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McMillen Says The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Is Being Developed, Would Like On Wii U And 3DS

Edmund McMillen the developer behind Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac has confirmed that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is currently in development for consoles. McMillen says that the new look of the game might soften up the folks at Nintendo, as they were opposed to bringing out the original on Nintendo platforms. Here’s what he had to say.

“It’s still too early to tell for sure what consoles the game will end up on, but both Microsoft and Sony feel like it would be a perfect fit for their digital platforms, and we have a feeling the new look might soften up a few people at Nintendo for a possible Wii U/3DS eShop release. I’m wary about how the game might control on iPad, but if they can make it work, I’m all for it.”

23 thoughts on “McMillen Says The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Is Being Developed, Would Like On Wii U And 3DS”

  1. The pixel perfect graphics behind all of Edmund’s games would make them perfect for Wii U and the control schemes would match the GamePad pretty well too.

    1. Plus Edmund is a huge Nintendo fan, it would be great for him to get Team Meats games on their systems. He seems like a good guy.

  2. If McMillen would like to bring the game to Nintendo’s system, Nintendo should welcome them. More support for the eShop anyway.

  3. Seeing as Nintendo is approaching the Wii U’s online strategy with the Nintendo eShop more differently than the Nintendo 3DS, I can see it happening on the Wii U.

    Hopefully, the same can be said about the NIntendo 3DS as well.

  4. As someone who has put about 10 hours into The Binding Of Issac on PC I’m really hoping this ends up coming to the Wii U, especially if they expand upon the original even more (like what they did with the Wrath of the Lamb DLC, more of everything please!)

  5. If the can allow that freaky game ‘LITTLE INFERNO’ why can’t the binding of Isaac be on the Wii U. Am Christian and am disturbed that Dark siders 2 is on the Wii U with all it’s twist to a Christian Hebrew life.

      1. Conservative but not crazy! Was happy Obama won! for he was a better choice than the other dude. Now back to gaming, I want to play litte inferno, might even play darksiders 2. I want games games games on the Wii U. Indie third parties; also grand second parties. Don’t forget Xseed’s localizing :).

        1. Eh, I don’t like Darksiders 2. The game looks corny to me and reminds me too much of Heroes of Ruin with its art style.

          However, Little Inferno is in no way a “religious” game. There is no mention of religion in the game—it’s just a really eerie and dark game. Much like The Binding of Isaac, it uses dark humor to achieve the main point of the game in the first place. In no way are either of those games going against any religious beliefs people may have—myself included.

          It’s the same like scoffing at any of Family Guy’s religious jokes—they’re jokes. They’re not meant to be taken literally. Most of the time, they all have underlying messages that the show’s creators and writers are trying to address the audience with. Other shows and movies have done this and music has as well.

          It’s like saying that it’s wrong to have curse words in video games or killing of any kind. You might as well make it so Mario hugs a Goomba to befriend them rather than jump on their heads to make them disappear into a puff of smoke by smashing them to bits with a hammer, punch, tail-whip, or classic jump on the head.

  6. I hope they do make it for the 3DS and Wii U. I like the game so much and I would like it if I could take the game anywhere on my 3DS.

  7. Nope.

    ‘The Binding of Isaac’ has themes that may be strongly considered religious and/or unethical. Nintendo, as a familiy-friendly company, has always been against having games like that since the NES. (I’m personally glad they took that stand.) So don’t expect these kind of games anytime soon on Ninty consoles.

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