UK Retailer Sells Wii U GamePad Individually For £89


Online UK retailer Very has begun selling Wii U GamePad controllers individually, making it one of the first retailers to do so. There isn’t really much of a reason to own a second Wii U GamePad as none of the current games appear to support multiple pads. If you’re looking to purchase an additional GamePad then it will set you back a hefty £89.


  1. Every new game console I buy an extra controller just incase… If the original breaks I don’t go without for any amount of time

      1. Fuck you clone. You can’t afford no Wiiu lol.

        xNintedwardx is taken bitch. And if people add me from your name. I will just refuse their request. Cock sucker…

  2. “set you back a hefty £89.” With Nintendo of Europe’s pricing, I was expecting it to cost £109 at least.

    1. IKR ? $89 seems reasonably to say the least. Assassins creed 3 is £55 on the E-shop lol.

      There is nothing wroing with Nintendo EU’s pricing with anything in Stores. It’s all a good place. Their E-shop on 3DS and Wiiu is a Rip off however.

    2. Do they really over price things in the UK? Funny because the the British pound is more powerful than the US dollar.

  3. What’s that in US dollars, roughly $135? Ooffff – while I’m sure they lose money at that price, it’s tough to justify unless I broke my first one or they made updates – like BETTER BATTERY LIFE or less rattling lol. Though once games offer 2 gamepad functions I’m sure I’d see more value.

  4. Very is an expensive place to get things from anyway. I’d say when they are being sold everywhere you’d get one for £50 – 60.

  5. Ok, i guess. Not that i’d need another one, seeing as Nintendo controller never break, unless you physical cause it to break.

    1. Uhhh…it may not be a controller…but the original Nintendo 3DS sure does want a word with you (at least the ones that came out in the first six months).

      1. Ok, ive had my 3DS for about 6-8 months now. Not a single scratch, crack, mark, nothing.

        You’re just all clumsy.

      2. The DS lite fucked me over, thats for sure, but my 3DS is in perfect condition.

      3. I think most people must just be ridiculously clumsy.

        None of my portable electronics have cases or protectors of any kind, and they’re all in absolutely perfect condition. Not a single scratch or mark on any of them. Wipe the fingerprints off and they’d pass as never been opened before, absolutely brand new.

        I don’t know why other people have such a hard time taking care of their stuff.

      4. Then, you clearly didn’t have the problem 75% of people who bought a 3DS at launch did.

        I’m talking about the bottom screen scratching and marking up the top screen when closed. I’m EXTREMELY gentle with all of my electronics—and everything else in general. The Nintendo 3DS was no exception to that rule.

        But…even when I didn’t play the Nintendo 3DS and it stood in its charging cradle for one day in a bedroom that is consistently below 75 degrees Farenheit, guess what happened? It ended up getting permanent marks.

        The Nintendo 3DS (Original) was a device that you could just stare at and it causes harm to itself. The 3DS XL is the total opposite. It’s extremely durable, it is nigh impossible to get marks on the upper screen, and it’s matte to top it all off.

        Nintendo needs to take a hint with the 3DS XL redesign for their console and accessories. It’s time to go back to matte—tired of the gloss finish on everything.

  6. Don’t forget the £3.95 delivery charge.

    On the plus side, you do get 10% off your first credit order.

  7. From what I’ve heard the internals cost as much as the Kinect was to build which I believe was about £35 so the Wii U gamepad for only £89 isn’t hefty because for what it does, it does the job well.

    Kinect is about £150 and what it does…. well… lets just say developers are just using it as a microphone with eyes… oh yeah… that’s how bad it is

  8. Off Topic

    Hey guys, just wondering. Can someone tell me the file sizes for the games on the Wii U Eshop? I was thinking of getting a couple of games, and i dont think i will have enough space as the Wii U deluxe has around 32 gb.

    1. It says the file size when you look at a game in the eShop, i think its next to the name, or check the info.

    2. hi there yeah 32 gb if you had q 32 gb ipad that 7 hd videos 300 apps 300 songs and 1,000 pictures too

  9. The great great great grand father of the 3DS the Gameboy says hello! The great great grandfather, the SNES and the great great great grand father the NES, of the Wii U both say hello! to the competition :).

  10. Is this not strange at all that this comes around the same time when the news broke out that a lot of Wii U’s got stolen from a warehouse?

      1. no those were actual wii u’s that were stolen
        your link confirms that

        the video on ABC news confirms it aswell

        but yes you’re right

        either way the consoles were stolen in the US.. there’d be no way they’d get them all to the UK.. least of all in such a short timeframe
        those consoles are probably going straight to mexico

  11. Click the more info button and this is one of the features

    “Compatible with the Nintendo 3DS as a controller”

    Never been able to do that

  12. hi there me too first too buy second game pad for gaming internet youtube netflix 3 videos at same time alwsoume worth $300 oh new miiverse 1 post every 5 minutes

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