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No Metal Gear Rising Planned For Wii U


Kojima Productions has told Eurogamer that they have no plans to bring the fast and frantic Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to Wii U. Producer Yuji Korekado reiterated to the publication a couple of times that there’s no plans for a Wii U version of the game. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance launches exclusively for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 early next year.

“We aren’t currently thinking about that.”

“One of the strongest appeals of the Wii U is the GamePad. However, we’ve constructed Metal Gear Rising so you can fully enjoy the game on the controllers whether it’s on the PS3 or the Xbox. So, currently we aren’t thinking about Metal Gear Rising on the Wii U.”

119 thoughts on “No Metal Gear Rising Planned For Wii U”

  1. Seriously? Why are people not doing anything for Wii U? It’s kind of sad that the developers aren’t doing anything for it.

    1. The system JUST came out. You never see massive software support for launch systems. Give it time and more devs will make games for it.

      Don’t expect everything to just come onto the system.

        1. Yet Gearbox, Double Fine, Platinum Games, the guys making Project CARS and so on aren’t doing anything for the Wii U hu?

          Look up on the internet, there are loads of developers already in development of a Wii U game including a survival horror game from Sega

        2. Expected…Again, these are games that have been in development for other systems, and no surprise they aren’t coming to the system…small install base, costs of porting, not to mention lack of gamepad in developmental ideas…besides, these would likely launch months after the initial release on the other systems, with, realistically, 70 times more people, and while initially some games may sell well at launch, I doubt 3-6 months later most games are really gonna make an impact. If people want to get upset, get upset when the next one comes out and isn’t on the Wii U, if in fact it ends up not being. Being upset at the beginning of the lifecycle seems pointless, especially since I think for the first year this may be the best Nintendo has ever done with quality third party games. I mean, you got Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, and likely at least one ‘hardcore'(hate that word) game at the end of the year from Nintendo, and then Rayman Legends, Project Cars, Aliens, Lego City, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3, NFSMW, Ghost Recon, and Injustice:GAU, among some other rumored titles, like Dirt, Splinter Cell, Battlefield, etc

          Here is an interesting article:

    2. Because, as they said, the controllers.
      It’s not like the WiiU has a pro controller that closely mirrors the other consoles.
      Lame excuse.

  2. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. It will take some time until Wii U gets more third-party support. Some games started development without the GamePad in mind, and developers can’t think of any improvement for Wii U.
    Wait until Sony and Microsoft have more games to support cross-play and SmartGlass and we’ll probably see more multiplatforms for Wii U

    1. True, but we do have a Pro controller which is compatible with the Wii U. Let the GamePad charge while playing this game.

      1. The problem with that is that it isn’t standard. If the Pro Controller was included with the Wii U, then that would give more reason…. However, since it’s an add-on/optional accessory, these devs aren’t going to jump onto the system just for that.

        They still have to make the game for the GamePad first.

        1. True and I agree, but we are also talking about a core game. So it would be people that got COD Black Ops 2/Assassin’s Creed III/Batman Arkham City, so with those games you would likely have already picked up the controller already. The game wouldn’t be targeted at those that only got Nintendo Land and NSMB U; who more than likely did not buy the Pro controller.

          I have AC3 and BO2, and I found it to be a requirement to have the Pro controller, since the GamePad only lasts a mere 3 hours (off the charger). Due to my cats, I am unable to play while charging (they love ultra thin cords like that), so that is not an option.

            1. I think they could do pretty much what AC3 did. Nothing.
              Put a map on the GamePad, or just duplicate the TV screen with the HUD on, so the TV looks cleaner.
              It may not sound very creative, but they would at least let Wii U users play their games on their systems.

            2. Even if the let us use the game pad like a standard controller it would have been fine. Develop it with the screen off for all I care. All the buttons still work. Dont use the game pad as an excuse. This is just being lazy.

  3. and once again the wiiU has LOST ANOTHER DEVELOPER

    so much for bringing back the core. just stick to casuals… oh wait… they have a tablet more powerful than the wiiU. ah well just stick to the childish fanboys who ruin the games industry.

    sucks to be a nintendo gamer

    1. Yeah, the WiiU is losing a lot of third party support. Platinum Games doesn’t support them; Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 evaporated and vanished. Ubisoft? They cancelled Rayman Legends and ZombiU and brought them to the Xbox instead. Activision? They made a shitty version of Black Ops 2 with no gamepad support. Namco Bandai? They gave us no games and Sakurai decided to work with them on Smash 4 exclusively for PC. Capcom? lol capcom. Sega? They haven’t done shit either and they don’t intend to. Insert more bullshit and ignorance in this comment.

      Holy shit, you guys are some of the most impatient babies I have ever seen. I’m the farthest thing from a Nintendo fanboy but this shit is ridiculous. Less than a month after launch everyone expects a shit ton of games to be announced for the console. A new console at that. Even the Vita fans are better than you are. They didn’t bitch and moan when they saw stuff like Project X Zone, SF4, and other games that were already in development not reach their system at all. They didn’t cry when they got not one, but TWO ports of Wii games (they fucking love Muramasa and Little King’s Story). Their browser was shit for months before it got a fantastic update and they didn’t deem their handheld a failure because of that. It’s like I’m really watching baby’s first launch console here. When WiiU sales take a nose dive(which they will) in the next two months or so, I’ll probably see you guys using those knives you were sharpening 6 years ago. Have fun.

    2. You’re an asshole who knows nothing. What tablet is more powerfull than the wiiu ? NONE. That’s why Assassins creed , Batman and Blops and tekken are all on the Ipad , lol….

    1. Sadly, Metal Gear never had an original title on Nintendo consoles. Just ports. I wish the next MGS is made for Wii U, too. But it seems unlikely.

      1. Metal Gear did have original titles on Nintendo consoles. Snake’s Revenge (NES) and Metal Gear Solid (Game Boy Color, not at all like the PlayStation one.) Also, don’t forget Snake was playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  4. Currently aren’t thinkin about, which means it’s a possibility. Plus the game’s been in development for years and for them to make a rushed version just to make shallow use of the gamepad will only hurt their reputation and the Wii U’s.

    1. Actually yes they do. The pro controller is a non-standard controller. The gamepad is the standard controller so they have to make a game for that. Or like Sony does with the move, make a game specifically for that and watch is sell way less than would be worth it.

      1. The gamepad does everything the Pro controller does and a lot more. All They have to do is have a LOGO on the screen or a picture of Raiden. And the ability to play on the Gamepad. That would be a great reason to put it on the wiiu..

      2. Mark my words, that will change in the future. They’ll encourage game pad support but give the option of pro designed games, eventually.
        Which will kind of suck, and will only prove that many of the third-party people making games on the Wii U don’t have the ability to use the game pad in a creative way.

    1. (I know it’s a troll)

      You don’t like Wii U? Guess you won’t be playing all the hardcore, exclusive titles like ZombiU, Bayonetta 2, and the special edition of Mass Effect 3, (you get the regular, boring edition!) LOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOOLOO

  5. Gamecube: Disks are too small.

    Wii: Not powerful enough

    Wii U: Gamepad

    Seriously?, these developers need to stop with their excuses!!!

  6. I can understand that they created this game for the 360/PS3, however, they don’t have to do anything special for the gamepad. If they just offered off tv play, that would be enough. Also, the pro controller that Nintendo created, was design for 3rd party games like this. Since Nintendo has leveled the playing field, there isn’t ANY excuse for at least porting to the Wii U!

  7. Why is everyone so surprised about this? Wii U JUST came out! Give the system at least a year before we start jumping the gun.

      1. Is it just me Simply G , Or are we surrounded my mindless IDIOTS who can’t seem to understand or think rationaly about anything at all.

        Wiiu is getting Rayman Legends , Bayonetta 2 , Pikmin 3 , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego City , Aliens colonial Marines , Project cars , NFSMW , Various Indie games and what ever else may be announced in the near future.

        The wiiu already has many great third party games on the system.

        Look , If Kojima productions think they wouldn’t be doing the wiiu justice by just slapping the game on the system with remote play and a map , then that’s fair enough for them. Maybe they would want to go all out and do the system justice if they were to do anything….

        1. hardly any of those are big games like gta, farcry 3 metal gear solid… who gives a fuck about pikmin? you fanboys surely didnt if it only hit 1million units…

          1. Pikmin , Bayonetta 2 and Monster Hunter Ultimate are all Huge you idiot. So is Wii fit U and Game and wario , but they’re not exactly gunna get the hardcore market going.

            Rayman Legends and Lego city will also be Huge.And wonderfull 101 will be a cult hit no doubt. And who said some of these games aren’t coming to wiiu at a later date ? Developers will need to properly port it to wiiu and use the tablet controller properly.

              1. Cus it will sell HUGE. HUGE game is HUGE. More consoles sold , more support it gets… I will never play wii fit U , but will take any big name games the console can get.

                Bayonetta 2 is huge in the sense that people love it so much and is regarded as one of the best action games of the generation. So it’s HUGE.

                1. Well you fanboys seem to spout sales. Bayonetta 1 sold terribly when on 2 systems. I do no see how it is Huge especially since it is now an exclusive. Best action game? Debatable.

                  1. 1Million is terrible ? Okay then… 1Million is the minimum requirement of a Truly successfull game. If they make 10$ profit of each game sold , that’s 10 Million dollars sold.

                    ANd if you’re going on about sales , everything pales in comparison to Nintendo’s first part games.

                    Mario Kart wii has sold the same amount as modern warfare 3 on Ps3 , 360 and PC added together.
                    NSMBwii is on 30 Million
                    Mario galaxy 1 .

                    I mean Huge in the sense that it’s a must have game for any real gamer. Have you played bayonetta 1 ? fucking amazing game…

                    1. It is in no way huge. Stop kidding yourself. You only care about it because it is now a Wii U exclusive, if it wasn’t you would hate it.

                      1. Is that so ? Please explain to me why I have the game on xbox 360 since it came out. idiot.

                        It’s in no way huge ? are you retarded or just trolling? Bayonetta 1 is considered one of , arguably THE best Action games of the generation.

                        don’t be such a dick. You think I only play Nintendo Games ? I have a ps3 and a 360 sat next to me. Both of which are now redundant because of my wiiu.

                        Will play Ground zeroes , Revengance rising and GTAV on them , and that’s it…

                      2. And If I’m going on about sales? I for one do not care about sales, I said “Because you fanboy spout it”. Stop trying to twist my words. Bayonetta may be a good game, but it is not huge like GTA, Far Cry or anything of the likes.

                        1. It’s better than far cry and arguably better than GTA….

                          It’s arguably the best game announced for 2013. You will obviously try and dispute that , gutt hurtedly though…

                        2. Best game announced for 2013? Fanboyism at it’s finest. Bioshock Infinite, GTA V, Alien: Colonial Marines, Metro Last Light, Tomb Raider are all miles ahead of it.

                          1. That list is merely your opinion fool. Because they’re ”high profile games” does not mean they’re miles ahead of it by any means. By your logic NSMBU and CoD are miles ahead of all the games you listed.

                            If you are a real gamer. Then you will know Bayonetta 2 is one of , if not THE most exciting video game coming in 2013. Bayonetta 1 is a flawless masterpiece.

                            Pikmin 3 , Rayman Legends , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Bayonetta 2. I am more excited for these 4 games than the ones you listed.

                        3. @Jellybean: Shut your dirty mouth you mother fucking little cunt whore, go play in traffic, do something useful for once, lol.

              2. Highly looking forward to Bay 2 and Pikmin 3. Monster Hunter, maybe, Lego City, maybe.
                Aliens, probably but not sure[ I like GBX but they’ve fucked up a lot of things in Borderlands 2, so my confidence in them as game makers is a bit shaken right now], no to project cars and NFSMW.

                1. I already have *deep breathe*

                  Nintendo Land
                  Blops 2
                  Batman Arkhum City
                  Trine 2 Directors Cut
                  Nano Assault Neo.

                  Not a bad launch period so far eh :P?

                  Also Going to get Darksiders 2 , ME3 , and a couple of others and other E-shop games.

                  I’m just slowly playing through my games having TOO much fun. When the actual big hitters arrive , Wonderfull 101 , Bay 2 , Pikmin 3 , Rayman Legends , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego City , Aliens Colonial Marines and Project cars , Game and wario I will be trully spoilt for choice….

          2. People are worried because the next consoles are expected to be much more powerful than the Wii U. They’ve been told that they’d have about 2 years of cross-platform games before next-gen games couldn’t support the system. Now 3rd parties seem to be skipping the first year. It looks to be the same as the Wii situation, with Wii U getting exclusives and Vita ports but none of the big crossplatform titles.

        2. Again another stupid news article -_-

          Metal Gear Rising was in the making WAY before the announcement of the Wii U and again, also before they even got their hands on the final dev kit so really there is no wonder why MGR is skipping the Wii U…

        3. To be hontest I am not really happy about the 3rd party support it is getting right now.
          I do hope that will change.

        4. “One of the strongest appeals of the Wii U is the GamePad. However, we’ve constructed Metal Gear Rising so you can fully enjoy the game on the controllers whether it’s on the PS3 or the Xbox. So, currently we aren’t thinking about Metal Gear Rising on the Wii U.”


          1. Obviously you’re more stupid seeing as you think they should use the control that isn’t standard and will force consumers to go out and buy the extra controller.

              1. To add one in with the game would make it cost considerably more. You really think consumers will like that? Do the world a favour, don’t go into developing games, you’ll fail.

                  1. Sorry if I didn’t know what your slang means. My apologies. But once again, never go into game developing, you obviously have no idea how to run a studio/publisher if that’s what you want to do.

            1. It still just seems like beating around the bush. Just do what Ninja Gaiden 3 did, in the end, as long as the games on the system, thats fine.
              Im pretty sure Nintendo arent forcing them to HAVE to come up with crazy ideas if they make a WiiU version, it’s their choice.

              I’d prefer it if they just said, “we’re too far in development, we dont have the time yet, we don’t know how well it’ll sell”.

              1. Even if they did say that you still get the people here who would freak out and say ” OMG!!! Lazy devs!!!!!! This must be a conspiracy against Wii U!!!!”

        5. I am a huge Nintendo fan, one that loves nintendo everything. Some of our nintendo fans need to shut up seriously, how much money do you people have. We have third parties that broke their backs making us exclusives and large cross platform releases ( AC3, darksiders 2, Cod Blops 2 ). The 3DS and Wii U are doing great in all regions, sold out at release; but you still complain and cry. Most of these 3rd party ports you are crying for shall probably make it to the Wii U with all DLC and added features later for a song of a price :). CHILL enjoy monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin, Project cars, Aliens colonial marines, need for speed most wanted, and other games too numerous to mention.

        6. It’s expected for Sony drones and xbots to whine, not Nintendo fans. Patience has always been our steeple. Our core base is probably bigger than Sony and microsoft’s bases combined, when multi-console gamers are subtracted from them. Calm down and wait for the Wii U’s install base to accumulate so as business structures are conducive for the whiny section of third party developers. Ubisoft is guns blazing for the Wii U, thus watch dogs is definitely coming in the future. People we already have monster hunter 3 Ultimate, meaning we have the Japanese market on lock. Zelda 3D Mario, even Metroid the next are in the works; nintendo knows that those three can fend off PS4 and the two game exclusive having xbox720 with ease.

        7. When that dude accidently hacked the Miiverse Metal Gear Solid was there with Yoshi Land Wii U and Resident Evil. So some other Metal Gear Solid game is coming to Wii U. No big deal.

          1. which was immediately confirmed that those names were just used to test out the miiverse when the game was created and has been since removed.

        8. Only a failure of a company would NOT make a Wii U version. Why the HELL would they only make a Crapbox and Gaystation version? Not that I care, because I have no interest in Metal Gear games. But it’s getting tiresome always seeing that yet another game isn’t coming to Wii U. There’s no excuse for that., other than pure laziness from the developers.

          1. Laziness? get over yourself, why would they release it on a system with no install base compared to the other systems? These developers are a business you know, they make games to make profits.

            1. So, is every company supposed to ignore a console just because it’s new? If every company thought that way, there wouldn’t be any games other than first-party titles.

        9. I feel stupid for selling my PS3 now. I had no interest in this game, but I sure as shit had huge interest in Far Cry 3 and other games. Yeah, MAYBE we’ll get these games later and I know that these games have been in development with PS3/360 in mind, but these developers don’t even show interest in the Wii U. I hope we get these games at some point though. The only games I’ve played on my Wii U are NSMBU, ZombiU, and Arkham City. It’s just boring now.

          1. Far Cry 3 is awesome.
            The transistion of WiiU multiplats will just take time.
            In the mean time, ive gottons of games to lok forward to on my ps3, 3DS, and eventually WiiU

            1. It looks really good, I have to buy a PS3 again soon. It’s true, it’s a whole new console with an odd controller but third-parties can easily slap on HUD elements onto the Gamepad. Off topic: I’m going to buy the ACIII Vita bundle, I loved my PSP… Up until it got stolen lol

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        11. Remember, Patience is a virtue. Wii U is gonna do just fine, and it looks promising compared to the support GameCube and Wii had, which I only bought both for the 1st party titles and JRPGs. I hope and pray that it will indeed be a huge success, give it time I’m sure 3rd parties have alot in store for the Wii U. Who knows, maybe this system is the key to winning mainstream status back for Nintendo outside of Japan!

        12. Nintendo fans, stop defending the console. Seriously too many games are not coming. Give Wii U more time, perhaps 1 year? No. That time, sony, microsoft and maybe valve’s new console plan will rise.

        13. “However, we’ve constructed Metal Gear Rising so you can fully enjoy the game on the controllers whether it’s on the PS3 or the Xbox.”
          What about the Wii U pro controller? Just use that instead of the gamepad

        14. Seems like a pointless excuse really, when they have a perfectly good one.
          Developers dont NEED to create some crazy gamepad feature, its optional, its why the pro controller exists. Im sure people would be happen enough to just have a gamepad play capability, theyd be happy enough just to have the game, no other features.
          The main reason why, its theyre too far in development, they dont have the time, and i all honest, like most developers, they don’t know if it’ll do well on the system. Fans need to start speaking up and saying, “yes, we want the game, we’ll buy it”.

          1. Well.. thats true and but not only for console users (PC users too). Someone would buy the Wii U version just because of extra feautures like “off screen play w/o TV” etc….

        15. I hate the fact that developers feel the absolute must to be groundbreaking with the gamepad, seems like an excuse. Most of us would still be happy if we get the game that plays just the same as other consoles just with a map or inventory, although metal gear is a game that would perfectly implement the gamepad.
          Aslo add ny my Nintendo network I.D. is Artorthegreat

        16. The real reason it won’t appear, according to an inside source on the neogaf forum, is because Kojima is anti-Nintendo and doesn’t want to support the Wii U with his Fox engine.

          The publisher Konami actually wanted him too but he refused, which he can do because he carries a lot of leverage in the company (they wanted him to become president of the company IIRC).

          So that Kojima cunt is to blame, not Konami.

          Same with the publishers Bethesda (Elder Scrolls, Dishonoured, Doom: BFG), Take-Two Interactive (Grand Theft Auto, BioShock, Max Payne) who are notoriously anti-Nintendo also.

          1. Even though Kojima said his perfect console would be the Wii with the power of the ps3, and he let Sakurai put Snake in SSB Brawl

        17. When are we going to see some original hardcore games Only for Wii U? Nintendo be going on and on about 3rd party support and this is like the 5th 3rd party game I read that ain’t coming to the console. Is this the Wii All Over again? Unless Nintendo is waiting to show off the console’s true performance when 720 and PS4 arrive. I do want to believe that its maxima performance isn’t unveiled as of yet.

        18. That’s a crappy excuse. Why didn’t he just say the truth. It was too late in production to port it. Or they just don’t want to do it. Whatever, no sweat of my back.

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