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Ubisoft Is Working On “AAA Next-Gen Online RPG”


Ubisoft is currently working on a triple A next generation online role-playing game according to one of the developers Linkedin profile. The project began quite recently in October and its content is said to be top-secret. The LinkedIn profile doesn’t say which consoles the game is currently in development for. Maybe they will incorporate elements of the incredibly successful Assassin’s Creed franchise.

28 thoughts on “Ubisoft Is Working On “AAA Next-Gen Online RPG””

  1. Hey, you guys. I’m leavin for the Air Force in 5 more days. I’ll be gone to boot camp in Texas for about 2 months, then I graduate and go to tech school. Then I’ll be back on again. Wish me the best of luck and I’ll see you guys on WiiU when I finally can afford to buy one

  2. Hopefully it’s a turn-based RPG for the Wii U which utilizes the Gamepad functions for a totally new gameplay mechanic!

  3. This will come to wiiu even if the graphics have to be scaled down. AC3 , Rayman Legends , ZombiU all say that Ubisoft Likes the wiiu. Maybe the people in Ubisoft all have wiiu’s and are loving playing games in bed with it ^_^ .

    Another cool thing I just discovered ( a feature that I absoloutly ADORE) being able to put the gamepad on its stand or charging cradle and using the pro controller to controll whats happening on the gamepad whilst the TV is switched off….

    I love this feature! Right now next to my PC the gamepad is conveniently positioned so I can play games like that. I also discovered in blops 2 , you can point at the gamepad with the wii remote and nunchuck flawlessly…… Wintendo!!!!!

    1. Honestly, i think the name has lost its touch these days, pretty much anything made with alot of money will be called triple a now, and big franchise too.
      But probably half of the AAA games are actually AAA

  4. Maybe its that Dark Witch (or whatever it was called) concept art that we got a few months back, seeing as it was supposed to be a french developer

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