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‘Reggie Asks’ Interview On Nintendo TVii For Wii U Coming Tomorrow

wii_u_nintendo_tviiNintendo of America has announced that Reggie Fils-Aime will be leading a ‘Reggie Asks’ tomorrow. The interview will focus solely on Wii U’s Nintendo TVii application, which becomes activated tomorrow, December 20th, in the U.S. and Canada.

Reggie knows television, and will be leading a special Reggie Asks interview on Nintendo TVii for #WiiU tomorrow

36 thoughts on “‘Reggie Asks’ Interview On Nintendo TVii For Wii U Coming Tomorrow”

  1. Great news, now more parents and their children shall have a Christmas rush for the Wii U. This will increase our install base even more, and come Desember 27,28,29,30 and 31 the whiny section of third parties shall again redraw their business portfolios. After today’s Wii U and 3DS Japanese sales, somewhere in EA country they are reconsidering why they did not add more game on the Wii U early lol :).

        1. The way he’s been talking, even if Nintendo does something wrong, he’ll put a positive twist on it even if it’s total rubbish. It’s kind of creepy in a way.

          1. the only thing i dont like is using phrases like “our install base will grow” like the douchebags who watch football and say things like, “my team won” “or we’re gonna kick thier asses”

  2. The 3DS might sell 2 millions consoles in Japan alone this wonderful december :). The Wii U has already sold over 1.5 million consoles and has the Vita in its site :). Oh how I wish Sony would reduce the Vitas price by US $100. Next December I shall buy a PS Vita.

        1. No it shouldn’t. They are both completely different and target different markets. But if you want to compare them, thats fine, you may as well throw smartphones and tablets in the way you are– oh wait, Nintendo fanboys won’t do that, they only compare things when they know there product is better.

          1. You cant compare smartphones and tablets with consoles and handhelds because they are not gaming machines, people dont buy them for video games. You can compare vita and wii u cuz they are both gaming machines. People who buy consoles and handhelds surpass people who play on smartphones and tablets.

            1. As I said, Nintendo fanboys won’t compare them because they know they’ll lose, they only compare consoles they’re beating in sales. You cannot compare a Handheld to a console. I might as well just start comparing PC to console — oh wait, Nintendo fanboys won’t like that either, because they know they’ll lose.

              1. Nintendo will lose to PC in terms of graphics for damn sure, but most nintendo fans (the ones who arent stupid) know its all about the games :)

                1. Nope, to them it seems sales is the most important thing. That’s all they talk about, the Vita for example has plenty of amazing games, but all they can seem to mention is “oh it’s selling poorly”.

                  1. that is a knee jerk reaction to constantly being bombarded by dickheaded trolls who always have to bring up sales figures concerning everything. you talk as if these symtoms are isolated to nintendo fan boys and seldome of never present withing fan boys of other consoles. so, yknow, quit fucking complaining.

                    1. Calm your tits buddy. I said that’s all they bring up, I know other people bring them up to, I was just clearly stating that fanboys do it, seeing as that’s who were we talking about, no one else. You have just interpreted what I said wrongly. If I worded it wrongly, then I apologize.

            1. Not really. Quite vague since the beginning. You said TV at the start which could of referred two two things, then after we replied only then you confirmed which one it was. Besides, there are plenty of ways to watch TV commercial free.

              1. so it could refer to two things, one of which being technology, which is advancing day-by-day
                the option in which there are undeniable advancements with the constant new releases of products
                you could literally google “TV” and find that out
                or it could refer to something else
                and you’d assume it was the first and respond accordingly

                There are, it’s still hella unfavorable to watching on your computer.

          1. hi there you mean 12:00 am 12/20/2012 thats only 2.5 hours away oh yes going live nintendo tv at midnight app luanch

  3. I like the idea of TVii. I think this is gonna be awesome. I love the Nintendo 3D Videos and event videos. I’m excited for this!

      1. NICE!!! Sounds like a great setup. I hooked my N64 to my big HDTV and play Quake and Goldeneye on it. I really get into this stuff…

  4. A very nifty feauture i must say, hope us europeans get it to which we probably will but i guess with not as much content.

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