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Renegade Kid Says 3DS Piracy Could Make Developers Leave The Platform


As you may have previously heard a hacker by the name of Neimod claims to have taken full control of the Nintendo 3DS in kernel mode using an unmodified console and an exploit that uses a retail game. Now Jools Watsham from Renegade Kid has weighed in on the subject saying that if the system is exploited by hackers for piracy than developers may actually leave the platform. Here’s what he had to say on the matter.

“If piracy gets bad on the 3DS, we will have no choice but to stop supporting the platform with new games. Some say that piracy leads to more game sales, claiming that it enables players to try before they buy. Bullshit. The percentage of people who will spend money on a game that they already got for free is surely very small – especially with so many “free” games already in the market. The line between what should/should not be free is getting very blurry.”

143 thoughts on “Renegade Kid Says 3DS Piracy Could Make Developers Leave The Platform”

    1. Davy the NintenSonMicrosoft fan

      I’m guessing you haven’t seen the 3DS’s past in sales, have you?…

      If this does happen developers are going to leave the platform much like they did with the Dreamcast so YES it has happened before and it could happen again.

      1. That is very unlikely. The 3DS is currently the best selling handheld and with a strong lineup this year, it will keep its momentum. Developers running away from it will be just losing money. Besides, with the updatings hackers will have a hard time to keep piracy going on it.

    1. DS Had piracy and had great games, 3ds didn’t have piracy and i have yet to see a game that makes me play continously on it for long time, not even a pokémon clasic rpg on it..

        1. Is an opinion playing resident evil right now and assault mode is amaizing is like resident evil phantasy star online, actualy gives me big hopes for resident evil rpg.

        2. He speaks from his A hole.

          OOT 3D , Tales of the abyss , Shin megami Tensei , Mario kart 7 ,KIU , Paper mario , Resi rev , and many others.

          I put many many many many hours into those games…

        3. Kid Icarus, Mario Kart 7, Legend of Zelda OoT remake, Mario Tennis Open. plus you can still play DS games like Pokemon Conquest and Black & White 2. There are also 3DS e-shop games like Dylan’s Rolling Western and classics such as the Metroid series. The 3DS has A LOT to offer!

              1. AANNDD Scribblenauts 3DS and Adventure Time 3DS, oh and Paper Mario Sticker Star isn’t that bad. Fluidity launched on the e-shop and Super Mario Bros. has some downloadable content…sooo much going on for 3DS…

    1. @JChaos- Ya know, a person doesn’t need to be famous in order for you to care about his or her opinion.

      I hope you learned something new today.

  1. He has got a good argument there, piracy isn’t great for anyone and its getting out of hand. Me personally, I believe developers should start releasing demos like Onlive did which is basically a timed Demo were the player can actually play a small part of the full game whilst still being able to decide whether or not to buy the game.

    1. Yeah, but not like Onlive, technology is nowhere near ready for that. You’re basically streaming a game…and you want it streamed in full hd, an the same quality as a disk or download, murder on bandwidth.

  2. I agree, piracy is always bad, and some times is really bad. Imagine don’t have games in your language and wait more than 6 months or even a year to have access to a new game? This kind of thing happens because countries like Brazil don’t have a healthy game market. Why? Well, because here, in Brazil, the piracy is really big, and I believe that the authorities don’t care about. This generate a lost of billions and avoid the criation of new jobs. Gamers need start to be civilized.

  3. The only time I will get a ROM of a game is when it is simply too old to find on shelves and isn’t released on a virtual console of some sort.
    Terranigma and Seiken Densetsu III.[That’s Secret of Mana to those not in the know]
    Especially liked the love on display in the fan rom of Seiken. It must have taken forever to do all that translating but the end product was magnificent.
    Makes me sad it never got localized.

    1. Forgot to add; I’ll also do it when I know the game is out of production and the company that made it isn’t getting any money from it anymore, such as in the case of Banjo Kazooie on the N64.

          1. If you dont know what he meant and what i meant then please dont add a coment. He was was refering to the fact that some games are hard to find banjo is not not so he should not have got it that way.

            1. I don’t have the money for a 360, though.
              Plus, one game isn’t enough reason for me to want it, on top of the fact that I’m still saving up for a Wii U.
              I once owned Banjo Kazooie and Tooie on my N64, though, so I’ve paid my debt to Rare for their creation. I feel no guilt in re-obtaining the game through a rom at this point since I’ve already shown my support for the game before now.

              1. There’s also the argument that Rare is a shell of its former self and that the people currently in it are not the same teams that made Banjo, though.
                It’s a small point, but one that I feel is significant, since it is those people that I felt made up the best of Rare.
                With them gone, Rare doesn’t even feel like itself anymore, which is a sad thing for me.

        1. my lite craps on my 3ds battery life (even with the nyko battery extender). I literally charge my 3ds everyday, my lite like once a week

  4. Switzerland has no piracy laws, so they conducted studies to determine if they should have. They found out that piracy led to more sales. People had a pre-estabilished amount of money they were willing to spend on their entertainment, and once that money runs out, they seek for free alternatives, as piracy. Then once they were already consuming free products, sometimes they found something so good, they actually paid past their pre-estabilished amount. I think we all know this as the “Steam took my wallet” effect


    When there’s no piracy, you either try to force your product on people who can’t judge it’s value, like moms buying games or kids with no idea how to differentiate great games that will keep them entertained from shallow experiences with 8 hours of gameplay max, or you try to force your product on people who have little money to spend on their entertainment, like third world countries.

    “But Piracy is a crime”, no, it isn’t, it’s something the industry wants you to think. There’s a reason why it’s called “Piracy”, why it has a name that induces villany, because it’s real name has no real crime. Piracy means you broke copyright law, you broke someone’s right to copy someone’s else work. That means you didn’t pay that company, which has a monopoly of copy that shouldn’t be allowed according to capitalism nature of free competition. And then once you haven’t paid them, that’s called debt, not crime.

    1. You can’t be serious.. right?

      Someone (actually, many people) work hard to establish a final game, and you just download it for free and enjoy all their hard work while they get nothing in return. Once you pirate a game you basically steal from them.

      Sure, I agree that we, the consumers should be able to know what we’re getting into before we buy the product (that’s why we have demos, reviews, etc) but that doesn’t mean piracy is the answer.

      Also, no one is forcing you to buy ANYTHING. If you don’t want to buy a game you just don’t buy it, so I really don’t get where you’re coming from.

      1. I wouldn’t call a lack of revenue “stealing”. That would be taking a the cart right off the shelves. And, as unfortunate as it is, piracy can be the answer for whoever chooses it, that’s not up to us to decide.

    2. Finally someone who understands!
      Games are incredibly expensive here, so if I wasn’t not sure about buying a game, I just downloaded the ROM for DS games and gave it a try. If I liked it, I bought the game to support the developers.
      That’s before I started importing my games and demos were available.

    3. Wow…What a narcissistic asshole! These developers put months, maybe years, into a game, and you think that stealing from them is perfectly okay.
      This is exactly the attitude pirates have, they think that everything is theirs for the taking, and if someone stops them from stealing, then it’s “How dare they prevent me from stealing!”.
      Kill yourself.

  5. Piracy is stealing something that is not yours. Pirates are thieves. Stealing is wrong and pirates should be punished. There must be a way to track down pirates if every 3DS connects to Wifi, so Nintendo can track down and punish thieves.

  6. Not everyone is a thief and if you make a good game, while thieves will steal, people who are not thieves will buy your game.

      1. Just because something sells well doesn’t make it good. If so, you are saying Justin Bieber is the best singer ever.
        The 3DS is such shit that yoy only use sales to back it up. HA!

        1. People buy what they like. Id it would be truly shit nobody would buy it. Simple as that. Justin Bieber has his fans too, though i fail to see how a singer and a gameconsole can be compared as simply as that.

          1. If you can’t, then you are obviously very stupid.
            But, you are kinda correct, as Nintendo does have its retard sheep fans that buy everything they release.

                1. Nobody will argue that two of the biggest selling franchises on 360 and PS3 are Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty. Now, while Assassin’s Creed isn’t as guilty as the other, please tell me how many leaps and bounds these games have made in the last half a decade?

                  It’s not as if Nintendo is the only one guilty of rehashing things. And when it comes down to it, at least Nintendo is willing to go out of the normal and take risks which generally pay off.

                  1. They have made significant leaps. If Nintendo did not always hold the industry back with its lame rehashing, we would have an advanced and manly industry.

                    1. Your stated taste in games is a reflection on your own mentality
                      And by this, we mean “uneducated and poor in choice!” :3

        2. If that was the case then why is the Vita selling so poorly? I’m enjoying my 3DS and I’m interested in the Vita (don’t have the money, big backlog) but if the Vita is so much cooler, and people who love Sony are interested why is it still not selling well? Surely there are are more Sony fans than the sales of the Vita are implying but even they aren’t buying it yet.

          1. Because consumers like you are idiots and only want lame rehashed games on the 3DS, and not cool, manly, and original games on the Vita.

        1. Seriously, are you 12?

          The console itself isn’t anything special, I agree. Its hardware is outdated. 3D is a silly gimmick, too. But it’s selling well, which means we get more games. The more the merrier.

          1. Yeah, more Mario and Disney and outfit picking games for mindless three year olds. This is while the Vita is getting manly and real games that you nintensheep will never buy because you have your heads so far up Reggie’s ass. It makes me sick.

                1. Here cones the classic NINTENDO AND DISNEY games arguments. Manly games? Seriously? If you consider COD manly, just look at its online. 10 year olds, 10 year olds everywhere. COD manly….most stereotypical comment I hear everywhere…..

                2. Just having a quick look at Metacritic reviews for Vita and 3DS – here’s some stats:

                  Number of Vita Games available (reviewed) – 77
                  Number of 3DS Games available (reviewed) – 160

                  Number of Vita Games with a score of 90 or over – 1
                  Number of 3DS Games with a score of 90 or over – 4

                  Number of Vita Games with a score of 80 or over – 16
                  Number of 3DS Games with a score of 80 or over – 21

                  Number of Vita Games with a score of 80 or over – 16
                  Number of 3DS Games with a score of 80 or over – 21

                  Number of Vita Games with a score of 70 or over – 44
                  Number of 3DS Games with a score of 70 or over – 64

                  Average review score Vita (all games) – 69.7
                  Average review score 3DS (all games) – 64.5

                  Average review score of top 50 Vita games – 77.4
                  Average review score of top 50 Vita games – 79.64

                  Now anyone who says the Vita is a rubbish handheld is a moron, but similarly the numbers speak for themselves that the 3DS at least matches (and in most cases trumps) the quality of games available for Vita. Plus it’s cheaper and because of the low adoption rate of vita means more developers will make games for it..

                  If you want to say the 3DS is for babies, go for it – it doesn’t bother me – i’ll be over here happily playing all the great games that are already available for the 3DS with a big smile on my face :)

                    1. whoops! yeah thanks – I was in a rush to get out for NYE :)

                      I meant to say

                      Average review score of top 50 Vita games – 77.4
                      Average review score of top 50 3DS games – 79.64

                      but I’m sure you got the gist anyway!

                  1. You’ll be smiling because your games are very easy and colorful so that you won’t cry and shit your diaper when you lose.

            1. “the Vita is getting manly and real games”

              what does it even “manly” mean? so you let people make themselves feel bad becuase they are playing something that they enjoy? what about real games? there are so many underrated amazing titles that were missing because of those “manly” AAA games.

              do yourself a favor and stop being biased.

                1. You have yet to say what these “elite manly” games are. Also, you said earlier that ” the Vita is getting manly and real games that you nintensheep will never buy” You do know that the Vita is by Sony, right?

            2. Watch out, we got a sexually insecure bill over here.

              And also, do you know the market that justin bieber is in, right? 9 to 17 year old girls, and who buy his products? yeah 10 to 17 years olds, so why he is only supported by his targeted market and no more? Because he is not good.
              And now, you say that the targeted market for nintendo is kids right?, so why is people outside their targeted market is supporting it? Because they make good/fun games most of the time.

              1. Older people play baby games like Mario and Kingdom Hearts because they are still babies themselves. They don’t know what real manly games PCs offer.

      1. The support included such fucking fantastic games as Elf Bowling and the Petz series. Don’t try to fool a man with your childish claims, loser.

  7. Instead of complaining and giving up he should offer something with the game you can’t get in a pirated version that usually works

  8. there is some truth to his words. my wii is modded which allows me to play games off a usb. at the same time I have many bought retail games so it’s a matter of what to buy and what to download.

  9. No one who came to America was a pirate, the Puritans came to America, none of the founding Fathers were pirates, what the hell is that idiot talking about. The Marines fought pirates.

  10. I pirated Super Meat Bot and Minecraft on PC and I now own both of them. While piracy is not good, it’s not wholly bad either and I don’t want to see it go away, and this is coming from someone who wishes to be a part of the game industry. And no matter what you do, you cannot stop pirates. Everything is hackable and everything is breakable.

      1. There are always people who will pirate and you cannot stop that. Also me pirating and then buying Minecraft, caused me to buy it for 5 other people.

  11. People who pirate games are such poor assholes.
    I mean cmon, “oh i pirate games, LOLOLOL”.
    Just crack down on it, give more severe sentences, better online structure, *cough* make games download only *cough*.

    But apparently, games are bad said retarded government and news channels, so fusing or help with it isnt likely, even though its a big income for economies.

  12. I’ve pirated and I’ll admit it. I’ve only done it to play old games I can’t get cause I don’t have money right now or try some games out. If my HDD fried, I’d spend the money to get the games back, but some old ones will still be expensive to buy. Like FF8.

  13. His words on piracy are true, but if his happy butt leaves the 3DS it’s his loss, acting like he has muscle such that Ubisoft and Capcom have. Some people have a superiority complex up the Wazoo.

  14. I think it’s messed up when someone pirates games. I understand if their old games like maybe ds and the last generations because they don’t get any sales anymore. However, when it comes to current gen games it’s messed up. Developers that work hard to make a game count on the extra support from ppl to buy the game and hope to make sales. When ppl pirate games its basically telling developers to go fuck off, when they actually provide you with the entertainment you have.

  15. Uh, take a look at the DS. It was pretty darn easy to pirate DS games and look how well they sell. The main difference here is that while you can play 3DS games in 3D on the console, you can’t so easily in the pirated versions, so it’s more likely that people are going to buy the game on the 3DS after pirating it than they were on the DS.

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  17. I do not care for piracy. It is like stealing something from a store just to “try” it. If a person wants to try something, that is what demos are for. I do not want to support stealing, that’s why I do not pirate. I would rather pay the full price and if I do not like, I return it back if I can, than to steal something or not get the game at all. If a person cannot afford a game, they are better off without it until they can get the money.

  18. And people think it is okay to steal something just because it is too expensive. That is not an excuse. I can understand if it were food, even though you will still have to pay consequences for that, too, but stealing a video game is unacceptable. Just a have patience and work hard for what you want instead of stealing.

  19. Obviously but it’s not as if your average Joe has done it yet and even on the DS piracy was rampant but games still sold well. I wouldn’t worry about it if I was you guys. Not enough people know about this for it to actually be an issue.

  20. Tatsunoko vs capcom was the reason I hacked my wii and got the Japanese version. Then I bought ultimate all stars. Other than that yeah I get what he means that if you dl you just might not buy it but release demos like the ones at e3 to give people a chance to play instead of us reading a journalists opinion.

  21. Wow, what a fun read through all this…. Some rants went off topic, while others stayed on topic.

    Piracy hurts everyone and not just the developer. It could in fact hurt you and how much money you make even if you are not in the gaming/movie/music industry. Like Flint said above, if you can not afford it work harder so you can afford it, or hell do without it!

    How does everyone lose money some of you pirates may ask? The less money a store makes = the less hours they can give = less money employees can make/spend. So if Billy makes less money cuz his hours were cut due to pirates he’ll spend money where he needs too. Billy may need a leaky roof fixed, and now you the rooffer/pirate will get less roofing jobs. Then the fewer and fewer jobs you/pirate get may lead to your layoff, imagine that…

    Like Davy also said, look at Dreamcast, a system can die if pirates pirate too much.

    1. There were a whole lot of other factors involved the Dreamcast flop though, you can’t just blame piracy.

  22. Who the hell is renegade kid? Piracy helps the console and industry both IMO. That guy is just scared for the piracy of his crappy game and not the industry itself, what a douchebag

  23. Thing is, no one gives two shits about Renegade Kid. They’ve made about two games. Mutant Mudds, which was okay, and that planet based game (Planet Crashers?) which was mediocre at best.

  24. What a load a crap, it’s been pretty much proven that it did save a lot of sales, Notch said there is no lost sales (And his game turn out even more great because he didn’t worried about it I think), some interesting articles had some nice evidence, etc.

    But that’s his opinion I guess, and mine too based on some evidence maybe.

  25. While I get what he means… Why do people still develop for sony then? The PS2, PS3, PSP, and Vita have all been cracked so easily and still are abused. Unlike Nintendo, Sony doesn’t really try that hard to prevent piracy either. It’s like they throw all their ‘valuable private information’ in the middle of an ally in new york.

  26. piracy will sell more console actually, ps2 has many pirated game that it become the most sold console ever, even the ds has many pirated game and become the most sold portable console ever, the psp still surviving because of piracy too. And i wanted the 3ds to be hack so i can play japanese game, i f&%king hate region lock, I’m a oversea student and finishing my course this year and i have to sell my 3ds because my country doesnt sell PAL version 3ds game, all my DLC will be gone and my save file too. So i really hope this piracy will come to 3ds and im going to support them by donating some money.

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