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Fire Emblem: Awakening Teaser Trailer

Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Fire: Emblem Awakening will be released next month, on February 4th, in North America.

The tactical role-playing game launched in Japan in 2012 and hits Europe later this year.

68 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Awakening Teaser Trailer”

      1. But when there’s about 20+ AAA games coming this year, it’s hard keep track xD
        And just the ones we know about and before E3 .__.

          1. Ugh, tell me about it.

            The only reason I own only gaming devices from Nintendo is because gaming would consume my life if I had a Microsoft or Sony console since I would be hard-pressed NOT to buy all the games I want on those consoles as well.

            I can barely keep up with what Nintendo keeps dishing out, so I just stick with them as a result. :P

            Best of both worlds—consoles and handheld wise—though, in my personal opinion. :D

          1. Aww man :/ it’s birthday last week of March, was hoping it would be out around then, would be a nice pressie from myself :D although im sure Animal Crossing and Luigis Mansio are out that time though

  1. This looks like a little baby’s idea of a game: easy, non-manly, bright, simple platforming, and colorful so that they will not cry while playing it. You Nintendo fans make me sick to my stomach. You are all a shitstain on gaming, and I hope Nintendo goes out of business so you’ll play cool, manly games.

    1. Sound like someone is retarded. That’s so sad to see, but it happens. His slut mother must have been drunk when she gave birth and his father probably beat him daily.

      Sucks to be Bill… Hopefully he just jumps off a bridge someday

        1. What you want is a boyfriend, Fire emblem a platformer? Now i know you are trolling welcome fellow Nintendo gamer.

          1. Yeah, no kidding. What’s all this “manly” bullshit. You looking for a big muscle toned guy to suck off or something, Bill?

            1. Awwww…Are you mad because I kicked your ass a few articles ago? SorryJellybean, I just don’t have the time to argue with ignorant kids like you. Enjoy the rest of your life douching yourself. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

                    1. I know I did. But I was talking about you not replying -_- Not whether I called you a faggot or not. By the way, I thought you didn’t have time to argue with ignorant kids like me?

              1. ” I just don’t have the time to argue with ignorant kids like you”

                You seem to have plenty of time to argue with trolls like Bill though. Kind of sad that you fall for trolls so easily.

                    1. Little kid?

                      Yes. I must be, because all little kids are doing University degrees these days >_>
                      P.S. How can you confidently accuse me of being a little kid? We’ve never met, unless you stalk people? If that’s the case, woah that’s sad.

                    2. You were calling me a faggot. Maybe you accidently replied to one of Plat Johnny’s comments as well?

    2. There is an art to trolling. Pissing on drones is fine, it’s not hard to make them mad. But it’s a quick cash grab. Sure, you’ll get an angry reply, and you can giggle at your computer at everyone who took the bait. But… it’s got no class. No creativity. I know this isn’t the big leagues. There’s no challenge here– everyone knows what Nintendo fans want, so it isn’t hard to make them upset. This market has already been sold to more professional trolls, who know how to add some realism to their posts because it makes them harder to refute. Trolling is rooted in ignorance, yes, and this comment is loaded with it no doubt… but it is too conservative.

      My suggestion is to step out of the safety circle and think of a different way. Even though I’m sure you’ll produce the comments you’re looking for… isn’t it a little too easy? I mean, if you are intent on catching small fry all the time be my guest. I’m not going to complain. It’s just that every professional troll is going to laugh at your attempts. It’d be pretty hard for you to make it in a less streamlined community.

      It don’t buy that you are trying too hard, I think that you aren’t trying hard enough. Let me break it down. Even if you don’t know anything about Fire Emblem, for real, you probably watched the small trailer, and made some conclusions. You probably decided that this game appeals to a niche crowd, who takes it seriously. So the easiest route is to call a challenging game, easy, or for babies. Then, adding the part about color is really only icing on the cake, it isn’t really a reflection on the trailer, but a commitment to what you are trying to say. But then you deviate, as if you were too afraid to venture further down your train of thought. You churned out a generic, Nintendo hate comment.

      Ultimately you just need to work on it a bit more. Maybe that’s just my take. I tend to troll more subtly, without begging for a particular response. But I’d be surprised if you got accepted into any major trolling organizations. Your delivery is too generic. Add some sugar or some salt to your technique, and maybe you’ll be ready.

              1. I replied to the long post about “the art of trolling”. I told Nana Yajirushi I only read two sentences to imply that his comment was silly and pointless.

                1. You replied to my comment though :P You can’t blame me for thinking you and Johnny are the same person :P The way you two are replying to me make’s it seem almost certain you are the same person :P If not, then my apologies.

                  1. Believe what you want. But I can assure that I’m not Platinum Johnny. Sorry, I meant to reply to the comment by Nana Yosininja or whatever his name is.

    3. Thats boarder line homoerotic, Bill. Completely false, but almost as if you enjoy manly men things like horse back riding and camping. _brokebackmountain_ Try harder, platformer? Com’on man that’s just sad..

  2. Looking forward to another Fire Emblem game, but that teaser was fucking terrible!

    Probably buy it via eshop. Just bought Sticker Star on eshop – fun game and i love the convenience of having it just on the system. :)

    1. It was fair. I like how they showed the animated scenes but they didnt show off any gameplay…
      Although i think that might have been more intentional, it’s difficult to pitch a strategy based RPG to consumers.

    1. I think Nintendo keeping their franchises in segregated environments is ingenious. I’d prefer a better WiiU focused FE down the road when they can really plush the console. It’s where Nintendo needs to not act like Sony because most of the vitas lineup is oh why would I buy that when my ps3 does it better? Nintendo has been great at keeping their franchises separate on handhelds and I think that helps them and gamers in the long run.

    1. Real Marth? :S hes basically the same design, but with a few subtle changes, a cowl and he doesnt look like a complete transvestite.

      1. Considering that he was confirmed as DLC, it’s a dead give away that the “Marth” you see in the trailer is an imposter since this took place many years after the events of Shadow Dragon. This is as far as I can go since it’s spoilers.


    All I’m gonna say is, that ain’t Marth.(I spoiled that plot twist by getting too hyped and looking up info on the game)

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