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Pokemon News Coming January 8th


A new Japanese trailer for Pokemon Black & White 2 states that we should be getting some fresh Pokemon related news on January 8th. Sadly, there’s no exciting hints to tell us what the news is related too. It could be a new game, or something a little more trivial, such as a new WiFI event. Whatever it is, we will be sure to let you know. What are you hoping for?

Thanks, Salman

90 thoughts on “Pokemon News Coming January 8th”

        1. How can it be too early? Next year Gen V will be 3 years old, which is enough for a new Gen to debut. Plus, usually new Gens are first anoounced early in the year they debut. By that pattern, January is a predicably logic time for announcimg the next generation. Actually, if my memory serves right, Gen V was first announced on January 2010.

          1. Maybe Gen 5 as a whole is 3 years old, but Black & White 2 just released, chances are something for the Wii U will come before 3DS

            1. Except, here’s the thing, in Pokemon releases, B2W2 didn’t “just come out.” First and foremost, the game has been out since June (or July? I think June) in Japan. Second, since Pokemon Yellow, considering the Japanese and English releases as different games, there has been one game in the main series released every single year.

    1. I think what we need, rather than remakes, is a new original RPG using pokemon from different gens on the 3DS and make a Stadium Style game for the Wii U, utilize the connection via the consoles and make a game that can connect akin to the original stadiums. Remakes, while cool, are beginning to become a bit too predictable, less and less is being added to the current gens to make remakes stand out that well. They should at least give the fans a proper, original Pokemon experience rather than throw another remake at us. (Just to be clear I am not hating, I just think Nintendo should take advantage of the new consoles and make RPG and Console games to take advantage of them, then release a Gen 3 remake that could also use these capabilities).

    2. I RLLY hope so because to me, Sapphire and Ruby to me is more adventurous somehow… Maybe its just the underwater world thought LOL

      1. While naturally, I’d be excited for RS remakes, I’d rather it be a next gen announcement and remakes for RS to come in gen 6 on the 3DS.

    1. if its on DS than its on 3DS too lol….. i think the game will be exclusive for 3DS or Wii U, you know… new pokemon gen = new 8th generation console

    1. Cool story bro, but lemme finish this game real quick. *Is playing Pokemon Crystal on a GBA SP, Pokemon White on a DS Lite, Pokemon White 2 on a 3DS and Pokemon Stadium 2 on a Pikachu N64*

      1. It was so fun to play Pokémon whit kids too i played on high school and then wen i visited my brother school they wanted to battle me i fealt like ash.

    1. Why do you people keep asking for that ?

      They’ve said it for years that it’s never happening countless of times, that its staying on handhelds.

      1. Junichi Masuda of Game Freak openly stated a while back he has interest in making a Pokemon Game for the Wii U. Its not never happening, its just unlikely it would be a main-series RPG. They could still make spin-off RPG’s (like Gale of Darkness) or Stadium games (Like Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2) or a second Battle Revolution (which I hope to God they don’t because the first one was dreadful)

  1. 12:56/ Cipher Peon Greesix

    I’m sure they did remakes of the GB games because (likely due to greed) they didn’t allow those pkmn to be carried over to the GBA games. So we ‘had’ to spend money on games we already played to get them back.
    Long story not as long, I don’t think Ruby/Sapphire remakes are in the works.

    1. Except with DSi – 3DS XL you can NOT play GBA games and Nintendo won’t be like “play it on your original DS or DSLite.” because those no longer are in production and therefore don’t make Nintendo ANY money. It’d be an idiotic business move to promote those 2 when it’d cause them to lose money. Nor would R/S/E on Virtual Console work, because there’d be no way to link them up to Gen IV and V games. Which, even with Gen IV, they’re wanting to leave behind now because its old and not profitable. Also a lot of R/S/E internal batteries have been dying (and I speak from experience here). Also HG/SS sold very well, why stop the remake cashcow?

      1. We just had GBA games that could link to Gen 4 (released alongside the original DS and DS Lite until the DSi came into view much later) which linked to Gen 5. I have a ton of Gen 3 Pokemon on my White 2 because I jumped to the DS fairly early, and so did a lot of fans. Remaking R/S/E is rather pointless in that light as people had their chance. If anything they should release an RPG on the 3DS and then release an R/S/E remake on the 3DS to put Gen 3 on there. Gen 4 may not be as profitable but the fact remains D/P were released alongside the DS (and Lite) and owners of those could purchase Pt, HG and SS no problem. I speak from experience and I know many people who own a DS Lite and a DSi/3DS for Gen 4 -> Gen 5 linking. B2W2 should be where Nintendo leave the DS behind and move onto the 3DS and Wii U for bigger and better things. They should give us a 3D R/S/E remake on the 3DS LATER and focus on new experiences to give us with the new Technology the 3DS and Wii U have to offer

        1. You’re thinking of how PLAYERS work, which is nice, but you should see it from the BUSINESS perspective. Would you really be like “well, they had their chance with the DS and DSLite so, no let’s not remake them.” or would you look at the sales figures of the games and see dollar signs and also the fact that those 2 GBA compatible systems are no longer in production thus your parent company could make a ton of cash. Pokemon sells systems, that’s a fact. So they could move a ton of 3DS units even with as little work that would go into R/S remakes. So, yes us players have had a chance, but the business folks don’t care one ounce about that. They just want to make their money and R/S remakes would be an easy way to do that, easier than building an entirely new region right away.

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  3. Battle Revolution 2, Gen 6(Pokemon Green and Purple??), Pokemon Conquest 2 on Wii U, or Pokemon Snap Wii U….if it isn’t one of those four I am not interested.

    1. Just so you know, they won’t name a gen 6 game Pokemon Green because that was the first game in the Pokemon series, but the Pokemon Snap idea for Wii U sounds great!

    2. No Green XD its already been done (albiet in Japan) I’m personally hoping for a new RPG for the 3DS (not a remake) and a Stadium game for the Wii U to coincide with it

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      1. there are thousands of shades and highlights though. Like you said, Aquamarine, Sun shine yellow, Tree Green, Snow white, etc. They can just pick one of those.

  5. I kinda hope for there to be a remake of Ruby/Sapphire for the 3DS, though something around the lines of either Generation VI or a XD style RPG in a new region for the Wii U would be something that I’d prefer from this since they said already the series is going to “evolve” in 2013. That plus the secret hidden Pokemon in the Genesect film (though Munchlax was in the Deoxys which was 2 years before Gen IV).

    But hey, Nintendo just take my money and give us our RS remakes (and a Majora’s Mask remake too please?).

  6. Fuck remakes. This series needs a complete overhaul. Gamefreak has been doing this shit since what, 1995? No more sprites. Full 3D worlds. No more DS. 3DS is the handheld now and they need to support it. And it OBVIOUSLY won’t be Gen. 6, A. Because they don’t release new gen until the anime debuts for that gen, B. they JUST released B/W2, only about 16 mo. after releasing B/W. i bought black but I realized Nintendo was trying to pull a fast one by releasing a sequel.

    1. how do you function? what do you have against sprites? 3D pokemon battles arent that good. i for one would like to see an expanded R/E remake with black and whites style of combining 2D sprites with 3D backgrounds and animations. and sense gen 3 didnt have any notable after game they could merge the plot with black and white sense the old protagainist is in another region searching for N.

      1. I never said I had anything against sprites. I’m just tired of them. 2D Pokemom battles are nothing special either. I’m not hating, in fact I’ve been playing the games since I was 9. I’m just tired of the whole *take out new region, insert next region* and *add about two changes so you can justify another full retail release a year later* deal. Over the 20-some years Pokemon has existed, the only notable things they’ve added are the Battle Frontier, two regions in one (which was nice), and online.(They HAD to once D/P rolled around, because of the DS’s internet capabilities.

    2. 1. The game won’t release 2 days after it’s announced, It will probably just be a silhouette for one of the pokemon like they did with gen 5 and zoroark. 2. The anime is nearly done with unova, there’s going to be one last league episode and then the filler arc in the form of episode N.

      1. 1. That’s a good point. It wont release too close to announcement. but Pokemon games take a relatively short time to make, and it’ll probably be out a few months after B/W2’s 1 year anniversary. 2. I wasn’t aware that the anime was that close to being done. My mistake. I can’t stomach it. It’s just so cheap when compared to the golden age (Kanto-Hoenn). Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they release the games around the time the anime for that region starts?

  7. I bet it’s something really trivial, like a Pokémon touch-typing game for the Wii U. The GamePad would be the perfect device for a game like that..

  8. bet its pokemon gray for 3ds or new events. or a new gen which will have to be on the 3ds. why is everyone saying its a ruby saphire remake. you can use the gba games still.

  9. YAK(YourAverageKid)

    No Frikkin way. Gray COULD be a possibility,
    Would be a combination of BW/BW2.
    Explains what happens to your characters in the original. Adds new stuff. Gives more depth to Plasma and centers bigger side stories on the Legendary event things/Zoroark.
    And the final “addition” only on 3DS.
    It makes sense. Pack BW/2 in one, call it Gray, make it for 3DS, instant profit.

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