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Developers Discuss The Next-Gen Nature Of Wii U And Its Potential


The latest edition of Games Master magazine includes a number of developers offering some insight into the Wii U and its potential power. There’s been a lot of debate regarding whether or not the Wii U is truly a next generation console. Here’s what Ubisoft’s Gabrielle Shrager, Mass Effect 3′s external producer, and more think about this particular issue.

ZombiU senior scriptwriter Gabrielle Shrager:

“Next-gen? Or Next-next-gen? Depends what you mean by that. With the Wii U, Nintendo has definitely recognized the importance of fast chips speeds and cutting-edge graphics, but that is not the hart and soul of the machine.”

Frozenbyte’s Mikael Haveri:

“Wii U is next-gen in the way the Wii was. Clearly revolutionary in many ways, but possibly slightly less on the pure power side. It is a reasonable guess that the next round of competition will trump the specs by a bit, but the important question is if they will also implement a touch interface. So in this way the GamePad is the most important new addition, clearly combining the console experience with the now-very-popular tablets. All of the games are designed whit the GamePad as an integral part, and if that proves to be even nearly as popular as the Wii Remote, then Nintendo might actually define next gen.”

FIFA 13 line producer Matt Prior:

“The Wii U is an exciting new piece of hardware that offer opportunities that other consoles can’t, simply because of the uniqueness of the platform, in particular the GamePad. We wanted to ensure that we utilized that uniqueness and delivered features that utilized the GamePad, not just in a gimmicky way but in ways that added real value and improvements to the game. Just as important, we wanted to use the power of the GamePad to open up the game to more gamers. Graphically, the Wii U is on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3, and we were even able to make some key graphical improvements.”

Mass Effect 3 external producer Melanie Faulknor:

“The way that the GamePad works, where you can take the game that you’re playing on the TV and instantly transition it onto the GamePad, I think that in itself is going to become a household standard, because if you are sharing a television, this constant fight for the TV is no longer an issue.”

122 thoughts on “Developers Discuss The Next-Gen Nature Of Wii U And Its Potential”

      1. Exactly. They actually use the engines, build the games. Or at least ask a lead designer, like Miyamoto, who don’t actually sit down at a computer and build it, but know how a game should be, rather than someone who wrote a mediocre story and 2 guys giving them money.

        1. I know a producers job is more than that, but that the basic jist of it, managing everythig that isnt to do with creating the game.

        2. Programmers mostly know about specs, the point of the interviews was to ask in a more broader view what they thought about the Wii U. Surely in terms of power it is barely above PS3 and 360, like Wii was barely more powerful than Gc and the rest.
          In my opinion Nintendo has created their own gens.

  1. Is it even possible to have better graphics than 1080p?
    I mean, are there tv’s in mass production that can display images with a higher resolution than that and if they are, how many people have them?
    The only way the WiiU could be crushed with is power, but i dont really think Sony and Microsoft will take the risk of making a high priced console because it would be and to expensive and it would throw atleast sony in a bigger debt then they already are thanks to mostly vita.

        1. It’s for future proofing. These up-and-coming consoles are going to be around for 6 or 7 years. Who knows is 1080p will still be around? Same reason they included it in past consoles.

          1. It takes longer than that for 1080p (and 720p) to become a standard in homes. If you think those type of TV have been around since the the mid 90s (in Japan), but were too expensive for sale to the public. They were going to do a big push in the US for high def and digital signal in 2001 before Sept 11th happened. It took them until 2008-9 to really get that establish, not just cause of the consumer wasn’t ready, but cause the broadcast weren’t ready for it until 2007. And the big reason many switched TVs because they were going to loose their over air signal.

            4K cameras are already being used by high end studios and they don’t have some of the recording and storage issues they had before, but its a long up hill road for broadcaster and for it happen for the consumers. My educated guess would be 2016 or 2018 and most won’t buy into it as quickly as they did, as there is less of a motivation like before.

        2. I just want games that fucking work. Far Cry 3 on my ps3 is a fair mess. Framerate is pretty poor, pop in, screen tear, jaggies, and if i go up a radio tower i can that every tree in my draw distance is the same 1 tree design…
          Times like that where Wii games like Mario Galaxy start looking better due to their polish, and they’re not even in HD

          1. They can overshadow the Wii U easily with higher draw distances, more effects, higher framerate and nore detail.
            You don’t need a higher resolution to achieve more detail.

            1. Yeah thats great, but at what cost?
              Im dreading how Crysis 3 is going to be on consoles.
              Again, everyones like “oh this game needs a shit load of textures, and hardware pushing graphics”. No it doesn’t.
              There isnt a “goal” to reach with graphics.
              The most important things in a game are gameplay and having the game fucking work.

              If i was developing a game, and i could make the textures, and draw distance (if it was neccessary), ect at the cost of occasional screen tear, glitches, pop in, ect, i wouldn’t
              do it.
              It’s retarded that people are trying to make graphics better to “immerse the player”, or just show off because that’s all hardcore with the attention span of a rock care about, but glitches and shitty performance takes you out of the experience WAAAY more than a wall with a couple of lines missing here a there, and fee little details, that im not gona fucking see anyway unless i shove my character into a wall.

              1. Borderlands 2 is my multiplat GOTY. And It’s my best looking Multiplat of the year.

                I’ll take that artistic direction over Cryteks OCD graphics over gameplay anyday……… no question.

    1. Resolution doesn’t = graphics sigh….

      You could have Monster Hunter Ultimate running in native 1080p and Graphics that resembled real life or ”Avatar graphics” in 1080p . Obviously the latter has far far far far far far far more advanced graphics.

      Resoloution only helps with clarity and Jaggies. It’s an important factor.

      But Uncharted 3 on a 480p SD TV still has better graphics than Monster Hunter Ultimate on a 1080p TV……. for example..

    2. There is a difference between graphics and resolution. 1080p refers to the resolution, specifically how many pixels on the screen do their own individual thing, as opposed to having a screen with fewer pixels, or a screen where groups of pixels are always displaying the same color.

      Graphics generally refers to things like lighting, shading, textures, etc. A poorly animated droplet of water in 1080p won’t look as good as a photorealistic droplet of water in 1080p.

      So to answer your question, while there are higher resolutions than 1080p (though they really only exist for specific industry use where the extra resolution is helpful, like when a doctor looks at your x-ray on the computer) 1080p will likely remain the highest standard for entertainment for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean that there are no more improvements to be made in game graphics which is quite a separate issue.

  2. This next gen or not next gen bullshit is stupid. It mainly comes from fanboys. Just play what you want and get over yourself. There’s more to life than video games.

        1. I dont know why, but that reminded me on the Luau song in The Lion King. “oohh he’s a big pig!” “Yup yup!”

  3. Like some people have stated here from time to time.
    “Next GEN” means a period of time not some stupid details.
    Of course it is a next gen console.
    You cannot make different consoles and them all being same gen…stupid…
    I just had to laugh at the Fifa one…isn’t the Wii U version worse? :P

    1. Gamers talk about power when they discuss next-gen. Stop grasping at straws and accept that the Wii is little more than a shitty attempt at a 360 on Nintendo’s part.

      It’s weak, and offers nothing for core gamers who already have that console or a PS3.

      1. No they don’t Aelous. Sad little cunts like you obssess over power lol. PC elitists talk about power…..

        When the N64 was clearly a countrry mile ahead of the Ps1 , what were you saying then ? I was playing My awesome Ps1 and N64.
        When the Gamecube had Metroid prime @60FPS with progressive scan , what were you saying then ? Cus that made everything on PS2 look inferior. Unless to the untrained eye.

        The wiiu has good graphics. Graphics that WILL look incredible when maxed out. They may be behind the next xbox and ps. But not by much….
        And the wiiu has its unique features to make it worth while.

        The wiiu is not just about power. It’s about off screen play , dual screen play , asymetric multiplayer , etc etc etc. It’s awesome.

        Even as someone who will probably buy both. PS4 and 720 are going to find it hard blowing it away at a reasonable price point.

        Their may be a vita to 3DS gap graphically. But , is that enough ?

        1. yes they do actually, visit any major gaming forum or establishment
          nobody is talking about the fucking release dates.

          wii u is shit, that is why it’s bombing in europe right now, because it offers nothing.

          1. Shut up meg,I thought sales didn’t matter to you.If we even talk about how the vita bombs everywhere in sales,you’d start exclaiming “SALES DON’T MATTER:,( “.Infact,even the ds is doing better than the vita weekly. And just to let you know,the Wii U has almost the amount of sales for the ps3 and xbox in 5 months(not an exaggeration).And here comes the ime when you don’t comment since you don’t have any valid points….

            1. Wow. Just wow. In all the time that I spent reading the comments on this website, I’ve never seen somebody rape Aeolus’s comment so hard.

            2. @troll whisper

              :slow clap:

              Well done, sir. No way for Aeolus to come back from that.

              I think this comment should be posted on the front page because it is sure as hell newsworthy.

          2. sales arent a benchmark to go by when discussing a machines quality…..when its vita.
            if its bombing in europe well forget its booming in the US and japan.
            If its booming in the US and japan those people are sheep and morons.

            that about cover it? fucker? anyone can put a spin on anything to fit thier fantastical narrative. go sit on a bottle.

          3. You act like Europe matters. Nintendo controls the rest of the world. People need to stop giving a damn about that place… we get it. They don’t like Nintendo. Everyone else DOES though.

            1. Europe does matter…. it’s one of the big three territories in the world.

              Do some research. A large chunk of Nintendo’s sales always come from Europe as they do in Japan or America…..

              The wiiu is not selling THAT badly in Europe. And has only been here for a month with most of the stock being sent to Japan and USA. Europe will soon get the stock it deserves ….

          4. It’s true that it’s not selling very well in Europe, but that may be due to multiple factors:
            – Poor advertisement
            – Games and consoles are much more expensive over here
            – Lack of killer app, as you stated.

            I got one, and I’m enjoying mine. But I’m still waiting for a lot of games coming out in Q1 2013.

      2. Thats your opinion but you have to think if sony and Microsoft do the samething this gen 1 will fail and it will be the 1 that has the higher priced whit the less features(tranlation Microsoft).hardcore you !!! Gay porno has nothing to do whit gaming.

    2. The wiiu version of fifa has noticeabley better graphics than other consoles. Instead of flat grass surface. Every single blade of grass is sticking out of the floor. And the crowd is like the crowd off the PC version . Graphically it’s better. it’s missing modes from the 360 version though like Ultimate team , but also has exclusive modes like Manager mode.

      It’s quite good….

  4. Since the Wii, Xbox360 and PS3 era we have transitioned into a two console generation. For me going into the next generation of gaming, I will own a Wii U and the PS4. Why you may ask… Microsoft still do not have the 1st and 2nd party franchises pedigree of Nintendo and Sony. Plus whatever AAA 3rd party games the Wii U does not get in the future… Sony PS4 will. There is a reason why Microsoft still have to pay developers to have their games and\or DLCs first release for their console.

    Next gen consoles will be the Wii U and PS4 for me. That will complete my gaming experience. I already own the Wii U.

    1. I respectfully disagree.

      I have always had 2 consoles since before the wii. Many people have.

      GC + PS2
      N64 + PS1
      SNES + Genesis

  5. Correction:
    Since the Wii, Xbox360 and PS3 era we have transitioned into a two console generation. For me going into the next generation of gaming, I will own a Wii U and the PS4. Why you may ask… Microsoft still do not have the 1st and 2nd party franchises extensive forfolio of Nintendo and Sony. Plus whatever AAA 3rd party games the Wii U does not get in the future… Sony PS4 will. There is a reason why Microsoft still have to pay developers to have their games and\or DLCs first release for their console.

    Next gen consoles will be the Wii U and PS4 for me. That will complete my gaming experience. I already own the Wii U.

  6. Nintendo does needs to show the Wii U can provide more of an awesome experience than the Xbox 360 and PS3 graphically and online. Also, cross platform functionality with this 3DS will impress everyone. Wii U needs to also have the 3rd party support that Microsoft and Sony have. If Wii U can support 3rd party AAA games that go to the next Xbox and next PS4 then it will be fine.

  7. the wiiu is next gen, but its real potential will be tested when nintendo pushes its power to the limit and when the other next gen consoles make their establishment.

    1. There’s no real power to test, it’s just a 360 with a worse CPU and slightly better GPU.

      It will get smashed just like the Wii did, and I will bet my entire bank account on that.

      1. God you’re fucking retarded.
        Remember when launch 360 games looked like Arkham City, Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Tekken TT2, AC3 and all the others. Oh wait, they fucking didnt, they looked like ass.
        I can literally pick about 5-6 series of games on the 360 that have significantly improved graphically, and technically.

        Assassins Creed
        Gears of War
        The Elder Scrolls
        Mass Effect
        Lost Planet

        Fuck it, another 3

        Dead Space

        What’s that, more?

        Fable (still looks like shit anyway though)

        So what, did you just forget?
        Or am i the only person not aware of the Microsoft and Sony console fairies that flew in while we were sleeping and tuned up our consoles?

        Go back to whatever shithole you crawled out

        1. remember when Wii launched games looked like Gamecube games?

          oh wait, they still did even throughout the end of its life

          there is no reason to suggest wii u will be any different and there is nothing to suggest it can do significantly better than the current gen

          therefore, you are the fucking retard with this same old Nintendolt excuse.

          1. How did that make any fucking sense?

            If the Wii basically had Gamecube hardware, then do you realistically think they’re going to be able to continuously push the power for TWO generations?
            Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about. The same way that the 360 and ps3 are running out or have run out of power now, the Wii was basically the Gamecube at it’s fullest. Oh so the graphics didnt get better? No shit, again, you’re acting like fairies cone down and beef up consoles every year.

            Also, IT’S A FUCKING VIDEO GAME. I’d rathe play Mega Man 2 than boring ass same as the previous game Uncharted 3.

            Delusional twat.

            1. Wii did not “basically have wii hardware”. that hardware was still more powerful than Gamecube by at least 1.5x and I’m pretty sure it’s more powerful than the original xbox as well. I’d advise you to learn your shit before pulling straight nonsense out of your ass. ‘basically gamecube hardware’ would never give you a game that looks as good as SMG for instance, but even that was still barely over the gamecube’s best

              the wii u has absolutely nothing to suggest it will be significantly better than this current generation even when it ‘starts out the same’, yeah the wii started out the same/slightly better too (smg debuted in 2006) and it never got much better after that, if at all

              simple fucking logic for delusional nintendicksucks like you who thinks this console will stand a ghost of a chance to “improve”. it will not, in any way that really matters


              1. The wii does have way better graphics than the original xbox kid…..

                Metroid prime 3 DESTROYS EVERYTHING on the original Xbox , So does monster Hunter , mario galaxy 1 and 2 , Red steel 2 , Smash bros brawl , Mario kart wii , Xenoblade , fucking so does about 40-50 other games…..

                It was hard to distinguish any major difference between xbox and wii because there basically was not one.

                But Mario galaxy 2 absoloutly destroys the original xbox graphics. Not debatable , that’s a fact. If you suggest otherwise you lose credability as a gamer.

                  1. i have KOTOR on xbox. It’s a nice looking game. But many wii games have better graphics than Kotor.

                    Metroid prime 3 ANIHILATES KOTOR. Don’t be silly.

                1. xenoblade looks like a ps2 title, red steel 2 looks like shit, monster hunter tri is not impressive, and please name these 40-50 other titles that look better than the best looking games on xbox

                  I will be waiting

          2. Ya,games like super mario galaxy,xenoblade chronicles and the Wii’s Call of Duty games looked like Gamecube games like mario kart double dash, and sonic mega collection……..

            1. xenoblade chronicles looks like a ps2 game, that was not a graphics demonstration by any means.

              wii call of duty games look like shit from the original xbox too.

              1. Oh nothing to say about super mario galaxy, huh.And if you look at reviews and impressions ,the people say that the first thing they notice is how good looking the wii version is.And no, xenoblade looks nothing like a ps 2 games, show me three ps2 games that look better than it.

      2. Even though it is 1.2Ghz,it is newer which makes up (but it’s still weaker).The gpu isn’t just a little more powerful,it isa bunch more powerful.Just because the wii u classic controller is a bit similar to the xbox controller(and the classic isn’t even the Wii U’s main selling point)The xbox copied the gamecube design.And now microsoft is trying to copy nintendo with the smartglass.

        1. The controller was just to reel in the “hardcore” morons.
          Also its a better substitute for local multiplayer games than the sideway Wii remote was >.>

        2. it is not newer, it is based on a fucking powerpc 750 which is 1997 architecture

          and no, the gpu isnt either, seems several folks are suggesting that its comparable to even a HD4650 or similar. that gpu is liquid shit by 2012 standards, 2011 standards, 2010 standards and even 2009 standards.

          this system has no true potential on the graphics front, just like the wii. notice how every developer emphasizes the main gimmick of the controller and brush aside the actual specs? yeah, they did that for the wii too

          because it is a fucking WEAK console, get it through your head already.

          1. dont you get tired of being smashed on here? how many times do you need to owned or find yourself uttering hypocrisy before you take a hint. You come into here thinking your schooling someone, yet get your ass handed to you every time.

            first off. Your a liar. This nonsense about the wiiu cpu being 1997 architecture has not only been explained as false, but to you directly about it being an enhnaced (modernised) version of that base architecture….the person who leaked the specs said that comparisons with the wiiu and ps360 were like comparing a p4 (wiiu) to a p3 (ps360) in terms of how much work it produces with its given clock speed. This alone trounces this idea that it is 1997 tech you idiot.

            and as for your comment about the wii getting its ass handed to it?…im pretty sure it sold way more pretty sure it was considered a success……or do sales not matter? oh wait…they do…but only when they benefit your arguments right? like your comment about wiiu sales in the U.K….and im pretty sure the wiiu is exceeding the numbers the ps3 and 360 were doing worldwide when they launched

            also, about software. Nintendo cant be held responsible for the lack of effort or skill of developers when it came to games being made on the wii. Despite being on much lesser hardware, nintendo and a few others still managed to put out games that surpassed many next gen ones in terms of quality gameplay and game mechanics. These titles were definitely in the minority, but that is because of the lazy development approach taken by nearly all 3rd party developers for most of their games.

            the next sony and microsoft systems are going to be very powerful. But the wiiu’s strong numbers so far may lead to those systems rarely achieving maximum output graphics wise. If nintendo keeps at its pace, it will no doubt end up being the lead development platform, the same way the 360 was this last generation. Which will handicap sony’s and microsoft’s systems the same way the 360 development gimps ps3 ports at times. The ps3 is more powerful hardware, but because the 360 is the lead development platform, it rarely gets to strut its full potential. Expect something like this to happen, but to a lesser extent with this next generation. Expect many 1080p 60fps versions of 720p 30fps wiiu games homie.

      3. How the hell did the Wii get smashed????

        The Wii smashed everyone else !!!!

        SALEWISE of course.

        And that’s what really matters most to Nintendo and its fans.

      4. you should also bet your worthless life on it so when you are proven wrong you’ll brutally kill yourself or have someone do it for you and then have your body cooked and fed to lions and hyenas.

    2. Thats the thing, with the ps3, Naughty Dog’s games, and stuff like Killzone, Ratchet and Clank Crack in time (not the others) and MGS4, look like next gen when compared to multiplats ect, in my personal opinion, just because they’re so optimised and polished.
      Nintendo are the same, they always manage to push the system to its limits, and we’re talking about a system that running games in its first year, that current gen consoles are doing in their last.

      I always hate it when people are oblivious to how multiplats looked when the 360 and ps3 came out, and even the exclusives have gotten dramatically better.

      But of course, im looking forward to new ideas that they can come up with using the gamepad and miiverse.
      I can sense a lot of games doing user generated content, just because of how accessible a touch screen is.

  8. And you always bring up the same “argument” whenever there is an article regarding the Wii U’s potential power.

  9. There was a general consensus that the Wii was last generation, like it or not. I didn’t like that 3rd party developers did not push the Wii but I liked the Wii with its flaws. If the Wii U gets a repeat reputation of last generation hardware, then 3rd party publishers and developers may abandon the system. Nintendo will sell but will be in the same situation as the end of the Wii era. All of this could have been avoided if they put a more powerful CPU in the Wii U.

  10. Enough of this “look at the PS360’s launch games” shit.
    There are several differences between now and then.
    As an example I take the Xbox360.
    At the time when it launched the hardware was top of the line. All the stuff people needed to use the available power of the system wasn’t there, we had no UE3 back in 2005. The hardware was all new but we STILL HAD GAMES THAT PROOVED THE 360’s power to be higher than the first XBOX (Maden 06 for example)

    1. Compare Call of Duty 3 to Call of Duty 4

      The Wii U is matching the power of current gen consoles with 7 years of development time at launch with a bunch of lazy ports. Now, imagine what Nintendo will squeeze out of that system with a few years of development time.

      Super Mario Galaxy looks beautiful on the Wii U after its upscaled to 1080P. I can’t wait to see what Nintendo does in HD. We still have not seen their aces. 3D Mario, Zelda, Starfox, Metroid, Smash Bros, Paper Mario, Mario Kart,

  11. gamers, stupid gamers, have only began discussing or making power as a requisite for next generation machine as recently as a few years ago. the ones who like the spec wars and comparing thier favorite console to the other consoles stomping around the internet like children insulting each other based on a favorite product alignment. generation, in terms of game consoles, was and still is to anyone that has a grasp on language and the meaning of words a succession. nintendo in its first generation begat the fkng super nintendo which begat the nintendo 64, which begat the mofo-ing game cube and so on. thats how the definition of the fkn word works. If you have two children and one child is smaller than you while the other is bigger and more powerful do you say the smaller, physically weaker child is part of the generation before you and the child physically larger than you part of the next generation because hes stronger? what if one of them grew to be same size? then hes part of your generation despite a 25 year age difference?

  12. Just wait for the titles to evolve in the next few years. Like with most consoles, the first few titles (1st party games in the Wii U’s case) are bound to be abysmal at first. It will eventually get better later on, taking advantage of all the power.

  13. “All of the games are designed WITH the GamePad as an integral part, and if that proves to be even nearly as popular as the Wii Remote, then Nintendo might actually define next gen.”

    I truly love Frozenbyte’s Haveri’s comment. Nintendo truly defines what the Wii U is– a brand new console for a new generation, HD graphics (even in 1080p), asymmetrical gameplay, social media and social gaming, the most unique apps, TVii interactivity, and ecologically friendly… saves money on your electricity bill. 2013 is gonna be even bigger and brighter for the Wii U as we’ll look forward to see more games, new apps, and new graphics engine made exclusively by Retro Studios.

  14. Next gen shouldn’t mean having to wait 15 hours to download a 18gb game then anther hour to install. Nintendo needs to get their act together. I love their games but seriously, it took 15 hours to download batman from the eshop. I downloaded infamous 2 which is similar in size from the Playstation network in less than an hour. Pathetic Nintendo.

      1. You’re a fucking moron. Never taken me longer than an hour or so to download and install files 15gb or more. You fuckin Nintendtwats needs to grow the fuck up.

            1. That’s because your Internet sucks a fat cock like your mom. With Internet speeds clocking in at 22mbps it doesn’t take long to download late files from either Xbox live or PSN. The eShop is slow so suck it you cunt.

      1. Nintendo should be ashamed of you twats. How such in innocent company can attract such low life fuckwads like you and many others who visit this site.

        Face facts dickhead, the eshop is slow going. Own it or shut the hell up you quim.


    the gamepad the wm plus the graphical power i mean is it not obvious,and i love the derp that goes with wiiu…

    is it a wii add on !!!!!

    the gamepad replaces the wii remote we dont need them anymore DDEERRRPPP…..

    il go back to twin sticking fps games NO I FUUKING WILL NOT why would anyone do that lets just go all the way back to a atari stick whybdont we FFS!!!

    the wiiu is wii DS and gamecube rolled into one ultra gaming system THATS COMMONSENSE IS IT NOT

    1. The funny thing Nintendo had mastered the game making busines the make great game whit or whitout powerfull specs,im 100% sure that the wiiu have people loosing sleep in both Microsoft and sony headquarters.

  16. id be ashamed REAL FUUUKING ASHAMED if i fanned a console whos controller was the same for 3 generations running and had unusable poor analog sticks COUGH PS

  17. The Wii U is next-gen.

    Videogames – and the consoles they run on – have changed. What is ‘next-gen’ is no longer judged purely by how many polygons a box can push, or its anti-aliasing, normal/bump mapping, and shading qualities. It is now about how players INTERACT with the games they play. Nintnedo realised this with the Wii, and eventually so did Sony and Microsoft.

    So-called ‘hardcore’ gamers can whine and moan about how they have been ‘betrayed’ by their favourite companies (how laughable), but the fact of that matter is this; if Nintendo hadn’t chased the ‘expanded audience’ with the Wii, the gaming industry would have imploded in a 1983-esque fashion.

    People seem to have forgotten the fact that games consoles were originally created as a cheaper and less-intimidating counterpart to the PC. If you want super-duper power, go play PC. The Wii U is not about ‘power’ (though that’s not say it is irrelevant); and I’ll bet neither will the PS4 and NextBox (again, that’s NOT to say they WILL NOT be powerful – just that such things will be de-emphasised). We are seeing more new consoles following this mantra, such as the Ouya.

    Deranged, dribbling forum-goers need to understand that Nintendo has always followed a policy of disruption; of doing things that upset the ‘balance’ of the gaming industry. This is how it has survived for so long, and this is why it is so greatly respected and imitated by countless competitors. Morons like Michael Pachter just can’t seem to realise that the Wii U is actually quite indicitave of Nintendo’s past output; products that are labelled as failures by short-sighted detractors – only for them to be proven wrong.

    Again. And again. And again.

    The Wii U will be a success. The only major hardware failure from the Japanese firm was the Virtual Boy; and already their latest console has outsold that 3D misfire. Every other machine has been a success; the NES, GB, SNES, N64, GBA, Wii, DS, 3DS – and yes, even the Gamecube (though it wasn’t a SMASHING one…). Judging by these past knockouts, it’s hard to imagine that the Wii U will fail (and indeed, its launch has already been more successful thatn the PS3 and 360).

    The world isn’t Digital Foundry; success isn’t built around the notion that PC power is the barometer of what a games console should be. Besides, if the PC is so awesome, then where are the killer apps that take advantage of its grunt? Besides 1080p and 60 FPS, what games does it have that provide a TRULY next-gen experience? Not Battlefield 3. Not Crysis. Not Diablo III (yawn). No, it is the games that are built on simple premises, such as Minecraft, Day Z, or Facebook (as much as some people don’t want to admit it).

    Now, I’ll reiterate; power IS important – game cannot evolve without it. However, the rabble-rousing over the Wii U’s lack of ‘acceptable’ muscle highlights a great amount of ignorance regarding just what Nintendo is trying to achieve; that is to focus on interactivity and innovative input – to create new experiences.

    As Iwata said, Nintendo must “innovate, or die”.

  18. Are we still having the “Wii U isn’t next gen” argument? It’s over. It’s been proven wrong again and again.

  19. I agree, its been proven wrong so many times, its stupid 2 engage the trolls. They are just asshurt about the WIIU ports having better graphics. It all boils down to jealousy. If the WIIU would have been 10 times more powerful, they would still talk shit, dreaming of MS n Sony eclipsing it regardless. You can really see that these kids are just used to having their 360 and PS3 sporting better graphics than the old WII, which friggin came out 1st lol. Now they cant accept the WIIU kickin ass, so they patrol the google streets in search of another troll to make them feel better about the WIIU and Nintendo’s symphony of vengeance lol… Oh well-Back to my WIIU!!!

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