select from.

  11. Okay, anyone saying its a lame excuse, can you imagine Peach running like Mario, doing the same jumps, flips, spin, swimming? It would look stupid

    1. Yes, I can perfectly imagine that actually. Looks fine in my head. Makes more sense then toads, who are known for their lack of physical strength and speed

    2. For her jogging or slow running animations use her brawl walk animation.
      For her running animation use her brawl run animation (pulling up the bulk of her dress to run)
      For her jumps, use mario/luigi’s ice skating jump animations from Galaxy 1 and 2
      For her swimming, just have her arms out and when the player uses the jump button to swim have her arms move.


      1. They still have to animate it different.
        In the end they want it to feel like everyone was on the same level as each other.

  12. Easy and fun solution: Make it so that the character players choose to play as make a difference. Sort of like how Kirby Return to Dreamland each character has its own unique abilities. Why not make it like Mario bros 2. only with co-op?

  13. Translation: Nintendo is getting lazy with its Mario titles.
    This should surprise no one. I’m a huge hypocrite here because I feed the machine. I bought New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and now New Super Mario Bros. U. The only ‘new’ part about it are the graphical improvements inherent in any new console. Of course, Peach needs to get captured, I get it, but a new character from the Mario cannon would have been welcome over a second Toad. That just seemed lazy from the start. Two identical characters. They even get to recycle the sprites! Photoshop can alter hue in a click.
    The only good reason why Nintendo didn’t bother to make any new playable characters is they new diehard fans like me would buy it regardless. And they were right.

  14. People say it would look retarded.But she dosnt have to be in a dress.She can be in one of her attares from the Mario Sport games.She could have her own unlockable levls,or a game where the plot is diffrent from KIDNAP PEACH.She could use her umbrela and attacks and all that from Princess Peach DS.

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  16. Dont get me wrong I love Mario & all but this “new series” aren’t my favorite platforming games.
    Why can’t they be like my new favorite platformer “Donkey Kong Country Returns”!! :D

  17. Well she is kind of kidnapped so I figured that could be the reason………however I would love to see a Mario game have Peach as an unlockable playable character once you finally rescue her. It would give people more incentive to try and complete the game.

    1. What would be interesting is, Give Peach her own side story where she pursues Bowser for revenge for being constantly kidnapped all the time. Hell she’s bold enough to challenge Bowser anyways and successful at it

  18. Another lame excuse? Last time wasn’t it that the dress was complicated to design. The fact they wanted everyone to move like Mario is just lazy…. Luigi should jump differently. They should’ve been more like SMB2.

    I would’ve been content with the ability to play as the other three characters as Player 1. Why MUST player one be Mario? I’dve loved to play as my Mii in the story.

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  23. my thing is… yes the story line could have easily been changed to make her playable. the whole dress this.. is a wad of crap. cause there are other games where she wears PANTS… put her in pants AGAIN….

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