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Here’s The North American Box Art For Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon


Nintendo of America has released the box-art for the North American version of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Both Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe declined to give a specific release date for the long-awaited game. Nintendo Europe said the game will simply be out in March.

98 thoughts on “Here’s The North American Box Art For Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon”

    1. Maybe Luigi’s taken some drugs. That turns out to be the plot twist, Luigi’s just tripping balls in various cardboard boxes and alley ways, and E-Gad is just some hobo who found a vaccuum.

  1. Dark Moon…they really went with that title…
    It sounds like a name of a bad fan fiction.
    Otherwise, the covers nice.
    Its no Kid Icarus Uprising, but its okay

    1. I have to disagree with that, I thought the Kid Icarus box art was very bland.
      I will say however that is a bloody fantastic game,(possibly the best in multiplayer)
      Luigis Mansions isnt any better either.
      I liked one the one we saw for Europe where Luigi was staring into a room full of ghosts

      1. I love it, i love how its styled like a painting with Pit and the sky in the background.
        Unless the European cover is different

    Here is some news.
    The WiiU update erased mu fucking save files. 16 hours of Assassin’s creed III GONE. NSMBU save data. GONE.
    A steep price to pay to fix freezing issues.
    My WiiU better not fucking freeze after sacrificing my save file to the Nintendo Early-Adopter gods.

      1. I’m not too pissed about my ZombiU file, You kinda start over when you die anyway, but AC3… I JUST GOT TO THAT ONE PART. Now I have to play the first character again. I am very pissed. No regrets getting my WiiU, but I am a very, fucking, mad, fanboy right now. RAWR!!!

    1. Are you fucking serious?!?!?!?!?! I need to go check if my data for Nintendo Land is still there, I did so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. UPDATE: I rebooted my WiiU, (First time since the update) AND MY SAVE FILE IS BACK.
      :D :D :D :D !!!!!!!!
      You are off the hook Lucky Fucker!! (Nintendo)

        1. I won’t. Miiverse just locked up when I pressed the “Back” button. The loading circle is still moving, but I can’t get back to the game for the HOME button won’t work. This sucks. And right after killing the ghost zombie at ToL in ZombiU (and posting about it).

          1. I post to Miiverse while in-game very very often. I love it.
            I think I read a rumor, that if your connection gets interrupted while in miiverse and posting, weird stuff can happen, but never happened to me.
            I’m sure that sucked though.

  3. Off Topic

    Hey guys. Finally got the $390 saved up for the Wii U! (tax+shipping included) I also saved enough for New Super Mario Bros U! :) Just wanted to know any additional things i should know beforehand before I get the system, system updates, or any tips would be helpful :) Getting the Wii U for Christmas Woot!

    1. Do not turn of the system when the system update is installing, Nintendo has turned the Miiverse into police state, so no swearing and most importantly: Have fun.

    2. Connect to the internet, update the shit out of your system.
      Put each game in. Update again for each game.
      Then enjoy!
      PS. You are in for a real treat with Miiverse.

    3. I’ve heard that a manditory system update (that allows miiverse, the eshop etc.) can take hours to download. I don’t think you would want to wait for so long. However when they ask you download the system update, choose no. By doing this it will make your Wii U download the update in the background allowing you to play your game(s) while it’s still downloading. It’s basiclly the same thing as the 3ds eshop when you choose download later. hope that helps.

        1. I wouldn’t risk it! That system update took me 28minutes to download. It only took 2 hours for people cus the servers were jammed on launch day….

    4. I will tell you one thing! NSMBU is absoloutly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      That game is stunning. One of the most pretty games I have ever seen on certain levels…

        1. The game looks beautifull in Native 720p upscaled to 1080p at 60FPS with 2 screens in Sync.

          Certain levels , the color and vibrancy is unprecedented compared to previous consoles. My favorite looking level is the one where those stars move and spin when you jump on them ! my jaw dropped , I was like ”NINTENDO , WELCOME TO HD BABY!!!!”’

          1. Nintendo owned consoles that got hd whit a simple console imagine now the posibilities even if wii u is weaker they will own lol i will compare nintendo to sonic in sonic racing cause sonic needs to get on car tol make it fair and nintendo use a susposely weak console to be fair :P

            1. The wiiu aint weak! Nintendo have made a really compact and powerfull console. It’s the way it’s built and optimized. I sweat to god NIntendo Land has Colors that pop and effects and bloom lighting etc etc that are 100% not possible on last gen. I’m not comparing it to Uncharted 3 or GoW 3 , just saying , even NIntendo Land is absoloutly Gorgeous looking game…..

                1. I actually think the game looks ”Next gen” in some ways. It’s 720p , 60fps upscaled to 1080p on 2 screens at once.
                  And it looks BEAUTIFULL.

                  I actually think NIntendo land looks really really nice aswell. Nintendo will be able to make more beautifull games than Sony or Microsoft when they get the ball rolling. Pikmin 3 looks next gen for sure…

        2. You probably have more of it than you think. Family time, to me, is annhtiyg from snuggling together to watching TV or playing a game together. I personally think the more free time you have together, the more these things happen naturally. I wouldn’t stress about it too much.

  4. AWESOME cover! This game (and Animal Crossing: New Leaf) are the only 2 3DS games that I’ve actually felt excited about since the 3DS came out. GOSH I wish I would have waited to buy a 3DS. Then I would have got a 3DS XL.

  5. I think the weird texture on luigi is on purpose to make it looks like he’s shaking. Great cover. & Im loving the samus knight armor they have there.! :) Looking forward to finding all the easter eggs in this one!

  6. My only complaint is that I can’t play Luigi’s Mansion 1 on the Wii channel on the WiiU. :(
    Can’t wait for this game!

  7. I hope Luigi’s Mansion eventually returns to the tv screen in a Wii U game. I don’t want this series to stay handheld only (like the last several Kingdom Hearts games).

  8. Nintendo shouldn’t have made luigi into a coward. He’s been stomping turtles and goobas since Mario bros. even in Mario galaxy 2 he’s cool.

  9. All those ghosts are actually ghosts of the Space Pirates from all the countless of mass extermination Samus has caused and she just found out about it so she needs Luigi to Catch ’em All!

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  11. I actually never considered Luigi to be a coward. I mean, in reality, who wouldn’t be scared out of the minds seeing ghosts? I sure would be.

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  13. There’s nothing wrong with being scared of ghosts and ghouls if you muster up the courage to Polter-Gust them! Poor Luigi! I am really excited for Fire Emblem…. but I am 5X more excited for this :D The 3DS is really a great handheld system to own right now.

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