Wii Mini Leaked, Coming December 7th

Canada’s Best Buy website has revealed that the rumoured Wii Mini is in fact real and will be available to purchase on December 7th. The console sports a square form factor, a black and red colour scheme and comes bundled with a Wii Remote.


    1. yeah right, It’s Gameboy Micro again, I got that before i got DS. Might as well get this before getting Wii U

  1. This will be painful come christmas. Could of atleast used a different naming scheme or spaced the release dates apart a little more.

  2. This shows what the Wii should of looked like in 2006 O.o it is beautiful. Finally a console with a sense of style and taste.

    1. Not that i want one, if i wanted a Wii now, id just get a WiiU and have both. The design is cool though.

    2. Is it really suprising to you that Nintendo are carrying on producing the wii ? this isn’t the gamecube where it sold 20M and needed discontinuing straight away. The wii sold 100M! They will probably keep producing Wii’s for another couple of years. And although they said they aren’t making any first party games for wii , I’m sure lots of third party games , cough sing and dancing games wil be made for wiiu.

      Just like how the DS still is kinda supported whilst the 3DS is taking off. Like Sony did with the PS2. You can’t avoid success from the previous generation…

      1. I’m not surprised that they’re still going to try and sell it off, ‘m just surprised they actually remodelled it, and at the launch of their new system at that, just seems like something they shouldve done a couple of years ago when the sales dropped

  3. This will make a great christmas present ! Hopefull it’s about £80 , any more and I’m never paying for it.

  4. Alas, I’m fairly certain it won’t play gamecube games. If it did, I would definitely pick one up.

  5. Dafuq? I am displeased with this. They could’ve atleast waited a couple of months and not releasing it so close with their current gen system. Well, parents might buy it as they do not care so much if something is last gen but I find it strange that they put manpower into this when they could’ve used that to make more Wii U’s.

  6. So, tomorrow’s te big day for you Folks in Britian? Excited?
    I have been very happy with my WiiU so far! (US)

    1. 11:59PM on thursday is the time for us! Except I’m getting mine at 5PM on thursday , cus I’m breaking the street date :P . Not allowed to connect it online till about 1ish though …

  7. …How come the Wii U couldn’t get fancy color schemes? Not to sound like a little bitch, but seriously. They’re trying to sell a 7-year old, last gen console that will obviously compete against the Wii U.

    1. “While the system (Wii mini) has no Internet connectivity options or Gamecube support…” -BestBuy


  8. It looks very sexy, but I already have a Wii-U. Guess the Wii mini is good for those that haven’t own a Wii yet

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