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Incredible Chinese Style Assassin’s Creed Fan Art


DeviantArt user ChaoyuanXu has created some astonishing Chinese themed Assassin’s Creed artwork. The image were found by Reddit user Windy Knight who posted the images to the popular online website. You can view the incredible images right here.

46 thoughts on “Incredible Chinese Style Assassin’s Creed Fan Art”

  1. This is a games website not fucking chinky art site! I go to a musuem not a fucking website

    Fucking morons

  2. Assassin’s Creed can go to China, Europe, America, or anywhere Ubisoft wants…But it will still be awful.

      1. Just 1 bit of error on the frachise and like magic all games suck same thing happened to Mario cause the only not so great game was nsmb 2.

      1. There just happens to be more boys than girls in Chna I think… They have that one-child-per-family law, and most of the parents want a son. Don’t ask me what happens with some of the girls ;_;

        1. I think its safe to say most of us like games outside of Nintendo.
          Yeah, maybe Sickr should change this site name, but im not gona get annoyed if stuff like this gets published.

    1. Tiny Chocolate Finger

      Is that the same Assassins Creed which appeared twice on the DS and which was a Wii U launch title? Personally, I don’t think this is any more off topic than it is on any other website.

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