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Nintendo Europe Working On The 18+ Downloading Problem


Nintendo Europe has confirmed that it’s working on a fix regarding the issue of accessing 18+ rated content only between the hours of 12AM and 4AM. Nintendo previously stated that reason you can only buy 18+ games in Europe, digitally, between 12AM and 4AM is due to the fact that Nintendo Europe is based in Germany, therefore the Nintendo eShop is complying with the German youth protection regulation. Nintendo Europe wouldn’t detail exactly how they plan to get around this issue, just that they’re working on it.

31 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Working On The 18+ Downloading Problem”

    1. ” Nintendo Europe is based in Germany, therefore the Nintendo eShop is complying with the German youth protection regulation.”

      You need to practice reading comprehension D:

    2. Because as it said, Nintendo’s head offices and European infrastructure is based in Germany where they have to comply to stricter censorship laws. Usually only Germany itself is effected, like how in their version of Half-Life you couldn’t kill the scientists or guards and the military were turned into robots but sometimes it can seep over to other countries, like for how all of Europe’s version Contra was call Probotector and replaced the PCs and human NPCS with robots.

      1. I am a german. And they definitely don´t have to do that. It has absolutely nothing to do with where Nintendo is based. Just think logical.

        Imagine the Headquarter of Nintendo of Europe would be based in England. And in England it would be allowed to download these games 24/7 but not in Germany. Then they still couldn´t do the same In Germany, because the english law doesn´t stand above the german law and the other way around. You get my point already?

        So because Microsoft and Sony don´t have to do that, Nintendo don´t have to do that as well. So it´s not prohibited to download 18+ games in Germany 24/7. It´s at the utmost merely a suggestion of the german gouvernment.

        The only law which stands above everything in europe is the european law. And as long as the european law says it´s ok, it is fine in all countries of the united states of europe, even if several “local” laws would say something different. And when there is no hint in the european law about this topic, the laws of the particular states count.

        So it´s equal where these companies are based. The european law says nothing to this topic. And because Microsoft and Sony can do that in Germany, the german law say nothing against it either. Nintendo do that voluntarily, and that´s a fact.

          1. I’m guessing the European eShop servers for Wii U are located in Germany as well, and because of that, what’s programmed for those servers have to follow German law. If it was relocated to England, then maybe the restrictions will only be locally in Germany.

          2. Jesus why don´t you listen to me? The is no german law which says “no 18+ games until 11 pm.” Nintendo does that because Nintendo sucks! They just lieing to you.

        1. lol idk but he has proper grammer so he is not ‘merican….but hes to polite to be british lol jk so idk rofl (disclamer to any ‘mericans or brits who might get offended XD: i was just joking around if your offended sucks to be you lol XD) :P

  1. Here’s a crazy idea, how about the parents actually watch what their kids are doing?

    I realize this kind of thinking could get me thrown in the nuthouse with how utterly absurd it is, but it’s just a thought.

    1. As a parent, I completely agree with your comment, however, growing up, how often did you always listen to your parents ? It’s always an easy thing to blame the parent every time, but if the law in Germany means it needs to be restricted, then so be it (for Germany). The rest of us shouldn’t have to suffer.

      The easier solution is to base the eShop access on Geographical location, which is easy enough to look up via IP address. Sure, a proxy will get around this, but you can’t have a 100% workable solution.

  2. To all the people here who obviously didn’t read the law. It doesn’t cover digital video games. Ergo who you can on ps3 and 360. Nintendo, who is new to the game, decided that, in order to protect themselves in case the law does carry over to games in the future, to limit it from the start. Where as they are sitting good in case that happens, Sony and Microsoft would have to go through a lot in order to comply with the law, if it were to affect digital video game sales.

    1. what are you talking about? of course the youth protection applies to all video games in germany
      digital only or retail makes absolutely no difference

  3. Bloody Germans. Wouldn’t bother me because i work nights anyway, so im always up during the night, but yeah, they do need to sort it

    1. It won’t affect me because I like to walk to the shop to buy a physical game and unseal it and have the option to buy it. And the price of the E-shop is a joke…

      Ze Bluddy Germans will pa for Zeir crimes…

  4. Here’s a (rather crazy) suggestion – If Germany wants to continue suffocating the videogame business, then maybe Nintendo should consider moving their European HQ to another country that doesn’t use videogames as a scapegoat for society’s problems. Because those laws certainly originate from that mindset. Nintendo don’t need to work in that kind of suffocating atmosphere

  5. Simple, you go ‘ZOMG! THERES THESE FANGLED PARENTAL CONTROLS!’ and allow to bypass using them. There’s no reason to punish adults (a lot of whom are likely to NOT be up at this time due to work commitments) when this feature is here. If parents do not choose to set up these parental controls then that’s up to them.

  6. Guys, I have a question. If I buy a Wii U game thats rated M, and my NN account says that I’m sixteen, will it let me play it or block me out?

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