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Diddy Kong Racing Wii U Sequel Leaked?

diddy_kong_racingA Game Faqs member claims that a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing is in the works for Wii U. The member, who goes by the name yakkiduck, says Monster Games is working on the project, which is supposedly releasing sometime next year.

The member also says the unconfirmed game will feature an adventure mode, online multiplayer, Miiverse implementation, and players will be able to race as their Mii characters.

If this rumor is true, which would you rather get first – another Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing – for Nintendo’s new Wii U console?

164 thoughts on “Diddy Kong Racing Wii U Sequel Leaked?”

  1. It’s what the console needs! I hope this is true! We’ll have Mario Kart Wii U, Diddy Kong Racing 2, and a new F-Zero hopefully! :DDD

      1. NDA: Non Disclosure Agreement. Thats basically a contract that binds everyone working on a game (or similar projects) not to speak about the project in public, not to tell anyone what they are working on. what he says is: its more than unlikely that somebody would break such an NDA and more importantly, trouble his coworkers and risk his job to post something like that, especially on a page like GameFaqs…

  2. Awesome. Brb posting on GameFAQs that Retro’s new game is a new Star Fox game in the style of Star Fox 64. I expect the news posted here by 5 PM CST.

            1. : “””””””””””””””””””””””””) Lmfao! No, you don’t!

              The only case in which you MIGHT find it newsworthy is if the rumor has a credible source. Does it? No. It is a random person who said whatever the fuck he wanted. No reason to take it seriously AT ALL, at least not until we have reason to.

                    1. No, that wasn’t your innitial point at all. Please stop acting as if I am dumb while I have to correct you TIME AFTER TIME. You were wrong: that’s the complete story. =)

                    2. Is actualy you that is wrong everything that gets the interestelar of the receiver is news being true or not is irrelevante.

                    3. Right from Wikipedia:

                      ”Newsworthiness is defined as a subject having sufficient relevance to the public or a special audience to warrant press attention or coverage.

                      In some countries and at some points in history, what news media and the public have considered “newsworthy” has met different definitions, such as the notion of news values. For example, mid-twentieth-century news reporting in the United States focused on political and local issues with important socio-economic impacts, such as the landing of a living person on the moon or the cold war. More recently, the focus similarly remains on political and local issues; however, the news mass media now comes under criticism for over-emphasis on “non-news” and “gossip” such as celebrities’ personal social issues, local issues of little merit, as well as biased sensationalism of political topics such as terrorism and the economy. The dominance of celebrity and social news, the blurring of the boundary between news and reality shows and other popular culture, and the advent of citizen journalism may suggest that the nature of ‘news’ and news values are evolving and that traditional models of the news process are now only partially relevant.[15] Newsworthiness does not only depend on the topic, but also the presentation of the topic and the selection of information from that topic.”

                      So no: you are wrong. Thank you mr. ignorant.

            2. news would be something that is relevant and useful. like the release date for a nintendo game, or the price that something is going to be, or even box art for a game. not a random bs post on a forum. do you see your local news station saying “oh we heard that this person is dating this person, but it’s only a rumor!” no, that’s left for tabloids/non real news shows, the people that actually report the news report on things that are happening, will happen, or already have happened. it doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure out what is/isn’t news.

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    1. “Monster Games, Inc. is an independent video game development studio in Northfield, Minnesota, USA that specializes in racing games.” Previously worked on titles such as Excite Truck, Excitebots and Pilotwings Resort, so they have a pretty decent late history with Nintendo. I wouldn’t mind these fellas to make a new racing game for Nintendo’s console again.

      1. if they made excite truck, then im excited. get it, excited?…..ok well the point is that i really enjoyed that game and i would totally trust them with diddy kong racing.

      1. Definitely not as great as the N64 one, though. I have both, and compare them often. But, I did like the new music for Spaceport Alpha.

  4. IF this were actually true, which I doubt it is, I’d easily want a new Diddy Kong Racing over a new Mario Kart any day. I used to love the shit outta that game on N64. If they did it right, it’d be WELL worth it.

    1. Would be perfect until Mario kart wiiu arrives. The whole DK franchise as a whole needs more attention. They could have made DK just as big as Mario by now. But Nintendo have been boning Mario for all these years…

      Nintendo have franchises like Starfox , DK , F-zero . Which just need pushing a little more and could turn into franchises where their games sell 5-10M+ every time….

        1. Uhuh. They should turn Mario kart into .

          ”Mario Kart and Nintendo all stars racing transformed battle royale”’ !!!!! Huh ? Huh ? Huh ? I’ll shut up now….

          1. That wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I would love to see a Legend of Zelda track on par with SUMO’s level design in Sonic All Stars Transformed.

        1. Yes, but oversaturating mario (regardless of quality in content) is bad.

          They need to give other mascots a chance. Hell DK is as old as Mario, so why not him?

  5. Wasn’t DKR created by Rare, if this going to be done by a different developer this game will be nothing like the DKR for N64 as we learned in Donkey Kong Country Returns (which was a great game mind you just not the same as the Donkey Kong Country…Kremlings etc)

    1. there was a rumor a couple months back that nintendo has been slowly buying back writes to certain rare franchises for a little while now (such as donkeykong country, diddy kong racing, banjo kazooie etc.)

      1. They dont need the rights to dk thats there ip and about banjo kazooie Microsoft will not sale nothing to Nintendo it would be suicide.

          1. Do you really think MS is gonna sell an ip to the competition knowing full well that Nintendo IS going to make a profit?

            Even if they arent making money off of it.

            1. You’d be surprised how much this happens in other industries so i wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

      2. They released a donkey kong country for wii. I doubt rare has power over the DKC franchise since the character was a Nintendo IP created beforehand.

  6. Ooh! Even though the majority of the characters were pretty odd, I LOVED DIddy Kong Racing. That battle against Wiz Pig has stuck in my mind ever since. What a satisfying fatass to finally beat in that last race. I became pretty good at that game.

  7. Sounds a little fishy, but I would love Diddy Kong Racing! If the Wii U could have Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, Diddy Kong Racing Wii U, Mario Kart Wii U, F-Zero Wii U, and Project Cars. It would make the Wii U the console to go to for racing fans.

  8. This site post everything! when i write on a different site that i shit in my pants than this blog will write about it for sure!!!

  9. Diddy Kong racing for sure then mario kart but they both fun. Diddy kong racing was my first game for my N64, and it was too much fun.

  10. gee whiz, ive been waiting some 16 years for this to happen, but it wont happen for one major reason: Rareware is with Microsoft. Unless Rare has somehow been given the freedom to develop a Wii U title, much of the game belongs to Rare. Even in Diddy Kong Racing DS, Banjo and Conker were out of the game because of the change. A proper sequel could not be done by, say, Retro Studios or some other respectable company. I am one of the biggest supporters of Diddy Kong Racing getting a sequel and I’d be first in line for it, its just unlikely.

  11. I really like Diddy Kong Racing but I also really like Mario Kart. If I had either one first it would be awesome and then the second? holly cow! I thought I was having a tuff decision on what game to play NOW. (Mario, Scribblenauts, and Sonic are all so fun!)

  12. A high speed mario kart with all the previous tracks and karts.And so much innovation and instead of a slow race,and high speed kart like in SASRT

  13. Mario Kart got too easy. Heck Rare made better knock off any Nintendo game. However maybe Star Fox Adventures wasn’t better than Zelda but it was still fun as hell. Banjo-Kazooie is better than Mario 64 and even Galaxy. Like I said Rare knocking off Nintendo games are better. If Rare was still with Nintendo I bet they would have created a Super Smash bros Knock off better than All Stars.

    1. I personally think galaxy games are the best platformers but I do agree with everything else your saying. It’s too bad banjo and kazooie aren’t getting the attention they deserve at microsoft

    2. ehhh… Banjo Kazooie is NOT as good as you are letting on. Its good! Don’t get me wrong, but to say it is better than both mario 64 and Galaxy is a drastic overstatement.

      1. What I don’t like on Mario 64 and Galaxy is every time you get a power star you get kicked off the stage. On Galaxy they hold your hand taking you to the power star. It also feels more for little kids than Mario 64 was. On Banjo-Kazooie you leave when you want to. You can increase your health gauge when you collect enough honey combs. You can change into different creature. Plus its funny and fun. The worlds are bigger too. Galaxy would be my favorite if they didn’t hold my hand taking me to the power star and kick me off the stage after getting it.

  14. I sure do miss RareWare. I really really do but its dead. Thanks Microsoft for killing Rare. I really really miss Rare. Also anyone know the status of Retro working on a Banjo-Kazooie like game? I haven’t heard nothing in months. The Wii U would love to have another plat former like that besides just Mario all the time.

    1. They can’t make a Banjo-Kazooie game, as much as I would love them to. Rare owns Banjo-Kazooie. Remember Nuts and Bolts? Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…..

    2. Retro Studios isnt the Dev making the Banjo Kazooie like game. That is those 3 former Rare employees that said they will make a Spiritual Successor to Banjo Kazooie and Tooie and reconnect with Nintendo if they get enough support.

  15. Mario kart is great but damn I’m so tired of half the stages being remakes and I honestly thought dkr is better than mk64. If this is true I’d be very happy and then they can make a new mk come out in like three years

      1. Yeah I know but like in mk7 they just have 16 new and 16 old. I’d personally prefer them all new because it’s not like most of us haven’t played them already in previous games. I really think a lot of the new stages are better designed than the old ones on super Nintendo and gba courses.

        1. I love some of the old stages though! Favs lf mine are Daisy Cruiser, Dino Dino Jungle , Peach Beach, BABY PARK!!!.. man I really liked Mario Kart Double Dash. If they come out with Mario Kart Wii U. I hope its a double dash sequel!

      1. It’s not THAT great. Where’s Fzero, Mother 4, Star Fox, a new IP?

        I bet everybody who wants this also wants a sequel to Kirby Air Ride.
        Nostalgia < Games that are actually good.

      2. Also, Nintendo already have a Kart racing game, that we know for a fact will be coming soon. Im sure that’s what we all want, 2 kart racers on the same system, instead of just the one with maybe elements of the other, and characters ect, and i duno, a different game that isn’t another kart racer.

    1. Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is one of the top 5 best Wii U game launches. It, Nintendoland, Mario Bros. U, ZombiU, and Tekken are the best. Though, Sonic Racing might be better than all of those other games. It is THAT GOOD. Its Fast, HARD, and suuuper fun :)

  16. Wow alba you are going to an all time low if you are posting news about some random post on gamefaqs. Sikr, please get rid of this guy. He is soo fucking bad.

  17. I, personally, would buy a Diddy Kong Racing-game day one and preferred the original one to Mario Kart 64. I hope this is true, but doubt it. I’d miss Banjo and Conker too o.O

  18. I really wish for a follow up. I loved the original N64 game a LOT. The DS version was BS, imo. They replaced the Silver Coins challenge by a stupid touchscreen gimmick. COME ON. Seriously, if it’s going to happen (I hope because the source looks incredibly shaky), I hope it retains the original feel of the N64 game, its charm it had back then! That way, I can kick Wizpig’s ass once and for all.

  19. People, people stop whining about nintendo should buy rare back cause heres the answer plain and simple, there dead, I mean it cant get anymore downgrading when the only games you can develope for a crappy kinect shit, but hey here is the good news over the years one by one the original rare developer have moved to retro studios, so in a way retro is the rare for nintendendo. Well they would if nintendo would giving them freedom so they could still make the usually nintendo ip but also create there own ip!

  20. It would be nice, I liked Excitebots and Excite Truck. Monster Games is cool. While we are wishing, I wish Nintendo bought Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, Sega, Namco, Tecmo, SNK, THQ, Platinum Games, and Kenji Inafunes Studios and all their respective Intellectual Properties. Oh yeah, and all Rare’s properties like Killer Instinct, Banjo Kazooie, Conker, Battletoads, Jet Force Gemini, Blast Corps, Perfect Dark etc. Does anybody know what Retro is up to? Will Nintendo tell us anything about upcoming games for Wii U? Since XenoBlade and Last Story RE so Successful, are we going to get sequels? One last wish, a new Faxanadu and a new Star Tropics game for Wii U or 3DS.

  21. Ah brings me back to when i saw Donkey Kong Racing, the sequle to Diddy Kong Racing that was supposed to be out for GCN but got trashed cuz rare got bought when they were in the middle of making it. It was also on the GCNs Game Launch lineup from E3 2001 i still hate dumbsoft for buying rare, i wish dumbsoft would of waited until Donkey Kong Racing was finished then bought rare, good buy Kiddie Kong for u will be ever known in DKC3 but my wish has maybe come true, retro is reviving the dead project of Donkey Kong Racing or it could be totally different.

  22. I want my Donkey Kong Racing… and not that Barrel Blast shit. Also you notice there wasn’t a Diddy Kong Racing game for the last two home consoles? That probably cause Diddy has been in the last two home console Mario Kart games… and he will probably be in the next one too…

  23. A Gamefaqs forum user confirmed this?


    In other news, I can exclusively confirm that Wii U sequels for Body Harvest, Snowboard Kids, Biofreaks and Cameleon Twist are in development at Bungie Studios!

    1. This. Although, you could’ve just said “LOL Gamfaqs”. I’ll entertain the idea, because post q.1 wiiU ain’t lookin so hot and i hope theres some bigger franchises heading to the system. I’m getting a WiiU in March, i’d like to know what to look forward to.

  24. To be honest, I’d rather a Diddy Kong Racing sequel before Mario Kart or F-Zero because that way, it will show the creators of those what needs to be improved to make them better.

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  26. I’d get it.
    I loved the original, and a sequel has a huge amount of potential.
    The music alone was awesome, but the races were really challenging and the fact that you could make your entire race a whole different experience compared to others by choosing a TYPE of vehicle instead of just a variation of a single one, was a huge plus for the game.
    I, of course, preferred the plane, but the car was my second favorite just because it was traditional.
    Third was the hovercraft, because its bounciness could be put to good use in discovering short-cuts, but its turning was a bit wonkier and I don’t remember there being a power slide option to help gain a speed boost around those tight corners….

    My one and only wish is that they do not bring in overpowered characters this time around.
    Much as I liked him, once you earned T.T. the Time Clock, no one else in the game even came close to his level of ability in any vehicle.
    I’d like to avoid that outcome if at all possible, with any unlock-able racers, in a sequel.
    It’d be neat if we could see Banjo and Kazooie come back, but that’s a far-flung dream that I place no hopes on, now that Micro has their filthy claws digging so deeply into the franchise….

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  28. I loved Diddy Kong Racing. Remember the passwords they give to us after you beat it? The battle was better than Mario kart too. It never got boring. Oh and Aoelus this ain’t hard core you see there are over 100 comments fool! Proves again that hardcore ain’t everything. But Aoelus can’t get it through his head even if you showed him the sales figures. After all games on smart phones are increasing in sales every year and the graphics ain’t no where near the Vita’s.

  29. Some random dude on GameFAQs says a new Diddy King Racing is coming out. Sounds legit. Guess what guys! Some random dude told me that Banjo Threeie is coming to the Wii U! You should post it on this site and say that it’s a rumor!

  30. I dont care. i had the game for n64. bored me alot. give me either F-zero or a better mario kart with a new gimmick. nintendo kart even

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  32. I loved DKR back in the day it was one of my favorite N64 games. I would love to see a modern day sequel, but without Rare involved I’m not sure. Then again, today’s Rare is hardly the same Rare I grew up with, so maybe that’s a good thing.

  33. Wow lol what a shit site. Posting a random Gamefaqs post from September with less than 20 posts and no source given from the guy obviously means he was lying. The author of this article is either desperate for hits or just an idiot.

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