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Reggie Says Microsoft And Sony Need To React To Wii U

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told CNET that he believes both Sony and Microsoft need to react to Wii U. Fils-Aime went on to say that pretty visuals and raw power alone won’t be enough to entice consumers, so they will need to come up with their own innovations.

“In the end, our competitors need to react to what we’re doing in the marketplace and need to figure out what their innovation will be.”

“It’s likely that faster processors and pretty pictures won’t be enough to motivate consumers. They need to react to what we’ve done and we need to continue innovating with the Wii U – and we will.”

154 thoughts on “Reggie Says Microsoft And Sony Need To React To Wii U”

    1. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say , If that’s your honest opinion , stay the fuck away from the wiiu!

      1. Yeah, tell the bitch, Nintedward. Wow. Nobody cares if you reblogged this too your shitty website, get the fuck off My Nintendo News cunt.

    2. Its ok Reggie, they will “innovate” by copying Nintendo’s ideas as they ALWAYS do… Sony = PS Move and MS well they are already working on a pad for Xbox so yeah they are “innovating” as we speak.

      1. I can see th commercials……

        A new way to play, a new experience, a new play station *shows controller with built in screen*; the new play station 4……

    3. C’mon, guys! What the actual hell?! is her fucking Opinion! (not that I love Xbox anyway) and no…I am NOT a Xbox fangirl, I have a Wii U and I am 100% Nintendo fan.

      1. The behaviour being shown is kind of disgraceful, seeing how they’re acting makes me ashamed to be a fan of Nintendo.

          1. Ok, note taken: Nintendo fanboyism is now considered a new religion, right? Who shall be our leader?

            I vote for Miyamoto as religious leader of the new religion Nintanity

    4. Kinect is for dancing an wxercise, not game
      There is a superior technoligie for both, its called the gym and the night club

    1. Hear hear! (Sp?) I Love me some Nintendo, but this comes off as a Childish and Desperate plea for attention, and an amateurish attempt to impress stockholders. The fact that Nintendo regulates how many WiiUs a retailer can sell is another disgusting attempt to cook the books for their shareholders meeting in January, creating the impression of a shortage to try to raise demand. All this so Reggie can be sure to say, “You can’t fine a WiiU on store shelves this holiday season!” Fact is, they’d do much better to release a new Zelda or Galaxy, and quit trying to game the market. (No pun intended. ;-)

      1. I got an idea, those one who already own the wii u start posting mesages in the miiverse requesting nintendo to not fall in the pit of crappy generic games and giving more importance to their own games or exclusives, let’s spam Nintnedo!!

        1. I think this time Nintendo really wants everybody in… So we are going to get a massive third party support, at least for one or two years. Let’s enjoy what is good and put aside what is crap.

                1. Yeah, there are only a few comics from their respective relaunches/reboots that I read. Most of them tend to piss me off, especially Marvel’s Marvel Now launch. There are too many changes that are catering to the mainstream media fans (like films). They forget about the comic fans who have stuck with them and were fans of the comics before the films.

                  For example: I find it especially repulsive, cheap, and lazy that Marvel introduces Nick Fury Jr. who just happens to look like Ultimate Fury/Fury from the films and also happens to have an eye patch like Nick Fury. Oh, and he just so happens to be Nick Fury’s son. So that’s okay according to them. It’s a bit of a sellout.

                  Not that I don’t like Ultimate Fury or the Ultimate comics universe, in fact my favorite comic right now is Ultimate Comics Ultimate Spider-Man (thus my Miles Morales picture). I love the Ultimate Fury character, but there was no need to put him in Earth 616.

                  Anyway, I have a select few comics from both companies that I like – but comics are nothing like they used to be.

                  1. Actually I haven’t read Marvel’s new relaunching issues, are they not that great? I agree there are starting to be some pretty significant changes, (changing race, sexual preference, origin stories). I’m more forgiving with movies though because they have to come up with a new way to tell an old story, and sticking to the same storyline everyone knows would be boring to old time fans. Reinventing the films keeps it fresh for experienced and inexperienced moviegoers alike. A solution to longtime comic fans would be to make dvds release only strict to the script.

                    Hahaha wow that sounds pretty lazy. Though I thought more people prefered white Fury, but I guess they’re catering to “mainstream media” fans.

                    I highly enjoy spiderman. I’m currently reading the messy Scarlet Spider Saga u.u…

                    I feel like artwork has improved (opinion) but storytelling not so much.

        1. I favorite superheroes are Green Lantern and Aquaman. Aquaman is the biggest badass in comic book history, give him a movie stat.

  1. Reggie’s right, innovation is the key and Nintendo is always the first to implement new technology into its consoles which obviously produces sales. Wii is the clear example to starting the motion control technique and its sales obliterated PS3 and XBOX 360.

      1. Listen kid, if you don’t know what basic words mean, just don’t get on the internet. He said Wii started moion gaming and the sales obliterated Xbox and PlayStation. That means it sold better than their knock-offs.

    1. Reps from Nintendo have already stated the Zelda is in the works, and are following with the SS art direction. Keep in mind, this is a tech demo. One rep went as far as to say “there isn’t a zelda in production using the engine shown in the tech demo.”

        1. The SS art style would he more polished. I mean, games like Wind Waker, the Resident Evil 1 and Okami are always going to look good, because they’re polished, its not too ambitious.
          Twilight Princess is my favourite Zelda game, but graphically, its very unpolished, it looks..bleh sometimes, often half the time (although we havemt seen it in HD), but id rather them have an art style that will stay looking good forever, because i know i do, like many other replay Zelda games all the time.
          Plus they can make the game bigger and better if they power isnt focused on more realistic visuals.

  2. I find it funny how Microsoft and Sony haven’t done much as well. I mean, all I HAVE heard is that Sony’s Playstation is getting a new, slimmer model. That’s it.

    In all honestly too though, hardware and graphic capabilities plainly shouldn’t be a selling point either. Experiance should be, in what’s provided through either the means of play or the gameplay itself. I might be considered and old-fart (for 20 >_>’), but I really enjoy the old 2Ds of the NES era and such, just because some titles are so entertaining.

    Should Nintendo keep a mentality to deliver on gameplay experiance while covering their basis with control interface and hardware/graphical capabilities, I think people will be happy in general (or at least I will be). That and having the system do well wouldn’t hurt either. ;)

  3. Umm, why does he care? Isn’t Nintendo all about not caring about what everyone else is doing and doing their own thing. Why do they care if Sony and Microsoft are reacting to the WiiU or not?

      1. But Reggie, since you are obviously the real one, Nintendo has stated multiple times they do not care what other companies are doing, so why should you care whether or not there is competition as long as you are just doing what you do best?

  4. It’s good that Nintendo shows some guts, but I would rather of had Nintendo working on the Wii U longer. Because graphically I do not see much difference at all compared to the 360 or PS3. But will the next Gen for Sony And Microsoft cost to much for the retail games. Cause I remember reading and article of Epic Games saying to produce a game on that unreal engine 4 is going to cost so much money that we may be looking at 100 dollars or more just for a video game. And that does not even include all of the DLC.

    1. Wii U has been out 1 week. Wait a year for it to get its omfg better graphic games out. The 360 didn’t have nowadays games at launch. In fact the sucked. So be patient.

  5. It’s good that Nintendo shows some guts, but I would rather of had Nintendo working on the Wii U longer. Because graphically I do not see much difference at all compared to the 360 or PS3. But will the next Gen for Sony And Microsoft cost to much for the retail games. Cause I remember reading and article of Epic Games saying to produce a game on that unreal engine 4 is going to cost so much money that we may be looking at 100 dollars or more just for a video game. And that does not even include all of the DLC.

  6. Well Sony doesn’t really need to mimic Nintendo with a Sony/PS styled Gamepad, when they have a PS VIta and you can use that on the PS4/Orbis to act as a gamepad like device. Considering you could already use it as a controller on the PS3 based on what I’ve heard from it. On Microsoft, not sure what they’ll do but they’ll obviously use Smartglass in a way on the Durango/720. Next gen or this gen wil be interesting, that’s for sure.

      1. Smartglass is just an app for tablet, an app that doesn’t uses a real D-Pad, analog and buttons, that have bad latency and can’t interact with the games like Wii U Game Pad does. :/

        1. Smartglass actually works really well, but you’re right – it’s no substitute for a gamepad.

          I was just replying to his statement that, “Perhaps MS will integrate Surface Tablet functionality?”

          It’s essentially done with Smartglass.

  7. I generally hate everything that comes out of Reggie’s mouth, but as an early adopter to the Wii U, I see some merit in some of the things he is saying. I’d be hard-pressed to believe that Sony and Microsoft don’t already have something similar in the works though — Surface and the recent Xbox SmartGlass is at least evidence that Microsoft has a similar concept in mind. I’m not convinced that Microsoft can’t offer a superior experience and subsidize a large amount of the costs of the console and sell them at a significant loss. Of course, what they lack is some solid IPs, but they more than make up for that with third party support anyway, something that’s a reverse for Nintendo consoles since the Gamecube.

    1. No… they don’t. Name one thing Microsoft copied from Nintendo?

      Kinect is NOTHING like Wii; at all. Saying they copied Nintendo just because it has an element of motion tracking is like saying Nintendo copied Parker Brothers because they make games.

      Sony copied Wii’s motion controls, but then again, Nintendo just BLATANTLY copied XBOX360’s controller. At least Sony changed the controls up a bit and added more buttons, changed how the motion tracking worked, made it more accurate, etc.

      Nintendo just took XBOX360’s controller and moved the right analogue stick up. Oh, and they didn’t include a mic port, and the back triggers AREN’T analogue. So not only did Nintendo copy Microsoft, they copied them BADLY.


      1. And why did Nintendo clone the 360 controller? Oh that’s right cause the HaRdcOreZ will only use it to play games. Its not the main controller. ITS FUCKING OPTIONAL.

      2. Actually you’re wrong. Nintendo existed far longer than the Xbox has in the home console market. More of the controller ideas have been copied from Nintendo since the NES/SNES days. Even Playstation controller at first was a rip-off of Nintendo’s controller. Then they copied the analog stick. Then they copied the rumble feature as well. Xbox came much later, so if anything, Xbox is copying standards Nintendo have set a long time ago, maybe they improved on it, and Nintendo looked at them for some ideas how to improve theirs, but the fact remains that Nintendo was there almost 20 years before Xbox even began its existence.

      3. Besides, last I checked, I prefer the Gamecube controller much more over the Xbox controller anyway. It’s too bad that they didn’t stick with it. Just cause the controller is a little more bulky doesn’t mean that they copied it. ABXY and shoulder buttons existed since the SNES days. D-pad also. And Analog sticks since the N64 days (even before Playstation). Select and Start have been there from the beginning also. And home button since the Wii days. What else is there? Pretty much nothing.

        1. Dude, the Gamecube controller is amazing. The analog stick is by far the best, its just balanced so well :3 the C Stick isnt too good for shooters though, but aside from Metroid Prime 1 + 2 amd TimeSplitters, it does matter

      4. do you not remember the gamecube controller? it was the most comfortable controller and it had the same analog stick position. I was also more comfortable than the xbox 360 or ANY controller for that matter. They were going to make their controller with the analog stick in the same place as the 360, but they knew they would get called for copying if they didn’t, so no, they did not copy them. the controllers feel very different.

      5. 1º Smart fucking glass… well, they didn’t try enough, Smartglass doesn’t compare to gamepad.
        2º kinect, the whole point is play with your movements, like Wii. The only diference is that you don’t “need” a controller, but if you don’t see that like a copy of idea, then I can call you a fanboy.
        3º If you are saying something about the Pro controller, we can say that xbox controller is the copy of others controllers like N64, SNES, Dreamcast, PSone….

      6. The X-box 360 controller which looks like a mix of the NGC controller and the PS2 controller which is based on a mix of the N64 controller and PS1 controller Which is based on the SNES controller which is based on the NES controller which is based on Arcade machines controlling system.. Yeah. Nice copying right there. The history is filled with it.

        I would also say that it is more based on the original Wii pro controller + alittle bit of x-box 360 controller. Nothing new to see there.

        And yes, the Kinect is nothing like the Wii mote but the Eye Toy. Everything is based upon something + something.

    1. Yep… Manchester England is nothing more than a CoD/Fifa shit hole.

      About 50% of gamers are CoD/Fifa only type of guys. The rest are ok….
      I don’t mind a bit of CoD and Fifa , but to think they could be the only 2 games that you could play…… ewwww.

      They’re casual games IMO.

        1. Absoloutly…. But you have to frown at it ruining the industry and making the good games less popular…

          All the kids buy Xbox points so they can buy a new pack of fifa cards for their ”ultimate team”. No wonder The actual Youth development of English Football is at an all time low….

  8. what he says has some truth to it. I don’t really care for graphics anymore. I need something enticing from future consoles.

  9. I’m sure they will. They may not admit it but they’ll give some kind of reaction. Likely their own version like what happened with motion controls.

  10. Who’s he trying to convince: us, or himself?

    People, many of them, will ALWAYS care about “pretty pictures”.

    If graphic improvements aren’t important, why did they create a 1080p capable console and boast about it for an entire year including emphasizing it during their E3 show?

    Now that everyone knows how slow the CPU and memory bandwidth for the Wii U is, and how much more powerful NextBox and PS4 are likely going to be, of COURSE he’s going to try to brainwash everyone into thinking graphics don’t matter.

    Of course, he doesn’t realize that power doesn’t just mean better graphics. It means larger worlds, more detailed worlds, more complex engines for more complex interactions and physics (being able to dynamically destroy buildings, terrain, etc., less pop-ups in the distance, better framerates, less having to make footprints, weapons, and random elements disappear after moments due to memory limitations, etc).

    Nintendo keeps thinking just because other companies focus in power that it means they can ONLY focus on graphics. Silly, silly Nintendo…

    1. A another Aeolus caricature…Great. I hope you Sony/MS fanboys realize if the PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to be SO much more powerful it will cost $500-700. Good luck trying to sell that with how bad the economy in most countries.

    2. There is a cost to making larger worlds and more detailed worlds, they don’t just show up out of pure power, many developers will not take advantage of a bigger world option because of higher costs. I mean, wii u is capable of making large worlds, just like the current generation. Plus, the whole physics thing is dumb to me, are we paying for a slightly more realistic destruction of an object that we might not notice? The slightly more realistic addition of those little details in the environment cost more money and won’t really be noticed. It just isn’t worth the price to make such underappreciated improvements in the console.

      1. Which doesn’t make a rat’s ass of a difference. It’s still underpowered no matter how you look at it.

        Geez, every fucking Nintendrone only goes “hurr durr, gpgpu! nowadays when they don’t even know WHAT THE FUCK IT IS.

        1. Out of all the peoples comments, I can’t believe you found mine more interesting. Either that or you just want to find someone to bitch about, in time they will understand what GPGPU is capable of so it’s not of out the question.

          1. I’m pretty sure virtually any fucking game developer, no, anybody who has ANY sort of experience with PCs will know what a GPGPU does.

            You idiots are always implying it’s some sort of special GPU, guess what…it’s not.

            Fucking morons.

              1. I have absolutely no fucking clue how this comment is relevant, let alone sensible to post in response to that.

                Such is the stupidity of a Nintendrone.

        2. the ps4 or xbox 720 will either have a noticeable difference at a higher price, or not really at a competitive price. Nintendo’s consoles will always be priced at 250-300(the 350 is a better option). Plus the tiny graphical difference doesn’t make up for the features of the gamepad in my opinions. removing the freaking inventory from the tv is great! Playing on only the gamepad and adding new gameplay to some games seems great. i would have bought the 360 or ps3 if the exclusives were better, but they just did not interest me. yes there is a line to the graphics not being acceptable, but without going into a new resolution i do not care.

  11. ” faster processors and pretty pictures won’t be enough to motivate consumers.”

    Neither just inovations, will motivate them. In other words; inovations with slow parts. Fingers crossed about the gpu.

  12. Well if Sony and MS just do “MOAR POWER”, then i’ll get a PC. People are already going to PC instead, Sony and MS need to react to that, do something interesting.

    Also the rumour 2 xbox 720, both with different features is an accident waiting to happen. “Oh, this console does this, but this does this?” Well i want both features, what do i do? “You go fuck yourself and buy both, more money please”

    1. Just call yourself a hipster rather than typing all of this up. I don’t see why you keep needing to say it. You like a bunch of dorky gimmicks that last like one generation before it dies in the next; we get it already.

      1. Says i like a bunch of dorky gimmicks when i just said i’ll be going to PC next generation.

        Aeolus used Logic….but it failed!

          1. Thats not even what i said, i said, “do something interesting”.

            Clearly shows how much you’re paying attention. If the ps4 and xbox 720 is just better graphics, i might as well just go to PC and Nintendo. PC is sure as hell a lot cheaper, not to mention i have all the non gaming privileges of a PC that i could use.

            Not about me wanting gimmicks, i just want something new and exciting, a new way to connect to friends, to play my games, not “oh we have Unreal 4, money please?”

            1. Not really, that quote was based on older things you’ve already said in the past/or would say in the present. I probably should have worded it differently though.

              What do you possibly expect to do “interesting” if better specs aren’t enough for you? Better specs have been the story of nearly every gaming system, along with a new trinket orso that either stayed, or became irrelevant in subsequent generations. There isn’t much to do that /won’t/ be a gimmick at this point. Besides Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality along with something that detects the vitality of the user, I’m not seeing much left to add that hasn’t already been done one way or another.

              Also, no, a PC is sure as hell not cheaper when factoring in plenty of things. It’s also a hell of a lot more of a hassle.

              1. No, it is. I want a PC anyway, so all i need to do is spend a few more £100-200 and i can have a gaming PC, as well as something i can use for other things.
                Im not going to download shit that i could ruin my PC with, and on Steam i could save ALOT of money.

                And graphics has never been the only change. Controller designs have always changed, not to mention online, which was a big change, and the inclusion of other media services. . Just because your fanboy console hasnt changed the controller for 3 generations, and most likely 4 generations soon, doesnt make that the industry standard. Sony and Playstation brand arent even a shadow of their former selves. And dont give me shit like, “they dont rehash games” because thats bullshit, they LOST or trashed all their exclusives, no metal gear, crash, spyro, anything.

                People want those games, people have been begging for a classic Crash game forever. Just because you like to fuck about on unimaginative shooters, doesnt mean anyone else does.

                1. Controller designs do not need to change; they’ve been as they’ve ever been. You belong to a minority of said hipsters who think there needs to be a new one every generation–there does not need to be.

                  Graphics (and physics) have always been the biggest change, not just more buttons on controllers, NES to SNES, Master Systems to Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES to N64, PS1 to PS2, I can go on and on. Those “media services” are irrelevant fluff, at best when it came to GAMING ADVANCEMENTS.

                  “People want those games” No, speak for your fucking self; YOU want those games. That’s the proper statement to make here you insolent little shit.

            2. He has just told you that PC’s are not cheaper when you factor in a lot of things. Clearly has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about. Move on.

              1. Either, explain how it isn’t towards the contrary or shut the fuck up. YOU don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You never do, so don’t pretend that you do, because I will gut you like a fucking fish if you tried.

  13. Well I would love to see some more innovation in this industry. I think Microsoft and Sony need to compete at a whole different level than Nintendo. I mean the Wii was the most unique console of it’s generation because it was so far different from PS360. All three consoles had their ups and downs but the PS3 and Xbox 360 were very similar compared to how different the Wii was. Yes the Wii missed out on a lot of great third party titles (I hope Wii U does not suffer the same fate) but it did have a lot of sleeper hits that I will forever cherish and am glad that I was able to purchase them and experience them. I hope Wii U will get that same variety of games while also getting the best of the third party while Sony and Microsoft also have their own unique experiences that can’t be played anywhere else. Sometimes variety is a good thing.

  14. Idk what the mass consumers want, but I know I will not be happy if the ps4 and 720 are only about power and don’t at least try to do something different.

  15. Reggie has always been arrogant lol; don’t you remember his first line as president of NOA “My name is Reggie, I’m about taking names, I’m about kicking ass and were about making games”.

  16. He is right that the competition will have to react to the Wii U. Innovation should always be the driving force of the industry. And the Wii U has that in spades. Leave luck to heaven.

  17. It seems to me that, in this day in age, faster processors and pretty pictures are enough to attract consumers. And I guarantee you that Sony and Microsoft are reacting to Wii U. Just not publicly. Nintendo shouldn’t be worried, though. As soon as more people find out what Wii U is and what it can do I’m sure it’ll be a big success. I have mine, and it’s incredible.

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