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Infographic: The Evolution Of The First Person Shooter


This infographic was conceptualized by Top10bestonline-casinos.

53 thoughts on “Infographic: The Evolution Of The First Person Shooter”

          1. And Portal it´s a Puzzle game, but the real reason why MP is not in this infographic is that MP while do AWESOME things for the Metroid Franchise, it did not do anything that revolutionarity for the FPS genre.

            1. Bingo, but if you go with the extremely detailed graphics of Prime like water and steam coming off your visor, then you could put that up there since that’s the reason for a few games on this chart. For example all of the Call of Duty games on this chart, which I think all of them are on there.

  1. Once in a while I wonder myself where is the grace of going around shooting indefinitely. I know, I know, this matter is such a personal one.

  2. Ok, i dont give a fuck if you font think Metroid Prime is a shooter (it fucking is, it just has a heavy exploration elements into it too), but Portal is NOT a fucking shooter, and if that gets on the list, put Metroid Prime, Dishonored, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls on there.
    Bit of pointless poster if im honest.

    1. “It fucking is”

      Says you, and not the facts that have been argued through years and what it is officially categorized as.

      Therefore, fuck you and what you “think” it is. Because it is not. :)

      1. Do you have a gun? Yes. Do you move through levels shooting enemies with said gun? Yes.
        Is there an RPG element? No.
        Is the combat all in real time, not turn based ect? Yes.

        Its. An. FPS.

        The only thing that separates its combat for any other FPS, is that the weapon isnt a conventional “bullet” gun (even though in Prime 2, you do have ammo, as well as missles in all 3).
        You dont need regenerating health to be an FPS, or bullets, or enemies that die in a second. Borderlands 2 has only 1 of those things, bullets. Does that make it not an FPS, because its enemy structure is more like a grind RPG that COD and Halo? No, its FPS game, with grind RPG elements.

        Metroid is more than just a FPS, i know, its an adventure game, it has a large area which you navigate in a non linear fashion, and theres a heavy element of platforming and puzzle solving.

        But at its core, and its combat, its a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER.

        1. I’m sorry, but that’s the most stupid rebuttal for it being considered a FPS that I’ve seen in a long time; you’re arguing the weapon and not the game’s PREMISE and how that weapon is used throughout it.

          The entire game revolves around exploration and upgrading your abilities to access other parts of that world, solving puzzles, while using what is little more than an overglorified TOOL to activate doors and defeat the enemies that will be in your way, when it boils down to usage, that weapon is used more in tandem with her morph ball, visors and whatnot to EXPLORE.

          It takes more than just “lolfirstperson, lolyoucanshoot” to be primarily considered a shooter, if you’re too stupid to understand that, then that’s your own problem. But facts are facts, I can dig up heaps of games where you can shoot shit and they won’t actually happen to be shooters just because that mechanic is present.

          Regardless, it is almost unanimously considered a FPA in the industry even by its own creators (; your argument is as dead as dead can be. :P

          1. You unaniminousl considered an FPA because dumbasses like you keep denying its a FPS game. Almost as bad as when people say “Metroidvania”, when its just Metroid, not Castlevania.

            Its a FPS, and why people insist on attaching these sub names, to game like this, and Bordelands 2 when they say FPSRPG, is beyond me.

            I suppose Luigi’s Mansion is a platforming/adventure/survival horror game now?

            Just because retarded 12 year old think FPS just means COD and Halo, doesnt mean people need to make up stupud subnames for games that are FPS games, and have other elements in them, so they can never be considered in the same category, thus immune to any slander, when really all you need is a brain to see that Halo and Metroid are completely different, yet the same genre.

            1. Oh, so Retro Studios themselves and the industry are “dumbasses” now?

              Seems you’re just bitter because your points were completely moot. :P

              1. Metroid Prime is an First-Person Shooter/Action-Adventure. It combines two genres, much like how Super Smash Bros. has platformer and fighter elements. If Portal, a First-Person PUZZLE/PLATFORMER game, can be considered an FPS by this inane list because you have an unorthodox weapon you can utilize to dispatch enemies, then Metroid Prime, by default, should. Because, guess what? It has more shooting involved than Portal. Prove that it Prime is NOT both First-Person Shooter AND Action-Adventure, then you will not be considered a troll. The OP’s argument about the apparent need for sub-categories to define a game is negligible, since sub-categories ARE necessary; it’s why Action-Adventure is a thing. But you claim that Prime ISN’T an FPS because it’s not one in the “traditional” sense and is therefore an FPA because Retro said so. FPA is a sub-genre of both FPS and AA, and so Metroid Prime constitutes as both, and therefore should have made the list and not Portal.

                1. Oh, and Deus Ex, an Action Role-Playing game is on there, too. There is LITERALLY no reason NOT to include Metroid Prime if it’s more FPS than Portal and Deus Ex.

                2. Sorry, can’t hear you all the way back there in 2001. Especially can’t from an Anonymous user jumping in out of nowhere like a mindless little idiot and not presenting a decent rebuttal that goes in depth to back up what they call a …”FPS”.

                  Also, not once have I referenced this “list” above. I don’t care about it; I’m arguing Metroid Prime’s genre, not this list.

          1. How? You have a gun with 10 bullets and crossbow, you’re hardly packing heat.
            You cant play Dishonred as an FPS because the game isnt centred around 1 combat system, and one “tool”. You have about 8 powers, and tons of weapons and gadgets, and short sword to take out enemies. The games combat isnt, i duno, centred around a weapon where almost every confrontation, has you using that once weapon, or perhaps a rocket or missle of some kind, to dispose of that enemy. You come across an enemy is Dishonored and theres about 30 different ways you can dispose of him, 2 of which actually involve you shooting something.

          2. don’t you love how he completely changes his argument in the reply he gave you

            it’s like he can’t make up his mind for what he considers a fps

            1. Except i fucking i didnt change my arguement. Clearly the guy, and yourself, have actually never played Dishonored, or even know what constitutes as a FPS game.

      1. It’s not talking about how good the games are, it’s talking about the evolution of the FPS genre and Wii FPS games deserve to be on there.

      2. Not really. Wiimote and Mouse/keyboard both have the precision element, but where Wii has more comfort, movement precision, and accessibility, it lacks in alot of functions, in the way a keyboard can map various actions to the number keys ect.

        Now if developers used the WiiU gamepads motion sensor as a pointer (think of it as wiimote in the middle and the gamepad does have IR sensor on the top), then that would be king, but nobodys done that, so PC and Wii both have up and downs

    1. Because it isn’t an FPS. Picture this: Super Metroid, a 2-D adventure-exploration game, but in first-person and 3-D. It would give us Metroid Prime whatever-number. How do those two changes automatically make it a FPS? Hint: they don’t. The Prime games are adventure-exploration games at their core.

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  4. Metroid games have always been about exploration, not combat. Btw, Perfect Dark is the best! Still have fun with it with some friends.

  5. Fucking really?

    No timesplitters?

    CoD ripped off Zombies from TS, but CoD ends up in this so called “evolutionary” list. I call bullshit on this list.

  6. Silly to include Goldeneye and not Perfect Dark, which improved on it in almost every way.

    Dual function weapons, up to 8 bots with different personalities, co-op, counter-op, single digit time & score adjustment, motion blur, fly-by-wire rocket launcher, night-vision, multiplayer challenges, pinball grenade, hub area (institute), real-time lighting, surround sound, better textures, better animation, too many options to count.

    Seems like the frame-rate made everyone forget how advanced the rest of it was. The buggy port with its tampered-with art style and featureless online mode didn’t help either.

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