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Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case Returns This Week To Club Nintendo

nintendo_3ds_game_card_caseNintendo of America has announced that the Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case will return to Club Nintendo this Wednesday, December 19th. The plastic case includes four double-sided card covers, can hold up to 18 Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS Game Cards, and will be redeemable for 250 Club Nintendo coins.

Make sure to grab one right when it hits Club Nintendo as it’s a very popular reward.



      1. I was only 50 coins away to get platinum status. Well at least I got gold for this club Nintendo year.
        Anyway, this is what I was waiting for I glad they’re putting this reward back up. Now all I need is the Mario/Luigi 3DS pouch. :)


      2. I had ro get the posters, the Zelda one was just to good.

        I even reached platinum status again for 2013 when a few weeks ago I registered the blue Wii I got my niece for Christmas and gave me double the coins for some reason.

        320 coins for one Wii :D


      3. @alba,
        I got MY Platinum Playing Cards too. Very unique and interesting cards. I think it’s cool how you can see through them.


    1. I got Mario Power tennis for GBA Boxed and sealed , A TON of Kid icarus uprising cards and some Wii and DS Eshop top up cards :).

      I have so much points from all my wiiu games , need to put them onto my account…


  1. I have one but maybe I’ll get another, the one I have is nearly full. I do want to save up for that Golden Nunchuk and I have about 900 right now though. Tough decisions my friends!


  2. God I wish we got even half the items in the Australian Nintendo Club. We’ve got around a dozen items to choose from, and that’s it.


  3. Now THAT’s an item I myself would NEVER have any use for. Because I NEVER remove the games from their original cases (unless I’m playing the games of course).


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