Dragon Quest X – Awesome New Trailer

During a recent mini Japanese Nintendo Direct, new details and a new trailer of Dragon Quest X were revealed.

Wii’s version of Square Enix’s MMORPG is out in Japan, and Wii U’s version will be released March 2013 in the country. Dragon Quest X players on Wii will be able to upgrade to the downloadable Wii U version at half-price.


  1. I know it’s just the artist’s style and all, but I would never be able to differentiate the characters because the same three or four facial styles are used over and over.

  2. Looks freaking awesome. I seriously do want to play DQX sometime. It looks REALLY fun, and I could use MMO experience.

    They also managed to make the (what I’m assuming is) Luminary class even WEIRDER. I didn’t even think that was possible.

    1. Shame about that but I suppose your not going to my a MMORPG and expect to play it offline
      Lovely name by the way!

  3. Why would they release a mmorpg at the end of the wii life cycle it should have just been a wii u exclusive.

      1. cause the game cud have used the power of the wii u seriously wii graphics are outdated by now upscaling to hd isnt enough

  4. So beautiful! The music made my eyes tear up! :’)

    This game is definitely coming to the West soon. I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be one of the major announcements for the Wii U next year at E3, but I highly doubt it would come to the Wii because Nintendo already made a statement that they have stopped publishing games for the Wii (which was quick, considering the Nintendo DS stretched for two years past its original release).

    For some strange reason, this game looks like the next PSO experience for me. I can’t imagine getting the same experience from the Monster Hunter series. As strange as that may seem to some folk, I think it’s due to the more gritty aspect of the Monster Hunter series and its realism that turns me off.

    I don’t have ANY RPG games for my Wii U or Nintendo 3DS, so I think this game will FINALLY be claiming that rightful spot. :D

    1. At the end of my second paragraph, I meant to say “for two years past the 3DS’ original release.”

      My bad.

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