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Activision Says Nintendo 3DS And Vita Facing Challenging Times


Vice president of mobile development for Activision, Greg Canessa says that both Nintendo and Sony can’t ignore the looming rise of smartphones and tablets. Canessa argues that while you can’t get console quality experiences on either of those devices, you can get great games. These games cost a fraction of those found on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

“There’s no doubt that that space faces challenges. They are more directly competitive with what’s going on in the tablet and mobile space and there’s a lot more overlap there, to be honest.

“It is a challenging market, and challenging in a number of ways. From a gameplay immersiveness standpoint, from price point and business model standpoint, I mean it’s $40 for some of those games and you can get great experiences – not necessarily comparable experience, but great nonetheless – for seven dollars on a tablet.”

“Our relationships with Sony and Nintendo are important and we continue to support them by creating games on both [Vita and 3DS] platforms. Beyond that the market’s going to speak ultimately as to the viability of those products.”

169 thoughts on “Activision Says Nintendo 3DS And Vita Facing Challenging Times”

  1. He is atleast realistic :) But I think the 3ds will stand strong and that it has actually done what I think is needed to compete strongly against mobile gaming.

    The Vita on the other hand… I wish it went better for it than it does, but sales speaks for themselves :/

    1. yah i agree that the 3DS will stand strong with animal crossing and luigis Mans. coming soon. but the PSV is really doing bad.

    2. Realistic?
      Sounds more like hypocritical, to me, since he seems to be conveniently ignoring all of the great small indie titles being developed for the handhelds that phones aren’t seeing, when he should not.

            1. Yeah, you think the Exchange rate would bring it down. But our minimum wage seems to be a lot higher, and because of that businesses think we can pay more, plus import taxes too x3 That’s why I just buy from the UK for Nintendo and US for sony. Saves me a fortune.

    1. Now, now. Let’s not think like Apple fanboys here: “IT’S MORE EXPENSIVE CUZ IT’S BETTER!!”
      It’s all in the content. There’s some great $0.99 – $10 games out there, but most are shitty and unoriginal.

  2. Except, Nintendo is doing wonderfully in the handheld market. Plus, Sony has tablets and smartphones too in addition to the PlayStation Mobile initiative on Android devices and PlayStation Vita. So….

  3. “Our relationships with Sony and Nintendo are important and we continue to support them by creating games on both [Vita and 3DS] platforms.”

    Lol no you don’t. I’ve little love for the Vita, but you farmed out CoD instead of making it yourselves.

  4. Honestly, what’s hurting the two handhelds tremendously is the prices of their hardware and software.
    Great examples:
    3DS’s launch price – $250
    Vita’s 32GB Memory Card price: Up to $100

    1. High price is an excuse for bad marketing. Apple sells millions of devices over and over every year at unreasonably high prices; Devices that have much cheaper alternatives out there. What’s more, their accessories are expensive too, yet they have no problem at all selling them. Why? Their marketing works.

  5. These are the same people who brought us Angry Birds 3DS and Call of Duty: Declassified on the Vita. Two of the worst releases in a long time and horribly. HORRIBLY overpriced.

  6. eh, what do they know. I own all devices pictured, actually upgraded versions in a 3ds XL and iPhone 5. I own several games on ALL of them and play each based on different circumstances. I also have a ps3, xbox and Wii u, because like handhelds and mobile, they all offer unique experiences and software not available on their counterparts. I get this, not everybody does or can afford to. Maybe if they were properly marketed to the right demographics, things would be different. Also, people buy what is cool and in, with all the hate people have for Vita, it’s not catching on as it’s not trendy. How can so many people have a real opinion yet the sales are so low. Most opinions are based on reviews or demo’s, thats not giving it a fair shake.


  7. No such thing as mobile games that are real games. they are ALL crappy and stupid. I have seen too many mario rip offs on them

    1. The Walking Dead is on iOS … and it’s up for GOTY.

      There is also Final Fantasy, Rayman, GTA III, GTA Vice City (Very soon) Shadowgun, NFS: Most Wanted, Max Payne, Bards Tale, Minecraft, Predators, The Sims, Plants v Zombies.

      I wouldn’t consider them crappy and stupid and these are ones I can only remember, there are plenty more.

        1. Final Fantasy (Much better and more stunning looking port)
          Rayman (Probably, I dont know)
          GTA 3 (Duhh)
          GTA: VC (Duhhhh)
          Shadowgun (No it’s not)
          NFS: MW (Only just released)
          Max Payne (Don’t know)
          Bards Tales (No it’s not)
          Minecraft (Not really)
          Predators (No, it’s not)
          The Sims (Dont know)
          Plants v Zombies (Kinda)

          There isnt many ports.

          1. Not sure if you know how to count

            How are minecraft and PvZ not ports? So far on your list the ports outnumber the originals.

            1. He said old ports of games released years ago. I was referencing to the fact they aren’t old ports, they’re still fairly new. Besides, Wii U, Vita, most consoles have more ports than phones do.

        2. Also, if you’re so concerned about ports, what about the Wii U? It has old ports, does anyone care? NO! Did you want to bring it up? Lol probably not (I’m not hating, I’m just sick of people hating for the lamest god damn excuses!)

  8. 3DS is leading, PSVita, not that much
    but comparing Handheld with smartphones is just humiliating and wont be forgiven

    1. 3DS is leading…what exactly? The mobile market absolutely eclipses that of either portable in size and support.

      Also, I don’t see why either can’t be compared. Smartphones =/= entire mobile market.

      1. The 3ds is leading the Dedicated Handheld Games console market.
        It’s in a really good state. It’s (still) selling faster than the DS which is the fastest seling system of all time and is very close to taking over the ps3 in sales.

        Comparing Mobile phone games to Handhelds is ridiculous. Animal crossing sold a million in one week in japan… at $40 a piece.

        I can accept the fact that there is millions more smartphones than handheld games consoles. but that was always gunna be the case. The thing is how many of those phone owners are hardcore gamers. And if they are hardcore gamers they probably own a 3ds or vita… or DS or PSP.

        1. “Leading the dedicated handheld games console market.”

          What’s the hell is that supposed to be saying? That’s not saying /anything/ in any significant way that actually matters. The 3DS is underperforming in western territories and continues to do so. That’s a market that matters, not the land of cute anime girls with bulging eyes = money in the bank.

          There are heaps of reasons to compare smartphon–erhem, MOBILE to dedicated handhelds. Notably ON THE GO GAMING. Which is the entire point of portable games to begin with.

          “The thing is how many of those phone owners are hardcore gamers. And if they are hardcore gamers they probably own a 3ds or vita… or DS or PSP.”

          Core gamers*. News flash, core gaming on handhelds is in complete decline. 3DS is not helping that situation in the western market one bit.

          1. errrrrm , the 3ds is right on track in the west . It’s not selling as much as the ps3 and 360 yet because the installed base isn’t there yet.

            It’s sold 7 million in USA in a year and a half , that’s fast.

            It doesn’t matter if there is 1 billion IOS and android devices in the world. They won’t be able to slow Nintendo’s handhelds down. Like I said , the 3ds globably is currently just about the fastest selling gaming sytem ever made.

            Please feel free to explain how that’s a fail.

            1. No it is not on the right track in the west, in fact it’s actually almost irrelevant in the west. It offers nothing vastly different from it’s predecessor and for the developers who bother, not a single one of their games can break the 1 million mark. The 3DS is demonstrating mediocre western performance.

              7 million in that time frame is not fast at all buddy. Especially in a market where established mobile hardware brands can push those numbers in a week.

              LOL, are you fucking kidding yourself? Do you really think just because it can exceed the original DS’ LTD means it’s destined to be a long lived success? In a market where mobile is on an UPWARD SURGE? Do you know what slows down hardware? When third parties plain and simply leave it to ROT for better platforms. The 3DS has no stellar third party “exclusives” (RE is seemingly about to go multiplatform, for one) and virtually NO relevance in the west as far as gaming goes.

              1. you have really exposed your self here today…… STOP comparing mobile phones to game consoles. 2 totaly different things.

                The 3ds is selling faster than ANY games console EVER globaly. Now stfu. it doesn’t matter how many phones are selling lol.

                1. I’ll be shocked if the 3DS even breaks the PSP’s lifetime sales.

                  That’s how bad the future is shaping up to be for it in a market now being fueled by mobile; not dedicated devices.

                  1. HAHAHA , are you fucking serious ? Well don’t be shocked when the 3ds easily clears the 100Million mark by its 6th year.

                    The 3ds is shaping up nicely. It’s sonys side of handheld gaming which has shriveled up. Hopefully the vita will do Gamcube lifetime sales….

                    1. He is serious man. Yes, gamers will buy the 3ds or vita over a dumbphone for gaming purposes but not casuals. Do you know how big part of the handheld sales that are thanks to the casuals? Yeah, a whole lot. Sorry, but the facts Aeolus brings up to the table are beating yours on the paper and even though the 3ds sells well it would not survive if the market dies which is a factor you are not taking into consideration.

                      The problems the dedicated handhelds have is:
                      1. A phone is more “portable” and on the go as everyone always brings their phones with them
                      2. The games are more accessable all the time and you never have to go to an actuall store and buy them. Thankfully Nintendo starts to realise this, but without access everywhere like a phone they are still doomed to lose on this point as one can buy a game on the go.
                      3. The prices are higher, yes you get the quality you pay for and most of the games are really good. But casuals do not care for quality, they care for timekillers and many iPhone games are wonderfull at killing your time, much better at this than most quality titles. Heck, why do you think people play Farmville?

                      This is a big problem as it might take away a big part of the customers. I personally will always go handheld over phone (well, unless Nintendo decides to put their exclusives on a phone, it adds actuall buttons and that 99.9999999999999% of the 5 star rated games are not showelware) but we have to see the bigger picture and not only taking our own preferences into account.

                      1. The next Nintendo Handheld will have phone features built in. Don’t be suprised if the 3dsi has phone features and anywhere internet.

                        NIntendo’s handheld market share has actually grown lol.
                        So you can’t say anything negative about the 3ds just yet. It’s on track to be a very successfull games console.

                        And I think even Apple will never be able to take NIntendo’s Dedicated gaming market away from them. Not with games like Mario , Animal crossing , Monster Hunter on the 3ds…

                      2. Why argue with Aeolus? He will lower you down to his level of idioticness then beat you with experience lol.

                        1. 100 mil??? come on man, the wii hasn’t even sold that much and soccer moms and grandmas were buying that thing. I actually agree that it is somewhat irrelevant in the West, especially with the “i’m not a gamer” ad campaign. 100 million? Surely you jest.

                          1. 100 Milion Worldiwde , Guaranteed. The 3ds is selling WELL in the west. ANd it will only get faster as it gets cheaper and more games come out. Pokemon 3D will be out in a year or 2 , Luigi’s mansion , castlevania , Monster Hunter , etc etc etc.

                            There is no way the 3ds won’t sell.

                      3. Why do you even reply to this guy? He is a delusional fanboy who thinks he is always right, even though most of the times he is not. He has been cherry-picking what to reply to, because he is too embarrassed to reply to posts that really exposes his ignorance and “fanboyism”.

                        He has been preaching that he is a real true hardcore gamer, who owns all systems, but in the end all he does is bash Nintendo due to pure hatred (or maybe he is just a fat troll who feeds his existence off the replies).

                        For some reason he is still in this website, maybe because of people like you? Who still give a consideration to what he says… Just learn how to ignore this show-off and this blog will be a much better place.

                        But what can I say, this blog is already losing its charm… The comments section is no longer healthy with a lot of positiveness, all we get now are pure hatred, bashing and long wall-of-text discussions over petty things. Welcome to, a place where the bad people abuse the lack of true moderation.

                        1. It’s been way worse than it is now lol. The trolls of this website actually seem to be in decline. It’s now mostly Nintendo Fans and Neutrals… an the odd troll.

                2. man, are you spotting or something? have you left your tampon in to long because that can cause serious problems internally. look, you seem to hate Nintendo and you are now bashing the Vita because it suits your ultimate goal to undermine Nintendo products anyway you can. Just retire from the hating game, because the way I see it once you cant tell friends from enemies (phones) then its time to go

              2. The 3DS is very close to take over the Playstation 3 in sales ?
                Lol. Are you stupid or something ? Please stop making up things, you obviously don’t even know what you’re talking about.

              1. Oh sorry, didn’t see this comment of yours before replying to the other one.
                And now that I’ve seen this one, I must say that I am entirely sure that you are stupid indeed. The 3DS taking over the PS2 in sales… What a joke.

                1. You seem to be the uninformed stupid one here. Go and see Wikiedia Lifetime sales of DS and PS2. The DS is about 1.5M behind the ps2 and unlike the PS2 is still selling.

                  It’s almost guaranteed in the next year and a half the DS will be the most successfull Gaming system in terms of Hardware numbers ever.

                  PS2= 155,000,000
                  DS = 153,000,000
                  Wii = 100,000,00 (roughly)
                  PS3 and 360 = 70,000,000

                  for comparisons sake..

                    1. I should add, not your comment. Kairi said 3DS. You said DS although the way it was worded could have thrown some off to think you meant 3DS. Thus the whole confusion of the debate.

                  1. Oh, I thought you said the 3DS is taking over the PS2/PS3. My mistake, I’m sorry (:
                    I misunderstood what you meant and thought you were referring to the 3DS, apologies. q:
                    And I wouldn’t really call it guaranteed that the DS is going to take over, because the PS2 is still selling indeed.

                    1. Aaaaaah right. A joint misunderstanding lol!

                      It looks like the DS is going to take over the PS2 if it sells as much as it did in 2012 next year…

                      The PS2 has a higher software attache rate than the DS does anyway.. SO does the wii lol.

        2. Phones should not be considered gaming devices in my opinion.
          Mostly for one reason : there are no buttons, dpad, sticks etc.

          1. That’s a pretty terrible excuse. Considering gameloft is releasing a controller for mobile/tablet games, you might need a better excuse.

        3. So thery are saying that burning 350-700 dollars for some cheaply made glorified flash game is better than…. a 30-60 dollar A Work of Art (to put it in simpler terms)?

            1. Did I say ALL smart phones or tablets? No.
              “Which happens to look better than the entire 3DS library…. lol hmm”
              What about the Vita I wasn’t only takling bout the 3DS. Also, who gives a shit! I’ve never mentioned anything about the graphical power of the 3DS or Vita compared to smartphones or tablets, they are on two different categories! Lastly you said how it looks better and that’s it. Please tell me what more this has to offer feel free to do!

              1. bty I have nothing aginst smartphones or table games. Only when people think it’s better than console/handhelds. In some cases yes they are.

                1. Mobile is a cheaper and more easily accessible option for casuals and on-the-go gameplay. The very fact that the devices themselves that account for heaps of software sales are actually becoming daily necessities (smartphones) for anyone who actually has a life is only another nail in the coffin for dedicated handhelds. That market is now shrinking and becoming a niche market while mobile will inevitably come out on top with a better business model.

                  Ironically, the Vita is probably the only dedicated handheld worth taking along in terms of functionality. The 3DS has absolutely nothing that could benefit a user outside of gameplay, not to mention the original’s battery life is worse than the Vita.

                  1. I’ll have to stop you there. The 3DS is a friggen video game handheld. The purpose is to play video games while your on the go. Simple enough. It’s just more connveinient to have those extra features/ software. That’s why smartphones/tables are so populat… It’s so convienient.

                    1. Simple enough? So why isn’t that the case when the mobile market is doing that BETTER and for much LESS or even FREE?

                      Note the use of caps to convey the message that your brand loyalty is distorting the simpler truth. Why would people want to carry around this 3DS, over a smartphone/tablet which can do all of that and more?

                      Basically you seem to be admitting dedicated handhelds are becoming niche gaming.

                  2. Makes you wonder though, if this flood of mobile apps will eventualy cause a crash. I Understand that $1 apps are appealing, but since most of these $1-$2 apps are so simple, it must cause fatigue, i know im tired of mario and it not as simple as most of these apps.

                    1. It’s possible, especially because your average mobile app will make quite a lot less money than a handheld game.

                      Not everything is the behemoth that is Angry Birds, and most developers are dreaming of 10million downloads, which would obviously garner about the same amount in revenue for a 99c app.

                      A $35 handheld game will make that much with less than 300k sales.

              2. Vita has quite a number of games that look better than that title, especially Wipeout 2048…which was a launch title. By the way, when you said “cheaply made glorified flash game” you were clearly stereotyping the games offered, which is nothing but total bullshit.

                Whatever else it (that game) has to offer is something you find out on your own, I’m not entitled to answer stupid questions from a Nintendrone. Find out yourself, read reviews, watch developer interviews.

                1. Oh so I’m a nintendrone now because I’m posting what I feel about this?! Your one to judge >.> Looks like someone can’t can’t back up their claim. I’ve played real video games my whole life so I know what they have to offer. Yeah you pointed about wipeout, a game based on a tv show that most of us don’t care about. There, you feel happy now?

                  1. I think you’re confused a tad :P Wipeout 2048 is a car racing game isn’t it? Not the hilarious show where people smash themselves xD

                2. Come back to me when smartphones can run Resident evil revelations or Monster Hunter Ultimate in glasses free , sterescopic 3D. Until then please grab something to eat , sit down and shut the fuck up.

                    1. ”Except for the 3d bit” – sterescopic 3d doesnt happen by magic pixy power. It’s Dual rendering graphics.

                      The 3ds is actually quite powerfull and I don’t think a smartphone could play Monster Hunter Ultimate. It’s a huge enhanced graphics wii game about 4-5 GB’s in size.

                        1. The thing that makes me laugh , is that everyone says the wiiu needs a capacitive touchscreen and 3ds does too LMAO. Smartphones don’t have buttons (usualy) so Capacative screen helps you zoom in with 2 fingers and is relevant. On Nintendo devices you have buttons , so you dont need a capacative screen , that would just be a gimmik ….

                          1. The touch screens they have are just fine (well the 3ds is) I don’t get my WIi U till boxing day x3 So close! :D

                      1. 3DS is not “powerful” by any stretch of imagination…

                        Pica200 is a dated GPU and modern ones plain and simply outperform it. Also, why are you playing fucking guesswork? You say you don’t think a smartphone could play it, but you can’t even PROVE IT.

                        1. The game file size for one. The 3ds is not weak ”by any strech of imagination” otherwise it wouldn’t be able to run the likes of Resident evil , Kid icarus , Kingdom hearts , Monster hunter , in stereoscopic 3d.

                          You’re making me lol here. It doesn’t matter about the specs of Mobile phones, they’re mostly used for the operating system.

                          1. Uhm, excuse me? Smartphones usually offer expandable memory and a large chunk of internal memory, file size is …completely irrelevant.

                            None of those titles you listed are even visually impressive in the modern mobile market, and certainly not with the Vita around, don’t know why you keep bringing these up when there are better looking games on mobile platforms.

                            Also, nobody gives a FUCK about 3D.

                            You’re literally clueless, I could throw a heap of games in your face right now and easily crush that garbage you’re spouting.

                  1. Actually, they can. There’s a heap of smartphones out there which all have better graphics and processors than the 3DS.

                    Hell, that title right there speaks for itself. There is not a single 3DS title besides say RE that looks close, and it still pales in comparison when it comes to lighting.

                    Oh and check out Real Racing 3:


                    Sorry but no, 3DS has nothing over mobile besides built in controls, which certain tabs actually happen to have so…

                    1. 3DS has nothing over Mobile gaming ? *reggies voice* what’s wrong with you ?

                      Sterescopic 3D , Dual Screens , Street pass , PROPER online gaming , Buttons , Game file sizes allowing for true game structure and architecture , not modern wackbat 4, Some of the best franchises in gaming , Mario , Zelda , Capcoms , etc , etc , etc , It’s actually fun and captivating to play , the list goes on and on.

                      As a gaming devce the 3ds and the ps vita (with its growing library) absoloutly SHIT all over mobile gaming.

                      In fact the Nintendo DS and PSP absoloutly SHIT all over mobile gaming , in every single way. The graphics of mobile gaming is made 100% irrelivant by how utter shit it is.

                      Would you rather play Modern combat 4 on a touchscreen with no buttons. Or Monster Hunter Ultimate or Uncharted golden abyss ?

                      Smartphones are good for what they are, but they are like a casual pathetic piece of dogshit. They make Nintendo wii’s look like gaming PC’s…….

                      1. – 3D – nobody cares.
                        – Dual Screens – some mobile devices actually have that too, also I’m not sure how this is a bonus in a way that matters.
                        – Streetpass – again, nobody cares.
                        – Proper online gameplay – With friend codes and usually shitty netcode? Don’t kid yourself.
                        – Buttons – the desperation is strong in this one, but again, a number of mobile devices have those.
                        – “Game file sizes” – lmao, idk if you’re serious or trolling at this point.
                        – Some of the best franchises in gaming – many of which are now mobile.

                        Already been over the rest enough, you’re an idiot who’s only bitter because dedicated portables are a dying breed and will hopefully be dead in a generation or two.

                        1. Wow , I actually thought you had a little bit of Knowledgeable Gamer inside you. But here you are utterly convinced that Smart phones are better than the 3ds for gaming.

                          You keep thinking that kid. This is actually just hilarious to me.

              1. If you actually watched the gameplay, whoever is playing doesn’t seem to be having “control issues”.

                Take your shit excuses elsewhere.

                  1. Yeah, because that’s the ONLY control scheme for those.

                    Let’s just ignore the third party options to remedy this all over the place just to be a whiny, clueless, asshat instead!

                  1. Well as much as I hate to say it (I still love my handheld consoles), they are a serious threat even without buttons. And besides, I’ll be buying a 3rd party controller anyway xD

                  2. They are not a threat? LOL.

                    You keep living in your distortion field where you think all is find in the dedicated handheld land.

                    They are very well a threat; money talks these days. Virtually every third party developer is on mobile now. Controls arguments are becoming irrelevant, strawman arguments.

                    1. What it ultimately comes down to is that Western developers have traditionally avoided handheld gaming, because Nintendo has always been king.

                      Think back to the GB, GBA, DS and now 3DS. How many of the major games from each handheld was from a Western developer? I can’t think of any.

                      Now they have a somewhat realistic alternative in the mobile segment and they’ve jumped on it, all the while making less money than they would selling their games at $35 on a handheld, but because they’ve never really bothered to support that type of gaming, they think $10,000,000 is a nice success, ignoring that the biggest handheld games can garner billions, and that’s something iOS/Android has yet to acheive.

                      Even Angry Birds will need to almost double its sales to this point to get there.

            2. And BTW only non-gamers are “graphics whores”….. i own your system Aelous, PC etc and i dont care about graphics so much, gameplay is far more important.

              Its funny when you say for example, Wii mote is gimmick…. and what about touch controls for a FPS game?

              Cmon, lets be serious….

              1. Actually I find both to be important. What would you rather, a game with good gameplay and bad graphics, or a game with good gameplay and stunning graphics? I know what I’d rather choose.

        4. Mobile smart phones are not gaming devices. But I think Nintendo 3DS should add apps and Facebook, and a Nintendo video and voice chat and instant messaging that is like Skype and works on wifi and allows anyone with 3DS or Wii U to communicate. Miiverse needs to be added to 3DS. And a music player. Nintendo would rule!

            1. Frankly,I like the features of the 3ds for music better than for i pods.Sure you have to go through the hassel of putting the music on a sd card,but you can alter the voice of the singers(if a girl is singing,at the right pitch you can make it sound like one direction’s voice), play this pointless shooting game or play a game where you have to keep as many soccer balls in the air as you can,add a drumbeat,horn voices etc. to the songs, and more.

        5. I am happy nintendo is being challenged. This shall force them to make great 3DS games and at most we shall return to $30 catriges or 3DS game cards :). The wise see what I have typed and smile greatly.

        6. oh no, they won’t be as dominant in the market
          it’s the end of the world
          i guess video games are dead forever
          R.I.P. in peace

          on a side not Jellybean guy has been added to my “posters who’s posts i read every time” list

        7. Erm…what is it, 15:1, 20:1 sales in terms of 3DS:Vita.

          Please people, stop sugar coating it, the Vita is doing BAD, like really bad, Dreamcast/Gamecube bad. It doesnt means its a bad console, its just not doing well at all. 3DS is doing great, even considering mobile market and bad economy, its outselling the DS in terms of relation to time on the market

            1. True. Also the games aren’t really stand out titles, and sort of B versions of existing ps3 games :/
              They need to put big games on there, but exclusive games too. If games like Kid Icarus, Luigis Mansion, Paper Mario ect were all on the WiiU, no-one would bother getting a 3DS

        8. Aeolus really might be Alba or sickr. A time is coming when the market shall be flooded with smartphones and tablets. Dedicated handhelds shall always exist and outlive these new devices. Guarantee the will push Nintendo and Sony to make their hardware cheaper. You need a hard touch pad for core games, in short extra peripherals on the smart phones and tablets. Watch as the next fad appears lol. Computers were once billed to take over consoles in gaming, * cough * * cough * that happened. Dedicated handhelds shall just get better watch and be amazed :).

        9. fact 1 eds is matching or beating Ds numbers atthis point in life psvita is deadbif psvita had sold 3DS numbers activitioj wouldnt have said this blatent yet again anti nintendoism the 3rd party industry is a freaking clown show….its psvita in trouble not 3ds activitions real thinking is this sonys machine flopped its all nintendos fault ignore nintendo as all idiots do and lambast the system as another psvita if vita had sold as many s 3ds activition would fully suport the device and claim 3ds dead people need to wake up to the truth this industry is a butt hurt nintendo distrupted freak show wolloing in self pitty its trully epic and pathetic to watch its hilarious

        10. He’s honestly right. Sure the 3DS may be selling well, but handhelds are becoming an incredibly small market. And since more 3rd party developers are heading to phones now, handhelds unfortunately could be a dying breed.

        11. This is industry anti nintendoism its a butt hurt industry treating nintendo differant to everyine else brcause there supierior its a total freak show what this guy is saying is go away realbgame machines we can make crapper stuff abd profit from it on tacky os devices and its all nintendos fault jesus these people need to check back into reality

        12. But smartphone app games are pretty sucky compared with the handheld console experience in terms of quality, quality, and quality.

        13. this is just a non story, yes they pump out games like they are going out of fashion. but half of the games are clones of each other and are rip off of 80’s and 90’s games. to be honest how may times can u rip off bejeweled befor it gets stail. they are phones and a new iphone you can buy three handheld for the price of one phone

        14. I can envisage the 3DS being the last Nintendo handheld, unless they pull off holographic technology with the next one!

        15. I do not understand this rational at all. I know that everyone seems to love gaming and movies on phones and Ipod-type devices, but I don’t get it at all. I have a 3DS, 3 PSPs and a Vita. I have also had the DS and DSi. I have a Kindle Fire and my kids both have Ipods and smartphones. I have played all kinds of games on all of them, but the Ipods, Kindle and phones would rank way at the bottom for me. I will take gaming on any of my other devices over a phone ANYDAY! You may have noticed I didn’t say I had a smartphone. It’s because all I need a phone to do is make a call. IT’S A PHONE!

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