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Nintendo TVii Available At Wii U Launch In Japan

When the Wii U launches in Japan, on December 8th, Nintendo TVii will be made available for Japanese consumers from the get-go. Nintendo confirmed earlier this week that Nintendo TVii is coming next year to select regions in Europe. The built-in, convenient application will be activated next month for Wii U owners in North America.

24 thoughts on “Nintendo TVii Available At Wii U Launch In Japan”

    1. We will probably get it either around the same time as Europe, or Nintendo of Australia is just going to screw us over like they always do.

        1. Ugh, several months and several phone calls later I’m still waiting for them to fix Zen pinball and make it work seeing as one of there system updates decided to make it not work. Nintendo of Australia just plain sucks : I

      1. Ahh right, not cool :/ Yeah NoA isn’t that great, but Australia seems to always be screwed when it comes to game related stuff. (look at our prices compared to America).
        Thankyou though!

        1. God I know right, that’s why I’ve decided to import. Australia is just too expensive. And yeah NoA only really seems to like metropolitan areas like Sydney & Brisbane. It sucks being in Wagga Wagga x3 They never do anything for regional areas,

    2. I don’t know if it will be available anytime soon here. We don’t have services like netflix (although there is quickflix) hulu etc yet available to us, leaving this kind of useless here. There is plans to bring netflix over to Australia but that got canned or held back to a later date. I think the problem its that here, our broadband is either not widely quick enough or adsl providers having plans to accommodate massive streaming such as this.

      Though 4G has just been introduced to here only to major cities (I live in Canberra and they always forget us here but it’s available), adsl providers will have to adapt their broadband plans to accommodate an increase of bigger and more downloads.

      1. Well hopefully we get it, plus everything else the Wii U has to offer. But we seem to always have bad luck with this kind of stuff, so yeah.
        Thanks :)

    1. The Wii was the same way. I think it’s the way holidays differ between regions. Here in the states we have “Black Friday” which is a day after Thanksgiving (a feast day on the 4th Thursday of the month of November) and such a great majority do holiday shopping that weekend. So NoA needed it out early to get the most out of the holiday season. Japan the PSV launched in early December and I think it did okay at the launch time for the holidays, so they can still offer the Wii U a little later.

      Handhelds the opposite is true, we Americans get them last since it’s a harder sell over here, where like everyone and their children’s children in Japan already have 3DSes.

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