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Capcom Is Looking to Bring New Content To Wii U, Not Old Ports


Capcom Senior VP, Christian Svensson, has told members of the Capcom Unity forums that the company is looking to bring new products to Wii U, rather than producing ports of older existing games. Svensson wouldn’t specify if they are working on any new IP’s for the console. Hopefully we should get some announcements before, or during, E3 2013.

“With regard to WiiU, in general we’re looking forward, not back so late ports are generally not on the table.”

120 thoughts on “Capcom Is Looking to Bring New Content To Wii U, Not Old Ports”

  1. Well thats good News I Suppose, I just wish Capcom didn’t make me feel so Uneasy everytime I hear their Name…. ):

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    1. I bought a Wii U last week. I only own Nintendo Land so far, and it really shows off how amazing the Wii U console is. The game is amazing and is sooo much fun to play together with friends. I don’t know why you think it’s a “crapbox” but it truly is not.

          1. When they start spewing up the word “Fanboys,” and “Nintendrones,” You know they are losing ground in their ignorant, arrogant attempts to… Well, I’m not really sure what their goals are…

      1. The console has bad games and support, a laughable online system, a crappy controller, and cheap wiring and hardware. Get yourself a fucking PC.

        1. I have both. The Nintendoland experience can’t be achieved anywhere but on the Wii U, that game alone is driving my friends crazy asking me to come over all the time for a Wii U night at their place.

            1. I have a Mac book Pro, great for design, not so much for games. Its only ok, so please stop you are making an ass of yourself.

    2. Did mommy and daddy not get you the Wii U you wanted for Chrimbo? Sounds like they got you a crapbox instead, I know how you feel… the xbox really is a crapbox

      1. Fuck you A hole. Wiiu is the best console on earth at the moment. Has tons of potential.
        Your opinion means nothing on here noob.

      2. Oh yes, a pathetic company that has been living on for about 123 years, and has made better products and content than a PC can ever hope to have…

        1. What have PCs done? Created the world wide web, among other things. What has Nintendo done in its long and pathetic history? Made love hotels. Nintendo can never come close to the power and manliness of the PC.

    3. Oh, U MAAAAAAAD.
      Get over it.
      It’s getting great games from many companies and will only continue to improve.
      Actually….you know what?
      Don’t get over it.
      Keep on hating forever.
      That way no one on Miiverse will have to deal with your childish antics.
      You’re worse than the Reply Girls would be after losing a CoD match.:P

      1. Miiverse will be depleted of users once the true next generation consoles come out. Not the shitty toys that you are eagerly defending.

        1. Miiverse won’t die. You’re just praying it will so that someone will join you and cure your forever alone syndrome.:P

    1. But they haven’t even release Super Street Fighter 4 ultra combo 4th power bomb guile’s theme goes with everything edition!
      It’s supposed to have 2 new costumes! D:


    lol what ?

    1. Its not really just a ‘port’, it has a LOT of new content, and local 3DS-Wii U multiplayer, and transferable saves between the two, etc. I think that can be forgiven.

    1. Capcom will always have a piece of my soul.

      They make the best fighting games (imo) , Monster Hunter is just epic. Revelations was amazing. Azuras wrath kicks ass. etc etc etc …

  3. Resident Evil 2 remake. DO IT. Fixed camera, limited ammo, ect, dual stories that make sense too, Leon and Claire cant both get the Unicorn Medal ect -.-
    Get rid of tank controls though, they’re kinda unnesseccary, or at peast give the option to change it.

    1. Man, i love fixed camera >.< some of the shots in the REmake are incredible. Plus the game's look loads better graphically. God of War doesnt look that good by stroke of luck.

      1. Anything is possible with pre rendered backgrounds.

        I would love to see a game like that built from ground up for wiiu. It would look better than reality lol.

        1. Pre-rendered is boss.
          It’s changed a lot since, they basically layout over polygon onto the prerender, but because its always one angle, you dont have to mess with getting all angles of lighting, panning, blablahblah, hence why God of War 3 looks so good, although thats more of a modern way of doing it. Having an atmosphere of Resi with todays tech would be so good

          1. I like in OOT3D that they ”real timed” all / most of the backgrounds. But they should of just put some better pre rendering in.

            OOT3D is litteraly one of my favorite looking games ever though. To see Hyrule in 3D like that , is just , *tears*

            1. Dragonroost Island from Wind Waker is gives me that. First getting there, seeng the whole thing, then climbing all the way to the top is epic.

              Also the Twilight Temple in TP was awesome, nothing like other Zelda games

              1. Windwaker 1080p HD remake with touch screen inventory and off screen play FTW.

                Zelda HD collection. WW , TP , SS . Just shove Ocarina and Majoras mask on the VC. To do them justice with HD they would need remaking….

                    1. I just hate Skyward Sword’s gameplay design. No open world, not exploration, stupid side misssion, meh

                      1. We all have opinions bro. I got my usual overwhelming sense of Nostalgic emotion when playing through the game. like I do with all Zelda’s ……..

                        Zelda has carved its way so deep into my mind that I can’t see any negativity in any of the games lol…..

                        call it fanboyism if you must…

        1. Not much to mess with, they should approach it similar to how they did with the Gamecube remake. New graphics, updated controls, new voice acting, new cutscenes, and alterted level layout.
          But tank controls are so awkward xD
          Free moving controls would be better, especially for just avoiding zombies

        1. To xpand i love how killing a powerfull monster droped actual loot weapons and making the envyroments based on that mode would be great, if racoon city where like the raid mode that game would actualy have been great.

      1. If I recall, the producer of Zack & Wiki said that he’d be interested in a sequel on the Wii U. This was mentioned at the in the middle of 2012.

    2. Sorry guys but Resident evil is never going back to its Survival Roots. Its All about Action Horror Now (Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, etc). Now, ZombiU May not be Perfect, But it definetly gets 1 Aspect Right: SURVIVAL. U actually feel helpless and jumpy, have very low ammo, And feel very challenged like a Good Survival Horror game should. I hope they make Part 2 and Improve on the Original. (We have to get this New IP a Chance since New IPs are a Dieing Breed). (;

      1. There will probably be a part 2, because the first game sold VERY WELL. Its all about sales and ZombiU’s got them.

    3. So in other words a brand new Megaman in the style of 3d action-role playing, but stil a flawless platformer at heart built specifically for the Wii U with a riveting story line and beautiful art work? < Create this game and gamers will be eating out of the palm of your hands CAPCOM.

          1. Wasn’t there another incarnation of the sun god presented in Okamiden? (Don’t remember its name.) It could be a nice base for a sequel (or prequel, still not sure if it’s born before or after Amaterasu, but it’s still born before chibiterasu).

    4. I’m very happy about this Capcom, but please bring games that are going to be or are released already like Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry, and other games

      1. Don’t want them games on Wii U, I’d prefer them making Resident Evil: Revelations for the Wii U. The new game of Devil May Cry looks like its going to suck.

        1. Well i used to not like the new Dante but i tryed the demostrar and i find him a true to the dmc more but combatí seems very old i would say this could turn in dmc 2 gameplay wise wich is bad.

    5. Capcom has lost creator of Resident Evil, creator of Devil May Cry and the creator of Mega Man. Capcom is really stupid not to bring upgraded versions of DMC, Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil 6 and Dragons Dogma to Wii U. Capcom is dumb period. Capcom used to be one of my favorite video game companies. I don’t know what the hell is going on at Capcom anymore.

    6. I can’t be live some dumb ass was comparing the Wii U to a PC. What he needs to do is compare the PC to a Mac. The Wii U is not a direct rival to no PC. Do you see a Key board with the Wii U dummy? Do you see a mouse. Sure it can go online and chat etc the Wii U is rival to Apple TV. Google TV, Roku TV, Sony, and Microsoft and Tablets. You see dummy Bill you and Aoelus is all about power. Power ain’t everything dumb ass. After all the PlayStation 2 outsold game cube and Xbox. Last I checked Game cube had the most graphics. And PlayStation out sold the N64. You see? I’m more on quality not just graphics.

    7. I’m not done with Bill. So Bill Nintendo’s a crappy company huh? I remember Sony fan boys thought the Wii was crap and yet their consoles copied the Wii Mote and they don’t think that’s crap. Nintendo is crap but Sony fan boys are just SO HAPPY about All Stars. But Nintendo sucks. Sony looks at as a Mother. Sony fan boys know it and they use their troll ness as a weakness to escape the truth. The Rumble park started with N64, Sony took it and made it within the Controller. The Analog stick started with N64 Sony took it and put it on their controllers. 4 player mode started with Nintendo, Sony then created an attachment to allow up to four players. Wii Remote Sony took it and made it more. This is why the PS4 ain’t out yet. So by calling Nintendo crap you are calling Sony crap since they copy them. At least Microsoft tried being different on the kinect. Also Sony copied Pikmin. Instead of using ants they used army man.

    8. All Sony is going to do is take all the Wii U’,s cons and turn those into pros for the PS4. Its easy to do because you already got something that was out first. So you can look up how powerful the Wii U is and use that to make it more powerful than Wii U. Because the Wii U arrived before the PS4, they had to just make it powerful with nothing to fall back on. But don’t get it twisted, the Wii U is not all unveiled yet. Its still immature even for Nintendo and as a satisfied Wii U owner I believe we have not yet see the Wii U’s graphics at a true limit.

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    10. nonspecificactionfigure

      Well some games I wouldn’t have minded coming over:

      Marvel vs Capcom 3
      Super Street Fighter 4
      Resident Evil 5 & 6

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