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Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney Due To Be Localised Next Year?

professor_layton_vs_phoenix wright

Online gaming publication VG247 recently got the opportunity to sit down with Level 5 CEO Akihiro Hino to gain some insight into future projects. During the interview it sounds as though Hino revealed to the publication that Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney is currently being localised and is due next year in the West. Here’s what VG247 had to say.

“Thankfully Hino seemed much happier to discuss the studio’s incoming releases – Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney – due for release on PS3 and 3DS next year respectively.”

Thanks, Brandon

62 thoughts on “Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney Due To Be Localised Next Year?”

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  1. this isn’t even shocking, level 5 is very good about bring games over in a timely manner, they’re pretty much my favorite developer at this point, they’ve seriously been on the ball lately, maybe they’ll save AAI2 as well?

    1. Unfortunately…they’re powerless regarding AAI2. That’s up to Capcom. Yes, in a way Capcom’s has some say about PL vs. AA, but the publisher is Level 5 so ultimately it was their call, not Capcom’s. With AAI2 Level 5 wasn’t a part of that at all and I doubt they got enough financial backing to afford it. Level 5 is a much smaller company than Capcom.

    2. I’m sorry, what? ._. Level 5 is horrible about localizing their games in a timely fashion. I am a huge Layton fan and have been getting the games since The Curious Village first came out.

      But each time a Layton game comes out in North America, we are about 2 years behind already. Same goes for White Knight Chronicles and some Dragon Quest games.

      If this game is already on its way, I would attribute that speedy localization to Capcom. They’re actually pretty good about releasing games.

      1. Oh, what about AAI2 though? I’ve been waiting for that for ages. I think they haven’t even considered localizing it. ;__;

        1. I doubt we’ll see AA:I 2. There’s simply not enough interest for it. The DS is pretty much done and the Investigations series only serves as filler anyway, with no real meat to the overall story or universe its set in. With AA 5 and PL Vs AA set to release soon there’s no need for a filler title.

      1. Really? Come on, just because a game isn’t a shooter doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. I thought that I wouldn’t like the Layton or Ace Attorney games until I tried them, and they became my favorite games on the DS. I love Halo (it fact it’s my 2nd favorite series of all-time) but there is absolutely no way that you can call yourself a gamer just because games exist that aren’t in the only genre that you care about. A TRUE gamer will play a game because it’s fun, not because of it’s graphics or the genre that it’s in.

      1. Why in the world are you doing reading an article about a game that you don’t care about. What is it about you type of people that makes it necessary to come in and try to ruin something that we’re excited about? Both the Layton and Ace Attorney games are amazing, I’d take them over the majority of shooters out there. When push comes to shove I’ll take a game with a great story over one without.

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  3. Yay! Yay! YAY!!! I’m so thrilled. Hope it really does get localised. I have been waiting like many others to have that hope ^____^

    Cannot wait for Ni No Kuni in January also!

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  5. One decrees this good news – AA V PL is the most gorgeous game for the 3DS, and truly the western world deserves a chance to behold it’s glory.

    Make it so, Level 5…and we shall be sure the sales figures shall be doubled!

      1. If you weren’t aware, It’s not capcom handling the game…it’s level 5 themselves.

        Tell me again why appreciating a company who releases quality content is a bad thing…!

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      1. Hey, look everyone, a 12 year old CoD playing cocksucker! First of all, I have played shooters, I could hand your ass to you on a silver platter in Halo, TF2, Far Cry, Battlefield, you name it. But games like Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright have something that is lacking in EVERY shooter I’ve played. Heart. It’s rare to find a game that displays any true emotion. Hell, I’ve seen 16-bit games display more emotion than almost any 3D game I’ve ever played. And before you go calling me a Fag, like I know you’ll do, how about getting your head out of your ass, picking up a video game and leaving topics like this, which have NOTHING to do with your precious lil shooters, alone?

    1. What’s wrong with you!! You can’t just hate on games you haven’t even tried. They are much more thrilling than FPS for some people. Not everyone likes FPS even if they are good at it. Sometimes it’s not fullfilling. Calling someone gay or a faggot is just plain childish. Not all gamers are guys, there are girls who play these games as well.

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  9. SQUEEE! I Love ace attorney and professor layton and I was desprerately hoping for a localization of Prof. Layton vs Ace attorney, lets hope it comes soon!

  10. YAY! I’m so excited for the game release! :D Awesome! I’ve never actuary tried the Ace Attorney games yet, and I’m going to use this as a little preview~ :3 I’m really excited about it! I’ll be as happy as poop~ :3

  11. lol seems we’ve outsmarted xking..then again we did from the very beginning :P He just ignored our other posts and proceeded to curse with pretty much ever single post…

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