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Youtube Now Working In Wii U Web Browser


After it was temporarily disabled Youtube videos are now working in the Wii U web browser. There was a fix posted, but it involved a bit of effort. Thankfully everything appears to be working fine now. You can go to Youtube in your Wii U web browser and view videos until your heart’s content.

Thanks, Ahmadchannel2

18 thoughts on “Youtube Now Working In Wii U Web Browser”

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  2. I couldn’t get Youtube to work within the Wii U main menu tabs 2 years ago when I first got the console. I’ll try it again – as I have access to it via the web.

  3. Mine still doesn’t work,and my youtube app keeps messing up on me.right in the middle if a song or video it just stops and goes out of the video and back to the youtube homepage.And to top it off when I tried to exit to my home menu everything froze to the wii u symbol and then my gamepad started freaking out and had lines going across half the screen like the screen was broken but its not,I had to turn it off by the system because the game pad wouldn’t work.

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