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The Wii U Is Somewhat Portable

Although the new Wii U is primarily a home video game console, who’s to say you can’t take it with you and play it on the go? You don’t always need the TV screen to see what is being displayed by the Wii U, because of its unique touchscreen controller, the Wii U GamePad.

This means that, for example, if you have your Wii U powered on via a car power adapter, you can play full games, including Scribblenauts Unlimited and New Super Mario Bros. U, on road trips without dragging along a cumbersome TV.

117 thoughts on “The Wii U Is Somewhat Portable”

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  1. My Wii entered my living room day 1 and stayed plugged to my TV for 6 years. My Wuu U is not going anywhere. I protect my precious.

  2. I’m not certain how much power the Wii U takes but using a car battery to power it would use a lot of electricity I’m sure.

      1. (^o^) What?! Aeolus is that really you? What a loser. I knew you were an attention whore Nintendo fan. So whenever you bash Nintendo I will link you to this post.

        1. *sigh* Aeolus is not a hater -__- He is just trying to take you guys down when you get your hopes to high or are acting unreasonable and one sided in an argument not considering that the opposite might be true when that is a realistic outcome.

              1. It’s funny because you, yourself, mentioned reading an entire GAF thread. So I could only imagine I could use this both ways for you.

                This is stuff anyone could have known. It’s all over the internet and it was an answer to what the user didn’t happen to be aware of. So really, it’s not like you accomplished anything with this assumption besides being an inflammatory twit.

  3. False. You cannot take them on roadtrips. There is a certain signal that only goes so far. Signals can’t stretch across the United States or Europe between your Wii U and the Gamepad. The Gamepad doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so that option is invalid.
    I find it funny that this author said that.

    1. *Facepalm*
      Hand in palm
      Palm face
      Anyways, he meant take the WHOLE console with you.
      Make sure you have an AC outlet in your car, plug in the power cord to the Wii U
      And play on the controller. This is what he meant.

    2. I love how you people actually thought I was serious. Trolling for the win.

      But now for my real comment.
      This is an ingenious idea. I don’t own a Wii U yet, butehen I do, I need to try this out. While this isn’t news, it’s a pretty great idea to try out. Nintendo should use that as advertisement.

      1. You were not trolling, you were serious and now you’re trying to divert attention away from yourself.

        Well, it’s too fucking late.

          1. This is the first time i agree with aeolus, and I think he is being very reasonable. if stevenski98 had made an attempt to make it look like he was trolling, maybe, but he didnt. so i agree with aeolus.

      2. You weren’t fake trolling. You are just trying to recover from being wrong. And if you were fake trolling, it’s a stupid thing to do. So many trolls are so dumb that you can’t “fake troll” or people may think you are actually serious.

  4. I did this on a charter bus to Houston during the holidays. The bus had regular wall outlets. Coolest thing ever, I played Assassin’s Creed 3 and didnt even touch my 3DS… a PORTABLE console, lol

  5. This really isn’t news. This is something that someone could of easily figured out the day the WiiU was announced.

            1. I don’t find alba to be horrible. Sites like this have to keep traffic flowing, so sometimes they post articles that seem like there is a slow news day. It’s not hurting anyone, don’t like it, don’t read it, simple.

            2. Alba is ok. But if you read overall many of the posts he does are just for making flame wars, which is good for the site but maybe not what we as readers need/want to get notifications about..

            1. No sir, you are incorrect. Alba is a dude, its been said before by Sickr,maybe he’s a big Jessica Alba fan, or a F.E.A.R. fan, who knows but its a queer name for a dude.

  6. This is wonderful news! I knew of course it’s a wireless controller and you can switch between the gamepad and tv, but I never knew you can bring it with you on road trips possibly MILES away from your home! This is pretty revolutionary!

  7. Why are some of you dumbasses bashing the author. Not a lot of ppl are gonna know they can do this especially when the console just launched. Good job alba cuz I didn’t think of this.

      1. TECHNICALLY speaking, the Wii U does have a battery, but it’s only a tiny watch battery, which doesn’t necessarily do much as far as power goes…
        But I agree. Maybe I’ll take my old GameGo outlet adaptor with me and my Wii U on road trips…

      2. Well its only 15v 5 amp so the battery might be a little bit big because of the amp draw. If its in your car you could only go as far as the pad can be away from that. Hang out any where there is a wifi hot spot if you don’t have a phone. blops at MC Donald anyone.

  8. This is perhaps the most useless post in this website’s history. We were already aware of this! This even news! Since when did this become alba’s personal diary?

    1. That’s a complete bash. Not everyone knows as much about the Wii U as you, you should take this as “I’m smart, I already thought of this” not “this guy’s personal diary is on a news website”.

      I really do congratulate you on figuring this out though.

      1. Well guess what, this isn’t Mommy’, anyone with any intelligence could figure this out on there own. By the way, nice job with the damage control after you made a mistake in your early post.

        1. Honestly, I think your intelligence comment (basically calling everyone else unintelligent) is more needed than bashing an author. It can be a slow news day sure, but the author wanted to share his newfound discovery with people. And there are a number of people that don’t know. I don’t think that this is, but there are times for bashing and there aren’t. This is not one if those times.

          By the way that is not damage control. The author below me, or two below me had posted about being able to do this on a charter bus. I saw this and totally wanted to test the smartness of people.

          Slight loss of faith in humanity, but nothing too major.

  9. Well you’ll actually need to take the console with you but this does eliminate taking portable tv’s with you. I remember I had a portable tv, you know those that they make for consoles, I had one for the Gamecube, it lasted 2 trips but wtf, it broke after 2 trips, especially when it cost around as much as the console itself. I see this being useful for vacations and can be useful for hotels and such.

  10. Well, duh. I mean most people could have figured this out already on their own. What would be interesting is if Nintendo started to advertise people playing the Wii U in their cars/vans like that. Haha then ignorant people would think that Nintendo made a real portable console (although it could work) which would give it an edge over the competition. Should be interesting to see.

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  12. I am sorry, but I am clueless about the AC Outlet. Did this guy buy a Wii U Car Adapter and plug it into the system, or did he just plug in some Wii U cable into the AC outlet?

    Someone please (who actually knows what they’re talking about) explain!

    1. It’s a bullet train. So he just plugged it into the wall outlet provided on the train.

      You could buy a standard power inverter for your car though which plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter to power anything that runs off of a wall outlet. Then you’d be able to play in the car as well. Just don’t plug in anything too power hungry since the fuse is usually set at about 120W. But with a 75W max Wii U you should be fine.

      Pretty cool that you can easily set your console up in a coffee shop, train or random room without a TV.

  13. You can also use wifi signals outputted by certain smart phones for the Wii U so you can play online on the go as well.

  14. Silly Alba! I just read this news on NintendoEverything, and Alba has got it all wrong.

    She was assuming that Wii U could plug into Cars’ AC Adaptar Outlets, when they can’t. Cars don’t have regular outlets, just ones specialized mainly for phones. Wii U does not have a Car Adapter. PLUS, silly Alba did not mention that this Japanese man was on a TRAIN, ya know, where they actually HAVE POWER OUTLETS.

    WII U IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CARS. I REPEAT WII U IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CARS. unless for some reason your car has power outlets.


    1. I have an adapter for my car, so… No he is not misleading you. Although you do need an adapter to use this idea. It’s kinda common sense. No bashing intended, brah.

  15. I think the next nintendo console would be the union between 3DS and Wii U… the 3DSU!! you can take the “gamepad” wherever you go and play 3DS games, and when you return home you can sync data and other stuff and play Wii and Wii U games in 3D…

    1. Possible, depends how efficient internet speeds and connection are in the future. In theory, the console could stream the game trough wifi, or even 3G/4G/whatever.

      However, thats not really portable. The thing about the gameboy’s/DS’s ect is that theyre very portable. Bigger than most phone, but smaller than a tablet, and they fold up so you can have all the buttons you need ect, and not accidently clip them or damage them, say if tye screen and buttons were never protected, and made of fragile materials *cough* Vita. So you’d need a flap, but then you couldnt have proper analogs.

      I duno, whatever

    1. Some pretty cool ones in there, like Ryo from Shenmue, Bayonetta, Vectorman, and for some reason Hatsune Miku…yeah, the singing anime/hologram.

  16. Hey check the japanese nintendo website they just said that Wii U TVii will come out in Japan December 8th, possibly US date

  17. One thing that confused me in the picture is the fact that that is a bento box with chopsticks and from the looks of it, it is on a shinkansen(or perhaps a plane)suggesting its in Japan. Yet it isn’t December 8th yet…

  18. But who in their right minds (except stupid kids) would ever take their Wii U console with them when they go places? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB! Good way to break it or have it stolen.

  19. I’m sorry, isn’t that the whole point of the 3DS,DS,Vita,etc. Why would I want to take a wii U and play it on the go when I have the portability and better games on myy 3DS! But cool idea!

  20. GamePad+Bento Box+Wii U = A nice transit. On a more serious note, this is totally impractical, but obviously able to be done. Someone get this guy a 3DS XL! :D

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